Amy Talks the Lyrics to a Cute Guy

Amy Talks the Lyrics to a Cute Guy

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She's at it again! Ellen's writer, Amy, went to talk the lyrics to popular songs to some unsuspecting shoppers. One of them made Amy a little extra embarrassed. Check it out!

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Amy Speaks the Lyrics at the Gym!

Tags: Amy  Speaks  the  Lyrics  at  the  Gym! 

Let's get physical! At least that's what these people at the gym were trying to do before Amy spoke to them only using song lyrics. Watch this hilarious hidden camera prank!

Amy Talks the Lyrics in Michaels

Tags: Amy  Talks  the  Lyrics  in  Michaels 

She knew you were trouble when you walked in! Ellen's writer Amy is at it again with her hidden camera prank in which she talks lyrics to passing strangers. Check it out!

Amy's Grocery Hidden Camera Prank

Tags: Amy's  Grocery  Hidden  Camera  Prank 

Ellen sent her writer, Amy, to Fresh & Easy dressed as a produce manager! With hidden cameras all around and a hidden earpiece in Amy's ear, Ellen had a lot of fun with some of the customers. Take a look!

Hidden Camera Fun at Starbucks

Tags: Hidden  Camera  Fun  at  Starbucks 

Ellen loves her hidden camera pranks at Starbucks, but when she sends a celebrity, people know what's happening. Today she sent one of her audience members instead... and got some hilarious reactions!

Amy Talks Miley Lyrics

Tags: Amy  Talks  Miley  Lyrics 

Stuck in an Elevator

Tags: Stuck  in  an  Elevator 

Ellen decided to find out exactly how she would react if she were ever to be stuck in an elevator, by getting stuck in an elevator.

Kevin the Cashier Goes to a Sleep Number Store

Tags: Kevin  the  Cashier  Goes  to  a  Sleep  Number  Store 

Ellen's writer, Adam, is at it again! This time his character, Kevin the Cashier, helped a few unsuspecting shoppers find a new mattress. Check it out!

Ellen's Favorite Scare Videos

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When it comes to scare videos, these are some of the best the internet has to offer, and they're definitely some of Ellen's favorites!

Amy Buys a Swimsuit

Tags: Amy  Buys  a  Swimsuit 

To demonstrate Citi's ThankYou Points program, Ellen sent Amy to check out some new swimsuits. Things didn't really work out for Amy, but it sure did for our audience! They all got new iPads!And you can enter to win one for yourself right here!

David Beckham's Hidden Camera Fun!

Tags: David  Beckham's  Hidden  Camera  Fun! 

Ellen DeGeneres and the very sexy David Beckham decided to pull a hidden camera prank on an unsuspecting masseuse. David had to say everything Ellen told him !

Loni Love Learns to Pole Dance

Tags: Loni  Love  Learns  to  Pole  Dance 

You need a lot of skills to be Ellen's guest DJ. Apparently, Ellen thought one of those skills for Loni Love was pole dancing.

In Your Facebook: What's Obama's Last Name?

Tags: In  Your  Facebook:  What's  Obama's  Last  Name? 

Ellen found even more hilarious Facebook posts that she couldn't resist sharing. Check them out!

Kevin the Cashier at Brookstone

Tags: Kevin  the  Cashier  at  Brookstone 

There's nothing more relaxing than stopping by a massage chair at Brookstone when you're shopping in the mall... unless it's staffed by Kevin the Cashier!

Exclusive! Sophia Grace & Rosie Bonus Grammy Footage!

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They were the stars of the red carpet! Sophia Grace and Rosie hobnobbed at the Grammys with some of music's biggest names! See even more of their hilarious interviews here!

Ellen's "Nothing to talk about" Monologue

Tags: Ellen's  "Nothing  to  talk  about"  Monologue 

Ellen's "Nothing to talk about" Monologue

Ellen's First Ever 'I Was Wrong'

Tags: Ellen's  First  Ever  'I  Was  Wrong' 

There was a new segment in the show -- Ellen's First Ever I Was Wrong. Needless to say, Ellen was wrong, and Pamela Anderson was here to receive her apology.

Amy Talks 'All by Myself'

Tags: Amy  Talks  'All  by  Myself' 

Ellen loves to send Amy out into the world to "talk the lyrics" to perfect strangers who have no idea they're on camera. Here were some results from the last time, which we didn't have time to show.

Ellen's In Your Facebook! Been Gardening?

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She's at it again! Ellen went onto her audience Facebook pages and found these outrageous photos! Including one of a gardening adventure that didn't turn out the way they'd hoped.

Clumsy Thumbsy: Whore Face

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Ellen loves autocorrect mistakes! This batch featured one couple that's going to be a little late. Don't wait up, Ryan. See all of Ellen's Clumsy Thumbsy photos here, and if you have a Clumsy Thumbsy Ellen should see, send it to her here!

A Heartwarming Surprise Military Reunion

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Ellen surprised a family with an incredible moment, and reminded us all what the holidays are really about.

Amy Screams for Scary Movies!

Tags: Amy  Screams  for  Scary  Movies! 

Ellen sent her frightened writer, Amy, to watch "Scream 4" in an empty movie theater -- and taped it for all to see!

Update From CoverGirl Talia

Tags: Update  From  CoverGirl  Talia 

Ellen's young friend Talia is doing great! The honorary CoverGirl skyped with Ellen to catch up with her, and Ellen had some exciting news for her!

More Song Lyrics from Amy

Tags: More  Song  Lyrics  from  Amy 

It might be Ellen's favorite new thing -- sending her writer Amy to a store and having her speak to unknowing shoppers using only song lyrics. Check out this hilarious new batch of clips!

Amy's Funniest Moments on The Ellen Degeneres Show 2013

Tags: Amy's  Funniest  Moments  on  The  Ellen  Degeneres  Show  2013 

Ellen's writer, Amy, really knows how to steal the showCheck out this montage of some of her most hilariously memorable moments.the ellen show, the ellen amy, the ellen burstyn show, the ellen channel, the ellen degeneres show, the ellen funny, the ellen games, the ellen hart story, the ellen...

Ellen's Audience Sings 'Roar'

Tags: Ellen's  Audience  Sings  'Roar' 

You're gonna hear them roar! Ellen's audience took on Katy Perry's big hit. Check it out!