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Obama talks trade with Pena Nieto on Mexico visit

Tags: Obama  talks  trade  with  Pena  Nieto  on  Mexico  visit 

US President Barack Obama and Mexico's President Pena Nieto talked about the importance of bilateral trade and US immigration reform at a joint press conference in Mexico City on Thursday.Duration: 00:43

International premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness

Tags: International  premiere  of  Star  Trek  Into  Darkness 

Star Trek fans were left beaming as they saw their favourite stars grace the red carpet for the London premiere of the film "Star Trek Into Darkness", directed by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams and featuring Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine.Duration: 01:04

House washed away by Hurricane Sandy demolished at sea

Tags: House  washed  away  by  Hurricane  Sandy  demolished  at  sea 

More than six months on from Hurricane Sandy, crews were dismantling a house that had been swept into the Barnegat Bay from Mantoloking, New Jersey on Thursday. The home is one of nearly 60 that were washed away from Mantoloking in the storm of October 29, 2012.Duration: 00:28

Mandela's brand sparks bitter feud

Tags: Mandela's  brand  sparks  bitter  feud 

Nelson Mandela is a global brand -- adorning clothes, books and even a range of wines. But it's a brand that has already sparked a bitter feud, between Mandela's daughters and his lifelong lawyer and friend George Bizos. Duration: 02:22

MATT LAUER and PSY - DANCING Gangnam Style - Today Show - May 3, 2013

Tags: MATT  LAUER  and  PSY  -  DANCING  Gangnam  Style  -  Today  Show  -  May  3,  2013 

SEE MY OTHER VIDEO OF PSY with the music part: Matt Lauer - Today Show - rocks the world with Gangnam Style!!! ALSO SEE my video-PSY - Gangnam Style on Today Show- May 3, 2013 for the actual SONGS!

Anggota Brimob Joget Ala 'Gangnam' di Depan Kapolri

Tags: Anggota  Brimob  Joget  Ala  'Gangnam'  di  Depan  Kapolri 

Kehebohan terjadi di akhir acara yang dipimpin langsung Kapolri Jenderal Polisi Timur Pradopo.

Indonesia: The Emerging Secret

Tags: Indonesia:  The  Emerging  Secret 

Indonesia, the world's fourth-largest nation by population and the largest Muslim country, has been transformed since 1998, when its economy collapsed during the Southeast Asian financial crisis and Gen. Suharto's 32-year dictatorship came to an end. Although democratic institutions are still...

Flashmob Gangnam Style Indonesia (Purwokerto)

Tags: Flashmob  Gangnam  Style  Indonesia  (Purwokerto) 

Flashmob Gangnam Style Pertama di Purwokerto... Di rekam dan dibuat di Gor Satria, Maaf kalo gerakan banyak banget yang salah, karena video flashmob gangnam ini mendadak banget.... Persiapan dilakukan hanya dalam waktu 2 hari. x_x , next time kita bikin versi yg lebih oke dan di tempat yang...

Polwan Cantik Briptu Eka Frestya Gangnam Style

Tags: Polwan  Cantik  Briptu  Eka  Frestya  Gangnam  Style 

Gangnam Style Bersama Polwan CantikDemam'Gangnam Style' benar-benar tengah mewabah di Indonesia. Kegemaran masyarakat pada tarian dan nyanyian yang dipopulerkan oleh rapper asal Korea ini, membuat Kepolisian Republik Indonesia mengajak masyarakat menari ala 'Gangnam Style' di bundaran HI....

Gangnam Style Flashmob by Indonesian Army Brigif Linud 17/1 KOSTRAD & WWF - Bundaran HI

Tags: Gangnam  Style  Flashmob  by  Indonesian  Army  Brigif  Linud  17/1  KOSTRAD  &  WWF  -  Bundaran  HI 

Hope Y'all ENJOY!!!!!! x)In conjuction to celebrate WWF-Indonesia's 50th Anniversary, among other activities it opened with Flash-mob a la "Gangnam-Style" performed by three hundred forty five 'BRIGIF 17/1 KOSTRAD (Indonesian Airborne)' Soldiers at the heart of the Capital City and City Landmark,...

80 Police women dance Gangnam in Indonesia on May 1. Femmes policières dansent Gangnam en Indonésie

Tags: 80  Police  women  dance  Gangnam  in  Indonesia  on  May  1.  Femmes  policières  dansent  Gangnam  en  Indonésie 

Surabaya, Java: 80 Police women dance Gangnam Style in front of protesters in Indonesia on May 1, 2013. Some happy men from mob join in /Surabaya, Java: 80 Femmes policières dansent Gangnam devant les manifestants en Indonésie, le 1er mai 2013. Certains hommes heureux de se joindre /Surabaja,...

