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Derren Brown - Apocalypse Part 1 Full HD

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Apocalypse  Part  1  Full  HD 

Derren Brown - Apocalypse Part 1 Full HDVisit For More Video's Online as we Review - Derren Brown in 2012 - In Part 1 - Derren uses hypnosis on a guy as he unleashes the "Apocalypse" - In Derren's plan - he convinces one person that the planet has been devastated by...

Derren Brown Infamous 2014

Tags: Derren  Brown  Infamous  2014 

The Bafta winning illusionist’s sell out stage show recorded at the Grand Theatre in Leeds during his Olivier nominated tour. The evening features an inventive mix of traditional magic, mind-reading, memory games and thought provoking entertainment that leaves his audience enthralled and...

Derren Brown - Svengali (Full) HD

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Svengali  (Full)  HD 

Derren Brown Svengali. This is the Full Show in HD.Master Showman Derren Brown presents his 2012 Olivier award-winning theatre show, filmed live in front of a sell-out audience at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. Showcasing Derren Brown's skills as master persuader and entertainer, he attempts to...

~ Derren Brown ~ Assassin ~ Full Episode ~

Tags: ~  Derren  Brown  ~  Assassin  ~  Full  Episode  ~ 

UPDATE: If U enjoyed this show, I've uploaded a new video, taken from the DVD where Derren and Iain Sharkey, the writers of this episode, discuss their thoughts and ideas whilst making this incredible episode. Link: - The Master, Derren (Jedi) Brown is back in 2011....

Derren Brown - How To Convert An Atheist

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  How  To  Convert  An  Atheist 

It's really that easy to manipulate someone. With the right messenger you can get anyone to believe anything. That's why it's important people guard themselves against fairy tales and root themselves in fact.The mind is an extremely powerful tool - it is capable of many great feats, but it's so...

Derren Brown Science Of Scams | Ghost Footage

Tags: Derren  Brown  Science  Of  Scams  |  Ghost  Footage 

Derren Brown shows us a paranormal trick.SUBSCRIBE. AND LIKE

Derren Brown

Tags: Derren  Brown 

a card/memory trick by Derren Brown

Derren Brown can predict the randomness

Tags: Derren  Brown  can  predict  the  randomness 

Amazing performance of Darren Brown as the man who can predict randomness.

Derren Brown mindreading 2

Tags: Derren  Brown  mindreading  2 

Derren freaks out some blondes(not difficult)Has extra blindfold trick on end which other YouTube vid doesnt have.Any posts about secrets to tricks will be removed.

~ Derren Brown ~ Fear And Faith - Pt-1 Full

Tags: ~  Derren  Brown  ~  Fear  And  Faith  -  Pt-1  Full 

The first part of a two-part event, Fear and Faith is a fascinating view into the "Placebo Effect" and how much a human brain can effect ones neurology through the power of beleif. This show is however an episode on to itself, and really more of a documentary. This is the foundation in which...

Derren Brown - Stuck feet with EXPLANATION

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Stuck  feet  with  EXPLANATION 

Here's a fun trick. Preformed by Derren. Explaination laterUPDATE: EXPLANATION1. As you can see Derren uses suprise / shock to put the woman's mind into a state where she is more suggestable.2. We don't know whats Derren is saying, but you can clearly hear:"Look at me"and the word "STUCK"The...

Derren Brown: Mind Control Episode 1 Part 1

Tags: Derren  Brown:  Mind  Control  Episode  1  Part  1 

NOTE: While the ads on these videos may be annoying, they're the reason Channel 4 let's these video be posted! These ads are the reason we can even watch Derren's videos outside the UK. Be thankful.

Derren Brown Secrets Revealed!

Tags: Derren  Brown  Secrets  Revealed! 

http://www.learn-underground-hypnosis.blogspot.comLearn Derren Brown's hypnosis secrets!Derren Brown uses clever NLP/ SRT/ Hypnosis techniques to persuade Simon that he wanted a BMX bike. Watch closely how Derren Brown uses anchoring along with other underground hypnosis techniques to make Simon...

Derren Brown - Messiah

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Messiah 

Anyone who is a theist, spiritualist or believes in anything supernatural you have to watch this. It's 100% essential for everyone to see.

Derren Brown - Enigma

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Enigma 

Derren Brown his new and amazing theater show; Enigma. In this show Derren once again manages to pulls of some amazing tricks with the audience.0:00:22 - "Where you McFly to" Sublimental messages are fake. Just another obvious one to keep the rumors going.0:01:19 - The notes are never...

Derren Brown - Numbers game

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Numbers  game 

You'll know when you watch this clip.

Derren.Brown - Russian Scam

Tags: Derren.Brown  -  Russian  Scam 

Derren Brown Russian Scam

The importance of the rapport - The process of mirroring, by Derren Brown

Tags: The  importance  of  the  rapport  -  The  process  of  mirroring,  by  Derren  Brown 

Derren Brown shows, in his program how incredible is the process of mirroring when you want to get rapport. It's a little excerpt from "Trick or Treat" reality show, season 2 episode 5.Enjoy it

A Toy's Story - Derren Brown: The Events - How To Control The Nation

Tags: A  Toy's  Story  -  Derren  Brown:  The  Events  -  How  To  Control  The  Nation 

In order to explore Perception Without Awareness and the 'subliminal messaging' Derren invites Alice to Hamleys Toy store to pick out a toy at random but can he guess what her actions will be? For more subscribe to our channel -

Derren Brown - Confidence (How To Be Confident - Part 1)

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Confidence  (How  To  Be  Confident  -  Part  1) (Right click & Open new tab)If you're reading this, you're probably as fascinated by the human mind and its possibilities as myself, and I thought I'd share with you a course I came across some years ago. It's actually the most effective (had tried a few others in the past...

Derren Brown guessing money

Tags: Derren  Brown  guessing  money 

Derren Brown bets people 100 quid that he can guess how much money they have in their wallets.

Derren Brown Invisible Touch Strippers

Tags: Derren  Brown  Invisible  Touch  Strippers 

Derren Brown Invisible Touch Strippers at the Spearmint this clip is looking to touch the strippers. As you may know this is a big NO NO in strip clubs. X-Rated Hypnotists and R Rated Hypnosis shows always make people think they are naked or are having an orgasm. Well Derren Brown is...

Improve your memory derren brown

Tags: Improve  your  memory  derren  brown 

A brilliant way to remember a list of 20 things. Source: Derren brown's book!

Derren Brown Exposing Faith Healing Scams

Tags: Derren  Brown  Exposing  Faith  Healing  Scams 

Derren Brown recently did a show called "Miracles for Sale" where he debunks and exposes common faith healing tricks used to con believers into coughing up donations. Scams like this run rampant in America and believers are too busy believing to stop and question anything. Knowledge is power,...

Derren Brown Mind Reading

Tags: Derren  Brown  Mind  Reading 

Derren amazes Richard & Judy with his mind control.