Minecraft Mods: [1.2.5]Battle Gear!

Minecraft Mods: [1.2.5]Battle Gear!

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The Battle Gear mod add new weapons such as battle axes, maces, spears, shields and more!While editing the video, I noticed that the reason for the spear not working was that the staff was slightly deteriorated.Download the mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/895339-125-battlegear-v252-weapon-dual-wielding-and-shields/The Map(Eldaria): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/822661-survcreation-eldaria-island-v21-for-125-update-8th-march-2012-30-biomes-2000x3000-with-jungle/Music by Approaching NirvanaSong: Bangers and SmashedBuy the song: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lapse-in-time/id458353908?uo=4

minecraft  mods:  [1.2.5]battle  gear! 

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More Tools and Weapons Mod - Minecraft Mod Spotlight [1.2.5]

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Today I Take a look at a minecraft mod know as 'More Tools and Weapons' This mod is made by someone known as tylerb1997! So kudos to you good sir!Boss mobs is a new series of mods Jesuitical starting that will add special "boss" mobs to your singleplayer Minecraft worlds. Each boss in the series...

Minecraft Mods| Heuristix Gun Mod 1.2.5

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We kill some villagers and blow up landscapeLink:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/716219-125mp-heuristixs-thegunmod-0997-hd-textures/

Minecraft | Episode 389 | Battle Gear | iPodmail | 1.1

Tags: Minecraft  |  Episode  389  |  Battle  Gear  |  iPodmail  |  1.1 

Can We Get 500 likes ?Thanks for Watching :) Ur Awesome !Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iPodmailDownload Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/895339-110-battlegear-v212-weapon-dual-wielding-and-shields/#Download1.1 Notch Mojang minecraft mine craft 1.9 beta minecon steve head Pegasus...

Minecraft Mods: [1.2.5]Dr. Zhark's Mo' Creatures!

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Mo' Creatures adds tons of new mods and animals to the game.Download the Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-v125-mo-creatures-v350-with-snakes/

[Minecraft] More Tools and Weapons Mod Review

  • Length: 3:40
  • Author: us3r5

Tags: [Minecraft]  More  Tools  and  Weapons  Mod  Review 

Get the mod here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1142517-125more-tools-and-weapons/http://www.youtube.com/craftingmagician

Minecraft 1.2.5 - How To Install The Portal Gun Mod

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This is an amazing mod that brings Portal to Minecraft! With this mod installed you can easily travel around your world with the Portal Gun!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TacticalProductions7Portal Gun:...

Minecraft Battle Gear Mod

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Website: http://goo.gl/KV8NQ - install instructionsTwitter: http://goo.gl/xV431Second channel: http://goo.gl/0OQV4Subscribe: http://goo.gl/C5fxgCommunity Channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/doplaygamesMod Link:...

Minecraft Mod Spotlight: Battle Gear, Dual Wielding weapons and Sheilds(1.2.5)

Tags: Minecraft  Mod  Spotlight:  Battle  Gear,  Dual  Wielding  weapons  and  Sheilds(1.2.5) 

In this video I show you an Awesome mod made by Nerd-boyheres all the infoMod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/895339-125-battlegear-v252-weapon-dual-wielding-and-shields/Texture pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/72747-faithful-32x32-pack-update124-support-more-124/

Minecraft Mod: [1.4.2]DrZhark's Mo' Creatures!

Tags: Minecraft  Mod:  [1.4.2]DrZhark's  Mo'  Creatures! 

This mod adds a TON of new animals and mobs.Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-142-mo-creatures-v413-with-turkeys-flies-bees-crickets-dragonflies-fireflies-snails-butterflies-and-pandas/Website-http://www.fawxden.netTwitter-http://www.twitter.com/blufawxInstall:1. Download Forge...

Minecraft Mods: [1.2.5]Enhanced Weather and Tornadoes!

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This mod adds wind and storms and, you guessed it, tornadoes! There's nothing like flying into the air and being sucked into one.Download the mod: http://www.coros.us/mods/tornadoesMusic by Approaching NirvanaSong: Bangers and SmashedBuy the music:...

Battlegear Mod Installer/ Mod Review: Minecraft 1.2.5 (DISCONTINUED)

Tags: Battlegear  Mod  Installer/  Mod  Review:  Minecraft  1.2.5  (DISCONTINUED) 

Minecraft mod: Battlegear for minecraft 1.2.5.Mod creator: nerd-boyDownload Link At: http://www.haloksk.webs.com/links

[ZrN][Mod][1.4.7] Minecraft #Flan mod(รถถัง,ปืน,เครื่องบิน)

Tags: [ZrN][Mod][1.4.7]  Minecraft  #Flan  mod(รถถัง,ปืน,เครื่องบิน) 

"เสียงไม่ต้องฟังมันนะครับอ่านเนื้อหาด้านล่างพอ"สวัสดีครับชาว Minecraft VvVvVvVvVvVvV...

Uranium Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

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hello guys and today i have a very nice and fun mod to show you guys it the Uranium Mod for Minecraft 1.1this mod right here adds alot new things including blocks diamonds coal dust TNT and others so make sure download it and try it tell me what you think and if you guys have mod you want me to...

