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MUST SEE! Grandmaster of Eskrima, Atillo Balintawak WEAPONS sparring with student Virgil.

Tags: MUST  SEE!    Grandmaster  of  Eskrima,  Atillo  Balintawak  WEAPONS  sparring  with  student  Virgil. 

World Balintawak-Arnis- Eskrima Association Atillo Balintawak- Saavedra StyleCrispulo "Ising" Atillo (Grandmaster)Visit for private lessons and seminars. Filming was done at Master Louis B. Giamo's Eagleville Taekwondo Academy in Norristown, PA

Top 10 Pushups for Martial Arts!

Tags: Top  10  Pushups  for  Martial  Arts! 

Top 10 Pushups for Martial Arts! This is my favorite ten pushups, push ups, or press ups for improving my strength as it applies to the martial arts! Jump up and complete the pushups with me in real time! Great 5 minute push-up workout! Which pushup is your favorite? Tell me below in the...

Lessons in Eskrima - Balintawak

Tags: Lessons  in  Eskrima  -  Balintawak 

This is a sample of the Lessons in Eskrima - Balintawak series presented by Rad Maningas.

Cass Magda Kali Escrima Masterclass

Tags: Cass  Magda  Kali  Escrima  Masterclass 

A unique glimpse into a Kali Escrima masterclass, with an explanation of the Abecedario, strikes and counters. Cass Magda is known worldwide as one of Dan Inosanto's (Bruce Lee's friend, student and protege) top JKD and Filipino Kali instructors. He continues to teach authentic Indonesian and...

Kendo vs. Escrima

Tags: Kendo  vs.  Escrima 

One of the fights of our 13. Sparrings Meeting. Another attempt to further develop the skills for thos weapon pairing. Jaques l'eau froi and RickiRKR checked it out first time. éau

Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima - Empty Hand and Knife Fighting

Tags: Heyrosa  De  Cuerdas  Eskrima  -  Empty  Hand  and  Knife  Fighting 

Short clips of Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima training. Video starts off with Grand Master Uwit Jecong demonstrating some open-hand grappling techniques and the De Cuerdas system of "flow"This is then followed by some basic De Cuerdas knife fighting techniques, and then some actual knife...

Baraw Sugbo Filipino Knife Fighting

Tags: Baraw  Sugbo  Filipino  Knife  Fighting 

To say that the Island of Cebu is rich in Martial Arts traditions is an understatement.This island gave birth to illustrious Eskrimadores whose respective styles are now being taught not only in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines but all over the world.Baraw Sugbo is a system of fighting...

Eskrima Grandmaster vs. Supreme Grandmaster

Tags: Eskrima  Grandmaster  vs.  Supreme  Grandmaster 

In May 2013, Australian representatives of Diamondback Escrima, as well as the founder of the system, Greg Henderson, travelled to Cebu, Philippines, to train in the art with some of its most notable exponents. Of all the experiences and sights those on the trip enjoyed, the friendly duel between...

Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima - Knife Fighting and Knife Techniques

Tags: Heyrosa  De  Cuerdas  Eskrima  -  Knife  Fighting  and  Knife  Techniques 

Short clips of Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima instructors demonstrating basic knife disarms, defense against knife attacks, and actual knife sparring!Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima. Underground system of kali/arnis/eskrima. Close-quarter combat utilizing multiple defensive and offensive...



A short documentary about the filipino stickfighting art COMBATE ESKRIMA MARANGA.Grandmaster Rodrigo Maranga and his son Rico demonstrate the different distances of their family style. The founder of the style, Master Rodrigos father Timoteo Maranga was one of the pillars of Balintawak Eskrima...

