Military trials resume in Guantanamo

Military trials resume in Guantanamo

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We look at the debate surrounding military vs. civilian trials.

military  trials  resume  in  guantanamo 

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African aid: helpful or hazardous?

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We look at the structure of foreign aid to Africa and why some believe it does more harm than good.

Organisations providing aid to Somalia face scrutiny

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Believers or heretics? The battle between mainstream Muslims and the Ahmadiyya community.

The Road To Guantanamo

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The Road To Guantanamo is the story of four friends who set off from the Midlands in September 2001 for an innocent wedding and holiday in Pakistan. Two and a half years later, only three of them returned home.Through their epic journey we hear the story of their misunderstandings, ignorance,...

What It's Really Like at the US Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay

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Guantanamo Bay (2003): The United States has been accused of gross human rights violations for its policies at Guantanamo Bay. We gain unprecedented access to this controversial camp.Terry and Beverley Hicks scrutinise a grainy video intensely. They're hoping to catch a rare glimpse of their...

600 - Camino a Guantanamo

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Un documental acerca de los "Tipton Three", los tres musulmanes británicos capturados por fuerzas estadounidenses en Afganistán, que pasaron dos años como prisioneros en la cárcel de la Base Naval de la Bahía de Guantánamo como presuntos combatientes enemigos. Fue rodada en Afganistán,...

Welcome to Guantanamo - Rare Inside Look

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Bill Gillespie goes for a tour inside the notorious American prison in Guantanamo, Cuba, home to hundreds of alleged Al Qaeda terrorists

Carmen Trotta: "Close Guantanamo" trial 2012

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Help us caption and translate this video on Trotta talks about the Witness Against Torture 10 days of fasting and action to close Guantanamo, January 2012, including his own trial for Guantanamo-related civil disobedience.Help us caption &...

[Cote d'ivoire] DJ Zidane--Guantanamo

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croisez le smains par dvt, croisez les mains par derriere

The Road To Guantanamo [FULL Documentary]

Tags: The  Road  To  Guantanamo  [FULL  Documentary] 

For more videos visit:!vstc2=news-&-politics

A decade of damage to human rights

Tags: A  decade  of  damage  to  human  rights 

Take action to end detentions at Guantanamo Bay: 11 January 2002, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the first detainees were transferred to the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Since then, the detention facility there has made the world's news headlines for the...

Guantanamo Bay: Zain Bhikha feat. Dawud Wharnsby

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'Guantanamo Bay' nasheed by Zain Bhikha and Dawud WharnsbyPlease make d'ua for our brothers detained, oppressed, humiliated, and tortured. Our prayers are with them and their families.

Teen killer assails judge at sentencing

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A Rochester teenager learned his fate for beating a group home counselor to death in Lockport. But before Anthony Allen was hauled off to prison, he fired off at the judge.

Chin o arab hamara - Urdu Taranay - Ugerwadi

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Cheen-o-arab hamara. Muslim hain hum watan hay sara jahan hamara.(Allama Iqbal)Jihadi Urdu Tarana. Jihadi Urdu Nasheed. Visit my channel for full list of Taranay.My shared folder with plenty of Jihadi Books, Videos, Taranay, Speeches etc.http://qital.4shared.comMy youtube...

Django theme song

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Possibly the best theme song ever.

Indefinite detention Act voids US Constitution

Tags: Indefinite  detention  Act  voids  US  Constitution 

Yesterday the US Congress voted to pass the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. The 86 to 13 vote will allow the indefinite detention and torture of American citizens at home and abroad without a trial. The NDAA gives more power to the military and government and President...

Outlandish - Guantanamo

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Music video by Outlandish performing Guantanamo. (C) 2002 RCA/BMG Denmark A/S

9/11 Defendants Disrupt Guantanamo Hearing

Tags: 9/11  Defendants  Disrupt  Guantanamo  Hearing 

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, and four co-defendants disrupted an arraignment as the long-stalled effort to prosecute them resumed in a military court at Guantanamo Bay. (May 5)Subscribe to the Associated Press:

MTV Live: The White Stripes @ Manaus, Brazil, June 1st 2005 [3/5]

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On the 1st June 2005 The White Stripes staged a remarkable performance n Manaus, Brazil, deep in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest.The show took place inside the beautiful and historic Teatro Amazonas Opera House.The White Stripes were the first rock band ever allowed to play at the legendary...

Egyptian activists say No to military trials

Tags: Egyptian  activists  say  No  to  military  trials 

The activist group 'No to Military Trials' holds a press conference after meeting with Egypt's interim ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). SCAF invited the group for a discussion following weeks of work by the activists in researching and publicising the widespread use of military...

Chris Brown - Till I Die ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa |

  • Length: 3:58
  • Author: CSHH2

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↓ For More New Music ↓http://CantStopHipHop.com | Brown Ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa - Till I DieChris Brown - Till I DieChris Brown - Till I DieChris Brown - Till I Die

9/11 mastermind in defiant mood at hearing

Tags: 9/11  mastermind  in  defiant  mood  at  hearing 

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo prisoners refused to answer questions from a Guantanamo military court judge.

Terrorists Take Advantage of US System?

Tags: Terrorists  Take  Advantage  of  US  System? 

The jury selection has begun for the first civilian trial of a Guantanamo Bay detainee, just blocks from Ground Zero. Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani faces counts related to the '98 bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya that killed over two-hundred people, including twelve Americans. Ghailani...

Chaotic start to 9 11 suspects at Guantanamo ARYNews Special Pakeges

Tags: Chaotic  start  to  9  11  suspects  at  Guantanamo  ARYNews  Special  Pakeges 

ARYNews Special PakegesSpecial Pakeges on ARYNewsSunday, May 06 2012

Fox Mole Joe Muto Fired After Gawker Columns Reveal His Identity

Tags: Fox  Mole  Joe  Muto  Fired  After  Gawker  Columns  Reveal  His  Identity 

Joe Muto, the Fox News employee who anonymously penned several popular columns about his work for the website Gawker from within the news organization, has been fired.