Minecraft Mods: Battle Gear/Dual Wielding and Shield (HD)

Tags: Minecraft  Mods:  Battle  Gear/Dual  Wielding  and  Shield  (HD) 

Download the mod [http://bit.ly/WxfYyE]

Mod Spotlight - Minecraft Shield Mod 1.2.5

Tags: Mod  Spotlight  -  Minecraft  Shield  Mod  1.2.5 

Hey guys this is a really fun mod it is for Minecraft 1.2.5 and is called Nerd boy's shield mod! if you guys would like to download this mod just click on the link below...

"Fallen Kingdom" - A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay's Viva la Vida (Music Video)

Tags: "Fallen  Kingdom"  -  A  Minecraft  Parody  of  Coldplay's  Viva  la  Vida  (Music  Video) 

Download the song! http://bit.ly/TATJrUWatch the sequel, Take Back the Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwwl9jiJ1A4The people involved:TryHardNinja - Vocals:http://www.youtube.com/user/TryHardNinjaBootstrap Buckaroo - Modeling, rigging, and lead...

Best Minecraft Mod | Heuristick´s Gun Mod | Snipers, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers & More !

Tags: Best  Minecraft  Mod  |  Heuristick´s  Gun  Mod  |  Snipers,  Shotguns,  Grenade  Launchers  &  More  ! 

Thanks for 3.5 Million+ Views and the Great Support! Download the Mod here: http://bit.ly/GunModDownload A Nuker, Grenade Spammer and the AA-12 Made by me :D http://bit.ly/CustomGuns ( Thanks for Over 27000 Downloads! )

Minecraft Mod! - Shield Mod!

Tags: Minecraft  Mod!  -  Shield  Mod! 

Happy New Year everyone :D. If you enjoy this video, please leave a rating! Nerd-boy's Shield Mod is a simple but magnificent change to Minecraft's simple combat!Download mod here! - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/895339-100-nerd-boys-shield-mod-101-bug-fixes/To install, after following the...

Minecraft Moon Armor Mod

Tags: Minecraft  Moon  Armor  Mod 

Moon Armor is a new armor for the game which I have made following some inspiration watching a movie. Which each piece equipped, jump height is increased by 1 block. This means that when all 4 pieces are equipped, jump height is increased to 5 blocks! Scale the steepest of mountain sides with...

Gmod Scary Map! - Funny Moments, Jump Scares, Monsters, Adventure Mod (Garry's Mod)

Tags: Gmod  Scary  Map!  -  Funny  Moments,  Jump  Scares,  Monsters,  Adventure  Mod  (Garry's  Mod) 

Leave a Like if you enjoyed the vid! Thanks for the support :]Let me know if you want more scary Gmod Maps!Friends in the vid:MiniLaddd - http://bit.ly/12YzJHkBasicallyIDoWrk - http://bit.ly/17DshC6H2O Delirious - http://bit.ly/191aKBEFollow me on Twitter -...

Minecraft Mod Studio - Battlegear Mod - DUAL WIELDING & SHIELDS

Tags: Minecraft  Mod  Studio  -  Battlegear  Mod  -  DUAL  WIELDING  &  SHIELDS 

Go ahead and drop comments, shoot likes, and poop favorites on this video! :)Mod Thread: http://bit.ly/GDuPEkTools:-Sony Vegas Pro 11-Photoshop CS5-Audacity-FRAPSSong at end: Daggers by Robot Science - Check him out! http://robotscience.bandcamp.com/I am a tree-farting cheeseyolk!

Minecraft Mods: Goblins (HD)

Tags: Minecraft  Mods:  Goblins  (HD) 

Subscribe for daily minecraft nonsense :DLeave a like, makes me happy ;DFull Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC59486878C35E26D//-infoI didn't cover all of the goblins, the reason is that the video would be like 30 minutes, if you like the mod go ahead and download it, the link is...

Best Minecraft 1.4.7 Mod | Balkons Weapon Mod | Cannons, Muskets, Explosives & More !

Tags: Best  Minecraft  1.4.7  Mod  |  Balkons  Weapon  Mod  |  Cannons,  Muskets,  Explosives  &  More  ! 

Can we get 200 Likes on this one? =)Download here: http://bit.ly/WeaponMod

Minecraft: How to install Flans mod + Modern Weapons pack 1.2.5 [mac]

Tags: Minecraft:  How  to  install  Flans  mod  +  Modern  Weapons  pack  1.2.5  [mac] 

A detailed tutorial on how to install the Flan mod and Modern Guns Plus and Simple parts pack. BACKUP YOUR MINECRAFT !!!!!!!!!! -----|LINKS|-----Flans Mod |...

Minecraft Mod Showcases - Mine & Blade: Battlegear Mod!

Tags: Minecraft  Mod  Showcases  -  Mine  &  Blade:  Battlegear  Mod! 

GOAL: Let's try to reach 2000 likes! I know that's a lot but I believe in you guys!Dl the mod here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/895339-125-forge-mine-blade-battlegear-v280-weapon-dual-wielding-shields-quivers/Mine & Blade: Battlegear implements an entirely new weapon system to minecraft....