Yankee Stadium - Where Amazing Happens

Yankee Stadium - Where Amazing Happens

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A tribute to the House that Ruth built

yankee  stadium  -  where  amazing  happens 

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A look at the full Derek Jeter Day ceremony

  • Length: 42:23
  • Author: MLB

Tags: A  look  at  the  full  Derek  Jeter  Day  ceremony 

9/7/14: A look at the entire pregame ceremony of the Yankees honoring the Captain on Derek Jeter DayCheck out http://m.mlb.com/video for our full archive of videos, and subscribe on YouTube for the best, exclusive MLB content: http://youtube.com/MLB About MLB.com:Commissioner Allan H. (Bud)...

Yankee Stadium Tribute

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Tribute 

The life and times of "The House That Ruth Built"

Yankee Stadium Final Game - Yogi Berra won't miss this place

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Final  Game  -  Yogi  Berra  won't  miss  this  place 

Yogi Berra won't miss this place, Yankee Stadium, he lived it and will remember it. This tribute aired on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball when they shut the place down 21 September 2008.Thank you Yogi!

Lou Gehrig - Superman

Tags: Lou  Gehrig  -  Superman 

Pics of my all time favorite baseball player Lou Gehrig, set to the song 'Kryptonite'.



This is video of the Yankees players going into Yankee Stadium! You can see some of the players in their cars, but the video is better when they are walking in their casual clothes into the stadium. ; )

Mariano Rivera Cries on Mound, Yankee Stadium Farewell

Tags: Mariano  Rivera  Cries  on  Mound,  Yankee  Stadium  Farewell 

Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter come out of the dugout to take Mariano Rivera out of the game in his last game at Yankee Stadium.Mariano Rivera hugs Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter on the pitcher's mound before walking off the field one last time to a standing ovation as the New York Yankees play the...



Back stage tour of the House that Ruth Built

The New Yankee Stadium Taking Shape

Tags: The  New  Yankee  Stadium  Taking  Shape 

Construction continues on the new Yankee Stadium, scheduled to open for the 2009 season. The AP's Bonny Ghosh reports the 1.3 billion dollar stadium features plenty of amenities. (Feb. 7)

Bob Sheppard 2000 - Bob Sheppard Day Ceremony Pt 2, 5/7/2000

Tags: Bob  Sheppard  2000  -  Bob  Sheppard  Day  Ceremony  Pt  2,  5/7/2000 

Bob Sheppard (10/20/1910-7/11/2010). This is the second part of Bob Sheppard Day. This tribute video was produced by Mike Bonner and the NY Yankees and was played on the Yankee Stadium Diamondvision during this second part of the tribute to Bob Sheppard celebrating his 50th season as Yankee...

Mickey Mantle 1973 - His Last Home Run in Yankee Stadium, OTD, 8/11/1973

Tags: Mickey  Mantle  1973  -  His  Last  Home  Run  in  Yankee  Stadium,  OTD,  8/11/1973 

YanksAtShea finds another archival goodie (some video-audio problems). Here's Mickey Mantle, the magnificent Yankee, hitting his last (unofficial) home run in the original Yankee Stadium before 46,000 + on Old Timer's Day 1973. Mick's buddy Whitey Ford serves up some nice ones for this homer...

Benches clear after Yanks retaliate after HBP

  • Length: 5:50
  • Author: MLB

Tags: Benches  clear  after  Yanks  retaliate  after  HBP 

9/16/14: After Derek Jeter is hit by a pitch and Joe Girardi is ejected, David Phelps throws a brushback pitch and both benches clearCheck out http://m.mlb.com/video for our full archive of videos, and subscribe on YouTube for the best, exclusive MLB content: http://youtube.com/MLB About...

Derek Jeter's farewell to Yankee Stadium speech

Tags: Derek  Jeter's  farewell  to  Yankee  Stadium  speech 

Watch Derek Jeter's farewell to Yankee Stadium speech. Subscribe for Daily sports videos!Subscribe for daily videos on YES Network: http://yesnet.me/10FUHE2Follow YES Network on Twitter: http://yesnet.me/1dtTy7qFollow YES Network on Instagram: http://yesnet.me/PGQWNmJoin YES Network on Tumblr:...

Yankees Baseball to MLB on Fox Theme

Tags: Yankees  Baseball  to  MLB  on  Fox  Theme 

This will get you in the mood for Yankees Baseball. The last year for Yankee Stadium, the All-Star Game, and the Yanks' 27th World Championship!!

Babe Ruth vs Walter Johnson - 1942 Benefit Game Newsreel

Tags: Babe  Ruth  vs  Walter  Johnson  -  1942  Benefit  Game  Newsreel 

During World War II Babe Ruth made countless appearances to support the war effort. In August of 1942 he put on his old Yankees uniform to face the great Walter Johnson in a benefit game. This newsreel from 1942 shows what happened when the greatest pitcher and the greatest hitter of the golden...

Best Moments in New York Yankees History

Tags: Best  Moments  in  New  York  Yankees  History 

My tribute to the New York Yankees. Slide show created by - Wigaut Music - Chevaliers de Sangreal (New York Yankees Mix by - Wigaut) - City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Crouch End Festival ChorusPlease comment

Lou Gehrig - The Iron Horse

Tags: Lou  Gehrig  -  The  Iron  Horse 

My tribute to one of the greatest.

Derek Jeter's farewell speech to the Yankees on Derek Jeter Day

Tags: Derek  Jeter's  farewell  speech  to  the  Yankees  on  Derek  Jeter  Day 

After playing 20 seasons for the Yankees, Derek Jeter addresses the New York fans during Derek Jeter Day at Yankees Stadium. #re2pect SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Fox Sports content on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FoxSportsConnect with Fox Sports online:Visit the Fox Sports WEBSITE:...

New York Yankees Mambo

Tags: New  York  Yankees  Mambo 

This isn't the theme song, and this song IS from a while back, but it is still a song for the Yankees. It's called the Yankee Mambo. And haters posting on this video, go get a life. Because if you hate the Yankees, then why the heck are you watching this video? Losers.

Romeo Santos Yankee Stadium Debate De 4 07/11

Tags: Romeo  Santos  Yankee  Stadium  Debate  De  4  07/11 

Romeo Santos, Antony Santos y Luis Vargas en Yankee Staduim

A Tribute to Yankee Stadium

Tags: A  Tribute  to  Yankee  Stadium 

A tribute to the old Yankee Stadium, the greatest baseball stadium ever built and one of American sports' most iconic venues. Its legendary status will never be matched and its memories will live on forever. Goodbye Yankee Stadium.

Top 25 Yankee Stadium Moments: No. 23 Mantle

Tags: Top  25  Yankee  Stadium  Moments:  No.  23  Mantle 

Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium

Experience Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium

  • Length: 5:28
  • Author: MLB

Tags: Experience  Derek  Jeter  Day  at  Yankee  Stadium 

9/7/14: Derek Jeter receives praise from teammates and managers, addresses the fans, runs out an infield single and reflects on the dayCheck out http://m.mlb.com/video for our full archive of videos, and subscribe on YouTube for the best, exclusive MLB content: http://youtube.com/MLB About...

Yankee Stadium Tour

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Tour 

http://www.YESNETWORK.comThe YES Network's Chris Shearn takes the Yankee Stadium Tour.

Romeo Santos Yankee Stadium's Concert Opening 7-11-14

Tags: Romeo  Santos  Yankee  Stadium's  Concert      Opening  7-11-14 

Romeo Santos Yankee Stadium's Concert Opening 7-11-14