Angry Birds "Trick or Tweet" - wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Angry Birds "Trick or Tweet" - wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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Have an #AngryBirdsHalloween with Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Friends!Play 30 new levels in the spooky new Angry Birds Seasons "Haunted Hogs" episode. - Eric GuaglioneAssistant Director - Thomas LepeskaExecutive Producers - Mikael Hed, Nick DorraProducer - Ritva EskelinenAssistant Producers - Ville Lepistö, Ella-Roosa TenhunenStory by - Eric Guaglione, Mikko PölläStory Artist - Liisa KarerantaAnimatic Artist - Thomas LepeskaCharacter Designers - Miguel Moreno, Diana Egea, Andrea TorrejonArt Director - Jean-Michel BoeschProduction Designers - Simon Dumonceau, Meryl FranckProps Designer - Carine BeckerLayout Supervisor - Marec FritzingerLayout Artists - César Chevalier, Janne Korsumäki, Edouard Gibbes, Simon DumonceauBackground Painters - Simon Dumonceau, Jean-Michel Boesch, Meryl Franck, Janne KorsumäkiAdditional Background Paintings - PiñataSenior Graphic Artist - Antti KemppainenGraphic Artists - Jaakko Tyhtilä, Marija Dergaeva, Elina PenninkangasAnimation Supervisor - Sara WahlAnimators - Veronica Voutila, Markus Lehtokumpu, Jari Vaara, Antti Ripatti, Pinja PartanenTraditional Animation Artists - Stephane Chung, Jerome DupréClean-up & Coloring Artist - Ida KoivistoAdditional Clean-up & Coloring - Copenhagen BombaySupervisor : Kristjan MøllerTeam : Esben Modvig, Svend Rothmann Bonde, Louise Bergholt SørensenProducer : Petter Lindblad3D Supervisor - Lauri Manninen3D Artist - Sami Timonen3D Technical Artist - Wilhelm TigerstedtTechnical Director - Jussi-Petteri KemppainenCompositing Supervisor - Tuomo KälviäinenCompositors - Jani Teräväinen, Ville Westerlund, Sakari Leppä, Patrick Almgren, Jari Vaara, Markus Lehtokumpu, Kalle KotilaPipeline TD's - Pauli Suuraho, Timo RongasEditing & Color Grading - Jussi LehtoMusic - Ilmari HakkolaSound Designers - Eero Koivunen, Salla HämäläinenVoice Actors - Mari Elomäki, Katri Jankeri, Antti Kemppainen, Eero Koivunen, Antti L.J. Pääkkönen, Janne Roivainen, Johanna Råman, Sami TimonenAudio Project Coordinator - Johanna Råman

angry  birds  "trick  or  tweet"  -  wishing  you  a  happy  halloween! 

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