Depapepe - Sky!Sky!Sky!

Tags: Depapepe  -  Sky!Sky!Sky!

(1000 plp) Gangnam Style Flashmob Jakarta Indonesia - Thamrin Bunderan HI Sudirman Central Circle

Tags: (1000  plp)  Gangnam  Style  Flashmob  Jakarta  Indonesia  -  Thamrin  Bunderan  HI  Sudirman  Central  Circle 

flashmob doing the gangnam-style dance craze Sept, 2012 ~ 1000 PEOPLEDISCLAIMER: ....ALL CREDITS go to ALL the "HAPPY HOLIDAY" flashmob krews and kewl participants! *^_^* ....LETSsss MAKE MUSIC NOT WAR!!! ;D

Jethro Tull - A Passion Play FULL SONG

  • Length: 45:6
  • Author: ujui6

Tags: Jethro  Tull  -  A  Passion  Play  FULL  SONG 

A Passion Play [FULL ALBUM/SONG]Album by: Jethro TullYear: 1973Ian Anderson -- flute, acoustic guitar, saxophones, VocalsBarriemore Barlow -- drums, percussionMartin Barre -- electric guitarJohn Evan -- piano, organ, synthesisers, vocalsJeffrey Hammond -- bass guitar, vocals, narrator on "The...

Bukti Chibi Plagiat (NO BASH)

Tags: Bukti  Chibi  Plagiat  (NO  BASH) 

Ini nih yang belum percaya chibi plagiat,saya tau chibi juga manusia tapi kenapa dia selalu plagiatin snsd?ini nih banyak twibi yang bilangin snsd saya punya jawabannya...

Pencak Silat VS Karate

Tags: Pencak  Silat  VS  Karate 

Pencak Silat Petutan 1985 Fight 2 Marcel DomsScissors Kick, Sapuan Kick

Batik- An Indonesian cultural icon

Tags: Batik-  An  Indonesian  cultural  icon 

There's renewed interest in batik in Indonesia, after UNESCO put it on its list of intangible cultural heritage. While indigeneous to Indonesia, the traditional dyed fabric has also been influenced by the Chinese who came to the islands 500 years ago. Channel NewsAsia's Sujadi Siswo has the story.

Harlem Shake Indonesia Compilation with Duo MAIA & SYAHRINI Part 3

Tags: Harlem  Shake  Indonesia  Compilation  with  Duo  MAIA  &  SYAHRINI  Part  3 

Harlem Shake Indonesia Compilation with Duo MAIA & SYAHRINI Part 3Best Harlem Shake Indonesia Funny Compilation Part 3SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer*ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*Best Harlem Shake Indonesia Funny Compilation Part 3The best Harlem Shake...

RAW VIDEO Indonesian Policewomen Wow Protestors With 'Gangnam Style'

Tags: RAW  VIDEO  Indonesian  Policewomen  Wow  Protestors  With  'Gangnam  Style' 

A group of policewomen took an unusual approach to crowd control at a May Day protest in Indonesia Wednesday, breaking into a performance of 'Gangnam Style' to keep demonstrators happy.

Women's Spectator Dance Performing "Gangnam Style" at Knott's Berry Farm 2-23-13

Tags: Women's  Spectator  Dance  Performing  "Gangnam  Style"  at  Knott's  Berry  Farm  2-23-13 

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.I own no rights to this music. For inspirational purposes only.Sharp International Competitions & CampsCheer, Dance, Hip Hop, Military, Drill, Pom, Pep Flags,Color Guard, Tall FlagsSharp International is a high energy competition and camp circuit with a loyal...

Kadhafi's son Seif al-Islam appears in court

Tags: Kadhafi's  son  Seif  al-Islam  appears  in  court 

Seif al-Islam, the detained son of Libya's late dictator Moamer Kadhafi, appeared in court Thursday charged with illegally trying to communicate with the outside world last June, an AFP journalist reported.Duration: 00:34

Gangnam Style Flashmob (illegal mob) - Happy Holiday Indonesia

Tags: Gangnam  Style  Flashmob  (illegal  mob)  -  Happy  Holiday  Indonesia 

The Flashmob is illegal, we decided to flood Jakarta's city landmark "Bundaran HI" with 1000 people so we can jump safely to the fountain without being chased by national police.Why gangnam style? because we simply love the dance and songs by PSYWho are we? we are the Happy Holiday Indonesia...