Gutpunching Sequence Revisited

Gutpunching Sequence Revisited

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gutpunching a set of abs!

gutpunching  sequence  revisited 

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SUPERMUTANTS Rich Piana, Gabe Moen, Ron Partlow & Renaldo Gairy take over The Muscle Beach Pit

Tags: SUPERMUTANTS  Rich  Piana,  Gabe  Moen,  Ron  Partlow  &  Renaldo  Gairy  take  over  The  Muscle  Beach  Pit 

SUPERMUTANTS Rich Piana, Gabe Moen, Ron Partlow & Renaldo Gairy take over The Muscle Beach Pit in Venice Beach California Aug 12th 2013. This is raw un edited video, we just followed these guys and watched what happened.

How Houdini DIED (in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 108

Tags: How  Houdini  DIED  (in  Slow  Motion)  -  Smarter  Every  Day  108 

Tweet this video: to Facebook: a free Audio book: is much speculation about the death of Houdini. Many of the detail remain mysterious. I hope you enjoy this look into the possibilities.A special...

The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Running at WaterTower Theatre January 7 - February 6

Tags: The  Lieutenant  of  Inishmore,  Running  at  WaterTower  Theatre  January  7  -  February  6 

Combine Monty Python, Quentin Tarantino and Irish terrorism into one gleefully gruesome comedy and you get The Lieutenant of Inishmore. "Bad" Padraic is an IRA torturer whose cat, Wee Thomas, has been tragically killed. And Padraic isn't going to rest until the whole town feels as bad as he does....

Britney Spears - Richard Blackwood Interview Complete

Tags: Britney  Spears  -  Richard  Blackwood  Interview  Complete 

My favorite Interview I really Love this ♥♥♥ :DCredits Go To

Gut punching by [ Dante Dyou ]

Tags: Gut  punching  by  [  Dante  Dyou  ] 

Servus,hab mal euer gutpunching vorschlag entgegen genommen.Hier ein kleiner Test.» Facebook:» Instagram:» Twitter:» Amazon Wishlist:...

Gutpunching - Viktor Zeiser

Tags: Gutpunching  -  Viktor  Zeiser 

Moin Leutz.hier seht ihr den nächsten Trainingspartner Aljex Zr der sich auch etwas austobt beim Gutpunching.» Facebook:» Instagram:» Twitter:» Amazon...

Eli Black vs Alexi Ivanov

Tags: Eli  Black  vs  Alexi  Ivanov 

Rock Hard Wrestling - Eli dominates the Russian Alexi leaving him in a heap of rookie wreckage...

El Zorro escenas chris cap 23

Tags: El  Zorro  escenas  chris  cap  23 

escenas de christian del capi 23 de la telenovela el zorro

Gutpunching [ Hardmode ] - Viktor Zeiser

Tags: Gutpunching  [  Hardmode  ]  -  Viktor  Zeiser 

Moin Leutz,spontane Aufnahme , Gutpunching zwar kürzer aber härter.Mit Jascha.» Facebook:» Instagram:» Twitter:» Amazon Wishlist:...

Medicina Tradicional China Documental 1/4

Tags: Medicina  Tradicional  China  Documental  1/4 

Medicina Tradicional China

Farriers Rasp Forged Knife part 1

Tags: Farriers  Rasp  Forged  Knife  part  1 

My first attempt at a real knife, forged from a farriers rasp. This is the first step, next I will try and find a nice handle and bit of brass for the bolster.

獨家解密精武風雲陳真 甄子丹受刑過程

Tags: 獨家解密精武風雲陳真  甄子丹受刑過程

Muay Thai Gut

Tags: Muay  Thai  Gut 

Just a glimpse at Muay Thai training at LA Boxing Carlsbad with Tiffany VanSoest

"Open Road" - 1951 Highways in America - WDTVLIVE42

Tags: "Open  Road"  -  1951  Highways  in  America  -  WDTVLIVE42 

Publicity newsreel from the Bethlehem Steel Company showing how their steel products are used in modern highway construction. ..WDTVLIVE42 - Transport, technology, and general interest movies from the past - newsreels, documentaries & publicity films from my archives.


Tags: ANGÉLICA  -  CIÚME  (1997). 

Eu queria entender direito essa paixãoOs caminhos perigosos desse nosso amorOs mistérios sem segredos do seu coraçãoPra que eu eu possa te seguir por onde você forEu queria acreditar no que você me dizComo a noite acredita no amanhecerSei que eu faria tudo pra te ver felizMas às vezes...

Trent Novak vs Cliff Johnson

Tags: Trent  Novak  vs  Cliff  Johnson 

Rock Hard Wrestling - The brawny high school jock Trent clashes with the model Cliff....

Avoye man, vas-y fesse

Tags: Avoye  man,  vas-y  fesse 

One guy says to the other "Come on man, punch my rock hard abs!".The guy was made into a superhuman and proceed to punch his buddy around the world.From a tv show and a group called "Chick n Swell"These are the guys who put Victoriaville on the map.

Do NOT Punch In A Street Fight

Tags: Do  NOT  Punch  In  A  Street  Fight - Learning how to punch in a real street fight can be useless self defense training yet it's taught as the most common martial arts technique. Here's why you should never punch in a real fight.


Tags: gutpunching 

gutpunching session

My Pre Contest Ab Workout

Tags: My  Pre  Contest  Ab  Workout 

This is my workout that I follow to train abs, currently 10 weeks out from competing in the NPC West Coast Classic. Follow me on Twitter (@robriches) and my website - to see my daily prep unfold. If you are interested in finding out more about the foam roller that I use, check...


Tags: 陸軍兩棲上電視 


THE ICE PIRATES: the castration scene

Tags: THE  ICE  PIRATES:  the  castration  scene 

::NOT OUR WORK:: THE ICE PIRATES (1984) Distributed by MGMIn the far future water is the most valuable substance. Two space pirates are captured, sold to a princess, and recruited to help her find her father who disappeared when he found information dangerous to the rulers. A real Space Opera...

Ab Punching and Flexing "Back For the Summer"

Tags: Ab  Punching  and  Flexing  "Back  For  the  Summer" 

Hey guys, me and Joe are home for the summer so we just wanted to catch up with y'all and show y'all a little workout. By the way we reached over 4,100 subscribers and over 1,110,000 total upload views! keep em comin!

[Real 2PM] COCA COLA ZERO CF Making Film

  • Length: 3:46
  • Author: 2pm

Tags: [Real  2PM]  COCA  COLA  ZERO  CF  Making  Film 

[Real 2PM] COCA COLA ZERO CF Making Film