Staring competition

Staring competition

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Derren Brown challenges people in a staring competition. Guess who wins?

staring  competition 

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Derren Brown - How To Hypnotize Someone Explained

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  How  To  Hypnotize  Someone  Explained How to Hypnotize Anyone At Will Angel | David Blaine are not as good as Derren BrownDerren Brown - The Experiments The Assassin Audio CommentaryVisit For More Video's for more cool videos!

Derren Brown - Svengali (Full) HD

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Svengali  (Full)  HD 

Derren Brown Svengali. This is the Full Show in HD.Master Showman Derren Brown presents his 2012 Olivier award-winning theatre show, filmed live in front of a sell-out audience at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. Showcasing Derren Brown's skills as master persuader and entertainer, he attempts to...

Derren Brown last show: ENIGMA

Tags: Derren  Brown  last  show:  ENIGMA 

FELL FREE TO SUBSCRIBE the lastest show from the genius mind of Derren Brown, i've decided to upload this show cause of his extreme genius, i hope u will enjoy ENIGMA.

Derren Brown Infamous 2014

Tags: Derren  Brown  Infamous  2014 

The Bafta winning illusionist’s sell out stage show recorded at the Grand Theatre in Leeds during his Olivier nominated tour. The evening features an inventive mix of traditional magic, mind-reading, memory games and thought provoking entertainment that leaves his audience enthralled and...

~ Derren Brown ~ Assassin ~ Full Episode ~

Tags: ~  Derren  Brown  ~  Assassin  ~  Full  Episode  ~ 

UPDATE: If U enjoyed this show, I've uploaded a new video, taken from the DVD where Derren and Iain Sharkey, the writers of this episode, discuss their thoughts and ideas whilst making this incredible episode. Link: - The Master, Derren (Jedi) Brown is back in 2011....

Derren Brown - Predicting football penalties

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Predicting  football  penalties 

From the TV show Trick of The Mind; season 1, episode 2.

Derren Brown - Fears

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Fears 

Derren Brown induces fear into a girl.

~ Derren Brown ~ Séance ~ Full 52 Min.

Tags: ~  Derren  Brown  ~  Séance  ~  Full  52  Min. 

Derren Brown and 12 students had a spooky Séance in 2004. This clip shows Derren invoking suggestion and hypnotic influence seldom seen on TV... Some events during this show still leave me wondering 'How did he do that?'. Also featured in this film, his now writing partner, Ian Sharkey...

derren brown zombie

Tags: derren  brown  zombie 

derren brown zombie

Derren Brown mindreading 2

Tags: Derren  Brown  mindreading  2 

Derren freaks out some blondes(not difficult)Has extra blindfold trick on end which other YouTube vid doesnt have.Any posts about secrets to tricks will be removed.

Derren Brown NLP Swish Pattern

Tags: Derren  Brown  NLP  Swish  Pattern 

Derren Brown demonstrating the NLP swish pattern and complex anchoring.

Derren Brown Secrets Revealed!

Tags: Derren  Brown  Secrets  Revealed! 

http://www.learn-underground-hypnosis.blogspot.comLearn Derren Brown's hypnosis secrets!Derren Brown uses clever NLP/ SRT/ Hypnosis techniques to persuade Simon that he wanted a BMX bike. Watch closely how Derren Brown uses anchoring along with other underground hypnosis techniques to make Simon...

Derren Brown - Oil & Water

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Oil  &  Water 

A killer version of the Oil & Water card trick!

Derren Brown - Enigma

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Enigma 

Derren Brown his new and amazing theater show; Enigma. In this show Derren once again manages to pulls of some amazing tricks with the audience.0:00:22 - "Where you McFly to" Sublimental messages are fake. Just another obvious one to keep the rumors going.0:01:19 - The notes are never...

Derren Brown - The Giveaway

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Giveaway 

Derren Brown demonstrates how environmental cues can influence people's generosity without their awareness of it.

Derren Brown - The Undertaker's Trick

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Undertaker's  Trick 

Trick of the Mind

Derren Brown doing 1 inch pucnh without touching the guy.

Tags: Derren  Brown  doing  1  inch  pucnh  without  touching  the  guy. 

I just realized that the guy on this video is Derren Brown, my so called idol lol. Watch Derren Brown do wht he does best...i mean those psychological stuff not 1 inch punching.

Derren Brown is amazing. Subconscious Influencing

Tags: Derren  Brown  is  amazing.  Subconscious  Influencing 

Derren Brown subconsciously influences a girl into picking the envelope he wants.This guy is amazing!

Derren Brown freaks out Jamie Oliver

Tags: Derren  Brown  freaks  out  Jamie  Oliver 

Derren Brown freaks out Jamie Oliver on RiseJamie Oliver at 3:54



This is probably the most powerful psychological card trick anyone can perform.

Stephen Merchant takes on Derren Brown

Tags: Stephen  Merchant  takes  on  Derren  Brown 

Stephen Merchant takes on Derren Brown

Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Secret of Luck (Full)

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Experiments:  The  Secret  of  Luck  (Full) 

Derren Brown - The Experiments The Secret of LuckSeason 1, Episode 4

Derren Brown - Disappearing Sun

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Disappearing  Sun 

Derren Brown makes the sun disappearALL RIGHTS BELONG TO CHANNEL 4

Derren Brown - Trick of the Mind 4

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Trick  of  the  Mind  4 

Derren Brown tries his psychic abilities on children.