Staring competition

Staring competition

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Derren Brown challenges people in a staring competition. Guess who wins?

staring  competition 

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Derren Brown - How To Hypnotize Someone Explained

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  How  To  Hypnotize  Someone  Explained How to Hypnotize Anyone At Will Angel | David Blaine are not as good as Derren BrownDerren Brown - The Experiments The Assassin Audio CommentaryVisit For More Video's for more cool videos!

How They Will Steal The Painting - The Great Art Robbery

Tags: How  They  Will  Steal  The  Painting  -  The  Great  Art  Robbery 

It's a month before the team attempt to steal a painting from Ivan Massow. So Derren calls them in to show how they will steal the painting by using misdirection, but on a smaller scale.For more subscribe to our channel -

Free Trick! Fool Your Friends!

Tags: Free  Trick!  Fool  Your  Friends! 

Go to to download the card trick that got Marco 2.4 million views and other free resources mentioned in the video. Marco Frezza is the founder of Online Magic School the #1 place on the internet to learn how to become a Magician from a Professional Magician. If...

Derren Brown - Predicting football penalties

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Predicting  football  penalties 

From the TV show Trick of The Mind; season 1, episode 2.

Derren Brown mindreading 2

Tags: Derren  Brown  mindreading  2 

Derren freaks out some blondes(not difficult)Has extra blindfold trick on end which other YouTube vid doesnt have.Any posts about secrets to tricks will be removed.

Derren Brown - Abondoned Wallet Trick

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Abondoned  Wallet  Trick 

Derren Brown - Abondoned Wallet Trick

Derren Brown tells a guy his PIN number!!!

Tags: Derren  Brown  tells  a  guy  his  PIN  number!!! 

Mental Magic

Derren Brown Roulette Casino - Derren's Event Trick Fails!

Tags: Derren  Brown  Roulette  Casino  -  Derren's  Event  Trick  Fails! ◄ See The Banned Roulette Trick Here.Derren Brown - Roulette Casino Event.(First seen on attempts to win 175k for a viewer by betting 5k of the viewers money on a roulette wheel at the casino ... and fails!His prediction is one number...

Derren Brown is amazing. Subconscious Influencing

Tags: Derren  Brown  is  amazing.  Subconscious  Influencing 

Derren Brown subconsciously influences a girl into picking the envelope he wants.This guy is amazing!

Derren Brown guessing money

Tags: Derren  Brown  guessing  money 

Derren Brown bets people 100 quid that he can guess how much money they have in their wallets.

In Conversation: Derren Brown on Magic and Happiness with Alain de Botton

Tags: In  Conversation:  Derren  Brown  on  Magic  and  Happiness  with  Alain  de  Botton 

Derren Brown and Alain de Botton share a love of philosophy and a fascination with the psychology of religion, including its pathologies. Tonight, for this one-off event, these two truly exceptional figures come together to talk about magic and happiness. Filmed at Logan Hall, London on 4...

Derren Brown - Mental Conducting

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Mental  Conducting 

From Trick of the Mind #3. Experience one of the present day masters of mentalism, magic, psychology, suggestion and misdirection.

Staring At People 2

Tags: Staring  At  People  2 

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Dating Techniques - Science of Attraction

Tags: Dating  Techniques  -  Science  of  Attraction 

There are a wide range of self help books and courses on offer claiming to be the ultimate solution to your dating problems. Derren Brown, Kat Akingbade and Charlie McDonnell take a look at some of that advice and put it to the test in a very special speed dating experiment for Channel 4's...

Naughty Derren Brown!

Tags: Naughty  Derren  Brown! 

He has been known to abuse his powers from time to time you know! Contains rude words.

Derren Brown - Numbers game

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Numbers  game 

You'll know when you watch this clip.

Derren Brown - The Giveaway

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  The  Giveaway 

Derren Brown demonstrates how environmental cues can influence people's generosity without their awareness of it.

Staring At People EXTRAS

Tags: Staring  At  People  EXTRAS 

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Derren Brown - How To Read Body Language

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  How  To  Read  Body  Language (Right click & Open new tab)If you're reading this, you're probably as fascinated by the human mind and its possibilities as myself, and I thought I'd share with you a course I came across some years ago. It's actually the most effective (had tried a few others in the past...

Derren.Brown - Russian Scam

Tags: Derren.Brown  -  Russian  Scam 

Derren Brown Russian Scam

Staring At People 3

  • Length: 3:19
  • Author: LAHWF

Tags: Staring  At  People  3 

Classic idea, different school. Haven't had a sequel in a while, wanted to finish off this series at the U. Try GungHo 50% off & support the cause: though it really does help you focus I love it. Twitter:

Derren Brown Illusion

Tags: Derren  Brown  Illusion 

Rick Lax performs a Derren Brown Illusion

Derren Brown - Svengali (Full)

Tags: Derren  Brown  -  Svengali  (Full) 

Derren Brown his new and amazing theater show; Svengali. A mysterious show which once again amazes everyone watching it.