Hottest Pepper In The World

Hottest Pepper In The World

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Don't attempt to eat the hottest pepper in the world! :D LOL!

hottest  pepper  in  the  world 

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Giant Hornet

Tags: Giant  Hornet 

Giant hornet in tree! LOL!Music: Kevin MacLeod

Halloween Scares

Tags: Halloween  Scares 

Just out doing some Halloween scares! :D

Girlfriend Gets Pranked With Toy Snakes

Tags: Girlfriend  Gets  Pranked  With  Toy  Snakes 

Prank played on girlfriend! :D

World Largest Spiders & other Huge Arachnids, creepy creatures (Documentary)

Tags: World  Largest  Spiders  &  other  Huge  Arachnids,  creepy  creatures  (Documentary) 

Camel Spiders & other Huge Arachnids (Documentary) World Largest Spiders & other Huge Arachnids, creepy creatures (Documentary) A look at man's fear of spiders starting with the Solifugae, or "Camel Spider"--a large desert-dwelling arachnid of Iraq that may have been brought to Texas by American...

Kid Freaks Out After Eating Hottest Pepper in the World (Ghost Chili)

Tags: Kid  Freaks  Out  After  Eating  Hottest  Pepper  in  the  World    (Ghost  Chili) 

Pistol Pierce attempts to eat the Ghost Chili Pepper the Bhut Jolokia (the hottest pepper in the world).*As of 2011 (when the video was uploaded).



Hot Extract Revenge Prank on Jesse - Prank Video - Prank Video - like/favorite this video if you enjoyed it. Thank you!Facebook: us on...



CHALLENGE STARTS AT 3:17WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A LOT OF PUKEDO NOT ATTEMPT THISI attempt to eat 21 of the worlds hottest peppers for Christopher Coleman of the Aco RUDE DOGS 7th of the 101st ME AT...

Eating The World's HOTTEST Pepper

Tags: Eating  The  World's  HOTTEST  Pepper 

The Bhut Jolokia or "Ghost Pepper" is the world's hottest NATURAL growing pepper. If you want to learn more about it, here it is: you want to know where to buy it, ask Carl!

Girl Eats Hottest Pepper In The World

Tags: Girl  Eats  Hottest  Pepper  In  The  World 

Nikki eats the HOTTEST pepper in the world 1,463,000, can be up to 2,000,000 scoville heat units! P.O. box 127 Norco, CA 92860Our T-shirt Store: (USA)T-shirts in the UK: (UK)Our Facebook Fanpage:...

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Bet

Tags: Bhut  Jolokia  (Ghost  Pepper)  Bet 

Terryn, Tony, and Bubs eat a ghost pepper while Heather gets paid to eat a big one!

Marine eats Ghost Chilli, hillarity insues!!! Hottest Pepper in the World!!!

Tags: Marine  eats  Ghost  Chilli,  hillarity  insues!!!  Hottest  Pepper  in  the  World!!! 

Marine eats a Ghost Chilli, has to chew it for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Trinidad Scorpion Morouga - New World's Hottest Chilli.

Tags: Trinidad  Scorpion  Morouga  -  New  World's  Hottest  Chilli. 

Today I try a homegrown Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Chilli.This was insane, one of the hottest pods I've ever eaten. The second I swallowed it - bang came the heat building on the tongue then moving into the back of the throat. My tongue was on fire and I thought it was going to melt!Tastewise was...

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (Butch T) Test

Tags: Trinidad  Scorpion  Pepper  (Butch  T)  Test 

Andy eating one of the hottest peppers in the world. These peppers were recently rated as the hottest peppers in the world (1,463,700 SHU). You can buy these seeds from

Baby Skunk

Tags: Baby  Skunk 

A baby skunk is mistaken for a kitten! :D

Wolf Spiders

Tags: Wolf  Spiders 

A short video showing some factual aspects of the large Australian Wolf Spider Lycosa sp behaviour in a typical lawn on the east coast of Australia.If you like this video you can see more of my work at

Seth Rogen eats Ghost Pepper! (ha!)

Tags: Seth  Rogen  eats  Ghost  Pepper!  (ha!) 

Billy Parchman eats the hottest pepper in the world. Does he cry or laugh at it???

Giant Octopus

Tags: Giant  Octopus 

Giant Octopus found! :D

700,000 Subscribers | GHOST PEPPER + TONGUE TWISTERS

Tags: 700,000  Subscribers  |  GHOST  PEPPER  +  TONGUE  TWISTERS 

Can't believe we're already at 700k. That's absolutely crazy, thank you guys. Let's celebrate by killing my face!If you enjoyed the video, punch that LIKE button in the FACE!►Subscribe for more great content : Share with your friends and add to your favourites it helps the...

Redneck Workshop

Tags: Redneck  Workshop 

Rednecks Eddie and Troy teach you how to build birdhouses in their woodworking shop and not everything goes as planned! :D

The Ghost Pepper Challenge

Tags: The  Ghost  Pepper  Challenge 

You won't believe how much two men squirm after eating a ghost pepper. GMM 315!Good Mythical MORE: for daily episodes: **** PREVIOUS episode:

Ghost chili

Tags: Ghost  chili 

A few guys bored in Iraq, decide to try some ghost chili peppers.

Eating A Ghost Pepper (World's Hottest Pepper) In The Library | Furious Pete

Tags: Eating  A  Ghost  Pepper  (World's  Hottest  Pepper)  In  The  Library  |  Furious  Pete 

[TEAM FURIOUS APPAREL] - http://www.furiouspete.comI've been asked by so many people to do the ghost pepper challenge. So I did 2 of them...and handled them...okay I guess. But remember this is the hottest commercial pepper in the world according to Guinness World Records. There are hotter ones...

Eating a Ghost Chili Pepper (Naga/Bhut Jolokia) with severe consequences

Tags: Eating  a  Ghost  Chili  Pepper  (Naga/Bhut  Jolokia)  with  severe  consequences 

This guy has never eaten a spicy thing in his life and decides to go all out and eat a " Ghost Chili Pepper" the hottest pepper in the world, with over 1 million scoville units to its credit. DO NOT TRY AT HOME- It feels like a thousand burning needles stabbing your tongue.SORRY FOR ANY RECENT...

L.A. BEAST vs World's Hottest Pepper (Chocolate Bhutlah) Warning: Chuck Norris Status

Tags: L.A.  BEAST  vs  World's  Hottest  Pepper  (Chocolate  Bhutlah)  Warning:  Chuck  Norris  Status 

The L.A. BEAST has eaten some of the HOTTEST PEPPERS IN EXISTENCE, ranging from the simple Ghost Pepper, to the old Guinness World Record holder of hottest chili, the Moruga Scorpion. Within the past week, the CAROLINA REAPER has officially become the world's hottest chili and the L.A. BEAST...