Yogi Berra Won't Miss Yankee Stadium

Yogi Berra Won't Miss Yankee Stadium

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I was sad to see the stadium go. Yogi made me realize there is nothing to be sad over in this commercial

yogi  berra  won't  miss  yankee  stadium 

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Yogi Berra on the loss of Phil Rizzuto

Tags: Yogi  Berra  on  the  loss  of  Phil  Rizzuto 

http://www.YESNETWORK.com Yogi Berra and Joe Torre discuss the loss of Phil Rizzuto.

Yogi Berra: In His Own Words

Tags: Yogi  Berra:  In  His  Own  Words 

The legendary Yogi Berra tells his own story "in his own words" in an excerpt from this critically acclaimed national television special.

Jeter: We weren't good enough

Tags: Jeter:  We  weren't  good  enough 

The Yankees captain explains why they didn't make the playoffs.

Yankee Stadium - Where Amazing Happens

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  -  Where  Amazing  Happens 

A tribute to the House that Ruth built

Yankee Stadium Tribute

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Tribute 

The life and times of "The House That Ruth Built"

Yogi Berra, Only In America

Tags: Yogi  Berra,  Only  In  America 

Yogi Berra, On;y In America

Yogi Berra - Quotes from Yogi Berra

Tags: Yogi  Berra  -  Quotes  from  Yogi  Berra 

Quotes from Yogi Berra

65 Year Anniversary of D-Day - Yogi Berra Feature

Tags: 65  Year  Anniversary  of  D-Day  -  Yogi  Berra  Feature 

Lawrence P. Berra gives a detailed account of his experience on a rocketboat off the shores of Normandy on June 6th, 1944.

Yankee Stadium Tour

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Tour 

http://www.YESNETWORK.comThe YES Network's Chris Shearn takes the Yankee Stadium Tour.

Yankee Stadium Final Game - Yogi Berra won't miss this place

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Final  Game  -  Yogi  Berra  won't  miss  this  place 

Yogi Berra won't miss this place, Yankee Stadium, he lived it and will remember it. This tribute aired on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball when they shut the place down 21 September 2008.Thank you Yogi!



Eddie Mata Does A tribute to Yankee stadium

Old Yankee Stadium Intro Last game

Tags: Old  Yankee  Stadium  Intro  Last  game 

Intro of Legends at stadium last game

Bob Sheppard 2000 - Bob Sheppard Day Ceremony Pt 2, 5/7/2000

Tags: Bob  Sheppard  2000  -  Bob  Sheppard  Day  Ceremony  Pt  2,  5/7/2000 

Bob Sheppard (10/20/1910-7/11/2010). This is the second part of Bob Sheppard Day. This tribute video was produced by Mike Bonner and the NY Yankees and was played on the Yankee Stadium Diamondvision during this second part of the tribute to Bob Sheppard celebrating his 50th season as Yankee...

Old Yankee Stadium Demolition: 3/10/2010

Tags: Old  Yankee  Stadium  Demolition:  3/10/2010 

This extended video was taken yesterday during the demolition of Yankee Stadium. New York City is on schedule with the demolition which will be making room for the creation of new parks in the area. Check out renderings of what will be built there and learn more about the development in the area...

First Official Roll Call @ the New Yankee Stadium

Tags: First  Official  Roll  Call  @  the  New  Yankee  Stadium 


Mike Mussina - Final game at Yankee Stadium - Monument Park

Tags: Mike  Mussina  -  Final  game  at  Yankee  Stadium  -  Monument  Park 

After the Yanks defeated the Orioles on 9-21-08, Mike Mussina took his two sons out for one last visit to the monuments. Listen to the bleacher creatures.

Yankee Stadium Demolition Updates and SAVE GATE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: Yankee  Stadium  Demolition  Updates  and  SAVE  GATE  2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yankee Stadium is coming down fast and I am personally asking you to take action! Please go to this site to help take part in preserving GATE 2 of the original Yankee Stadium. http://savetheyankeegate2.com/ Do what ever you can to make a differencecopyright: 1989 Joel Songs; All rights controlled...

MLB on FOX- All Star Game "Rafters"

Tags: MLB  on  FOX-  All  Star  Game  "Rafters" 

Fox Sports 2008 Commercial for The MLB All-Star game in Yankee Stadium.

The New Yankee Stadium

Tags: The  New  Yankee  Stadium 

Take a look at the design of the new stadium.

The Last Tier - Yankee Stadium

Tags: The  Last  Tier  -  Yankee  Stadium 

Last part of Yankee Stadium Tier being torn down.

Bob Sheppard announces Derek Jeter at the 2010 MLB Baseball All Star Game

Tags: Bob  Sheppard  announces  Derek  Jeter  at  the  2010  MLB  Baseball  All  Star  Game 

Bob Sheppard announces Derek Jeter at the 2010 MLB Baseball All Star Game

Bob Sheppard 1999 - Line-Up Re-Creation, 6th Game '51 Wld Series, 4/25/1999

Tags: Bob  Sheppard  1999  -  Line-Up  Re-Creation,  6th  Game  '51  Wld  Series,  4/25/1999 

Bob Sheppard (10/20/1910-7/11/2010), voice of Yankee Stadium for 57 seasons, recreates, in one of his finest moments, his introduction of the line-ups for Joe DiMaggio's finale, Game 6 of the 1951 World Series. CNN's Jeff Greenfield intros this part of the Yankees Tribute to Joe DiMaggio as...

First Roll Call @ the New Yankee Stadium

Tags: First  Roll  Call  @  the  New  Yankee  Stadium 

Bald Vinny and the Bleacher Creatures do the first Roll Call at the New Yankee Stadium

Bernie Williams Intro at Final Yankee Stadium Game

Tags: Bernie  Williams  Intro  at  Final  Yankee  Stadium  Game 

http://yankeesin2008.wordpress.com/Bernie back at the Stadium, the final introduction.

Baseball Gods Cry - New York Post

Tags: Baseball  Gods  Cry  -  New  York  Post 

The old Yankee Stadium demolition begins as fans remember the house that Ruth built. http://video.nypost.com