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There are three classic states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas; however, plasma is considered by some scientists to be the fourth state of matter because of its unique properties. Ionized refers to presence of one or more free electrons, which are not bound to an atom or molecule. The free electric charges make the plasma electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields.Plasma typically takes the form of neutral gas-like clouds (e.g. stars) or charged ion beams, but may also include dust and grains (called dusty plasmas).[1] They are typically formed by heating and ionizing a gas, stripping electrons away from atoms, thereby enabling the positive and negative charges to move more freely.The Radio Instrument Building Research Institute under the supervision of Academician A. Avramenko developed a plasma weapon capable of killing any target at altitudes of up to 50 kilometers. Engineers and scientists of the institute in cooperation with the National Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Arzamas-16), Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, and Central Machine Building Research Institute prepared a concept of the international experiment Doverie (Trust) for testing of the Russian plasma weapon at the American ABM testing ground in the Pacific Ocean together with the US. The cost of the experiment was estimated at $300 million. According to Academician Avramenko, the plasma antimissile weapon would not only cost tens times less than the American SDI, but would also be much simpler in development and operation. The offered joint project could save expenditures on development of its own plasma weapon for the US. The plasmoid based on the energy of ground super-high frequency generators or laser (optical) generators creates an ionized territory in the trajectory of a warhead and in front of it, and completely disrupts the aerodynamics of the object's flight, after which a target leaves its trajectory and is ruined by monstrous overloads. The killing effect is delivered to the target at the speed of light

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There is a secret war being waged in Space.

Tags: There  is  a  secret  war  being  waged  in  Space. 

The video below is literally smoking gun evidence of hostile military action towards advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft, photographed during NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-48.If our governments are engaged in a secret war with another civilization from a distant world, we have some serious...

Secret Places of The Earth 2 (By Argosax)

Tags: Secret  Places  of  The  Earth  2    (By  Argosax) 

Secret Places of The Earth II Edited by Alexandre Lacasse (alias Argosax)With Google Earth-----coordinates-----The number One : 3° 0'8.80"S 33° 5'24.17"ELion : 51°50'43.09"N 0°33'11.03"WHorse 01 : 31°39'42.14"N 106°34'57.65"WHorse O2: 51° 6'5.79"N 1° 8'26.09"EMaxim : Bonus...

Russian Top Secret Aircraft

Tags: Russian  Top  Secret  Aircraft 

Top Secret Russian weapon from the Cold War Era

This is Imposible?

Tags: This  is  Imposible? 

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Lockheed U-2 Flight - 70,000ft (2 Seat TU-2 Trainer)

Tags: Lockheed  U-2  Flight  -  70,000ft    (2  Seat  TU-2  Trainer) 

If you have any questions about this vid, please have a read of these notes first. =)It covers the most frequently asked ones.- Yes, it's James May, aka, Captain Slow of Top Gear fame.- No, this isn't from an episode of Top Gear. This was from a TV special called "James May On The Moon", which...

Russian Plasma Tesla Experiments ( New Weapons ) / Armas de plasma de Rusia

Tags: Russian  Plasma  Tesla  Experiments  (  New  Weapons  )  /  Armas  de  plasma  de  Rusia 

Russian Weapons with Plasma stealth and Tesla Haarp Experiments,New Russian Superweapon vs NATO The Sukhoi PAK FA (or PAK-FA) is a fifth-generation fighter which is being developed by Russia. PAK FA stands for Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Frontovoi Aviatsyi (Перспективный...




Magnet Gun

Tags: Magnet  Gun 

gilles.charles@univ-orleans.frneodymium sphere and magnet rampmagnetic launcher

Russian Jet Fighter crosses UFO before Crash

Tags: Russian  Jet  Fighter  crosses  UFO  before  Crash 

Watch the "UFO Transnissions"! : the UFOs in Art History: at Airshow in Ukraine (2002). A russian jet fighter crosses cigar shaped UFO before crash.

The most important picture ever taken

Tags: The  most  important  picture  ever  taken 

Images of the Hubble telescope and Hubble Ultra Deep Field image taken over 11 days

FutureWeapons: Dragon Skin

Tags: FutureWeapons:  Dragon  Skin 

See the amazing body armor that can stop the AK-47's 7.62mm rounds.

