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Amy Talks the Lyrics in Michaels

Tags: Amy  Talks  the  Lyrics  in  Michaels 

She knew you were trouble when you walked in! Ellen's writer Amy is at it again with her hidden camera prank in which she talks lyrics to passing strangers. Check it out!

Amy Buys a Swimsuit

Tags: Amy  Buys  a  Swimsuit 

To demonstrate Citi's ThankYou Points program, Ellen sent Amy to check out some new swimsuits. Things didn't really work out for Amy, but it sure did for our audience! They all got new iPads!And you can enter to win one for yourself right here!

Hidden Camera Fun at Starbucks

Tags: Hidden  Camera  Fun  at  Starbucks 

Ellen loves her hidden camera pranks at Starbucks, but when she sends a celebrity, people know what's happening. Today she sent one of her audience members instead... and got some hilarious reactions!

Stuck in an Elevator

Tags: Stuck  in  an  Elevator 

Ellen decided to find out exactly how she would react if she were ever to be stuck in an elevator, by getting stuck in an elevator.

Amy Talks Miley Lyrics

Tags: Amy  Talks  Miley  Lyrics 

Amy's Undercover Kindness at Best Buy!

Tags: Amy's  Undercover  Kindness  at  Best  Buy! 

She's at it again! Ellen's writer, Amy, is out on the street to see if she can depend on the kindness of strangers. This time she was carting a giant TV from Best Buy. See who stopped to help!

Will Strangers Help a Pregnant Amy?

Tags: Will  Strangers  Help  a  Pregnant  Amy? 

Ellen sent her writer, Amy, onto the street with a fake pregnancy belly to see if any bystanders would come to her aid when her moving boxes fell apart. See what happened!

Calvin Klein Model Matt Terry Strips Down

Tags: Calvin  Klein  Model  Matt  Terry  Strips  Down 

The very handsome star of the Calvin Klein Super Bowl commercial was here to meet Ellen, and to show off the goods!

Kevin the Cashier Goes to a Sleep Number Store

Tags: Kevin  the  Cashier  Goes  to  a  Sleep  Number  Store 

Ellen's writer, Adam, is at it again! This time his character, Kevin the Cashier, helped a few unsuspecting shoppers find a new mattress. Check it out!

Ellen's Favorite Hidden Camera Pranks!

Tags: Ellen's  Favorite  Hidden  Camera  Pranks! 

All week, Ellen has been celebrating Pranksgiving, and today she shared the best of her hidden camera pranks.

Record-Breaking Record Breakers

Tags: Record-Breaking  Record  Breakers 

Ellen played a game with one of her audience members and LL Cool J! He's hosting the Grammys this weekend, so who better to play a music theme game? Find out what an audience member won here, and find out how you can be a CoverGirl right here.

Know or Go Under Where?

Tags: Know  or  Go  Under  Where? 

Ellen's first underwear model was crowned! See which underwear-sporting hunk survived this unforgettable round of Know or Go to win the big prize.

Amy Screams for Scary Movies!

Tags: Amy  Screams  for  Scary  Movies! 

Ellen sent her frightened writer, Amy, to watch "Scream 4" in an empty movie theater -- and taped it for all to see!

Ellen Interrupts Sofia's Diet Pepsi Commercial

Tags: Ellen  Interrupts  Sofia's  Diet  Pepsi  Commercial 

Nothing can stop Sofia Vergara from telling the world how much she loves Diet Pepsi... not even Ellen with an air horn and Silly String. Watch the hilarious commercial she filmed on Ellen's show! Then, enter to win big in Diet Pepsi's "Love Every Sip" contest!

Ellen's Writers on Manly Beach

Tags: Ellen's  Writers  on  Manly  Beach 

When she was in Australia, Ellen sent her writers, Kevin and Lauren, onto the beach to mingle with the locals. The whole time, she was telling them what to say in an earpiece!

Sofia Vergara is a CoverGirl (Even Though She Can't Say It)

Tags: Sofia  Vergara  is  a  CoverGirl  (Even  Though  She  Can't  Say  It) 

Ellen made fun of her fellow CoverGirl for her creative pronunciation. Then, Sofia got her back over the quality of the coffee in her dressing room!

Amy's in Another Haunted House

Tags: Amy's  in  Another  Haunted  House 

Ellen sent her writer, Amy and Amy's mom to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. If you liked when she went through the haunted house last year, you'll love watching this one times two!

Clumsy Thumbsy: Whore Face

Tags: Clumsy  Thumbsy:  Whore  Face 

Ellen loves autocorrect mistakes! This batch featured one couple that's going to be a little late. Don't wait up, Ryan. See all of Ellen's Clumsy Thumbsy photos here, and if you have a Clumsy Thumbsy Ellen should see, send it to her here!

Exclusive! Sophia Grace & Rosie Bonus Grammy Footage!

Tags: Exclusive!  Sophia  Grace  &  Rosie  Bonus  Grammy  Footage! 

They were the stars of the red carpet! Sophia Grace and Rosie hobnobbed at the Grammys with some of music's biggest names! See even more of their hilarious interviews here!

You'll Flip for These Hidden Audience Talents

Tags: You'll  Flip  for  These  Hidden  Audience  Talents 

Who knew Ellen's audience had so much hidden talent? These skills will surprise you, impress you, and maybe even confuse you a little. Enjoy!

Kevin the Cashier Goes to Michaels

Tags: Kevin  the  Cashier  Goes  to  Michaels 

They just wanted to check out of their local Michaels, until they met this guy. Kevin the Cashier strikes again! Check out the mayhem he caused, here.

David Spade's Hilarious Mom

Tags: David  Spade's  Hilarious  Mom 

The actor told Ellen about his mother's thoughts on some of his famous friends, including Ellen!

Jeannie and Amy Dine in the Dark

Tags: Jeannie  and  Amy  Dine  in  the  Dark 

Jeannie signed up for Groupon and bought a daily deal with a unique twist -- a deal for a restaurant in which you dine completely in the dark! She decided that Amy, Ellen's frightened writer, would be the perfect person to join her! Watch their hilarious experience here.For more information about...

Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Tags: Hair  Tutorial  Gone  Wrong 

Her hair styling may not have worked out, but her YouTube video of it is a big hit! Tori told Ellen the story behind her viral video sensation.

Mila Kunis Blushes over Ashton

Tags: Mila  Kunis  Blushes  over  Ashton 

Ellen held nothing back when when Mila Kunis was here, and asked her about what's going on between her and Ashton Kutcher. See how she responded!