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An enlightening interview revealing the true origins of the United States of America.Visit for more shorts a week early!

america  vs.  england!!! 

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Rooster Teeth Shorts : Facebook vs. Google Plus (Social Network Parody)

Tags: Rooster  Teeth  Shorts  :  Facebook  vs.  Google  Plus  (Social  Network  Parody) 

Mark Zuckerberg reflects on the battle of Google+ vs. Facebook.Will Google+ make Facebook the new Myspace?Check out the Red vs. Blue Season 9 Preview: Fore more great content, head to:

RT Shorts: What Do You Know About Science?

Tags: RT  Shorts:  What  Do  You  Know  About  Science? 

Master interviewer Burnie Burns quizzes the Slow Mo Guys' Gavin Free on his knowledge of physics and general scientific theories.Check out more Burnie Burns' interviews:Guy Movies vs. GIRL - VS. ENGLAND!!! - vs. Sports! -

RT Life - Guy Movies vs. GIRL

Tags: RT  Life  -  Guy  Movies  vs.  GIRL 

Tweet this video! more Ambush Interviews! ambush interviews a girl about guy movies. The force is not with this one.

RT Shorts: Burnie vs. Harry Potter

Tags: RT  Shorts:  Burnie  vs.  Harry  Potter 

Burnie discuses the Harry Potter series in amazing detail.

RT Life - Geek vs. Sports!

Tags: RT  Life  -  Geek  vs.  Sports! 

Share on Twitter! another interview! questions for sponsors only: grills Chris, a geek at Rooster Teeth, about sports!

Geoff Wins

Tags: Geoff  Wins 

Interview with Geoff as he wins his bet against Burnie by getting 10,000 achievement points in one week.

Video Game Heaven!?

Tags: Video  Game  Heaven!? 

RT Shorts V3 Available now with extended endings! is confronted by St. Peter of his video game sins.

RT Shorts: Pokemon vs. Gus & Burnie

Tags: RT  Shorts:  Pokemon  vs.  Gus  &  Burnie 

RT Store: Teeth: Achievement Hunter: http://achievementhunter.comSubscribe to the RT Channel: to the Let's Play Channel: to the Game Fails Channel:...

The Intelligence of Gavin Free

  • Length: 11:37
  • Author: JT

Tags: The  Intelligence  of  Gavin  Free 

I was watching a bunch of RoosterTeeth videos and after seeing how many dumb things Gavin says, I wanted to mesh them all together into one video.

Captain America: The First Avenger (Parody)

Tags: Captain  America:  The  First  Avenger  (Parody) - What are the side effects of Captain America's muscle enhancements? Is this a deleted scene from the new Captain America movie?!

Immersion - Fighting Girl Clothes

Tags: Immersion  -  Fighting  Girl  Clothes for more. So how exactly do video game characters fight with the costumes they are given?

Immersion - Video Game Foods

Tags: Immersion  -  Video  Game  Foods for more! In many video games, food increases health and cures illness. Just how well would that work in real life?

Game Time: Burnie vs Geoff

Tags: Game  Time:  Burnie  vs  Geoff 

Burnie shows Geoff how to play the classic game: Utopia, in the Xbox 360 Arcade Room.

Chain of Thought

Tags: Chain  of  Thought 

Go inside the minds of Rooster Teeth and discover why nothing here ever gets done.

Switch - RT Shorts

Tags: Switch  -  RT  Shorts - Joel tries to shed some light on an office problem. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Caboose Visits the Halo Reach Campaign

Tags: Caboose  Visits  the  Halo  Reach  Campaign 

Visit for all of Red vs. Blue Season 9. Caboose visits the Halo Reach campaign.

Rage Quit - QWOP: Michael Vs. Gavin

Tags: Rage  Quit  -  QWOP:  Michael  Vs.  Gavin 

This week on Rage Quit, Michael returns to QWOP to face off against Gavin in 2-Player mode. It's an epic battle of guts and glory as these two champions go head to head in deadly combat.You likey? Check out the original.Rage Quit - QWOP:

Rooster Teeth Shorts : Girls Girls Girls

Tags: Rooster  Teeth  Shorts  :  Girls  Girls  Girls 

Miles gets lost in his thoughts thinking about the ladies. Check out the Best of RT Shorts DVD! - on Facebook: Thanks to:Austin Scoops Ice Cream

Random, Mandatory

Tags: Random,  Mandatory 

Your job security requires you to watch this.

Rage Quit - God of War 3

Tags: Rage  Quit  -  God  of  War  3 

In this week's Rage Quit, LtMkilla enters uncharted (no pun intended) territory with God of War 3 and the PS3.

Dear YouTube

Tags: Dear  YouTube 

Thanks for 1 billion views!

Super Bowl Funday

Tags: Super  Bowl  Funday - Chris explains to Marshall how he can have the best Super Bowl party ever.

Real Life Achievements #2 Driving on the Left

Tags: Real  Life  Achievements  #2  Driving  on  the  Left 

Geoff and Gavin explore driving in foreign countries.

Mortal Kombat 9 - Skarlet Fatalities (New DLC character!)

Tags: Mortal  Kombat  9  -  Skarlet  Fatalities  (New  DLC  character!) 

Jack and Geoff take a look at Skarlet, the newest member of the Mortal Kombat line up. Join them as they look at her X-ray, Fatalities, Babality and Stage Fatality. So bloody!

Fails of the Weak - Volume 41 - Halo 4 - (Funny Halo Bloopers and Screw Ups!)

Tags: Fails  of  the  Weak  -  Volume  41  -  Halo  4  -  (Funny  Halo  Bloopers  and  Screw  Ups!) 

Jack and Geoff present the 41st episode of Fails of the Weak.