Nates Guide On How To Shuffle Part One

Nates Guide On How To Shuffle Part One

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Nates Guide On How To Shuffle Part OneThis is the guy in the video:

nates  guide  on  how  to  shuffle  part  one 

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Little Miss Shuffle | Cassie's 1 year Shuffling |

Tags: Little  Miss  Shuffle  |  Cassie's  1  year  Shuffling  | 

pretty poor quality vid but you get the idea :)Thanks for watching!

Shuffling at school on a boring day

Tags: Shuffling  at  school  on  a  boring  day 

I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS .FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @babydaliaa_ & @_LilMamii *Instagram : @killlalala @littledaliaaKaotic : Gray & Black Basket Ball Shorts Lil Mamii: Wearing Boots Boots : Basketball/Jean Shorts Classy : purple shirttADD US , on faceboook ♥

How to Shuffle: Advanced Running Man Moves

Tags: How  to  Shuffle:  Advanced  Running  Man  Moves 

In this tutorial, we're teaching you the Half Running Man, the Double Running Man, and the Running Man into a slide!Enjoy! Remember, if you have any questions at all, leave us a comment in the comments section below!Song Used : Andrew - Spectrum ( )

How To Shuffle Dance

Tags: How  To  Shuffle  Dance 

BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. THIS IS IT! How to connect the moves into the shuffle dance.

Hardstyle Battle: Shuffle vs Jumpstyle

Tags: Hardstyle  Battle:  Shuffle  vs  Jumpstyle 

Song list :Dark Oscillators - StereophobiaHeadhunterz - Power Of The MindDJ Slideout - Bloody PimpShowtek - FTS (Fuck The System)Trance generators - Do you want a ballonHeadhunterz - The SacrificeMelbourne Shuffle VS JumpstyleHardstyle Dance Battle

How to Shuffle: Basic 'Smoothstyle' Tutorial

Tags: How  to  Shuffle:  Basic  'Smoothstyle'  Tutorial 

Tutorial covering the essential moves of Shuffling1:15 - Running Man2:20 - T-Step5:15 - Transitioning between Running Man & T-Step7:36 - Extra Pointers10:19 - Preview of next tutorial10:50 - Freestyle!!!Geared toward a more relaxed SoCal "Smoothstyle" Shuffle.Because you don't have to have phat...

Tecktonik vs. Shuffle Girls

Tags: Tecktonik  vs.  Shuffle  Girls 

here is a dance battle of my two fave kind of dances. pure girls. who do u think will win....Songs: 1. Global Deejays ft Technotronic- Get up 2. Dj Dean- Play it Hard 3. Deejay Bola- Private Jet 4. Deepforces- Last Wish 5. Relanium- Lee Lost 6. Deepforces- Harder

my shuffle music

Tags: my  shuffle  music 

just a few songs that i love to shuffle on :Phope you enjoy them xDcomment + rate please (A)

manic shuffle

Tags: manic  shuffle 

gisborne hard kick push eastcoast just having a fukn good time!! roady 2 auckland!!!! nz-x yln era

Top 15 shufflers

Tags: Top  15  shufflers 

Songlist:Opening: Ja Nichya Rob Mayth (only on googleNo15: One Last Try MasterbeatFrancis: We Dominate-ShowtekJason: Finally Someday DJ ProjectSarah: Cosmic Gate- The WaveKingpoo: Carnifex -FireflashDJ Ph!1o: 1st: Hardstyle mafia-X marks the spotDJ Ph!1o 2nd: I Just Wanna Be a RaverDanielzz:...

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

Tags: LMFAO  -  Party  Rock  Anthem  ft.  Lauren  Bennett,  GoonRock 

Buy now video by LMFAO performing Party Rock Anthem featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock. (c) 2011 Interscope#VEVOCertified on July 1, 2011.

Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #1

Tags: Melbourne  Shuffle  Compilation  #1 follow me for upcoming compilations, i need help on who to be in it and stuff. :]Tracklist-Reece- Empire (Ganjaguru cs Didjital) by The Bass AgentsFrancis- La Di Da (Dance Mix) by BaracudaRocky- 8TH Wonder Of The World (J!XAW REMIX)- Karpe DM, 2- dark oscillators -...


Tags: I  CAN  SHUFFLE ask me how-1,000,000 VIEWS THANK YOU!! Hardstyle forever-2,000,000 Views?!! man this is old. But none the less, shout out to Connor Lynch who said no one would ever watch my videos :p(changed it from can i shuffle to i can shuffle due to million people saying...

Nates Guide On How To Shuffle Part Deux

Tags: Nates  Guide  On  How  To  Shuffle  Part  Deux 

Nates Guide On How To Shuffle Part DeuxThis is the guy in the video:

Learn How to Shuffle in 5 Steps

Tags: Learn  How  to  Shuffle  in  5  Steps 

1. Running Man (Must learn first before anything else!)2. Sidestep3. Glide4. Spin (Add as many twirls as you'd like, just stay on beat.)5. Kick ( I don't often use these because they make my body feel weird, so please excuse my bad kicks)This idea was somewhat original but the structure...


  • Length: 4:18
  • Author: 2JG3



Melbourne Shuffle basics

Tags: Melbourne  Shuffle  basics 

I go through the very basic steps of the melbourne shuffle. I broke it down as well as I know how. Hope you find it usefull. And I hope you think I'm UberCool:P

best shuffle vs jumpstyle vs tecktonik 2013 compilation new Dj Chambaud

Tags: best  shuffle  vs  jumpstyle  vs  tecktonik  2013  compilation  new  Dj  Chambaud!/

Learn how to Melbourne Shuffle - basics tutorial

Tags: Learn  how  to  Melbourne  Shuffle  -  basics  tutorial 

Full explanation here:

How To Melbourne Shuffle(Basics)

Tags: How  To  Melbourne  Shuffle(Basics) 

How to do the Melbourne ShuffleLeave feedback and comments pleaseBy -ScH- NuG

Girls Dance - Chicas TCK Break Dance Jumpstyle Shuffle - Duelo

Tags: Girls  Dance  -  Chicas  TCK  Break  Dance  Jumpstyle  Shuffle  -  Duelo 

El vídeo ( Girls Dance - Chicas TCK Break Dance Jumpstyle Shuffle - Duelo ) puede incluir contenido que administren estas entidades o que sea propiedad de las mismas:Entidad: Expanded Music Tipo de contenido: Grabación de sonidoEntidad: CelestialTorment Tipo de contenido: Contenido...

LMFAO - Champagne Showers ft. Natalia Kills

Tags: LMFAO  -  Champagne  Showers  ft.  Natalia  Kills 

OUT NOW on iTunes: video by LMFAO performing Champagne Showers. (C) 2011 Interscope Records#VEVOCertified on July 27, 2012.

How to Analyze Stocks... The FAST Way!

Tags: How  to  Analyze  Stocks...  The  FAST  Way! 

How to Analyze Stocks... The FAST Way! This is a recording of a LIVE webinar I held on august 14th 2014 to showcase the new Value Spreadsheet PREMIUM investment tool.

I Feel So Alive Hardstyle Shuffle

Tags: I  Feel  So  Alive  Hardstyle  Shuffle 

lolol old video X)

How to airwalk, moonwalk, sideglide and popping tutorial by Shawn Phan

Tags: How  to  airwalk,  moonwalk,  sideglide  and  popping  tutorial  by  Shawn  Phan to my 2nd Channel=Weekly Tutorials & Dance Footage)Spread The Knowledge! Unite the Community!In this video i cover popular moves such as the Moonwalk (backslide), sideglide, airwalk, and popping.This is one of my very first videos i made when i first...