Scary Gun

Tags: Scary  Gun 

This gun is called a 'Area Denial Weapon System'.Made by a company called,appropratly,Metal Storm.Its ment to side-step the convention on mine use.It works by firing upto 6000 rounds per minuite at what ever it computer detects. Mmmmm....nice idea.Why do people think these things up?Scares the...

USS Independence (Littoral Combat Ship) LCS-2

Tags: USS  Independence  (Littoral  Combat  Ship)    LCS-2 

One of the US Navy's new Littoral Combat Ships, the USS Independence LCS-2. Stealthy, trimaran, x-boat....nice! It has a twin too. If you don't like the music, scroll down through the comments for an explanation.


Tags: THE  WORLDS  BIGGEST  PLANES!!  by  kieran  smith The Antonov An-225 Mriya,(THE WORLDS BIGGEST PLANE) (NATO reporting name: Cossack) is a strategic airlift transport airplane that was built by Antonov (ASTC). It was designed for the Soviet space program as a replacement for the Myasishchev M-4 'Bison'...

Spinning Plasma-MHD

Tags: Spinning  Plasma-MHD 

how control the Plasmacircular Lorentz force on plasmafilm and

Russia experienced vacuum bomb

Tags: Russia  experienced  vacuum  bomb 

The most powerful in the worldPrior to this most powerful of world vacuum bomb was armed with American Air Force. Its experienced in 2003, all the television images showed the world, but also super weapons dubbed "the mother of all bombs". As Russian developers and called his new munition "father...



SUBSCRIBE AND YOU CAN GET FREE STUFF!A video set to some cool music about China's currently top-secret aircraft. 90% of Chinese weaponry/technology are kept top-secret, and many of these are extremely advanced superplanes.SOME EXAMPLES of secret planes shown in this video:- J-9- J-12- J-13- J-14-...

Massive UFO Fleet above Earth.

Tags: Massive  UFO  Fleet  above  Earth. 

An STS-75 clip (Space Shuttle Columbia - Launched February 22, 1996) from the Martyn Stubbs NASA Archives. From a promo for the "tube." This was the same Mission as the Tether Incident. Link to Original Video :-

Plasma Rocket

Tags: Plasma  Rocket 

Plasma test shots from the VASIMR VX-100 prototype plasma rocket housed at NASA's Johnson Space Center. The video is slowed down to 1/2 speed. In general, these types of thrusters (ion thrusters, Hall thrusters, and VASIMR) take advantage of extremely high exhaust velocities and generally have...

Fusion Reactor First Test Run

Tags: Fusion  Reactor  First  Test  Run 

For those unfamiliar with D-D fusion, here's the relevant Wikipedia article: are a group of students at UMass Lowell that are building a type of fusion reactor called a Farnsworth Fusor.Fusion has been conventionally done by heating a gas to such a high temperature that the...

The Ray Gun In Action (CBS News)

  • Length: 1:17
  • Author: CBS

Tags: The  Ray  Gun  In  Action  (CBS  News) 

Watch as David Martin gets zapped by a ray gun - a non-lethal weapon that could be used to disperse crowds and could save many lives in war zones. Martin's report airs Sunday, March 2, on 60 Minutes.

Earth bound Laser fires at UFO

Tags: Earth  bound  Laser  fires  at  UFO 

Laser cannon (somewhere in Russia) Fires at an imcoming UFO.



Manufacturer:Kovrovsky Mekhanichesky Zavod Submachine gun Kashtan AEK 919KCaliber: 9x18mm Makarov Weight: 1.65 kg with empty 20 rounds magazineLenght (stock closed/open): 325 / 485 mmBarrel lenght: 167 mmRate of fire: 900 rounds per...

Amazing Lasers! - New 007 Laser Weapon - Revealed!

Tags: Amazing  Lasers!  -  New  007  Laser  Weapon  -  Revealed! 

The world's first look at James Bond's new burning blu-laser weapon! Learn how to build your own! Get the Blu-Ray diode: to Kipkay: out my 'secret' classic videos:►More Laser...

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

Tags: B-2  Spirit  Stealth  Bomber 

B-2 Spirit Bomber In Action!!!