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Plainte Nicolas SARKÖZY - Interview du 31l03l2012 - Partie 3

Tags: Plainte  Nicolas  SARKÖZY  -  Interview  du  31l03l2012  -  Partie  3 

Interview (en 3 parties) par la Radio la Voix d'Afrique du 31 mars 2012 de la présidente de l'Association SOS JUSTICE ET DROITS DE L'HOMME, Madame Mirella Carbonatto et son avocat Maître Philippe Fortabat-Labatut.Interview concernant la plainte du 9 février 2012 contre Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa...

Des scandales de pédophilie planent sur l'élection du nouveau pape L'EXPRESS

Tags: Des  scandales  de  pédophilie  planent  sur  l'élection  du  nouveau  pape      L'EXPRESS 

Des scandales de pédophilie planent sur l'élection du nouveau papeLa controverse enfle autour du cas d'un cardinal américain accusé d'avoir couvert les agissements de dizaines de pédophiles, qui doit participer à l'élection du successeur de Benoît...

CME attack!

Tags: CME  attack! 

Report from : "A widely-reported CME produced by an X5-flare from sunspot AR1429 hit our planet's magnetic field on March 8th. The impact was weaker than expected, producing only a mild geomagnetic storm. Power grids and other sun-sensitive technologies were unaffected. Update:...

USA : Pétition contre la présence d'un cardinal au conclave

Tags: USA  :  Pétition  contre  la  présence  d'un  cardinal  au  conclave 

Les catholiques américains ont poursuivi samedi leur campagne pour empêcher le cardinal Roger Mahony, accusé d'avoir couvert des actes pédophiles, de participer au conclave à Rome. moins d'un mois du conclave pour élire le nouveau Pape, sa...

NASA | SDO: Year 4

Tags: NASA  |  SDO:  Year  4 

Music: Stella Maris courtesy of Moby Gratis.Information about the individual clips used in this video is available at: sun is always changing and NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is always watching. Launched on...

L'église conciliaire n'est pas l'église catholique - L'église des Illuminati-reptiliens

Tags: L'église  conciliaire  n'est  pas  l'église  catholique  -  L'église  des  Illuminati-reptiliens 

Mgr Lefebvre et la Contre-église Conciliaire : contrefaçon de l'Église 2 novembre 2012Mos confrères Radio Cristiandad et le CatholicaPedia publient une conférence de Monseigneur Lefebvre que l'Abbé Basilio Méramo a envoyé à Fabián Vazquez le directeur de Radio Cristiandad :Abbé Basilio...

Breathtaking Solar Footage From SDO's 3rd Year | Video

Tags: Breathtaking  Solar  Footage  From  SDO's  3rd  Year  |  Video 

The Solar Dynamics Observatory has completed the third year of its mission to provide scientists not only with stunningly detailed images of our sun, but a wealth of data that will help further our understanding of the sun-Earth system.

NASA | SDO: Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes

Tags: NASA  |  SDO:  Three  Years  of  Sun  in  Three  Minutes 

Music: "A Lady's Errand of Love" - composed and performed by Martin LassIn the three years since it first provided images of the sun in the spring of 2010, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has had virtually unbroken coverage of the sun's rise toward solar maximum, the peak of solar...

Solar Dynamics Observatory: "Three Years of SDO Data--Narrated" 2013 NASA Goddard SFC

Tags: Solar  Dynamics  Observatory:  "Three  Years  of  SDO  Data--Narrated"  2013  NASA  Goddard  SFC 

more at"This version of Three Years of SDO Data is extended, and narrated by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center heliophysicist Alex Young. He highlights many interesting aspects of the video and points out several of the...

NASA SDO - Filament Liftoff

Tags: NASA  SDO  -  Filament  Liftoff 

The long, dark solar filament that had been visible for many days finally lifted off and broke away into space (September 2, 2014). Filaments are elongated clouds of plasma tethered above the Sun’s surface by powerful magnetic forces. Filaments are notoriously unstable.They appear darker when...

NASA | Graceful Eruption

Tags: NASA  |  Graceful  Eruption 

A mid-level flare, an M6.5, erupted from the sun on April 2, 2014, peaking at 10:05 a.m. EDT. This video from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the flare in a blend of two wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light: 171 Angstroms and 304 Angstroms, colorized in yellow and red,...

