Maxxam Analytics: Toronto Star Award for Excellence in Workplace Integration

Maxxam Analytics: Toronto Star Award for Excellence in Workplace Integration

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Maxxam's co-op program for skilled immigrants has evolved to become an essential recruitment strategy for their fluctuating client-driven work volumes and to address skill shortages in their field.For more on Maxxam and its award, visit

maxxam  analytics:  toronto  star  award  for  excellence  in  workplace  integration 

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Huawei Canada: RBC Immigrant Advantage Award

Tags: Huawei  Canada:  RBC  Immigrant  Advantage  Award 

When Huawei Canada established itself in Canada in 2008, they faced many challenges finding highly skilled talent they needed. Skilled immigrants were the solution.To learn more about Huawei and the award, visit...

Dr. Anthony Dapaah's farewell party at Maxxam Analytics

Tags: Dr.  Anthony  Dapaah's  farewell  party  at  Maxxam  Analytics 

Dr. Anthony Dapaah's farewell party at Maxxam Analytics

How to make a gingerbread house

Tags: How  to  make  a  gingerbread  house 

Cooking with kids? How about trying to make this delicious gingerbread house. It's delicious and a lot of fun, too. Just follow the simple steps in this video. For measurements and further details #LoveEveryMouthful




Maxxam: Instructional video Series

Tags: Maxxam:  Instructional  video  Series 

Maxxam is Canada's leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries. Working closely with the Maxxam Marketing and Communications team, we shot and edited this series of customer focused how-to videos that reinforce the need to ensure the quality...

Maxxam Interviews: Diljeet Brar on Finding Success

Tags: Maxxam  Interviews:  Diljeet  Brar  on  Finding  Success 

MAPLE 2.0 is a nationwide project that brings together employers and Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) to create employment opportunities for immigrants in Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver.Objectives:Address employers' recruitment challenges by connecting them to a pool of skilled...

Samsara davanala (iskcon morning aarti)

Tags: Samsara  davanala  (iskcon  morning  aarti) 

(1)saḿsāra-dāvānala-līḍha-loka-trāṇāya kāruṇya-ghanāghanatvamprāptasya kalyāṇa-guṇārṇavasyavande guroḥ śrī-caraṇāravindam(2)mahāprabhoḥ kīrtana-nṛtya-gīta-vāditra-mādyan-manaso rasenaromāñca -kampāśru-tarańga-bhājovande guroḥ...

Big Star Entertainmnet Awards 2011 720p 31st December 2011 Video Watch Online Pt2

Tags: Big  Star  Entertainmnet  Awards  2011  720p  31st  December  2011  Video  Watch  Online  Pt2

Apsara Awards 2011 - Govinda performs & Dharmenda receives award

Tags: Apsara  Awards  2011  -  Govinda  performs  &  Dharmenda  receives  award 


GiMA Awards - One of Sonu Nigam's most popular performances in a comic avtar - Segment VI

  • Length: 14:46
  • Author: GIMA

Tags: GiMA  Awards  -  One  of  Sonu  Nigam's  most  popular  performances  in  a  comic  avtar  -  Segment  VI 

Sonu Nigam had the audience in splits when he mimicked various artists of the Indian Music Industry and gave a comic performance at GiMA Awards 2010

Zuleika Sgro: Canadian HR Reporter Award for Individual Achievement

Tags: Zuleika  Sgro:  Canadian  HR  Reporter  Award  for  Individual  Achievement 

Zuleika Sgro is a champion for including skilled immigrant talent as an optimum strategy to match specialized skills with demonstrated skills shortages. And she has embedded this practice within her company, Questrade.For more on Zuleika and the award, visit...

19th Annual STAR Screen Awards Show Full Video 2013

Tags: 19th  Annual  STAR  Screen  Awards  Show  Full  Video  2013 

Most Romantic Picture and Video Collection to share at facebook with friends , Just visit us.

Kamal Khan Throws Away Golden Balti Award At Zee Function - India TV

Tags: Kamal  Khan  Throws  Away  Golden  Balti  Award  At  Zee  Function  -  India  TV 

Subscribe to Official India Tv Youtube channel here: actor Kamal R. Khan threw away the Golden Balti Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Zee Gold Awards function, which will be telecast this Sunday on July 17. Social Media Links: Facebook :...

山口百恵 曼珠沙華

Tags: 山口百恵 曼珠沙華 


Good Ideas from Toronto - an exchange of immigrant integration practices with Germany

Tags: Good  Ideas  from  Toronto  -  an  exchange  of  immigrant  integration  practices  with  Germany 

Cities are the destination of choice for most immigrants. The welcome cities provide to their newest residents is key to successful integration and, in the end, vital to their social and economic health. It's also essential to the ongoing prosperity of the cities themselves. It's not surprising...

Life Ok Now Awards - 31st May 2014 - [Full Episode]

  • Length: 84:27
  • Author: lifeok

Tags: Life  Ok  Now  Awards  -  31st  May  2014  -  [Full  Episode] 

Life Ok brings to you the one-of-a-kind Life OK Now Awards (LONA), which is India's first 100 percent public voted, instant awards celebrating excellence in the field of film, music and television. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is the face of the first edition of the awards. Singer of the Month...

Apsara Awards 2010 amitabh bachchan akshay kumar lifetime acheivment award

Tags: Apsara  Awards  2010  amitabh  bachchan  akshay  kumar  lifetime  acheivment  award 

Apsara Awards 2010 amitabh bachchan akshay kumar lifetime acheivment award

Tammy Neilson: The Power of Facilitated Networking

Tags: Tammy  Neilson:  The  Power  of  Facilitated  Networking 

For more information and resources from Tammy’s workshop go to:

Welcome to the Process Excellence Revolution

Tags: Welcome  to  the  Process  Excellence  Revolution 

Process excellence improves the way you create and deliver value to customers. Not convinced? Whether you're interested in lean or six sigma, BPM or agile, this video will help you convince your organisation that it can, and should, be better.A copy of this video is available for download and...

Integrity and Honesty

Tags: Integrity  and  Honesty 

We talk about integrity and honesty but what does it mean to us? What makes integrity and honesty so important in the work place?

Analytics careers at Shoppers Drug mart

Tags: Analytics  careers  at  Shoppers  Drug  mart 

Hear from the current Analytics team at Shoppers Drug Mart about how they drive strategic change.