Indonesian policewomen wow protestors with Gangnam Style

Indonesian policewomen wow protestors with Gangnam Style

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A group of policewomen took an unusual approach to crowd control at a May Day protest in Indonesia Wednesday, breaking into a performance of "Gangnam Style" to keep demonstrators happy.Duration: 00:43

indonesian  policewomen  wow  protestors  with  gangnam  style 

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RAW VIDEO Indonesian Policewomen Wow Protestors With 'Gangnam Style'

Tags: RAW  VIDEO  Indonesian  Policewomen  Wow  Protestors  With  'Gangnam  Style' 

A group of policewomen took an unusual approach to crowd control at a May Day protest in Indonesia Wednesday, breaking into a performance of 'Gangnam Style' to keep demonstrators happy.

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(1000 plp) Gangnam Style Flashmob Jakarta Indonesia - Thamrin Bunderan HI Sudirman Central Circle

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flashmob doing the gangnam-style dance craze Sept, 2012 ~ 1000 PEOPLEDISCLAIMER: ....ALL CREDITS go to ALL the "HAPPY HOLIDAY" flashmob krews and kewl participants! *^_^* ....LETSsss MAKE MUSIC NOT WAR!!! ;D

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CREDIT GOES TO: DunkinDonutsKorea

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There's renewed interest in batik in Indonesia, after UNESCO put it on its list of intangible cultural heritage. While indigeneous to Indonesia, the traditional dyed fabric has also been influenced by the Chinese who came to the islands 500 years ago. Channel NewsAsia's Sujadi Siswo has the story.

80 Police women dance Gangnam in Indonesia on May 1. Femmes policières dansent Gangnam en Indonésie

Tags: 80  Police  women  dance  Gangnam  in  Indonesia  on  May  1.  Femmes  policières  dansent  Gangnam  en  Indonésie 

Surabaya, Java: 80 Police women dance Gangnam Style in front of protesters in Indonesia on May 1, 2013. Some happy men from mob join in /Surabaya, Java: 80 Femmes policières dansent Gangnam devant les manifestants en Indonésie, le 1er mai 2013. Certains hommes heureux de se joindre /Surabaja,...

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^_^ Mission acomplished. The video looks WAY better.

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Harlem Shake Indonesia Compilation with Duo MAIA & SYAHRINI Part 3Best Harlem Shake Indonesia Funny Compilation Part 3SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer*ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*Best Harlem Shake Indonesia Funny Compilation Part 3The best Harlem Shake...

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Indochine -- College BoyEcrit & Réalisé par Xavier DolanProduction exécutive Nancy Grant (Metafilms) et Xavier DolanEP College Boy -- Sortie le 13 Maien précommande ici : video by Indochine performing College boy. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment France

MATT LAUER and PSY - DANCING Gangnam Style - Today Show - May 3, 2013

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SEE MY OTHER VIDEO OF PSY with the music part: Matt Lauer - Today Show - rocks the world with Gangnam Style!!! ALSO SEE my video-PSY - Gangnam Style on Today Show- May 3, 2013 for the actual SONGS!

[Live HD 720p] 120715 - PSY - Gangnam style (Comeback stage) - Inkigayo

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Introducing all CapsuleHD Channels;Performances from Mnet (M Countdown, MUST) - from K (Music Bank, Sketchbook, Open Concert, Gag Concert, 7080 Concert, Love Request) - from M (Music Core, Beautiful...

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Gangnam Style official music video -▶ ◀- ♫ -▶ ◀- Convert Video to Audio Gangnam Style Gangnam Style LyricsNa je nun ta sa ro un in gan jo gin yo ja Ko pi han ja ne yo yu rul a neun pum...