16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)

16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)

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Buy this RAM here - http://amzn.to/JdJ2naREMEMBER TO LIKE & FAVORITEFRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger& GOOGLE+ http://gplus.to/unboxtherapyThis is a video tutorial describing the process of upgrading your RAM on the MacBook Pro. This video covers the early 2011 Quad-core MacBook Pro. The process will be similar for most unibody MacBooks. In this case I've upgraded to 16GB of Corsair memory (although Apple claims support for only 8GB). The 16GB is recognized and functions perfectly. Don't pay the hefty factory upgrade prices from Apple - Complete the upgrade yourself! I previously installed an SSD inside my MacBook Pro as well, the processed is outlined in this video - http://youtu.be/iv91m2z6DPYThanks for watching!

16gb  macbook  pro  ram  upgrade  (2011) 

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I got an amazing deal on 8GB of RAM so I had to jump on it. So far the RAM has been amazing, no lag, ever. Enjoy the install!Get your Cheap RAM - http://amzn.to/nZcyq1My Website - http://thejustinmurphy.com/Follow Me - http://twitter.com/justinmurphy

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