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Guild Wars 2 - What items should I salvage

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  -  What  items  should  I  salvage 

Salvage when;Light/heavy armor 1-16Light/heavy armor 70+ if under 50 copper vendor priceRare items 70+Vendor anything elseUse crude salvage kit for 1-16Fine salvage kit for 70+ lowbiesHighest kit possible for 70+ raresIf you are planning on salvaging quite a lot it is worth it to change gold for...

Guild Wars 2 - Firebreak Fort / Sootberme vista

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  -  Firebreak  Fort  /  Sootberme    vista 

Short guide to the firebreak fort vista in sootberme

Guild Wars 2 - Stone of Hazaan skill point challenge

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  -  Stone  of  Hazaan  skill  point  challenge 

Stone of hazaan skill point challenge

Guild Wars 2 - Pirate Puzzle In Lion's Arch

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  -  Pirate  Puzzle  In  Lion's  Arch 

Pirate Puzzle or jumping puzzle and vista in lion's archShown to me by a RL friend , check out his channel !

Guild Wars 2 Angry Review

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  Angry  Review 

Visit my Website to Rate Guild Wars 2, 1-10!

Terry Crews Expendables Training -

Tags: Terry  Crews  Expendables  Training  - 

BAM! Wanna get huge? Receive the gift of knowledge from Terry Crews, and learn what he did to get ready for his part as Hale Caesar in the action-film The Expendables. Building Kick! Get the full details of Crews' workout at all the...

[Guild Wars] GW2 World First Permaban?

Tags: [Guild  Wars]  GW2  World  First  Permaban? character = Krippar@GW unban me maybe?Rate, comment, and subscribe!

Gw2: MAXING Out Your Stats - A Guide

Tags: Gw2:  MAXING  Out  Your  Stats  -  A  Guide 

Talking today about reaching stat cap in Gw2, it's very different since launch and much harder now: So here is a full guide; exotic, to ascended, to infused.

Guild Wars 2 | Crafting Twilight

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  |  Crafting  Twilight 

Support the video! Click Like and leave a Comment!It was quite the journey. Thanks to everyone who took the time to help when you could. you know who you are C:




GUILD WARS 2 ★ Das Video für Anfänger [+ 9.9. Feature Patch 2014]

Tags: GUILD  WARS  2    Das  Video  für  Anfänger  [+  9.9.  Feature  Patch  2014] 

★ GUILD WARS 2 KAUFEN:änger Guide Video zum MMO RPG Guild Wars 2. Über zwei Jahre gibt es dieses Rollenspiel schon und wir kriegen monatlich neuen Content geliefert, die Spielerzahlen wachsen und die Neugierde vieler Leute auch. http://www.guildwars2.comMan kann von dem...

Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 1-400 | POWERLEVEL your character | Extremely fast leveling Guide!

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  Cooking  Guide  1-400  |  POWERLEVEL  your  character  |  Extremely  fast  leveling  Guide! 

This guild wars 2 cooking guide shows you how to powerlevel your cooking from 1-400 in no time at all using ingredients purchased from vendors. This is hands down the fastest and easiest guide to help your character level up. Full writeup:...

Massively does Geek Week: Guild Wars 2's top 10 most epic encounters

Tags: Massively  does  Geek  Week:  Guild  Wars  2's  top  10  most  epic  encounters 

Massively's top 10 list of the most epic encounters in Guild Wars 2 based on location, animations, and sound design.

Gw2: Complete Key Farming Guide

Tags: Gw2:  Complete  Key  Farming  Guide 

Well its long but it explains everything in full, I would hope! Perfect if you guys want to start running your own keys, should be very easy to keep pace while learning. Hope you enjoy and found a nice new farm to play!

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay - First Look HD

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  Gameplay  -  First  Look  HD for Guild Wars 2 reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Guild Wars 2 is a sequel to the original Guild Wars published by Arenanet.MMOHuts has over 200 free to play MMOs & MMORPGs for you to browse through!Visit us at: http://mmohuts.comMake sure to...

Guild Wars 2 - Hardcore Vista!

