Apple iPod Classic: (Part 1 of 2) Unboxing Generations 1-4

Apple iPod Classic: (Part 1 of 2) Unboxing Generations 1-4

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In Part 1 I unbox and demo the first, second, third, and fourth generation iPods.

apple  ipod  classic:  (part  1  of  2)  unboxing  generations  1-4 

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Apple iPod Classic: (Part 2 of 2) Comparing Generations 1-6

Tags: Apple  iPod  Classic:  (Part  2  of  2)  Comparing  Generations  1-6 

In Part 2, I review the history and design evolution of the entire iPod classic line.

Apple iPod Touch & Nano (Space Gray): Unboxing & Comparison

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Unboxing of the Space Gray iPod Touch 5th Generation and the iPod nano 7th generation with a comparisons to slate.$299Videos:iPod Touch 5th Generation: nano 7th Generation: Touch 5th Generation (16GB):...

Samsung Galaxy S5: Unboxing & Review

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Apple iPod U2 Special Edition (5th Gen): Unboxing

Tags: Apple  iPod  U2  Special  Edition  (5th  Gen):  Unboxing 

In this video I take a look at the iPod U2 Special Edition from 2006. I purchased this used from eBay and it joins the rest of my nearly complete iPod classic collection.

iPod Classic Sound Quality Differences

Tags: iPod  Classic  Sound  Quality  Differences 

Talking about iPod Classic Sound Quality Differences. Pricing & availability - If you read this description, be sure to let me know in a comment! Did you remember to like and share this video? - My Amazon Wishlist:

How to Open an iPod Classic 5th Generation (aka iPod Video)

Tags: How  to  Open  an  iPod  Classic  5th  Generation  (aka  iPod  Video) 

a tutorial on how to open an iPod Video. its the same for all capacities.

History of iPod

Tags: History  of  iPod 

A slideshow of all of the iPods ever created in order from oldest to newest, one group at a time (ex: all of the iPod nanos, then iPod shuffles, the iPod touches etc.) Enjoy. Rate if you liked it and comment about what you would like to see in the upcoming yet-to-be-introduced models.

Apple Ipod Classic (5th Gen.) REVIEW!

Tags: Apple  Ipod  Classic  (5th  Gen.)  REVIEW! 

This is my review on the Apple I-pod Classic 5th Generation!Battle: Me | ME | Me on Instagram |...

Распаковка IPod Classic 160GB

Tags: Распаковка  IPod  Classic  160GB 

Распаковка и краткий обзор IPod ClassicГруппа Вконтакте:

Geniues Features Apple iPod classic 160GB Black 7th Generation

Tags: Geniues  Features  Apple  iPod  classic  160GB    Black  7th  Generation 

Visit to know more about Apple iPod Classic (Seventh generation, 160 GB) mp3 player including full description and specification

Steve Jobs introduces iPod video & TV Shows on iTunes - Apple Special Music Event (2005)

Tags: Steve  Jobs  introduces  iPod  video  &  TV  Shows  on  iTunes  -  Apple  Special  Music  Event  (2005) 

Entertaining keynote that saw Steve Jobs introducing video functionality on iPod, brought TV shows on iTunes and PhotoBooth on iMac. HIGHLIGHTS:00:35. New iMac introduction & demo (Built-in iSight, PhotoBooth)08:28. Front Row introduction & demo20:45. Update on iPod22:30. iPod with video...

The Original iPod 5 GB - Unboxing

Tags: The  Original  iPod  5  GB  -  Unboxing 

Unboxing of a vintage iPod - the mother of all iPods. Note the intricate boxing with Bob Marley on the cover

How To Change The Battery On An ipod Classic 5th Generation

Tags: How  To  Change  The  Battery  On  An  ipod  Classic  5th  Generation 

For more easy step by step repair tutorials log onto http://fixyouripod.weebly.comEasy step by step video on how to change the battery on a ipod classic 5th G

iPod classic hard drive replacement

Tags: iPod  classic  hard  drive  replacement 

Step by step instructions on how to determine if your hard drive is not working and how to fix it.

Original iPod unboxing

Tags: Original  iPod  unboxing 

3 years, 11,379 views, and much growing up, I realize how terrible this video is. Haha, I have still not tried to use it...

iPod Classic Opening Repair Tutorial 6th 7th Gen 80gb 120gb 160gb |

Tags: iPod  Classic  Opening  Repair  Tutorial  6th  7th  Gen  80gb  120gb  160gb  | coupon code "YouTube" for 5% off your order.A step-by-step tutorial on how to open up the iPod Classic casing for repair. This is very difficult to do and requires the right tools.Parts and tool kits...

How To: Remove iPod Classic Case & Hard Drive|Part 1

Tags: How  To:  Remove  iPod  Classic  Case  &  Hard  Drive|Part  1 

Today, James shows you how to remove the back off the iPod Classic 120GB as well as the Hard Drive.

Retro Unboxing: 1st Gen. iPod Nano 2GB

Tags: Retro  Unboxing:  1st  Gen.  iPod  Nano  2GB 

Here is the re unboxing of my first iPod evar! Enjoy!

iPod Classic Black 160gb Unboxing and Review

Tags: iPod  Classic  Black  160gb  Unboxing  and  Review bought a new iPod classic and I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions on the 160gb wonderfulness

Apple 5th Generation iPod Nano Review

Tags: Apple  5th  Generation  iPod  Nano  Review 

In this video you can see the new 5th generation iPod Nano being unboxed. I then take a look at the user interface and the new radio, pedometer and the fantastic video camera. This tiny device also has a built in speaker, you will be amazed at how loud it goes.Check out more great reviews on my...

iPod classic needing a battery replacement - The Computer Room Nottingham

Tags: iPod  classic  needing  a  battery  replacement  -  The  Computer  Room  Nottingham - 0115 972 1120 / 07545 251 571 Serving Nottingham Derby and Leicester with parts and repair for iPhone, iPod, pc and mac of all kinds.This iPod classic battery still worked, but only lasted a few minutes when having a full charge, the battery could not...

Apple Mac mini unibody (June 2010): Unboxing & Startup

Tags: Apple  Mac  mini  unibody  (June  2010):  Unboxing  &  Startup 

Unboxing the all-new Apple Mac mini introduced June 15, 2010. In this video I also tour the design and features, compare it to the previous generation, open the access panel, and connect it to my Home Theater for its first boot-up.GPU: 2.4GHZRAM: 4GBHDD: 320GBGPU: Nvidia 320M

Apple iPod Touch 2G Unboxing

Tags: Apple  iPod  Touch  2G  Unboxing 

This is my 2nd iPod Touch (Second Generation) unboxing.Stay tuned to my channel for an un-boxing of the 1TB Time Capsule, MacBook, and Mac Mini next week!