Best Rainmeter Skins: CPU, Multi GPU, HDD, RAM, Network + Equalizergadget [GERMAN/ENGLISH]

Best Rainmeter Skins: CPU, Multi GPU, HDD, RAM, Network + Equalizergadget [GERMAN/ENGLISH]

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For a bigger Soundequalizer (Samurize Equalizer) watch this Video: CPU, RAM and System Info by Kerrigan (I have translated system information intoGerman, CPU spinner rewritten so that it runs with Speedfan instead of the registrysensores of Everest)For more Skins visit PROGRAMM: (Rainmeter)!FgklXZCI!YSWxaWgnMqIbwKnsF4JQX0y6GC02_hI1KhlJaUiY1X8::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::GERMAN SKIN VERSION:!ZksxTLpD!EVhCTWTC934JIkOn2Uxy9mOTP64Py4aDWTPEcKyTn8U::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ENGLISH SKIN VERSION:!55cjxQIC!K7z99QN7KYKmLHNA1PLdzkrOuvAqMG1Nx-jkz8FxgcE::::::::::INFO::::::::::Track: the pitcher - twist and shout (re-amp)Wallpaper: System::::::::::Intel Core 990Xtreme (6x3,47 GHz)G.Skill RipjawsX 16 GB Ram 2133MHzNVidia GTX 590Asus Rampage 3 ExtremeNZXT Phantom White::::::::::CREDITS::::::::::Credits for the Original Skins (translated and redesigned by me)Ambient Tech by burnwell88 Extingwished by Sylvane (Rasylver)GeoSans by g.g@g.comGPU 1 & 2 by me (Original it was only one CPU Temp SKin by cHo_7)Techno logic by yalishyarcVolume by (Redesign and translated in German by me)Glass Space Enigma by ~gcnywaldorkOrbmusik Equalizer Gadget redesign by me

best  rainmeter  skins:  cpu,  multi  gpu,  hdd,  ram,  network  +  equalizergadget  [german/english] 

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