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  -  Hardcore  Vista! 

Hey guys! I wanted to show you all that Vistas do get harder and cooler the farther you go into the game. So. In each zone there are about 12-16 Vistas for you to reach and each one gives you experience points upon reaching them. By getting them all, as well as getting all the points of interests...

Guild Wars 2 Review - IGN Review

  • Length: 7:38
  • Author: IGN

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  Review  -  IGN  Review 

Watch us play Guild Wars 2 in Command Prompt: verdict on ArenaNet's ambitious, beautiful fantasy MMO.Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: "guild...

How to make Gold in Guild Wars 2 - Farming in Cursed Shore

Tags: How  to  make  Gold  in  Guild  Wars  2  -  Farming  in  Cursed  Shore 

Hi guys, Sam here !In this video, you can see me showing everyone how to properly farm in Cursed Shore. There is this awesome repeatable event centered around the NPC Blix that you can deliberately fail to keep farming champion boxes !Alternatively, you can just go for Grenth/Melandru Temple...

[GW2 Machinima] WvW Fall Tourney Trailer: Rise of the Bearbow

Tags: [GW2  Machinima]  WvW  Fall  Tourney  Trailer:  Rise  of  the  Bearbow 

This season... your worst build... becomes your worst nightmare.Disclaimer: My main is a ranger. He's had a bear by his side since Day 1.The full movie is never coming out, this is just a joke trailer. Something of that scale is too hard for me to pull off by myself, especially when there are no...

[GW2] Thief DPS Build for Dungeons/Fractals (after 15/04/2014)

Tags: [GW2]  Thief  DPS  Build  for  Dungeons/Fractals  (after  15/04/2014) 

MORE INFORMATION BELOWEquipment: 1:30Core Traits: 7:39New DPS Rotation: 15:38Shadow Arts/Trickery Explanation: 17:10FGS/LH Explanation: 24:05Consumables: 27:22Utilities: 30:00Quick note: Why don't I use Bloodlust? Same reason I don't take Slaying weapons that I explain in the beginning of the...

GW2 - Jumping Puzzle in Sparkfly Fen Darkweather Rise

Tags: GW2  -  Jumping  Puzzle  in  Sparkfly  Fen  Darkweather  Rise 

- Enable annotations for commentary -How to solve the jumping puzzle in Sparkfly Fen (Darkweather Rise)There are 2 chests located, one behind the energy walls and the second one near a switch to deactivate the last energy wall.Meet me:-Zyhong (Riverside DE), Guild: Zanpakuto (Zpkt)


Tags: PSY  -  GANGNAM  STYLE  (강남스타일)  M/V 

▶ Watch HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg M/V @ - Gangnam Style (강남스타일) ▶ Available on iTunes:▶ Official PSY Online Store US & International :▶ About PSY from YG Ent.:...

Guild Wars 2 - Skill Bar: September 2014 Feature Pack Balance changes

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  -  Skill  Bar:  September  2014  Feature  Pack  Balance  changes 

This video compiles the 4 Skill Bar segments show in previous Ready Up episodes 17 to 21. Karl McLain previews the upcoming changes to the 8 GW2 professions that will be released in the September 2014 Feature Pack on 9/9. For an overview of the changes, please refer to this article:...

Guild Wars 2 Jumping Puzzle RAGE!!!

Tags: Guild  Wars  2  Jumping  Puzzle  RAGE!!! 

Raging hard after 30 minutes of doing a jumping puzzle and ending up with nothingSupport me and my new sponsor!! to help the channel grow? Help me out and click "Like" and share with friends/guildies! Be sure to pin my channel...

Shin's Top 10 Tips for New Guild Wars 2 Players

Tags: Shin's  Top  10  Tips  for  New  Guild  Wars  2  Players 

These are my personal top 10 tips for new players of Guild Wars 2.All music was drawn from the Guild Wars 2 OST.Timestamps (thanks to Choxie808!):Tip 10 - Three game modes 0:36Tip 9 - Pick a server choice based on friends/wvw interest 1:55Tip 8 - Unlock weapon skills early 3:13Tip 7 - Your...