Military trials resume in Guantanamo

Military trials resume in Guantanamo

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We look at the debate surrounding military vs. civilian trials.

military  trials  resume  in  guantanamo 

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African aid: helpful or hazardous?

Tags: African  aid:  helpful  or  hazardous? 

We look at the structure of foreign aid to Africa and why some believe it does more harm than good.

Welcome to Guantanamo - Rare Inside Look

  • Length: 6:20
  • Author: a2zme

Tags: Welcome  to  Guantanamo  -  Rare  Inside  Look 

Bill Gillespie goes for a tour inside the notorious American prison in Guantanamo, Cuba, home to hundreds of alleged Al Qaeda terrorists

Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay (Full Length)

Tags: Guantanamo:  Blacked  Out  Bay  (Full  Length) 

Subscribe to VICE News here: 800 men have been held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility since it was established in 2002. Today, fewer than 150 remain. Despite the fact that more than half of current detainees have been cleared for transfer from the...

The Road To Guantanamo [FULL Documentary]

Tags: The  Road  To  Guantanamo  [FULL  Documentary] 

For more videos visit:!vstc2=news-&-politics

Guantanamo le camp de la souffrance ! Hapishane ! Torture iskence ! Fr-En-Tr

Tags: Guantanamo  le  camp  de  la  souffrance  !  Hapishane  !  Torture  iskence  !  Fr-En-Tr 

Presentation du camp de Guantanamo de la C.I.A à CubaFrench-English explicationsA regarder et partager ! Il faut que le monde voit la verité !!Kardeslerim izleyin ve paylasin lütfen ! Butun dunya gorsun !!!!

Interview with a Former Guantanamo Detainee: Blacked Out Bay (Part 3)

Tags: Interview  with  a  Former  Guantanamo  Detainee:  Blacked  Out  Bay  (Part  3) 

Subscribe to VICE News here: part 3 of Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay, VICE News meets with Mustafa Ait Idir, a former detainee at the infamous detention facility. Idir was arrested in Bosnia-Herzegovina on charges of conspiring to blow up the US embassy in...

Life After Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay (Part 4)

Tags: Life  After  Guantanamo:  Blacked  Out  Bay  (Part  4) 

Subscribe to VICE News here: the final episode of Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay, VICE News sat down with Terry Holdbrooks, a former guard who converted to Islam shortly after his time at the detention center. Holdbrooks gave us a solid glimpse of what life is...


Tags: tasteless.  //  A  GUANTANAMO  BAY  DOCUMENTARY. 

I am 13.Let the social networking revolution prevail. Reach my goal, reach OUR goal. Share this amongst friends.A documentary in which I constructed as well as commentated.Behind the scenes look of the unlawful treatment of detainees held captive in the controversial detention facility of...

Guantanamo Bay: Zain Bhikha feat. Dawud Wharnsby

Tags: Guantanamo  Bay:  Zain  Bhikha  feat.  Dawud  Wharnsby 

'Guantanamo Bay' nasheed by Zain Bhikha and Dawud WharnsbyPlease make d'ua for our brothers detained, oppressed, humiliated, and tortured. Our prayers are with them and their families.

The Road To Guantanamo

Tags: The  Road  To  Guantanamo 

The Road To Guantanamo is the story of four friends who set off from the Midlands in September 2001 for an innocent wedding and holiday in Pakistan. Two and a half years later, only three of them returned home.Through their epic journey we hear the story of their misunderstandings, ignorance,...

Indefinite detention Act voids US Constitution

Tags: Indefinite  detention  Act  voids  US  Constitution 

Yesterday the US Congress voted to pass the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. The 86 to 13 vote will allow the indefinite detention and torture of American citizens at home and abroad without a trial. The NDAA gives more power to the military and government and President...

فظائع معتقل جوانتانامو

Tags: فظائع  معتقل  جوانتانامو 

لا تعليق.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nadim Nassar versus Rana Kabbani: is the fight in Syria for power or for freedom? IQ2 discussions

Tags: Nadim  Nassar  versus  Rana  Kabbani:  is  the  fight  in  Syria  for  power  or  for  freedom?  IQ2  discussions the Intelligence2 discussion "What to do about Syria?", which took place at the Tabernacle on 2nd April 2012.In this "impromptu" Intelligence² debate, we addressed the big question of the moment: what to do about Syria?If you do nothing, say...

