Escrima Demo with a ball point pen

Escrima Demo with a ball point pen

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Grandmaster Ernesto Presas demonstrates Escrima with stick and pen.

escrima  demo  with  a  ball  point  pen 

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Kali Level One

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Guro Sean Hurst goes over the entire Level One curriculum for Tribe-K Kali

Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima - Empty Hand and Knife Fighting

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Short clips of Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima training. Video starts off with Grand Master Uwit Jecong demonstrating some open-hand grappling techniques and the De Cuerdas system of "flow"This is then followed by some basic De Cuerdas knife fighting techniques, and then some actual knife...

The Most Dangerous Takedown in Judo & BJJ

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Stephan Kesting teaches Kani Basami, the most dangerous throw in Judo and BJJ. More tips, tricks and techniques at

Kendo vs Escrima

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experimenting with double stick vs shinai

Baraw Sugbo Filipino Knife Fighting

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To say that the Island of Cebu is rich in Martial Arts traditions is an understatement.This island gave birth to illustrious Eskrimadores whose respective styles are now being taught not only in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines but all over the world.Baraw Sugbo is a system of fighting...

How to Twirl your Escrima stick

  • Length: 9:51
  • Author: wmpyr

Tags: How  to  Twirl  your  Escrima  stick 

this material was requested, so here you go!I disabled comments for this requested video, because some people out there can't understand that there is more than one way to climb the mountain, which is sad for them, but because they are being rude about it, I have to unfortunately close this video.

Guro Inosanto - Filipino Martial Arts Demo at the Smithsonian

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This video was shot at the Smithsonian museum on October 27th, 2010 for the Filipino American History Month. This is the complete demo and includes the Q & A session at the end with Guro Inosanto and others. Check out more martial arts related videos and articles at:

Cass Magda Kali Escrima Masterclass

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A unique glimpse into a Kali Escrima masterclass, with an explanation of the Abecedario, strikes and counters. Cass Magda is known worldwide as one of Dan Inosanto's (Bruce Lee's friend, student and protege) top JKD and Filipino Kali instructors. He continues to teach authentic Indonesian and...

Double Stick Training Drill in the Martial Arts by Sensei Rick Tew and

Tags: Double  Stick  Training  Drill  in  the  Martial  Arts  by  Sensei  Rick  Tew  and Arts and Fitness Adventure Camp in Thailand and the United States. Instructor certification available.Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of CMS -- College of Martial Science and...

MUST SEE! Grandmaster of Eskrima, Atillo Balintawak WEAPONS sparring with student Virgil.

Tags: MUST  SEE!    Grandmaster  of  Eskrima,  Atillo  Balintawak  WEAPONS  sparring  with  student  Virgil. 

World Balintawak-Arnis- Eskrima Association Atillo Balintawak- Saavedra StyleCrispulo "Ising" Atillo (Grandmaster)Visit for private lessons and seminars. Filming was done at Master Louis B. Giamo's Eagleville Taekwondo Academy in Norristown, PA

Should You Carry A Tactical Pen by FirearmPop

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Should You Carry A Tactical Pen by FirearmPopExploring the idea of why you should carry a Tactical Pen.Visit my web page at: http://www.firearmpop.comFriend me on FaceBook "Firearm Pop" Music from Kevin Macleod, FigLeafRag.mp3 and TakeTheLead.mp3 from

eskrima girl

Tags: eskrima  girl 


Arnis Phillipines Solo Baston Kata Competition

Tags: Arnis  Phillipines  Solo  Baston  Kata  Competition 

Boys and girls as young as 8 years old battle it out at the Lapasan Plaza Cagayan de Oro City in August 2012.

kali vs silat

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demo bercy - see more on : and :

Escrima Sparring

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relaxed Sparring between partners ...

master rodel and mr rawlins in action

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master rodel and mr rawlins demonstration dilo-dulo

[ Japanese Movie ] (黒帯) Black Belt 2007 - Kuro Obi - Martial Arts Japanese Full Engsub

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The events take place in 1932 in Japanese-occupied Manchuria, in which the corrupt leaders of the Japanese army are trying to take over all the Karate dojos /training halls for their own personal benefit. Amidst these circumstances the master Eiken Shibahara (portrayed by Yosuke Natsuki) from one...

Grandmaster Ernesto Presas Sr. in Finland

Tags: Grandmaster  Ernesto  Presas  Sr.  in  Finland 

Some material from 10th dan Grandmaster Ernesto Presas' Kombatan seminar in Finland in April 2008. The 62-year old martial arts veteran was assisted by master Michael Ermac (7. dan).Check out the IPMAF Finland website at WWW.KOMBATAN.ORG!



The Northern Praying Mantis has significantly stood amongst all imitative-style of boxing genres, in which it has absorbed and equalized techniques learned from the 18 other schools, and in a way the martial set itself is particularly strategic. The Northern Praying Mantis boxing has dominated...

Way of the Warrior - Escrima

Tags: Way  of  the  Warrior  -  Escrima 

This is a wonderful BBC documentary series from 1982, originally broadcast on the BBC 4 TV channel. The series is comprised of 8 episodes, each about 40 minutes long. This episode is focused on the Doce Pares school of Escrima.

Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

Tags: Street  fighter  tests  Russian  Martial  Art  Systema 

New video here: Clip taken in Moscow in April 2013. This clips starts AFTER almost 2 minutes of hard striking by the same guy. Him and his friend wanted to see if Systema is real. They were experienced street fighters from Moscow. They were allowed to hit a couple guys...

Volume 7 : Two Cane Continues Disarming Techniques and Empty Hand Translation

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Classic Series Video with Grandmaster Remy A. Presas - Volume 7: Two Cane Continues Disarming Techniques and Empty Hand Translation Approx: 59 minYou will learn:Practical Self Defense Part 1One Stick DisarmingPractical Self Defense Part 2Double Stick DisarmsPractical Self Defense Part 3Throwing...

Avci Wing Tsun/Escrima demonstration '99

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Avci Wing Tsun/Escrima demonstration '99WTEO www.wteo.orgwww.wteo-aachen.orgSifu Salih Avci Sifu Salim Avci

Deadly Art of Eskrima Knife fighting by Frans Stroeven Part1

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Doce Pares Eskrima knife fighting permormed by Frans Stroeven and Marcel van Dongen. More information

Escrima Training 2-Disc DVD Program

Tags: Escrima  Training  2-Disc  DVD  Program 

Escrima Training 2-Disc DVD Programfrom AdamLand Productions.www.AdamLandDVD.comEscrima refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick fighting. Other terms which have entered into common usage include Kali and Arnis de Mano (harness of the hand); occasionally the abbreviation...