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♪ Top 10 Minecraft Songs September 2014 Best Minecraft Song Animations Parody Parodies 2014! ♪

Tags:   Top  10  Minecraft  Songs  September  2014  Best  Minecraft  Song  Animations  Parody  Parodies  2014!   

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Minecraft Mod Studio - Battlegear Mod - DUAL WIELDING & SHIELDS

Tags: Minecraft  Mod  Studio  -  Battlegear  Mod  -  DUAL  WIELDING  &  SHIELDS 

Go ahead and drop comments, shoot likes, and poop favorites on this video! :)Mod Thread: Vegas Pro 11-Photoshop CS5-Audacity-FRAPSSong at end: Daggers by Robot Science - Check him out! am a tree-farting cheeseyolk!

Minecraft Mod Spotlight: Battle Gear, Dual Wielding weapons and Sheilds(1.2.5)

Tags: Minecraft  Mod  Spotlight:  Battle  Gear,  Dual  Wielding  weapons  and  Sheilds(1.2.5) 

In this video I show you an Awesome mod made by Nerd-boyheres all the infoMod: pack:

Minecraft - "Better Than Wolves" Mod Spotlight

Tags: Minecraft  -  "Better  Than  Wolves"  Mod  Spotlight 

Definitely some great stuff in this mod, it'd be fantastic if only a few of these things were added to the vanilla game! We've got windmills and cauldrons and ropes and engines and some generally totally awesome...

Minecraft Mods: [1.2.5]Enhanced Weather and Tornadoes!

Tags: Minecraft  Mods:  [1.2.5]Enhanced  Weather  and  Tornadoes! 

This mod adds wind and storms and, you guessed it, tornadoes! There's nothing like flying into the air and being sucked into one.Download the mod: by Approaching NirvanaSong: Bangers and SmashedBuy the music:...

Minecraft 1.5.1 Elemental Creepers Installation Guide/Mod Showcase

Tags: Minecraft  1.5.1  Elemental  Creepers  Installation  Guide/Mod  Showcase 

Like if this helped, Comment if you have any problems.Elemental Creepers Download: ModLoader: Wanted Single Player Commands: All Items Above and have Winrar or 7-zip2)Bring up Run and type in %appdata% and go into...

Minecraft - SkyrimCraft Mod Spotlight

Tags: Minecraft  -  SkyrimCraft  Mod  Spotlight 

Simon shows off the Skyrimcraft mod - I'm beginning to think he's better than me at this. The last one he did was the Weeping Angels one and that was freaking terrifying. Anyway, Happy Easter! :DSplashscreen by...


Tags: Minecraft  -  DUAL  WIELDING 

SIGNED POSTERS ARE HERE! (you gotta select signed in the drop down!)Order Tobuscus zip hoodies here and get a free slap bracelet! This also works for European orders (here's the euro store)...

More Tools and Weapons Mod - Minecraft Mod Spotlight [1.2.5]

Tags: More  Tools  and  Weapons  Mod  -  Minecraft  Mod  Spotlight  [1.2.5] 

Today I Take a look at a minecraft mod know as 'More Tools and Weapons' This mod is made by someone known as tylerb1997! So kudos to you good sir!Boss mobs is a new series of mods Jesuitical starting that will add special "boss" mobs to your singleplayer Minecraft worlds. Each boss in the series...



The God Items Mod adds in powerful items, weapons, armor, & more!Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends!Like my Facebook!! God Items Mod:...

Minecraft Mods| Heuristix Gun Mod 1.2.5

Tags: Minecraft  Mods|  Heuristix  Gun  Mod  1.2.5 

We kill some villagers and blow up landscapeLink:

Minecraft Mod: [1.4.2]DrZhark's Mo' Creatures!

Tags: Minecraft  Mod:  [1.4.2]DrZhark's  Mo'  Creatures! 

This mod adds a TON of new animals and mobs.Download: Download Forge...

Battle Gear Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Tags: Battle  Gear  Mod  for  Minecraft  1.2.5 

Sorry for the lag we are working on fixing it.Please:-Like-Comment-Subscribefor more videos.Please comment if you would like us to make a video on how to install this mod.

Minecraft - Battlegear Mod - Duel Wielding, Maces, Waraxes and Shields!

Tags: Minecraft  -  Battlegear  Mod  -  Duel  Wielding,  Maces,  Waraxes  and  Shields! 

Another awesome mod that is a lot more than you'd expect and really works extremely well! Hopefully this will be making an appearance in future Yogscast compilations if we can get it compatible!Battlegear Mod:...

Minecraft: Ninja School - Part 1

Tags: Minecraft:  Ninja  School  -  Part  1 

More Minecraft goodness. ^_^Download map here:



SIGNED POSTERS ARE HERE! (you gotta select signed in the drop down!)Order Tobuscus zip hoodies here and get a free slap bracelet! This also works for European orders (here's the euro store)...

Minecraft Xbox - Orca [237]

Tags: Minecraft  Xbox  -  Orca  [237] 

Part 238 - to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. In this video I build a big Orca in my funland as part of my new mini-game. Twitter -...

Minecraft Xbox | Hunger Games vs Stampy & Friends!

Tags: Minecraft  Xbox  |  Hunger  Games  vs  Stampy  &  Friends! 

"HOW MANY LIKES CAN WE GET?!"► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! ::► My Twitter :: I'm playing a round of Egyptian Hunger Games on the Xbox One with Stampy and friends! Who can loot the greatest treasures and come out on top?!Map by:...

Best Minecraft Mod | Heuristick´s Gun Mod | Snipers, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers & More !

Tags: Best  Minecraft  Mod  |  Heuristick´s  Gun  Mod  |  Snipers,  Shotguns,  Grenade  Launchers  &  More  ! 

Thanks for 3.5 Million+ Views and the Great Support! Download the Mod here: A Nuker, Grenade Spammer and the AA-12 Made by me :D ( Thanks for Over 27000 Downloads! )


Tags: Minecraft:  AMAZING  SWORDS  (SWORD  ABILITIES,  UPGRADES,  DEADLY  MOBS,  &  MORE!)  Mod  Showcase 

The Amazing Mod adds in epic swords, mobs, & armor!Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends!Like my Facebook!! Amazing Mod: this 1.7.10...

Minecraft | FURNITURE MOD! (Sofa, TV, Computer, Bathroom & More!) | Mod Showcase

Tags: Minecraft  |  FURNITURE  MOD!  (Sofa,  TV,  Computer,  Bathroom  &  More!)  |  Mod  Showcase 

"HOW MANY LIKES CAN WE GET?!"► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! ::► Follow Me on Twitter ::, we are going to be giving the Lab a makeover thanks to the Furniture Mod. This mod introduces a TON of items including complete bathrooms,...

How to install the BattleGear mod for minecraft 1.2.5 on MAC

Tags: How  to  install  the  BattleGear  mod  for  minecraft  1.2.5  on  MAC 

How to install the BattleGear mod for minecraft 1.2.5if you have any issues just pm me and ill see what i can do.Battle Gear - -...

Minecraft Mods: Goblins (HD)

Tags: Minecraft  Mods:  Goblins  (HD) 

Subscribe for daily minecraft nonsense :DLeave a like, makes me happy ;DFull Playlist: didn't cover all of the goblins, the reason is that the video would be like 30 minutes, if you like the mod go ahead and download it, the link is...

Best Minecraft 1.4.7 Mod | Balkons Weapon Mod | Cannons, Muskets, Explosives & More !

Tags: Best  Minecraft  1.4.7  Mod  |  Balkons  Weapon  Mod  |  Cannons,  Muskets,  Explosives  &  More  ! 

Can we get 200 Likes on this one? =)Download here:

Minecraft Battle Gear Mod

Tags: Minecraft  Battle  Gear  Mod 

Website: - install instructionsTwitter: channel: Channel: Link:...