Escrima Demo with a ball point pen

Escrima Demo with a ball point pen

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Grandmaster Ernesto Presas demonstrates Escrima with stick and pen.

escrima  demo  with  a  ball  point  pen 

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Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

Tags: Street  fighter  tests  Russian  Martial  Art  Systema 

New video here: Clip taken in Moscow in April 2013. This clips starts AFTER almost 2 minutes of hard striking by the same guy. Him and his friend wanted to see if Systema is real. They were experienced street fighters from Moscow. They were allowed to hit a couple guys...

Kali Level One

Tags: Kali  Level  One 

Guro Sean Hurst goes over the entire Level One curriculum for Tribe-K Kali

MUST SEE! Grandmaster of Eskrima, Atillo Balintawak WEAPONS sparring with student Virgil.

Tags: MUST  SEE!    Grandmaster  of  Eskrima,  Atillo  Balintawak  WEAPONS  sparring  with  student  Virgil. 

World Balintawak-Arnis- Eskrima Association Atillo Balintawak- Saavedra StyleCrispulo "Ising" Atillo (Grandmaster)Visit for private lessons and seminars. Filming was done at Master Louis B. Giamo's Eagleville Taekwondo Academy in Norristown, PA

Way of the Warrior - Escrima

Tags: Way  of  the  Warrior  -  Escrima 

This is a wonderful BBC documentary series from 1982, originally broadcast on the BBC 4 TV channel. The series is comprised of 8 episodes, each about 40 minutes long. This episode is focused on the Doce Pares school of Escrima.If you liked the video, please check out my best-selling martial arts...


Tags: Real  MARTIAL  ARTS  vs  STREET  FIGHT Learn how to protect yourself against the most common attacks with weapons such as knifes, guns, baseball bats etc, through our e-learning high speed videosStarring Nenad Ikras & Zoran BozicPROTECTO - Self Defense System

How to Twirl your Escrima stick

  • Length: 9:51
  • Author: wmpyr

Tags: How  to  Twirl  your  Escrima  stick 

this material was requested, so here you go!I disabled comments for this requested video, because some people out there can't understand that there is more than one way to climb the mountain, which is sad for them, but because they are being rude about it, I have to unfortunately close this video.

Kali Sticks Video: Filipino Fighting Arts Master Julius Melegrito Demonstrates Sinawali Basics

Tags: Kali  Sticks  Video:  Filipino  Fighting  Arts  Master  Julius  Melegrito  Demonstrates  Sinawali  Basics Philippine Martial Arts Alliance and Phillipine Combatives System founder Julius Melegrito demonstrates sinawali using two kali sticks in this exclusive kali sticks video as excerpted from his DVD Philippine Fighting Arts — Volume 2: Double-Stick Tactics and...

Filipino Combat Knife Fighting

Tags: Filipino  Combat  Knife  Fighting 

Featuring the FILIPINO native VISAYAN knife fighting.

The Indian martial art -Kalaripayattu (documentary)

Tags: The  Indian  martial  art  -Kalaripayattu  (documentary) 

WELCOME to Kung-fu Kingdom! NEW SITE ONLINE NOW! If you're into the martial arts and kung-fu, stay tuned and develop your inner-warrior with Kung-fu Kingdom's news, reviews, exclusive interviews and much more! Feel free to subscribe and share your comments on our YouTube...

kali vs silat

Tags: kali  vs  silat 

demo bercy - see more on : and :

Sinawali Drills #1

Tags: Sinawali  Drills  #1 

Some basic double stick drills from Filipino kali/escrima/silat and some empty-handed applications.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:The term "Sinawali" refers to the activity of weaving, and is applied to the art of Philippine martial art Eskrima with reference to a set of two-person,...

JKD Hubud Drill, Entries and Escrima disarms ( basics )

Tags: JKD  Hubud  Drill,  Entries  and  Escrima  disarms  (  basics  ) 

Some very basic drills, entries and disarms.