Should You Carry A Tactical Pen by FirearmPop

Tags: Should  You  Carry  A  Tactical  Pen  by  FirearmPop 

Should You Carry A Tactical Pen by FirearmPopExploring the idea of why you should carry a Tactical Pen.Visit my web page at: http://www.firearmpop.comFriend me on FaceBook "Firearm Pop" Music from Kevin Macleod, FigLeafRag.mp3 and TakeTheLead.mp3 from

Deadly Art of Eskrima Knife fighting by Frans Stroeven Part1

Tags: Deadly  Art  of  Eskrima  Knife  fighting  by  Frans  Stroeven  Part1 

Doce Pares Eskrima knife fighting permormed by Frans Stroeven and Marcel van Dongen. More information

Escrima Master Rene Latosa Interview - 1991

Tags: Escrima  Master  Rene  Latosa  Interview  -  1991 

RENE LATOSA has been actively teaching the Philipino martial arts since 1968. He was strongly influenced by his instructors at the Stockton Escrima Academy in California, including Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Max Sarmiento, Dentoy Revilar and Master Leo Giron, as well as the teachings of his own...

The Most Dangerous Takedown in Judo & BJJ

Tags: The  Most  Dangerous  Takedown  in  Judo  &  BJJ 

Stephan Kesting teaches Kani Basami, the most dangerous throw in Judo and BJJ. More tips, tricks and techniques at

Kendo vs Escrima

Tags: Kendo  vs  Escrima 

experimenting with double stick vs shinai

arnis-kali-eskrima double sticks fighting demo

Tags: arnis-kali-eskrima  double  sticks  fighting  demo 

demo by filograna fabrizio with double axes and filipino guro randy remolin from kombatan modern arnis with double sticks

Guro Inosanto - Filipino Martial Arts Demo at the Smithsonian

Tags: Guro  Inosanto  -  Filipino  Martial  Arts  Demo  at  the  Smithsonian 

This video was shot at the Smithsonian museum on October 27th, 2010 for the Filipino American History Month. This is the complete demo and includes the Q & A session at the end with Guro Inosanto and others. Check out more martial arts related videos and articles at:

Master Moves of Eskrima (Stickfighting) : Human Weapons

Tags: Master  Moves  of  Eskrima  (Stickfighting)  :  Human  Weapons 

History Channel : Human Weapon

Escrima Sparring

Tags: Escrima  Sparring 

relaxed Sparring between partners ...

Filipino Martial Arts - Escrima Serrada

Tags: Filipino  Martial  Arts  -  Escrima  Serrada 

Brief glimpse of Filipino Martial Arts Stick figting art form of Escrima Serrada

Escrima Training 2-Disc DVD Program

Tags: Escrima  Training  2-Disc  DVD  Program 

Escrima Training 2-Disc DVD Programfrom AdamLand Productions.www.AdamLandDVD.comEscrima refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick fighting. Other terms which have entered into common usage include Kali and Arnis de Mano (harness of the hand); occasionally the abbreviation...

the best baton training video Ive ever seen

Tags: the  best  baton  training  video  Ive  ever  seen 

sry!!!! no subtitle

How to stop an attacking dog assault from biting a victim - AKBAN Self defense Bite release

  • Length: 2:11
  • Author: AKBAN

Tags: How  to  stop  an  attacking  dog  assault  from  biting  a  victim  -  AKBAN  Self  defense  Bite  release 

Shmulik B. a professional dog trainer and an AKBAN academy veteran, - shows how to get an assaulting dog to release its bite. This will work on any dog, any wolf, any pitbull or mastiff. As long as the dog needs to breath, pressure his the trachea and block the air passage...

Escrima Classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

Tags: Escrima  Classes  at  the  Las  Vegas  Kung  Fu  Academy classes at the Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy. The person in the white tshirt is the instructor. His name is Guru Anthony Acdan. He teaches at the academy twice a week. The school is located at 11165 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 110 Henderson NV, 89052...

Way of the Warrior - Escrima

Tags: Way  of  the  Warrior  -  Escrima 

This is a wonderful BBC documentary series from 1982, originally broadcast on the BBC 4 TV channel. The series is comprised of 8 episodes, each about 40 minutes long. This episode is focused on the Doce Pares school of Escrima.If you liked the video, please check out my best-selling martial arts...