Apple iPod Classic: (Part 1 of 2) Unboxing Generations 1-4

Apple iPod Classic: (Part 1 of 2) Unboxing Generations 1-4

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In Part 1 I unbox and demo the first, second, third, and fourth generation iPods.

apple  ipod  classic:  (part  1  of  2)  unboxing  generations  1-4 

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Apple iPod Classic: (Part 2 of 2) Comparing Generations 1-6

Tags: Apple  iPod  Classic:  (Part  2  of  2)  Comparing  Generations  1-6 

In Part 2, I review the history and design evolution of the entire iPod classic line.

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A slideshow of all of the iPods ever created in order from oldest to newest, one group at a time (ex: all of the iPod nanos, then iPod shuffles, the iPod touches etc.) Enjoy. Rate if you liked it and comment about what you would like to see in the upcoming yet-to-be-introduced models.

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Tags: How  to  Open  an  iPod  Classic  5th  Generation  (aka  iPod  Video) 

a tutorial on how to open an iPod Video. its the same for all capacities.

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Tags: iPod  Classic  Black  160gb  Unboxing  and  Review bought a new iPod classic and I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions on the 160gb wonderfulness

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YES!!the ipad 2 unboxing.It is probably the best thing thats ever happened to me. anyways this is just a typical unboxing.the prics of this will run you 499$ for the 16g.the rest you can find on apples website.It is probably one of the thinnest electronic i have ever felt. Smart cover will be...

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Tags: Apple  iPod  Classic  6th  Generation  Vs  7th  Generation  Comparison  Difference 

Link to my eBay Store :!

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In this video I unbox, demo, and compare the newest iPod nano to it's predecessors.Amazon Link:

How to open 6th, 7th generation ipod classic, disassembly, the best method.

Tags: How  to  open  6th,  7th  generation  ipod  classic,  disassembly,  the  best  method. 

I am sharing some of my ipod and iphone secrets with the youtube community, please add this to your favorites and check back regularly for more shortcuts and secrets to repair your Apple ipod and iphone. Please wear Leather gloves when using these sharp tools. They will save your fingers. (My...

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The PowerBook 160 was Apple's second generation at laptops. This computer revolutionized the way we compute today. Running Mac OS 7.1 with a greyscale display, this thing is old tech now, but was was it like back in 1992? I picked this up for about $40 including shipping off of eBay. They're...

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Tags: How  to  reset  iPod  Touch  password  if  you've  forgotten  or  lost  it    -  Fix  iPod  Disabled  message 

Unlock disabled iPod. Step by step guide on how to restore the password for your iPod Touch if you forgot the password

Ipod Collection fall 2011

Tags: Ipod  Collection  fall  2011 

my current ipod collection so far.still more to get.

Apple iPod Classic 120GB Unboxing

Tags: Apple  iPod  Classic  120GB  Unboxing 

This is my firstever youtube video and it is about unboxing of Apple iPod Classic 120GB. I ll be planning to do a full user review of this. until then, peace!

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The iPod Touch 4G receives a new white color option and a lower price, but is otherwise carried over with the same internal hardware and display.In this video I go through the unboxing, initial setup and configuration with iCloud, and compare it to the black model.See the NEW iPod Touch 5G Video!...

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ATTENTION: PLEASE READ THIS! Most of your questions are answered below.This process will not delete anything stored on your iPod. The whole idea is to preserve your data and avoid performing a restore.The required files can be downloaded from: works best with...