Staring competition

Staring competition

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Derren Brown challenges people in a staring competition. Guess who wins?

staring  competition 

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Derren Brown - Miracles for Sale (Full)

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Miracles  for  Sale  (Full) 

With the cameras in hot pursuit, Derren faces his toughest project yet, going in search of an unsuspecting member of the British public prepared to adopt the guise of a pastor and miracle worker.His chosen one then has six months to learn the trade and flourish across the pond as a convincing...

Derren Brown - Svengali (Full) HD

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Svengali  (Full)  HD 

Derren Brown Svengali. This is the Full Show in HD.Master Showman Derren Brown presents his 2012 Olivier award-winning theatre show, filmed live in front of a sell-out audience at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. Showcasing Derren Brown's skills as master persuader and entertainer, he attempts to...

Derren Brown - The Heist

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Heist 

Derren Brown - The Heist

Derren Brown - Messiah

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Messiah 

Anyone who is a theist, spiritualist or believes in anything supernatural you have to watch this. It's 100% essential for everyone to see.

Derren Brown The so called Messiah 1 of 8

Tags: Derren  Brown  The  so  called  Messiah  1  of  8 

Things that makes you wonder?

Derren Brown last show: ENIGMA

Tags: Derren  Brown  last  show:  ENIGMA 

FELL FREE TO SUBSCRIBE the lastest show from the genius mind of Derren Brown, i've decided to upload this show cause of his extreme genius, i hope u will enjoy ENIGMA.

Derren Brown freaks out Jamie Oliver

Tags: Derren  Brown  freaks  out  Jamie  Oliver 

Derren Brown freaks out Jamie Oliver on RiseJamie Oliver at 3:54

Derren Brown

Tags: Derren  Brown 

a card/memory trick by Derren Brown

derren brown zombie

Tags: derren  brown  zombie 

derren brown zombie

Derren Brown show - Evening of Wonder

  • Length: 75:47
  • Author: arek b

Tags: Derren  Brown  show  -  Evening  of  Wonder 

Derren Brown is a British illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic.

Derren Brown - Numbers game

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Numbers  game 

You'll know when you watch this clip.

Derren Brown - Predicting football penalties

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Predicting  football  penalties 

From the TV show Trick of The Mind; season 1, episode 2.

Derren Brown - Language

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Language 

Derren shows that it doesn't matter what language you speak. A hungarian speaking woman describes what she drew to an arabian speaking man. The man then knows (somehow) what she has drawn.Trick of the MindSeason 3, Episode 4Enjoy.-Klaus

Derren Brown - Trick of the Mind 4

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Trick  of  the  Mind  4 

Derren Brown tries his psychic abilities on children.

How to get drunk without drinking

Tags: How  to  get  drunk  without  drinking 

Derren Brown shows how to get drunk without drinking! Sorry about one small clip in bad! I just love this clip!;ep_title;5Trick of the MindSeason 2 Episode 6Oh and if you wanna join a funny group,...

Derren Brown at the Dog Track

Tags: Derren  Brown  at  the  Dog  Track 

Derren Brown collects cash for losing tickets at a dog track.

Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Assassin (Full)

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Experiments:  The  Assassin  (Full) 

Derren Brown - The Experiments The AssassinSeason 1, Episode 1

Derren Brown - Negative Suggestion

  • Length: 2:46
  • Author: dayse

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Negative  Suggestion 

Derren Brown tests the theory of negative suggestion.

Derren Brown - How To Read Minds

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  How  To  Read  Minds (Right click & Open new tab) If you're reading this, you're probably as fascinated by the human mind and its possibilities as myself, and I thought I'd share with you a course I came across some years ago. It's actually the most effective (had tried a few others in the...

Derren Brown - "Photo Booth Hypnosis"

  • Length: 8:51
  • Author: jml26

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  "Photo  Booth  Hypnosis" 

The main trick from Derren Brown: Trick or Treat (Episode 1): A man is hypnotised in a photo booth in London and wakes up in Marrakech, Morocco.This video has been clipped slightly from the original footage in order to keep it under ten minutes.

Derren Brown guessing money

Tags: Derren  Brown  guessing  money 

Derren Brown bets people 100 quid that he can guess how much money they have in their wallets.

Derren Brown is amazing. Subconscious Influencing

Tags: Derren  Brown  is  amazing.  Subconscious  Influencing 

Derren Brown subconsciously influences a girl into picking the envelope he wants.This guy is amazing!

Derren Brown - The Undertaker's Trick

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Undertaker's  Trick 

Trick of the Mind

Derren Brown - Disappearing Sun

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Disappearing  Sun 

Derren Brown makes the sun disappearALL RIGHTS BELONG TO CHANNEL 4