16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)

16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)

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Buy this RAM here - http://amzn.to/JdJ2naREMEMBER TO LIKE & FAVORITEFRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger& GOOGLE+ http://gplus.to/unboxtherapyThis is a video tutorial describing the process of upgrading your RAM on the MacBook Pro. This video covers the early 2011 Quad-core MacBook Pro. The process will be similar for most unibody MacBooks. In this case I've upgraded to 16GB of Corsair memory (although Apple claims support for only 8GB). The 16GB is recognized and functions perfectly. Don't pay the hefty factory upgrade prices from Apple - Complete the upgrade yourself! I previously installed an SSD inside my MacBook Pro as well, the processed is outlined in this video - http://youtu.be/iv91m2z6DPYThanks for watching!

16gb  macbook  pro  ram  upgrade  (2011) 

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Buy this RAM here - http://amzn.to/JdJ2naREMEMBER TO LIKE & FAVORITECONTESTS ON TWITTER http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy& ON FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/unboxtherapyThis is a quick video explaining the characteristics of memory (RAM) that will function properly with your Mac (MacBook Pro, iMac,...

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MacBook PRO SSD RAM UpgradeUpgrading my 2011 MacBook Pro stock HDD -320 GB/5400rpm- to a Samsung 830 Series SSD -128GB- and the RAM memory from 4 GB (1333 Mhz) to 8 GB (Corsair 1333 Mhz)NOTE: This tutorial works on ALL unibody MacBook Pros (all the models beginning from 2008)TOOLS YOU'LL NEED:-...

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Fastest MacBook Pro on the Planet Part 2: Hard Drive to SSD Swap & 16GB RAMLion Recovery Disk: http://goo.gl/90UITMy Original Music :D http://goo.gl/zjVMg$299 16GB RAM Newegg: http://goo.gl/KPx4eOCZ 120GB Vertex 3 SSD: http://amzn.to/uQEBEUScrewdriver Set: http://goo.gl/Y6fsUHard Drive Cloning...

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Lets test an Apple Macbook Pro 13" i5 2.5Ghz Late 2012. I Installed 16Gb of Ram (Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz) and a SSD 240GB (Corsair Neutron GTX).Here we have a comparison between Boot Time, Shut Down Time, Multiple App Opening Time and the final benchmark with GeekBench.

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This is a comprehensive speed test between a MacBook Pro 13" and a MacBook Air 11", both equipped with SSDs. Both computers are cloned with identical OS profiles and app installations. MacBook Pro 13" (February 2011)CPU: 2.3 Core i5RAM: 4GBSSD: 128GBGPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000Price (BTO):...

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2013 MacBook Pro Retina Unboxing! http://bit.ly/17kKxBQShare! Twitter: http://bit.ly/He8Wx2 Reddit: http://bit.ly/H1dqq22013 MacBook Pro Pricing & Features: http://amzn.to/1dgU5PJ2012 MacBook Pro Refurb Deals: http://bit.ly/1aFbFGC | http://bit.ly/1a6fgCwHeadphones on my desk:...

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I compare the speed of boot up using the stock 5400 RPM hard drive with that of a Solid State Drive. Both drives are Apple branded drives. The SSD is a 256GB Toshiba drive while the stock Hard Drive. I show before and after as well as a side by side comparison. Check SSD Prices:...

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I recently replaced my stock Macbook Pro early 2011 model that had a 320GB 5400 rpm hard drive and 4GB RAM with Crucial's M4 256GB SSD and 16GB RAM and it's EXTREMELY FAST!I will recommend this upgrade to hardcore users ESPECIALLY!If you multitask a lot, or use CPU intensive software like:...

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http://cnet.co/O1DxL5It's our most dramatic torture test yet with the new MacBook Air. Plus, we ElliptiGo, control home theaters with Android, and Molly attempts to control your mind.