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An enlightening interview revealing the true origins of the United States of America.Visit for more shorts a week early!

america  vs.  england!!! 

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Rooster Teeth Shorts : Facebook vs. Google Plus (Social Network Parody)

Tags: Rooster  Teeth  Shorts  :  Facebook  vs.  Google  Plus  (Social  Network  Parody) 

Mark Zuckerberg reflects on the battle of Google+ vs. Facebook.Will Google+ make Facebook the new Myspace?Check out the Red vs. Blue Season 9 Preview: Fore more great content, head to:

RT Life - Geek vs. Sports!

Tags: RT  Life  -  Geek  vs.  Sports! 

Share on Twitter! another interview! questions for sponsors only: grills Chris, a geek at Rooster Teeth, about sports!

Baby Gus - RT Shorts

Tags: Baby  Gus  -  RT  Shorts 

http://RoosterTeeth.Com for more videos!

RT Shorts: Burnie vs. Harry Potter

Tags: RT  Shorts:  Burnie  vs.  Harry  Potter 

Burnie discuses the Harry Potter series in amazing detail.

The Atari Kid

Tags: The  Atari  Kid 

Want to hear the Cast and Crew Commentary? Check it out here at RoosterTeeth.comA nerd is looking for love in all the wrong places until he meets a wise Dungeon Master who trains him on how to meet women. Visit for more shorts a week early!

Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour

Tags: Rooster  Teeth  Productions  Facility  Tour - Burnie takes us on a lively tour of the Rooster Teeth production studio. Special thanks to 1987 for the camera equipment. Watch new RT Shorts a week earlier at!


Tags: Blur 

http://www.RoosterTeeth.Com for more great content. Matt explains his new technique for increasing the production value of the videos.

The Intelligence of Gavin Free

  • Length: 11:37
  • Author: JT

Tags: The  Intelligence  of  Gavin  Free 

I was watching a bunch of RoosterTeeth videos and after seeing how many dumb things Gavin says, I wanted to mesh them all together into one video.


Tags: Pongo! for more. Burnie introduces the rest of the group to the new, slightly controversial company intern.

Switch - RT Shorts

Tags: Switch  -  RT  Shorts - Joel tries to shed some light on an office problem. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Secret Door

Tags: Secret  Door Gavino becomes very curious about a Door no one in the office wants him to open.

Immersion - Side Scrolling in Real Life

Tags: Immersion  -  Side  Scrolling  in  Real  Life for more! Sure side scroller games are intuitive to play, but are they intuitive to live?

Sex Dogs, Sex Dogs

Tags: Sex  Dogs,  Sex  Dogs - Get a Sex Dogs Ringtone on iTunes from your iPhone! - Matt has trouble when he gives Chris a photo assignment.

Immersion - Video Game Foods

Tags: Immersion  -  Video  Game  Foods for more! In many video games, food increases health and cures illness. Just how well would that work in real life?

Immersion - Online Gaming Distractions

Tags: Immersion  -  Online  Gaming  Distractions and for more! Ever wonder what effect other players have on your online gaming skills?

Conspiracy Weary

Tags: Conspiracy  Weary 

http://RoosterTeeth.Com for more awesome videos.

The Button

Tags: The  Button - Joel is visited by a stranger with an unusual proposition.

Chain of Thought

Tags: Chain  of  Thought 

Go inside the minds of Rooster Teeth and discover why nothing here ever gets done.

TSA invades House Party

Tags: TSA  invades  House  Party and for more! Joel tries to avoid playing Kinect at a party. Featuring Mega 64

Severance Snackage - RT Shorts

Tags: Severance  Snackage  -  RT  Shorts

I am the Best Music Video (feat. The ELITES)

Tags: I  am  the  Best  Music  Video  (feat.  The  ELITES) 

Get "I am the Best" on iTunes. CLICK HERE: for more. Animated by Monty Oum. Rap lyrics and performance by Lamar Hall. Music by Jeff Williams.

Immersion - Fighting Girl Clothes

Tags: Immersion  -  Fighting  Girl  Clothes for more. So how exactly do video game characters fight with the costumes they are given?


Tags: iPrototype - Joel finds a prototype for a magical and revolutionary new product.

Rage Quit - God of War 3

Tags: Rage  Quit  -  God  of  War  3 

In this week's Rage Quit, LtMkilla enters uncharted (no pun intended) territory with God of War 3 and the PS3.

Fails of the Weak - Volume 41 - Halo 4 - (Funny Halo Bloopers and Screw Ups!)

Tags: Fails  of  the  Weak  -  Volume  41  -  Halo  4  -  (Funny  Halo  Bloopers  and  Screw  Ups!) 

Jack and Geoff present the 41st episode of Fails of the Weak.