Escrima Demo with a ball point pen

Escrima Demo with a ball point pen

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Grandmaster Ernesto Presas demonstrates Escrima with stick and pen.

escrima  demo  with  a  ball  point  pen 

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Cass Magda Kali Escrima Masterclass

Tags: Cass  Magda  Kali  Escrima  Masterclass 

A unique glimpse into a Kali Escrima masterclass, with an explanation of the Abecedario, strikes and counters. Cass Magda is known worldwide as one of Dan Inosanto's (Bruce Lee's friend, student and protege) top JKD and Filipino Kali instructors. He continues to teach authentic Indonesian and...

MUST SEE! Grandmaster of Eskrima, Atillo Balintawak WEAPONS sparring with student Virgil.

Tags: MUST  SEE!    Grandmaster  of  Eskrima,  Atillo  Balintawak  WEAPONS  sparring  with  student  Virgil. 

World Balintawak-Arnis- Eskrima Association Atillo Balintawak- Saavedra StyleCrispulo "Ising" Atillo (Grandmaster)Visit for private lessons and seminars. Filming was done at Master Louis B. Giamo's Eagleville Taekwondo Academy in Norristown, PA

Kendo vs. Escrima

Tags: Kendo  vs.  Escrima 

One of the fights of our 13. Sparrings Meeting. Another attempt to further develop the skills for thos weapon pairing. Jaques l'eau froi and RickiRKR checked it out first time. éau

Way of the Warrior - Escrima

Tags: Way  of  the  Warrior  -  Escrima 

This is a wonderful BBC documentary series from 1982, originally broadcast on the BBC 4 TV channel. The series is comprised of 8 episodes, each about 40 minutes long. This episode is focused on the Doce Pares school of Escrima.

How to Twirl your Escrima stick

  • Length: 9:51
  • Author: wmpyr

Tags: How  to  Twirl  your  Escrima  stick 

this material was requested, so here you go!I disabled comments for this requested video, because some people out there can't understand that there is more than one way to climb the mountain, which is sad for them, but because they are being rude about it, I have to unfortunately close this video.

Double Stick Training Drill in the Martial Arts by Sensei Rick Tew and

Tags: Double  Stick  Training  Drill  in  the  Martial  Arts  by  Sensei  Rick  Tew  and Arts and Fitness Adventure Camp in Thailand and the United States. Instructor certification available.Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of CMS -- College of Martial Science and...

Volume 2: Double Cane Drills

Tags: Volume  2:  Double  Cane  Drills 

Featuring: Grandmaster Remy A. PresasApprox: 58 minYou will learn:Redonda X MovementStep by step Redonda X MovementApplication of Redonda X MovementSingle SinawaliStep by step Single SinawaliApplication of Empty Hand Single SinawaliDouble SinawaliEmpty Hand Double SinawaliReverse...

master rodel and mr rawlins in action

Tags: master  rodel  and  mr  rawlins  in  action 

master rodel and mr rawlins demonstration dilo-dulo

Should You Carry A Tactical Pen by FirearmPop

Tags: Should  You  Carry  A  Tactical  Pen  by  FirearmPop 

Should You Carry A Tactical Pen by FirearmPopExploring the idea of why you should carry a Tactical Pen.Visit my web page at: http://www.firearmpop.comFriend me on FaceBook "Firearm Pop" Music from Kevin Macleod, FigLeafRag.mp3 and TakeTheLead.mp3 from

Wing Tsung & Escrima demo (Czech WMAA)

Tags: Wing  Tsung  &  Escrima  demo  (Czech  WMAA) 

Wing Tsung and Escrima by Dai-Sifu Reimers and Sifu Kobrle

Escrima Classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Tags: Escrima  Classes  at  the  Las  Vegas  Kung  Fu  Academy classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy. The person in the white tshirt is the instructor. His name is Guru Anthony Acdan. He teaches at the academy twice a week. The school is located at 11165 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 110 Henderson NV, 89052...

