Fault Lines - Chile rising

Fault Lines - Chile rising

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Chilean students have taken over schools and city streets in the largest protests the country has seen in decades.The students are demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their schools and universities. The free-market based approach to education was implemented by the military dictator Augusto Pinochet in his last days in power.The protests are causing a political crisis for Sebastian Pinera, the country's president. But what are the underlying issues driving the anger?As the demonstrations in Chile coincide with protests erupting globally, Fault Lines follows the Chilean student movement during their fight in a country plagued by economic inequality.Follow on Tumblr: http://ajfaultlines.tumblr.comFollow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AJFaultLines Follow on Facebook: http://facebook.com/AJFaultLinesFollow on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/AJFaultLinesSee all episodes of Fault Lines: http://www.youtube.com/show/faultlinesMeet the Fault Lines Team: http://aje.me/ZhfAbH

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Suscribete → http://bit.ly/SuscribeteZDC1Facebook → http://bit.ly/FacebookZDCTwitter → http://bit.ly/TwitterZDCOjalá valores este vídeo, ponle "me gusta" y "compártelo" con tus amigos en la redes sociales, para que llegue a mas personas. Gracias :)Informe Especial: Cuando Chile Cambió...

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Estudiantes: Movilizaciones del 2011Subtítulos en ingles disponibles...Help us caption & translate this video!http://amara.org/v/BmxO/


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Y en el Lugar Número 3 .- La excelente conclusión de un "Rector Universitario" Que ridículo .- Sin Comentarios .- Pronto Mas vídeos.- Saquen sus conclusiones.-https://www.facebook.com/pages/5-MILLONES-POR-LA-EDUCACION/264554316907515

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Video promocional. Compilado recorrido por Chilehttp://chile.travel

La Primavera de Chile

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Documental de la lucha estudiantil y el cambio social en Chile, Dirección de Cristian del Campo C.; Producido por El Faro Producciones

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Valparaiso region's beaches are about an hour and a half from Santiago and they attract many sun seekers in the summer months, so come early and claim your spot. If your here for the weekend, accommodations vary from, campgrounds to five star hotels and resorts.

Chilean students kiss in protest - no comment

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Chilean students staged a massive kiss-in in front of the government house in Santiago, hoping a more loving approach will do more to reach President Sebastian Pinera....No Comment | euronews: watch the international news without commentary | http://www.euronews.net/nocomment/

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By The Clinic TV.

Chile - Land der Kontraste

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Trailer zur digitalen Live-Multivision von Dr. Heiko BeyerIn der Live-Multivision präsentiert Dr. Heiko Beyer in phantastischen Bilder und Videosequenzen seine Erlebnisse und Abenteuer in einem der südlichsten Länder des südamerikanischen Subkontinents.

Protests turn violent in Chile

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June 30 - Protests turn violent in Chile as students and teachers demand education improvements. Rough Cut. No reporter narration.

Asesinato de Matias Catrileo (AUDIO)

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Video con el Audio de la comunicacion que tuvieron los Pacos involucrados en el asesinato del Weichafe Matias Catrileo, en donde se puede escuchar claramente que dice: Mandale un balazo!!!¡¡PAKOS, E$TADO Y PATRON EL MISMO LADRÓN!!¡¡LUCHA ANTI-KAPITALISTA, ABORIGEN E INTERNACIONALISTA!!★...

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