Lego ninjago 2013

Lego ninjago 2013

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It's my new set. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lego  ninjago  2013 

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Lego Ninjago Set 9591 Weapon Pack NRG Kai vs. Chokun Unboxing and Building - Part 1

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  Set  9591  Weapon  Pack  NRG  Kai  vs.  Chokun  Unboxing  and  Building  -  Part  1 

Reagan and Daddy pick up Lego set 9591 NRG Kai vs. Chokun from the local target! Watch as Reagan unboxes and builds the new lego ninjago set.

Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider Review 9449

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  Ultra  Sonic  Raider  Review  9449 

o0o0ooo wizard of a tank made of junk. and pythor!Click To Subscribe!► To See More Reviews!► to Keep Show Going!► Pleygo, the Netflix of Lego!►

Spielevorstellung 2012 Lego Ninjago Neuheiten News

Tags: Spielevorstellung  2012  Lego  Ninjago  Neuheiten  News 

Auf der Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg 2012 stellt Lego die Neuheiten der Ninjago Serie vor: Vierköpfige Drachen und Schlangen stehen im Kampf gegen das Gute. Die neuen Minifiguren sind da!Mehr auf: the toyfair in Nuernberg Lego presents it's news to...

My entire Lego Ninjago Collection with all 5 dragons Review

Tags: My  entire  Lego  Ninjago  Collection  with  all  5  dragons  Review 

My entire Lego Ninjago Collection with all 5 dragons ReviewThis is an update to my previous Lego ninjago minifigure collection. I have more snakes now. The four headed dragon and the green ninja. show all my lego ninjago sets, spinners, and minifigures.(I forgot my fangdam spinner, kai's blade...

Lego Ninjago "Boot Camp"

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  "Boot  Camp" 

Filmed with an iPhone 4 3G Edited on Windows Movie Maker (For windows 7) NOTE: Kai does not appear due to lack of budget (Number 2 is out under "Ninjago Dragon Quest" and includes Kai Number 3 is planned but don't expect anything soon) Join Zane, Cole, Jay and Nya on their boot camp adventure!...

LEGO Epic Dragon Battle 9450 LEGO Ninjago Review

Tags: LEGO  Epic  Dragon  Battle  9450  LEGO  Ninjago  Review 

Please subscribe to my channel for more LEGO reviews!! is my review of the LEGO Ninjago 9450 Epic Dragon Battle set from the LEGO Ninjago theme. This is a new 2012 set released in May 2012. This set has 6 minifigs: Lloyd ZX, Sensei Wu, Jay ZX, Lord Garmadon, Chokun,...

LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle Review, Set 9450

Tags: LEGO  Ninjago  Epic  Dragon  Battle  Review,  Set  9450 

A LEGO Epic Dragon Battle review from the Ninjago theme, set 9450 by the Brick Show. It is a 2012 release with 915 pieces and 8 minifigures. Contains the great devourer, ultra dragon and serpentine prison from the Ninjago:Rise of the Snakes tv show.

News: LEGO Ninjago To Be Discontinued in 2013

Tags: News:  LEGO  Ninjago  To  Be  Discontinued  in  2013 

In this Brick Show News we learn that LEGO Ninjago will be discontinued in 2013. We will get at least 1 wave of sets in 2013.

LEGO 2011 Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle Review : LEGO 2521 Review

Tags: LEGO  2011  Ninjago  Lightning  Dragon  Battle  Review  :  LEGO  2521  Review - Stephen reviews the 2011 LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle set. It is LEGO set 2521 and comes with 4 minifigs and 645 pieces.

Lego Brickarms 2012 and 2013 Prototypes

Tags: Lego  Brickarms  2012  and  2013  Prototypes 

CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES: Brickarms 2012 and 2013 Prototypes PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS VIDEO IS FAIRLY OLD SO SOME OF THE WEAPONS HAVE BEEN RELEASED.Just a side note, but just to say, all of these photos were taken from the official brickarms forums, so they are all real and...

Lego Star Wars Sets 2014 HD / HQ

Tags: Lego  Star  Wars  Sets  2014  HD  /  HQ 

Some of the new Lego Star Wars sets 2014

Lego Ninjago NRG Jay Unboxing and Review - Lego Set 9570

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  NRG  Jay  Unboxing  and  Review  -  Lego  Set  9570 

CHECK OUT: Reagan's Toy Review Dot Com - NRG JAY PHOTOS: and Daddy unbox and review - Lego Ninjago Set 9570 - NRG Jay.