[ Japanese Movie ] (黒帯) Black Belt 2007 - Kuro Obi - Martial Arts Japanese Full Engsub

Tags: [  Japanese  Movie  ]  (黒帯)  Black  Belt  2007  -  Kuro  Obi  -  Martial  Arts  Japanese  Full  Engsub 

The events take place in 1932 in Japanese-occupied Manchuria, in which the corrupt leaders of the Japanese army are trying to take over all the Karate dojos /training halls for their own personal benefit. Amidst these circumstances the master Eiken Shibahara (portrayed by Yosuke Natsuki) from one...

Eskrima Flow

Tags: Eskrima  Flow 

Doble baston / espada carenza in Prisoner of War Shrine, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Footage and concept courtesy of Mr. Jek Licmo-an.For Eskrima training weapons, please visit Guro Gerald Pilapil's Facebook page : also check these...

UFC Fighters Experience Marine Corps Martial Arts

Tags: UFC  Fighters  Experience  Marine  Corps  Martial  Arts **When it comes down to it -- sometimes, the only thing standing between you and survival are your street smarts.Designed to Slaughter Your Opponent. Not Stun, Not Knock Down -- But Brutally Decimate Them!

Tom Sipin - Doce Pares Eskrima

Tags: Tom  Sipin  -  Doce  Pares  Eskrima 

Grandmaster Thomas Sipin instructs a lesson on Doce Pares Eskrima. Produced by Century Martial Arts.

"The Way of the Warrior: Eskrima, the Filipino Way" (Entire Video)

Tags: "The  Way  of  the  Warrior:  Eskrima,  the  Filipino  Way"  (Entire  Video) 

Source - BBC News - © [1983] BBC6 of the 8 part series BBC Documentary "The Way of the Warrior" (Michael Croucher & Dr. Howard Reid, 1983).Full Credits: Air Date—08 June 1983

Inosanto Filipino Martial Arts Part 3

Tags: Inosanto  Filipino  Martial  Arts  Part  3 

Dan inosanto intro into FMA

Escrima Classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Tags: Escrima  Classes  at  the  Las  Vegas  Kung  Fu  Academy classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy. The person in the white tshirt is the instructor. His name is Guru Anthony Acdan. He teaches at the academy twice a week. The school is located at 11165 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 110 Henderson NV, 89052...

Extremely brutal knife defense..not for the faint hearted!

Tags: Extremely  brutal  knife  defense..not  for  the  faint  hearted! 

Peter Sciarra from Integrated combat systems teaching knife defensive tactics in Melbourne video in no way shows all our training doctrine for knife defense. We have strategies and tactics for when you have a crazed attacker and you can't catch the weapon bearing...



GGM Presas and Master Michael Ermac showing some mano-mano from the Kombatan Martial Art in the Presas Kombatan Training Camp in Poland - Wegierska Gorka - 8 - 16 Aug 2009.You can see: palit-palit aplications with simple basic blocks, advanced blocks, locking and throwing. In the beginning you...

This is Ninjutsu

Tags: This  is  Ninjutsu 

See for more info!Compilation of some demonstration rehearsal tapes during my stay in Japan to study @ the Bujinkan hombu dojo. Keep in mind, all scenes depicted are choreographed in preparation for demonstrations to be performed in front of live...

Escrima Master Rene Latosa Interview - 1991

Tags: Escrima  Master  Rene  Latosa  Interview  -  1991 

RENE LATOSA has been actively teaching the Philipino martial arts since 1968. He was strongly influenced by his instructors at the Stockton Escrima Academy in California, including Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Max Sarmiento, Dentoy Revilar and Master Leo Giron, as well as the teachings of his own...

Filipino Martial Arts - Escrima Serrada

Tags: Filipino  Martial  Arts  -  Escrima  Serrada 

Brief glimpse of Filipino Martial Arts Stick figting art form of Escrima Serrada

Master Moves of Eskrima (Stickfighting) : Human Weapons

Tags: Master  Moves  of  Eskrima  (Stickfighting)  :  Human  Weapons 

History Channel : Human Weapon