Gutpunching Sequence Revisited

Gutpunching Sequence Revisited

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gutpunching a set of abs!

gutpunching  sequence  revisited 

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The Lieutenant of Inishmore: The Interrogation

Tags: The  Lieutenant  of  Inishmore:  The  Interrogation 

***Important Information about Clip Content***Strong Adult LanguageReferences of ViolenceViewer Discretion is AdvisedThis is an adaptation from Martin McDonagh's "The Lieutenant of Inishmore".This is a scene taken from the "dark comedy" play.

El Zorro escenas chris cap 23

Tags: El  Zorro  escenas  chris  cap  23 

escenas de christian del capi 23 de la telenovela el zorro

How Houdini DIED (in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 108

Tags: How  Houdini  DIED  (in  Slow  Motion)  -  Smarter  Every  Day  108 

Tweet this video: to Facebook: a free Audio book: is much speculation about the death of Houdini. Many of the detail remain mysterious. I hope you enjoy this look into the possibilities.A special...

Punching Bryan

Tags: Punching  Bryan 

great video from to be there !!!!

Our first beatdown ... (boxing glove bullying )

Tags: Our  first  beatdown  ...  (boxing  glove  bullying  ) 

The first rehearsal before shooting the first BDV videos. These guys had met only a few minutes before. The BDV series would go on to produce 30 15min episodes (7.5hrs) and would eventually start using greenscreen effects and much more stylized look. But this first video is clearly just testing...

gutpunching - uppercut to the gut!

Tags: gutpunching  -  uppercut  to  the  gut! 

off guard uppercut to the tough gut!

Abducted Abs (Abdominal Workout)

Tags: Abducted  Abs  (Abdominal  Workout) 

Demonstrating one of my favorite abdominal workouts.Download my personal training app for iPhone/iPad: training app for Android:

Jerome Le Banner - Hook to the body and uppercut

Tags: Jerome  Le  Banner  -  Hook  to  the  body  and  uppercut 

Jerome Le Banner shows a body hook followed by an uppercut combination

Avoye man, vas-y fesse

Tags: Avoye  man,  vas-y  fesse 

One guy says to the other "Come on man, punch my rock hard abs!".The guy was made into a superhuman and proceed to punch his buddy around the world.From a tv show and a group called "Chick n Swell"These are the guys who put Victoriaville on the map.


Tags: Gutpunching 

this is just a preview,

The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Running at WaterTower Theatre January 7 - February 6

Tags: The  Lieutenant  of  Inishmore,  Running  at  WaterTower  Theatre  January  7  -  February  6 

Combine Monty Python, Quentin Tarantino and Irish terrorism into one gleefully gruesome comedy and you get The Lieutenant of Inishmore. "Bad" Padraic is an IRA torturer whose cat, Wee Thomas, has been tragically killed. And Padraic isn't going to rest until the whole town feels as bad as he does....

human torture ,(interdi +18)

Tags: human  torture  ,(interdi  +18) 


Eli Black vs Alexi Ivanov

Tags: Eli  Black  vs  Alexi  Ivanov 

Rock Hard Wrestling - Eli dominates the Russian Alexi leaving him in a heap of rookie wreckage...

耕友会館 男の祭り

Tags: 耕友会館 男の祭り 


Teen athlete with absolutely presentable ABS,free of sense but nice to watch

Tags: Teen  athlete  with  absolutely  presentable  ABS,free  of  sense  but  nice  to  watch 

Watch in 480p!ISubscribe his channel :

muscle show off

Tags: muscle  show  off 

Trent Novak vs Cliff Johnson

Tags: Trent  Novak  vs  Cliff  Johnson 

Rock Hard Wrestling - The brawny high school jock Trent clashes with the model Cliff....



nothing gets me harder than a bloke punching my abs and pecs while i FLEX! them, I do this with a handful of clients and in my private life whenever i can A find a guy who knows how to punch and B isnt scared to punch hard. (harder than you would think!?!)Enjoy - I did...The XXX version of this...

Muay Thai Gut

Tags: Muay  Thai  Gut 

Just a glimpse at Muay Thai training at LA Boxing Carlsbad with Tiffany VanSoest

Rip and Strip Gutpunch Promo

Tags: Rip  and  Strip  Gutpunch  Promo 

see the entire video at :)

Calejamento Taekwondo - Parte 1

  • Length: 1:18
  • Author: zukz

Tags: Calejamento  Taekwondo  -  Parte  1 

shaushauhsuahs" O cara depila a barriga"ahuahuahua

jakub stefano in trouble

Tags: jakub  stefano  in  trouble

KDGN - Interrogation

Tags: KDGN  -  Interrogation 

They need the DVD to air KDGN, but David will never give up its secret. It may take a little more creative inquiring to get the information they want.

gut punched 3

Tags: gut  punched  3 

gut punch

Gutpunching [ Hardmode ] - Viktor Zeiser

Tags: Gutpunching  [  Hardmode  ]  -  Viktor  Zeiser 

Moin Leutz,spontane Aufnahme , Gutpunching zwar kürzer aber härter.Mit Jascha.» Facebook:» Instagram:» Twitter:» Amazon Wishlist:...