Inside Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay (Part 1)

Tags: Inside  Guantanamo:  Blacked  Out  Bay  (Part  1) 

Subscribe to VICE News here: the hell is going on at Guantanamo Bay? We went to find out and at first glance were shocked by what we found in the first hour of being there – bowling alleys, skate parks and McDonalds. Also gift shops and beach...


Tags: CLOSING  GUANTANAMO  -  Documentary 

On his second day in office, President Obama pledged to close the Guantanamo Detention Centre within a year. Michael Portillo reports for This World on why it has proved impossible for him to keep his promise.Over the past eight months, Portillo's visited the prison camps, and travelled to Yemen,...

A decade of damage to human rights

Tags: A  decade  of  damage  to  human  rights 

Take action to end detentions at Guantanamo Bay: 11 January 2002, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the first detainees were transferred to the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Since then, the detention facility there has made the world's news headlines for the...

Force-Feeding in Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay (Part 2)

Tags: Force-Feeding  in  Guantanamo:  Blacked  Out  Bay  (Part  2) 

Subscribe to VICE News here: Part 2 of Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay, VICE News visits Camp VI, the largest prison facility on the base. We check out the library's eclectic mix of books, periodicals, and DVDs — carefully chosen so that prisoners see nothing...

What It's Really Like at the US Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay

Tags: What  It's  Really  Like  at  the  US  Detention  Center  at  Guantanamo  Bay 

Guantanamo Bay (2003): The United States has been accused of gross human rights violations for its policies at Guantanamo Bay. We gain unprecedented access to this controversial camp.Terry and Beverley Hicks scrutinise a grainy video intensely. They're hoping to catch a rare glimpse of their...



5 LANGUAGES, 1 SONG, LETS UNITE OUR VOICES TO STOP THE TERROR. LET'S UNITE OUR VOICES TO STOP THAT MADNESS.Πάμε παρέα, αδερφέ μου, μη κάνεις κράτη. Το έχω άχτι να περάσω απ' τον συρμάτινο φράκτη και τον ήλιο να...

Teen killer assails judge at sentencing

Tags: Teen  killer  assails  judge  at  sentencing 

A Rochester teenager learned his fate for beating a group home counselor to death in Lockport. But before Anthony Allen was hauled off to prison, he fired off at the judge.

Guantanamo Bay Prepares For Hurricane Isaac - GITMO, Cuba Hurricane Preparations

Tags: Guantanamo  Bay  Prepares  For  Hurricane  Isaac  -  GITMO,  Cuba  Hurricane  Preparations 

Joint Task Force Guantanamo braces for the weather as Tropical Storm Isaac crosses the bay. Sgt. Saul Rosa has a brief look at what the base is doing to prepare for the storm.

Active Member - Pame (guantanamo)

Tags: Active  Member  -  Pame  (guantanamo) 

Πάμε παρέα, αδερφέ μου, μη κάνεις κράττει. Το έχω άχτι να περάσω απ' τον συρμάτινο φράκτη και τον ήλιο να θαμπώσω για λίγο, να μη μας πάρουν χαμπάρι όσο θ' ανοίγω και...

Gitmo - A documentary on Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Tags: Gitmo  -  A  documentary  on  Guantanamo  Bay  Cuba. 

A documentary showing the consequences fo choices made by western forces to create guantanamo bay detention center and the useless intelligence that leads to the kidnapping and detention of innocent people.One might find themselves able to understand mistakes, however when these people are...

MTV Live: The White Stripes @ Manaus, Brazil, June 1st 2005 [3/5]

Tags: MTV  Live:  The  White  Stripes  @  Manaus,  Brazil,  June  1st  2005  [3/5] 

On the 1st June 2005 The White Stripes staged a remarkable performance n Manaus, Brazil, deep in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest.The show took place inside the beautiful and historic Teatro Amazonas Opera House.The White Stripes were the first rock band ever allowed to play at the legendary...