The Solar Dynamics Observatory: The Sun Up Close and Personal

Tags: The  Solar  Dynamics  Observatory:  The  Sun  Up  Close  and  Personal 

The first lecture in the 2011 Exploring Space Lecture Series featured Dean Pesnell, Project Scientist for the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). SDO is designed to help us better understand how the Sun works and how it influences our lives. From the very start of its mission, SDO revealed...

Cute daytime Orb and night time Orb Cluster.wmv

Tags: Cute  daytime  Orb  and  night  time  Orb  Cluster.wmv 

March 20, 2012 -- while filming in the distance saw what at first appeared to be possible feather fluttering in the wind saw due to its flight pattern it wasn't-- so removed camera from tripod and filmed this cute small white Orb around 7 pm.. It was fairly close to me downstairs in courtyard.. I...

AIA 171 (2012-03-31 19:45:12 - 2012-03-31 22:44:36 UTC)

Tags: AIA  171  (2012-03-31  19:45:12  -  2012-03-31  22:44:36  UTC) 

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Monseigneur Lefèvre sur le vatican Virgo Maria org

Tags: Monseigneur  Lefèvre  sur  le  vatican  Virgo  Maria  org 

Le site Virgo Maria qui rassemble des religieux réfractaires aux autorités conciliaires du concile Vatican II. Pour résister à ces autorités conciliaires ils ont été excommuniés de l'église, dont le plus emblématique de ces résistants a été Mgr Lefebvre.Voici ce qu'il disait en juin...

NASA | Solar Dynamics Observatory: Year 3 [HD]

Tags: NASA  |  Solar  Dynamics  Observatory:  Year  3  [HD] 

On Feb. 11, 2010, NASA launched an unprecedented solar observatory into space. The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) flew up on an Atlas V rocket, carrying instruments that scientists hoped would revolutionize observations of the sun. If all went according to plan, SDO would provide incredibly...

NASA SDO - Fall Earth Eclipse Season Starts (Aug 29, 2014)

Tags: NASA  SDO  -  Fall  Earth  Eclipse  Season  Starts  (Aug  29,  2014) 

Twice a year, around March and around September, I get to see Earth moving in between my telescopes and the Sun. Everyday for the next three weeks Earth will eclipse the Sun. The eclipses are fairly short near the beginning and end of the season but ramp up to 72 minutes in the middle. Any...

F5 Tornado in Elie, Manitoba on June 22nd, 2007

Tags: F5  Tornado  in  Elie,  Manitoba  on  June  22nd,  2007 

Here is a video of Canada's first F5 Tornado (upgraded from F4) taken from one mile away that severely damaged the western part of Elie, Manitoba on Friday June 22nd, 2007...the video ends with a second tornado (F3 Rated) near Oakville. This one was on the ground at the same time as the Elie...

AIA 171/193/304, LASCO C2/C3 (2012-01-24 02:00:48 - 2012-01-24 09:58:12 UTC)

Tags: AIA  171/193/304,  LASCO  C2/C3  (2012-01-24  02:00:48  -  2012-01-24  09:58:12  UTC) 

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AIA 304, LASCO C2 (2012-03-30 17:23:20 - 2012-03-31 10:28:20 UTC)

Tags: AIA  304,  LASCO  C2  (2012-03-30  17:23:20  -  2012-03-31  10:28:20  UTC) 

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Absolute Proof that the World Will End on 12/21/2012!! - Exclusive

Tags: Absolute  Proof  that  the  World  Will  End  on  12/21/2012!!  -  Exclusive 

I mock the conspiracy theorists with reasoning about as sound as any I've heard on the much sensationalized Mayan calendar end of the world theory. This is a Just for Fun episode, which is episode 20, I guess.

NASA | SDO Sees Two Solar Flares

Tags: NASA  |  SDO  Sees  Two  Solar  Flares 

The sun emitted a significant solar flare, peaking at 7:42 a.m. EDT on June 10, 2014. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - which typically observes the entire sun 24 hours a day -- captured images of the flare.This flare is classified as an X2.2 flare. X-class denotes the most intense flares,...

AIA 304, EUVI-B 171/195 (2012-03-13 11:00:44 - 2012-03-13 16:57:44 UTC)

Tags: AIA  304,  EUVI-B  171/195  (2012-03-13  11:00:44  -  2012-03-13  16:57:44  UTC) 

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Earth gets dusted 2012-03-08 06:12:48 UTC

Tags: Earth  gets  dusted  2012-03-08  06:12:48  UTC 

This is from the March 7th Solar flare and the resulting particles that hit the earth afterwards.This movie was produced by See the original at or download a high-quality version from...