Unboxing iPod Classic 7G 160GB Black

Unboxing iPod Classic 7G 160GB Black

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Unboxing iPod Classic 160gb Black. I got this iPod because I wanted a iPod just for music and this one was it! I know that it has not been updated in a long time but that does not matter to me! I really don't know if Apple will stop making the iPod Classic or just not update it as often? This is a amazing iPod for anyone that loves music! If you have any questions just ask! Also Please Comment, Rate and Subscribe! Thank You! - - - I sell some of my lighting on eBay, to get there go to my Channel Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/Parrot175 and click on the eBay link!

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Unboxing: iPhone 1st Generation 8GB

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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the original iPhone's launch, I decided to do an unboxing of the 8GB model to commemorate this fantastic product!*****In the box:iPhoneDocumentationDock USB sync/charger cableMains USB adaptor Mains plugCleaning cloth

Unboxing SwitchEasy Capsule Classic for iPod Classic

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(This Video Is In 1080p HD) Here I am Unboxing SwitchEasy Capsule Classic for iPod Classic. I got this for my new iPod Classic and it looks amazing on it! I really like this case but the only thing is that it gets scratched easily! Other than that this case is the best! If you have any questions...

Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation Vs 7th Generation Comparison Difference

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Link to my eBay Store : http://stores.ebay.com/Steves-TradeEnjoy!

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How to replace Apple iPod touch 4th gen. I buy parts and tools from ebay, amazon and etradesupply. Buying from the link below I get a small commission. http://www.etradesupply.com/?acc=f4b9ec30ad9f68f89b29639786cb62efYou will need a: Soldering IronSolderHeat Gun Small Phillips Screw DriverSpudger

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In this video I unbox, demo, and compare the newest iPod nano to it's predecessors.Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/rYp52o

iPod Collection

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ipods throughout the ages, from the og to the somewhat newer. at this time i dont have spare cash to expand my collection, so thats why there is no ipod touch and other versions........ (RIP STEVE JOBS)

iPod Classic unboxing 160GB

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yayyyy hope you like it and go buy one.

ipod Classic vs ipod Touch Part 1

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This is a comparison of the iPod touch and classic. Please watch part 2 as well. In this video I talk about mostly the touch's positives, but I actually prefer the classic. Part 2 leans towards the classic.

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a tutorial on how to open an iPod Video. its the same for all capacities.

Apple iPod Classic 120GB Unboxing

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This is my firstever youtube video and it is about unboxing of Apple iPod Classic 120GB. I ll be planning to do a full user review of this. until then, peace!

Apple iPod Classic (7th Generation) Unboxing! [HD]

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Apple iPod Classic (7th Gen) Unboxing.iPod Classic 7th Generation Unboxing.Buy It Here: http://goo.gl/7Th0wbApply to Fullscreen! (BEST Network on YouTube) http://goo.gl/lENaW0My Official Website: http://goo.gl/wMMGxFollow Me On http://instagr.am/: PapigfunkAdd Me on Google+...

Review of iPod Classic 160GB (menu walkthrough)

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Review of iPod Classic 160GB (6th Gen) with menu walkthrough

2009 Ipod Classic 160gb Unboxing & Review

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This is the unboxing and review of the 160gb Ipod Classic which came out on September 8th, 2009. This is a Belkin case that I got for 30$ at my local Apple Store. I traded it in because of the plastic covering over the click wheel. The ipod itself costs 250$

iPod Classic not recognised in Windows, Mac OSX or any iTunes [Please help me!]

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Hey guys here is my iPod Classic (late 2009 model) that I bought about 5 or 6 months ago. It has been fine and dandy but about 3 weeks ago it suddenly stopped. I connected it to my laptop and itunes said that it needs to be restored. I tried that but it came up with an error saying that iTunes...

Apple iPod Classic 160GB Overview (HD)

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Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Overview Video. In this video, we provide an overview of the 160GB iPod Classic from Apple. The simplicity of design and the user experience is great on this little media player. This particular model of iPod is great for those who need more storage capacity for their...

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http://PHONEDOCTORS.com presents the DIY Tutorial for the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation Screen Replacement. You can get all of your replacement LCD and Digitizer with tools at Phone Doctors by going to http://phonedoctors.com/product-category/repair-kit/apple-models/ipod-touch-4-kit/"House" is...

Apple iPod Classic: (Part 2 of 2) Comparing Generations 1-6

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In Part 2, I review the history and design evolution of the entire iPod classic line.

Apple iPod Touch & Nano (Space Gray): Unboxing & Comparison

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Unboxing of the Space Gray iPod Touch 5th Generation and the iPod nano 7th generation with a comparisons to slate.$299Videos:iPod Touch 5th Generation: http://youtu.be/0k7-Ay2fqvAiPod nano 7th Generation: http://youtu.be/Yk3WmOBto3giPod Touch 5th Generation (16GB):...

iPod Classic 160GB Unboxing - Black (HD)

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Get an iPod Classic accessory bundle from Amazon here: http://full.sc/L8jahXScott unboxes the black iPod Classic 160gb! Truly an unboxing classic like the classic Academy Award winning film Ernest Scared Stupid!You can even buy something for Scott to unbox from the Scott vs. Box Amazon Wish List...

Apple Ipod Classic (5th Gen.) REVIEW!

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This is my review on the Apple I-pod Classic 5th Generation!Battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8O0MGE1kisLINKS:Follow Me | https://twitter.com/Joezombie15LIKE ME | https://www.facebook.com/pandascaneatyourtech?skip_nax_wizard=trueFollow Me on Instagram |...

Обзор плеер Apple iPod classic от Video-shoper.ru

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Следите за новыми обзорами и подписывайтесь на наш канал acer1951.Закажите Apple iPod classic - по телефону +74956486808 или зайти на наш сайт http://video-shoper.ru/ Объём хранилища iPod classic —...

Ipod classic 160gb review HD

Tags: Ipod  classic  160gb    review    HD 



Tags: iPod  CLASSIC  UNBOXING,  REVIEW  -  und  VERGLEICH  mit  iPod  touch 

Hier eine Review und Unboxing von dem Apple iPod Classic mit 160 GB - Jahrgang 2010+ Vergleich mit iPod TouchFolgt mir auf Twitter:http://twitter.com/HandheldUserMein Kanal:http://www.youtube.com/user/HandheldUserIntro-Musik ist von mir selber.Urheberechtlich geschützt! ©(Schlagzeug ist ein...

Apple iPod Touch 4G White: Unboxing & Setup

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The iPod Touch 4G receives a new white color option and a lower price, but is otherwise carried over with the same internal hardware and display.In this video I go through the unboxing, initial setup and configuration with iCloud, and compare it to the black model.See the NEW iPod Touch 5G Video!...