Sinawali from Filipino Kali

Tags: Sinawali  from  Filipino  Kali 

Sifu Adrian Tandez - Sinawali is a Filipino Martial Arts coordination drill done with two escrima sticks, with over hundreds of variations and combinations. It develops grip strength, coordination, timing, reflexes, and flow. To learn the Filipino Martial Arts and JKD in the SF Bay Area, visit...

Sinawali Drills #1

Tags: Sinawali  Drills  #1 

Some basic double stick drills from Filipino kali/escrima/silat and some empty-handed applications.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:The term "Sinawali" refers to the activity of weaving, and is applied to the art of Philippine martial art Eskrima with reference to a set of two-person,...

Doce Pares Escrima-Alfredo Bandalan

Tags: Doce  Pares  Escrima-Alfredo  Bandalan 

There is no question that the art of Doce Pares Escrima developed by the Canete Family from Cebu City is one of the most popular sports and styles of martial arts, due to its effectiveness in real combat. A direct student of Cacoy and Diony Canete, Master Bandalan has spent decades studying and...

Escrima Sparring

Tags: Escrima  Sparring 

Round 2 of 3 Oliver vs. Torben September 2005

escrima p3

Tags: escrima  p3 

something to share

Kali Arnis Escrima Sikaran IKAEF Demo

Tags: Kali  Arnis  Escrima  Sikaran  IKAEF  Demo 

IKAEF Kali Sikaran Arnis Escrima Demo im Kampfkunstzentrum Südwest in Aldingen/Germany. Bessere Qualität

Screener ETF Combat Escrima Club Berlin/Michel Ruge

Tags: Screener  ETF  Combat  Escrima  Club  Berlin/Michel  Ruge 

ETF Escrima Club Berlin.So wie wir trainieren und wir scheuen nicht den Test zu machen und stellen damit sämtliche Messerabwehrtechniken in Frage.Combat - escrima . comWir trainieren um das kämpfen zu erlernen.Jahrelanges Training mit Menschen aus der Praxis haben das ETF-Escrima, zu einem...

Frans Stroeven Eskrima

Tags: Frans  Stroeven  Eskrima 

Movie from Frans Stroeven in cooperation with the famous company Budo International. More information or

Multi-Style Escrima / Sumbrada

Tags: Multi-Style  Escrima  /  Sumbrada 

Video clips of the escrima drill Sumbrada or "Counter for Counter". Performed by members of Bahala Na Multi-Style. Sumbrada is one of the multiple styles of "Bahala Na" Escrima that was taught by Grandmaster Leo Giron. Sumbrada and the other traditional styles of GM Giron have been preserved and...

Arnis kali escrima suntokan sikaran dumog

Tags: Arnis  kali  escrima  suntokan  sikaran  dumog 

Bagong katipunan

Tom Sipin - Doce Pares Eskrima

Tags: Tom  Sipin  -  Doce  Pares  Eskrima 

Grandmaster Thomas Sipin instructs a lesson on Doce Pares Eskrima. Produced by Century Martial Arts.

IPMAF Training Camp 2009, Day 10

Tags: IPMAF  Training  Camp  2009,  Day  10 

My videodiary from our trip to the IPMAF Training Camp in the Philippines. This time in english!The clips are from the 11th IPMAF Bi-annual Training Camp in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Philippines, April 20 - May 4, 2009.The camp is arranged by Great Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas and the IPMAF...

Block Check Counter Empty Hand

Tags: Block  Check  Counter  Empty  Hand 

Grandmaster Remy A. Presas Sr. demonstrating Block-Check-Counter technique. This segment is part of the "Visidario" instructional DVD and is available for purchase on

Filipino Combat Knife Fighting

Tags: Filipino  Combat  Knife  Fighting 

Featuring the FILIPINO native VISAYAN knife fighting.