Cobra vs. Python

Cobra vs. Python

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A Cobra challenges a python... then wins. It then devours the python.

cobra  vs.  python 

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King Cobra vs Python-One gets eaten !!

Tags: King  Cobra  vs  Python-One  gets  eaten  !! 

Snake war at its best who loses gets eaten !!

Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show

Tags: Man  Selecting  Cobras  For  Snake  Show 

A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.Visit for more details.

COBRA vs PYTHON !! who is the real king?

Tags: COBRA  vs  PYTHON  !!  who  is  the  real  king? 

COBRA vs PYTHON !! who is the real king?This is a live video which show us about animal unexpected fight. For more videos and infoemations, subscribe:

Animal World , King Cobra vs Lion , lion afraid of snakes

Tags: Animal  World  ,  King  Cobra  vs  Lion  ,  lion  afraid  of  snakes 

Animal World , King Cobra vs Lion , lion afraid of snakes^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MORE VIDEOS :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^All about Animal in the...

Mongoose vs cobra Snake Top 3 fighting new videos

Tags: Mongoose  vs  cobra  Snake  Top  3  fighting  new  videos 

Mongoose vs Snake Top 3 fighting new videos 2015

Python vs Alligator 01 -- Real Fight -- Python attacks Alligator

Tags: Python  vs  Alligator    01  --  Real  Fight  --  Python  attacks  Alligator 

http://Ojatro.comhttp://Ojatroblog.blogspot.comBurmese pythons have an established permanent breeding population in South Florida and belong to the "new" apex predators of the Everglades today. Top predators like the american crocodiles and american alligators prey regularly on all kinds of...

Biggest Snakes in the World! SnakeBytesTV

Tags: Biggest  Snakes  in  the  World!  SnakeBytesTV 

Biggest snakes in the world! This week it's all about huge snakes! From Burmese Pythons to Reticulated Pythons and Boas, we'll cover the topic of keeping these giants! Enjoy!SnakeBytesTV is produced by BHB Reptiles, one of the world's largest snake breeding facilities, and is hosted by Brian...

Anaconda Vs King Cobra

Tags: Anaconda  Vs  King  Cobra 

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Black Mambas 07, Mamba vs Lion

Tags: Black  Mambas  07,  Mamba  vs  Lion 

http://Ojatro.comhttp://Ojatroblog.blogspot.comAfrica's most feared snake, the elusive Black Mamba, holds the record for being the world's longest venomous snake, averaging around 10 feet in length, and sometimes growing to lengths of 15 feet. It is as well the fastest snake in the world, capable...



Monitor Lizard Attacks Cobra Snake and the Cobra gets its fangs in the Komodo, but watch what happens next.

Snake Python ate a Pig

Tags: Snake  Python  ate  a  Pig

Woodpecker vs. egg eating Yellow-bellied Puffing Snake (Pseustes sulphureus)

Tags: Woodpecker  vs.  egg  eating  Yellow-bellied  Puffing  Snake  (Pseustes  sulphureus) 

Filmed in Brazil, rest as the title states.Comments containing swearing or other low level comments are being removed.

Leopard Attacks Python in Kruger - 3rd September 2012 - Latest Sightings

Tags: Leopard  Attacks  Python  in  Kruger  -  3rd  September  2012  -  Latest  Sightings 

This is rare footage captured by the Campbell-Harris family while on holiday to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.This sighting was spotted on the S1, 300m West of the S65 turnoff West of Skukuza.This sighting was submitted by Michelle and Anton Campbell-Harris...

King cobra

Tags: King  cobra 

King Cobra" nos muestra los secretos de una de las serpientes más peligrosas y atrayentes que existen en nuestro mundo, la cobra real de la India.Las cobras recorren la jungla a la búsqueda de presas, y mientras los machos se enfrentan en una seductora danza que decidirá cúal consigue...

Cobra vs. Mongoose

Tags: Cobra  vs.  Mongoose 

How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.



MAKE SURE "CC" IS ON FOR TRANSLATIONS -- Hey Guys, Bill here. You know Anacondas are considered to be the largest snake in the world by weight. They can weigh up to 400 Lbs. and grow to 25 feet in length. Anacondas make their home in the jungles of South America. And love slow moving rivers......

Python eating Nyala

Tags: Python  eating  Nyala 

This is a video of a large python eating a nyala. It was taken in Tembe Park South Africa.

Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show. Selection of snakes for the "snake show".Cobra SLAP

Tags: Man  Selecting  Cobras  For  Snake  Show.  Selection  of  snakes  for  the  "snake  show".Cobra  SLAP 

Отбор змей для snake show. Тайланд, Паттайа. 2011Змеиное шоуAmazing Snake Man Slaps Cobras On The Head! Cobras Fear Him!Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show Thailand, Pattaya. 2011.A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he...

White Tiger vs African Lion in Everland

Tags: White  Tiger  vs  African  Lion  in  Everland 

Lastest everland video of a White Tiger fighting off an African Lion and taking over its territory.Decide for yourself whose the winner!It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself! =DRatings and Comments are greatly Appreciated! Subscribe to me if you want more of such...

Python Latches to Handler's Face | Devoured

Tags: Python  Latches  to  Handler's  Face  |  Devoured 

A python bites his handler's face and won't let go, threatening the man's life.Subscribe to Animal Planet! | out Check out Untamed and Uncut's top ten animal attacks! |


Tags: MAN  AND  BEAST  -  Part  1 

ALL CREDITS ARE LISTED BELOW...WITH LINKSSong: DIRTY RIDE by Dhruva Aliman - Clips, IN ORDER-THE famous tiger attack video! Kangaroo kicks man into water Panda in China rips...

Dangerous Invaders 02, Python eats Alligator

Tags: Dangerous  Invaders  02,  Python  eats  Alligator 

http://Ojatro.comhttp://Ojatroblog.blogspot.comA wildlife documentary by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro, cocodrilos, pitones, cocodrilos, serpientes, florida, alligators, les pythons, des crocodiles, des serpents, jacarés, jibóias, crocodilos, cobras, Alligatoren, Pythons, Krokodile, Schlangen,...

King Cobra Venom Extraction

Tags: King  Cobra  Venom  Extraction 

I apologize for the background noise. This video was filmed at the Reptile Discovery Center, in DeLand, Florida. Their website is below: