Hottest Pepper In The World

Hottest Pepper In The World

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Don't attempt to eat the hottest pepper in the world! :D LOL!

hottest  pepper  in  the  world 

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Alien found at UFO crash! Share or tweet the video if you like it! :) Subscribe to see more vids!!Like us on facebook at us on twitter at out our shirts at site...

Giant Hornet

Tags: Giant  Hornet 

Giant hornet in tree! LOL!Music: Kevin MacLeod

Giant Scorpion

Tags: Giant  Scorpion 

We happen across a giant scorpion! :D

Halloween Scares

Tags: Halloween  Scares 

Just out doing some Halloween scares! :D

12-yr-old eats whole Carolina Reaper (Worlds Hottest Pepper) : Hot Pepper Challenge

Tags: 12-yr-old  eats  whole  Carolina  Reaper  (Worlds  Hottest  Pepper)  :  Hot  Pepper  Challenge 

12-year-old Nick and J take it all the way to the top of the mountain ... eating the World's Hottest Pepper, the Carolina Reaper. This pepper is in the Guinness Book Of World Records, hitting a peak of 2,200,000 Scoville heat units. They each eat a whole, fresh pod of this wicked creation....

Two Girls Eat a Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia Chile): Hottest Pepper in the World

Tags: Two  Girls  Eat  a  Ghost  Pepper  (Bhut  Jolokia  Chile):  Hottest  Pepper  in  the  World 

Music by Lingo ( were real ghost peppers shipped from India.

Giant Shark

Tags: Giant  Shark 

Giant shark appears in the water! LOL!

Giant Octopus

Tags: Giant  Octopus 

Giant Octopus found! :D

Hot-Pepper Tasting Gone Wrong

Tags: Hot-Pepper  Tasting  Gone  Wrong 

Clips from around the web of people tasting the world's hottest pepper and not faring well.

Snakes In A Car

Tags: Snakes  In  A  Car 

Some unwanted passengers are in the car! :D Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share with friends! :D Watch this video in high quality by clicking the "watch in high quality" button below the video! :D

Giant Tarantula

Tags: Giant  Tarantula 

One of the largest spiders in the world, a giant tarantula spider, makes an unexpected visit! :D Please comment, rate, subscribe, tweet, and share with friends! :D Visit our site for free stickers at :) Thanks!!!

Drink 400ml of Jack Daniels Whiskey

Tags: Drink  400ml  of  Jack  Daniels  Whiskey 

Downed two 200ml bottles of Jack Daniels Whiskey.700 subscribers!

Eating The World's HOTTEST Pepper

Tags: Eating  The  World's  HOTTEST  Pepper 

The Bhut Jolokia or "Ghost Pepper" is the world's hottest NATURAL growing pepper. If you want to learn more about it, here it is: you want to know where to buy it, ask Carl!

Best Fishing Catch

Tags: Best  Fishing  Catch 

Great day of fishing! :D



CHALLENGE STARTS AT 3:17WARNING LOT OF PUKEDO NOT ATTEMPT THISI attempt to eat 21 of the worlds hottest peppers for Christopher Coleman of the Aco RUDE DOGS 7th of the 101st Airborne. PLEASE GIVE A THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE ITMY FACEBOOK PAGE MY...

Giant Black Widow Spider

Tags: Giant  Black  Widow  Spider 

Who needs exterminators for giant black widow spiders with guys like us! :D LOL! Please watch and comment, subscribe, share with friends, and tweet! :D Follow us on twitter: :) Visit our website for free stickers: :) become a fan on...

King VS Ghost pepper!! NO MILK!!!

Tags: King  VS  Ghost  pepper!!  NO  MILK!!! 

DMV Rap phenomenon King eats a Bhut Jolokai AKA ghost peppers (the hottest pepper on earth!!!!!!)CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS TOO!

Nunchuck Accident

Tags: Nunchuck  Accident 

Nunchuck accident on Christmas morning! :D Please comment, rate, subscribe, and tweet! :D Thanks! Visit our site for free JesseAndMike stickers at :) Follow us on Twitter at :)Music by Kevin MacLeod

Vampires Are Real?

Tags: Vampires  Are  Real? 

Vampire girlfriend! LOL!



Hot Extract Revenge Prank on Jesse - Prank Video - Prank Video - like/favorite this video if you enjoyed it. Thank you!Facebook: us on...

The new hottest pepper in the world, The Naga Viper

Tags: The  new  hottest  pepper  in  the  world,  The  Naga  Viper 

The new #1 hottest pepper in the world, the Naga Viper. As of December, 2010. Slide show created by Blake.Facts about the Naga Viper:*Gerald Fowler created it*He crossed the Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, and Trinidad Scorpion*The naga viper has been tested by the Warwick University at around...



A zombie virus outbreak occurs! LOL!

9 year old kid eats Moruga Scorpion pepper like a champ! THE WORLD'S HOTTEST PEPPER!

Tags: 9  year  old  kid  eats  Moruga  Scorpion  pepper  like  a  champ!    THE  WORLD'S  HOTTEST  PEPPER! 

He does ramble a bit. I think he is trying hard to keep everyone entertained - even though some of his facts get a little crazy or fuzzy. Gotta admire his enthusiasm though!Our Moruga Scorpions arrived today! I have a 9 year old who is obsessed with the hot pepper videos around YouTube. We did...

Marine eats Ghost Chilli, hillarity insues!!! Hottest Pepper in the World!!!

Tags: Marine  eats  Ghost  Chilli,  hillarity  insues!!!  Hottest  Pepper  in  the  World!!! 

Marine eats a Ghost Chilli, has to chew it for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Bodybuilder VS The Bhut Jolokia (Naga Ghost Chili)

Tags: Bodybuilder  VS  The  Bhut  Jolokia  (Naga  Ghost  Chili) 

The Bhut Jolokia (Naga Ghost Chili) In the Guinness Book of World Records they made it officially "Ghost Chili" as the hottest pepper in the world. Even a smallest bit of this pepper in the food or sauce will make it barely edible. If you eat a raw pepper it causes watering eyes and a runny nose....