Lego Ninjago Ninja Army Collection

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  Ninja  Army  Collection 

My Lego Ninjago ninja army collection, and samurai army. Will be uploading at least 1 army every 2 weeks for 2012. Hope you enjoy this video, please rate, comment, and subscribe! And feel free to promote your own vids on my channel :). Following is the link to my channel, home to the biggest...

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 Stop Motion Brickfilm + Build

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  Fire  Temple  2507  Stop  Motion  Brickfilm  +  Build 

Theme: Lego NinjagoRelease Date: 2011Name: Fire Temple 2507Pieces: 1174US price 119.99$ / EU price 119.99€ / UK price 91.99£Minifigures: 7 ( Zane , Kai DX , Nya , Lord Garmadon , Samukai , Kruncha and black Sensei Wu )Sets used:Lego Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack 2260Lego Ninjago Ninja Ambush...

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Battle!

  • Length: 8:11
  • Author: Xadr

Tags: LEGO  Ninjago  Spinjitzu  Battle! 

FUN! the battles are so unpredictable and awesome!

Lego NINJAGO secret movie

Tags: Lego  NINJAGO  secret  movie 

i got this from one of my presents: A lego USB drive :D

LEGO Ninjago 2013 Garmatron, Set 70504

Tags: LEGO  Ninjago  2013  Garmatron,  Set  70504 

LEGO Ninjago Garmatron, Set 70504, 328 pcs, $40. This is a 2013 Ninjago set, it was a cool build, and came with really cool minifigs. Please like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE !!! Thanks for watching :)

LEGO Ninjago Season One: Rise of the Snakes NEW Trailer - Featuring the Great Devourer!

Tags: LEGO  Ninjago  Season  One:  Rise  of  the  Snakes  NEW  Trailer  -  Featuring  the  Great  Devourer! 

A new trailer released by WilFilm featuring the Great Devourer, the Ultra Sonic Raider and the Green Ninja! All we need to see now is the Ultra Dragon!

Lego Ninjago Season 3 Intro ROUGH CUT CONCEPT

Tags: Lego  Ninjago  Season  3  Intro  ROUGH  CUT  CONCEPT 

THIS IS LEGO'S ROUGH CUT AND NOT THE ACTUAL INTRO.this is a rough cut, simply a storyboard for when they were coming up with ideas, in video form for when they were coming up with ideas for Lloyd's part of the intro!! THIS IS ONLY A STORYBOARD IDEA THEY MADE FOR WHEN THEY WERE COMING UP WITH...

New Ninjago 2012-2013 sets

Tags: New  Ninjago  2012-2013  sets 

New lego ninjago 2013 winter sets! info. from )watch my vids and subsrcibe)

BrickArt: LEGO Ninjago Green Ninja VS Overlord Final Battle!

Tags: BrickArt:  LEGO  Ninjago  Green  Ninja  VS  Overlord  Final  Battle! 

Download Coloring Pages & Wallpaper: as artist Mike Metcalf draws a classic scene from LEGO Ninjago when Lloyd (Green Ninja) fights the Overlord in the Final Battle. This is a time lapse drawing for LEGO Ninjago. Brought to you by The Brick Show. This...


Tags: Lego  Ninjago  ALL  OF  THE  SNAKES  MINIFIGURE!  (2012) 

Please Note that the ones that AREN'T in minifigure form are the Snakes that are coming in the 3 summer Ninjago sets!!!Requested by:SuperSeamus1000SuperSeamus1000's Channel:

BrickArt: LEGO Ninjago NRG Ninjas VS Snakes

Tags: BrickArt:  LEGO  Ninjago  NRG  Ninjas  VS  Snakes 

Download Coloring Pages BrickArt features the Zane, Cole, Kai, Jay and Lloyd in their NRG mode taking on the snakes! Art by Mike Metcalf.Please Subscribe:'t Have a YouTube...

NInjago 2012 Official

Tags: NInjago  2012  Official 

What do you think of these

LEGO Ninjago: Epizoda 25 - Návrat Pána temnot

Tags: LEGO  Ninjago:  Epizoda  25  -  Návrat  Pána  temnot Podívej se na příběhy svých oblíbených nindža bojovníků. Pod vedením Senseje Wu bojují Kai, Jay, Cole a Zane proti armádě hadích lidí vedených Temným lordem Garmadonem!