Project X Zone = 3DS Mystery Project?

Project X Zone = 3DS Mystery Project?

Watch the video from YouTube Project X Zone = 3DS Mystery Project?***THE STORIES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:The mystery project from SEGA, Capcom, and Namco Bandai is Project X Zone? off-screen footage from Mario Tennis Open is coming to Fire Emblem: Awakening as DLC, to cost ¥300¥300***MORE FROM NINTENDO 3DS TV:Subscribe! the news on Twitter a fan on Facebook the bloghttp://nintendo3dsblog.comJoin the forumshttp://3dsforums.comSubscribe in iTunes***Nintendo 3DS TV is an almost-daily show about the Nintendo 3DS handheld video game system. There is a focus on news, rumors and speculation, with an occasional dose of humor. At times there are also videos about the Wii U, or anything that I feel is somewhat interesting or relevant.

project  x  zone  =  3ds  mystery  project? 

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REVEALED! Project X Zone for Nintendo 3DS

Tags: REVEALED!  Project  X  Zone  for  Nintendo  3DS REVEALED - Project X Zone for Nintendo 3DS***MORE FROM NINTENDO 3DS TV:Subscribe! the news on Twitter

Charizard 3DS XL + Smash Bros. Screenshot

Tags: Charizard  3DS  XL  +  Smash  Bros.  Screenshot 

Blog: http://nintendo3dsblog.comImportant: I'm going to be having minor surgery in a couple of days and I won't be able to makes videos while I recover. Problem is, the exact recovery period isn't clear so expect it to take anywhere from 1-4 weeks.***THE STORIES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:Nintendo...

Wii U Price Talk, New Game from Nintendo?

Tags: Wii  U  Price  Talk,  New  Game  from  Nintendo? Wii U Price Talk, New Game from Nintendo?***THE STORIES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:Epic Mickey 2 is NOT coming to the Wii U working on a simulation racing game for the Wii...

More Vita vs. 3DS News

Tags: More  Vita  vs.  3DS  News More Vita vs. 3DS News***THE STORIES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:Super Mario Bros. now available on the eShop of footage: Mario Bros. update now...

Project X Zone - Chapter 20: The Maverick Hunters

Tags: Project  X  Zone  -  Chapter  20:  The  Maverick  Hunters 

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION**SPOILERS WARNING**Please leave a Comment and a Like; your support is appreciated!*LIVE STREAM:*Please Subscribe to my 2nd account for other playthroughs:*Twitter:...

「PROJECT X ZONE(プロジェクト クロスゾーン)」第2弾PV

Tags: 「PROJECT  X  ZONE(プロジェクト  クロスゾーン)」第2弾PV 

【公式サイトはこちら!!】「PROJECT X ZONE(プロジェクト クロスゾーン)」第2弾PVが遂に公開!

Project X Zone - Final Chapter: The Winged Wanderers

Tags: Project  X  Zone  -  Final  Chapter:  The  Winged  Wanderers 

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION**SPOILERS WARNING**Please leave a Comment and a Like; your support is appreciated!*LIVE STREAM:*Please Subscribe to my 2nd account for other playthroughs:*Twitter:...

Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS - FULL Nintendo 3DS Demo (1080p)

Tags: Super  Smash  Bros  Wii  U  &  3DS  -  FULL  Nintendo  3DS  Demo  (1080p) 

SMASH the "LIKE" button if you enjoyed the vid! Let's hit the like goal of 2000 LIKES! :)Follow me on Twitch HERE where I stream all my footage! :) is a FULL playthrough on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Demo as we play with all of the characters! Mario, Link,...

Project X Zone - All Attacks Exhibition (Super Attacks / Multi-Attacks / Bosses / etc)

Tags: Project  X  Zone  -  All  Attacks  Exhibition  (Super  Attacks  /  Multi-Attacks  /  Bosses  /  etc) 

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION**SPOILERS WARNING**Please leave a Comment and a Like; your support is appreciated!*LIVE STREAM:*Please Subscribe to my 2nd account for other playthroughs:*Twitter:...

Let's Play Kid Icarus Uprising - Part 23 FINALE Chapter 25

Tags: Let's  Play  Kid  Icarus  Uprising  -  Part  23  FINALE  Chapter  25 

This is my blind walkthrough of the new Nintendo 3DS game, Kid Icarus Uprising! This is the FINALE video of this LP and we go through Chapter 25, The War's End! Now that we have the Great Sacred Treasure it's time to show Hades who's boss and defeat the Lord of the Underworld! We also go through...

Let's Get Project X Zone Brought Outside of Japan

Tags: Let's  Get  Project  X  Zone  Brought  Outside  of  Japan 

Pester the living shit out of Namco here -'s the Facebook page dedicated to bringing Project X Zone outside of Japan - can also check me out on Facebook here - me...

Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater - Video Review

  • Length: 4:42
  • Author: IGN

Tags: Metal  Gear  Solid  3D:  Snake  Eater  -  Video  Review 

Metal Gear Solid 3 has arrived on the Nintendo 3DS, but is Snake Eater 3D a worthy port of an old classic? The simple answer is yes! Despite that it's nearly a decade old, this game is very sharp musically and visually. One of the drawbacks is the issue with long cinematic cut scenes, as the on...

Megaman Legends 2: All special weapons fully upgraded

Tags: Megaman  Legends  2:  All  special  weapons  fully  upgraded 

Times of appearance:Drill Arm 0:00Hunter Seeker 0:41Aqua Blaster 1:40Spread Buster 2:45Machine Gun Arm 3:25Shining Laser 3:57Blade Arm 4:25Shield Arm 4:58Reflector Arm 5:49Vacuum Arm 6:32Ground Crawler 6:56Homing Missile 7:44Hyper Shell 8:21Buster Cannon 8:46Crusher 9:14

My Thoughts: The "New" Nintendo 3DS

Tags: My  Thoughts:  The  "New"  Nintendo  3DS 

Click here to check out Loot Crate: (Use the Promo Code "RTU" to save 10% on any subscription plan)Check out Big Cheese's YouTube Channel: on the "New"...

Pokemon White Version 2 - Trailer, Project X Zone, & Channel Update

Tags: Pokemon  White  Version  2  -  Trailer,  Project  X  Zone,  &  Channel  Update 

Project X Zone Direct Feed Screenshots: U Specs Explained:

My list of the five reasons I'm excited and worried about the Wii U

Tags: My  list  of  the  five  reasons  I'm  excited  and  worried  about  the  Wii  U 

See the new quick 5 video right here: we have some great console launches like the Wii and the Super Nintendo, then we have the 3DS... anyways it's time to put together a list about why I'm excited...

Namco X Capcom Comboes

Tags: Namco  X  Capcom  Comboes 

I forgot about this video I recorded off my PS2 and archived in my HDD *dusts it off*Its not a bad game, my major gripe about it is that its pacing's a little slow though.Granted, this is not a well done tech demo at all IMO, there were a lot of misses in there.I love the Klonoa and Guntz unit...

[Nintendo Direct JP] NEW Nintendo 3DS - Entire presentation

Tags: [Nintendo  Direct  JP]  NEW  Nintendo  3DS  -  Entire  presentation 

Take a look at those sweet HOME Menus, the brand new NEW Nintendo 3DS and so much more in this video! View the entire announcement presentation from Satoru Iwata right here.

Super Mario's Nintendo 3DS Tour

Tags: Super  Mario's  Nintendo  3DS  Tour - Addicted to all things NintendoFacebook - - -

IGDaily - Crysis 3 Revealed - 4/11/12

Tags: IGDaily  -  Crysis  3  Revealed  -  4/11/12 here to watch IGDaily - Halo 4 Details Leak - 4/10/12IGDaily - Crysis 3 Revealed - 4/11/12The people of the world do something great, you become one of Matt's People. And if you don't, we probably make fun of you for being worthless. Trailers:...

Project X Zone - Extended Trailer

  • Length: 10:14
  • Author: IGN

Tags: Project  X  Zone  -  Extended  Trailer 

Take a look at 10 glorious minutes of gameplay for this epic 3DS crossover, coming to Japan this October.Head over to IGN for more Project X Zone: to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming:...

Let's Play Sonic Generations 3DS - Walkthrough Part 1

Tags: Let's  Play  Sonic  Generations  3DS  -  Walkthrough  Part  1 

This is my Let's Play of the Nintendo 3DS version of the anniversary game, Sonic Generations. This game was released also on 360/PS3/Steam but the 3DS has completely unique levels, level design, gameplay, and more! This is part 1 and we see the opening cutscene, play Green Hill Zone, Casino...

Project X Zone - English Opening

Tags: Project  X  Zone  -  English  Opening 

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION**Please leave a Comment and a Like; your support is appreciated!*LIVE STREAM:*Please Subscribe to my 2nd account for other playthroughs:*Twitter:

Crysis 3 Confirmed By Accident! - IGN Daily Fix 04.11.12

  • Length: 3:11
  • Author: IGN

Tags: Crysis  3  Confirmed  By  Accident!  -  IGN  Daily  Fix  04.11.12 

It's an exciting Wednesday for Naomi Kyle and the gaming world! On today's Daily Fix: Crysis 3 is accidentally confirmed, the 1.2 patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic is revealed, Dark Souls is coming to PC, and a Capcom/SEGA/Namco Bandai collaboration game for 3DS is unveiled!Click the links...

Project X Zone GameTrailers Review

Tags: Project  X  Zone  GameTrailers  Review 

Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai team up in this massive crossover, but does it boast more than just star power? Find out in our review of Project X Zone.For more in-depth reviews head over to