Weekend Project: How to Make a Vortex Cannon

Weekend Project: How to Make a Vortex Cannon

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Shoot rings of smoke across the room with a Vortex Cannon!

weekend  project:  how  to  make  a  vortex  cannon 

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Weekend Project: Scanner Camera

  • Length: 3:0
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Scanner  Camera 

Turn a scanner into a camera that takes some pretty wild photos. An easy way to have fun with an old scanner!

DiResta: Oval Frame and Mirror

  • Length: 6:20
  • Author: Make:

Tags: DiResta:  Oval  Frame  and  Mirror 

In each episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy.In this episode Jimmy whips out a beautiful...

Weekend Project: Mint Tin Amp

  • Length: 5:16
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Mint  Tin  Amp 

Build a powerful pocket amplifier for your headphones and put it in a "curiously strong" minty case.

Weekend Project: Super TV-B-Gone

  • Length: 5:16
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Super  TV-B-Gone 

Are you sick of blaring TV's? Wish you could do something about it?Well you can with the this devious ultra-high-power version of the popular TV-B-Gone. Get yours at www.makershed.com

Vortex Cannon - Full TV item.

Tags: Vortex  Cannon  -  Full  TV  item. 

Candle Cannon: Behind the Scenes

Tags: Candle  Cannon:  Behind  the  Scenes 

A behind the scenes look at the world's largest and most powerful air vortex cannon. www.candlecannon.com

Paper cannon

Tags: Paper  cannon 

This video will show you my homemade paper cannon.When it first was released, this was the first and only paper cannon video on Youtube.The lighter is a Sunex that I got from my grandfather.Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhF5wjU4xfsGunpowder tutorial:...

Giant Vortex Cannon

Tags: Giant  Vortex  Cannon 

Veeery cool

Weekend Project: The Mystery Switch

  • Length: 3:35
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  The  Mystery  Switch 

Make a mysterious electronic switch that only you know how to light up!For more great projects: http://www.makezine.comSubscribe to Make Magazine: http://bit.ly/MakeMagSubGet the PDF for this project here: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/09/weekend_project_the_magic_switch_pd.htmlThanks to...

Weekend Project: Mini Fume Extractor

  • Length: 5:52
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Mini  Fume  Extractor 

Candy tin fume absorber helps keep your air clean and your lungs healthy. Get the PDF for this project here: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/09/weekend_project_mini_fume_extractor_1.html. More great projects at http://www.makezine.com

Weekend Project: The Ultimate Fan Sign

  • Length: 2:54
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  The  Ultimate  Fan  Sign 

If you are a sports fan, then you must have the item, a portable Flashing LED Sign!

Weekend Project: Compressed Air Rocket

  • Length: 6:0
  • Author: Make:

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Project Update! -- Since the Compressed Air Rocket project was published in Make: magazine, it's been hugely popular. We have now released the next version of the Compressed Air Rocket v2.0 kit and a first-of-its-kind Air Rocket Glider. Find out about these projects and join the air rocket...

Build a Solar USB Charger!

Tags: Build  a  Solar  USB  Charger! 

GET A FREE DIY MINI-COURSE http://kipkay.com/DIYBUILD DIY STUFF EVERY MONTH http://kipkay.com/m02Get the schematics for this project: http://kipkay.com/docs/SUBSCRIBE on Youtube http://kipkay.com/subscribeLIKE on Facebook http://kipkay.com/likeFOLLOW on Twitter http://kipkay.com/followFacebook:...

Weekend Project: Stun Gun Potato Cannon

  • Length: 5:0
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Stun  Gun  Potato  Cannon 

Launch potato projectiles 200+ yards with this stun-gun triggered, high-powered potato cannon with see-thru action. Get the PDF for this project here: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/08/weekend_project_water_barrel_water.html. More great projects at http://www.makezine.com

Vortex Cannon

Tags: Vortex  Cannon 

Visitors create "toroidal cloud" shapes by pushing a clear piston in the 42" diameter clear cannon. The air is accelerated as it exits through a small hole, resulting in an increase in velocity and concentration. This exhibit was designed and built by Hands On! and C.W. Shaw for the 'Cool...

The Vortex Cannon - Student Science

Tags: The  Vortex  Cannon  -  Student  Science 

After weeks of pestering, we finally give in and let George build a vortex cannon - with surprisingly spooky cup flying results. For more information on the physics behind this head on over to http://www.urn1350.net/thescienceshow to listen to the full podcast!

The Atomic Cannon

Tags: The  Atomic  Cannon 

Shot Grable, May 25, 1953 (15K ton)

Weekend Project: Aircraft Band Receiver

  • Length: 3:54
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Aircraft  Band  Receiver 

Take an old AM/FM transistor radio and make a quick modification so it picks up Air Traffic Control, Air Shows and other Civil Aviation Band transmissions. Amazing!

Weekend Project: New Life For Old Zip Drives

  • Length: 4:54
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  New  Life  For  Old  Zip  Drives 

The good old Zip Drive introduced by Iomega in late 1994 served it's purpose as a medium-capacity removable disk storage system until obsolescence kicked in as it was replaced by flash drives as well as rewritable CDs and DVDs. Here are a few things you can do to give new life to that outdated...

Potato cannon with a kick, 160mm chamber to 75mm barrel.

Tags: Potato  cannon  with  a  kick,  160mm  chamber  to  75mm  barrel. 

!THINK SAFETY and DONT POINT AT PEOPLE!USE EYE, EAR AND HAND PROTECTION.This is a test of my 160 mm to 75 mm pp potato cannon some time ago. the first shot is with a cabbage head the second shot is with a 0.33 l cola tin can (full with cola) and the third with a bottle full of sand.) not a great...

Weekend Project: Convertible Jockey Box

  • Length: 4:49
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Convertible  Jockey  Box 

Keep beer cold and portable with this homebrew cooler.Get the PDF for this project here: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/03/weekend_project_convertible_jockey.html For more great projects go to http://www.makezine.com

Weekend Project: Potato Gatling Gun

  • Length: 4:30
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Potato  Gatling  Gun 

Here is a brand new version of the popular potato cannon built by the DeRose family and shown at this years Maker Faire.

Weekend Project: The Ball of Sound

  • Length: 4:41
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  The  Ball  of  Sound 

Turn two salad bowls into a spherical array, ball of sound with amazing results. Pick up Make: Volume 11 for other great projects.http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=0596513879

How to Make a Foxhole Radio

  • Length: 3:50
  • Author: Make:

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Foxhole  Radio 

During World War II, GIs in the field built really amazing simple radios to listen too. These were made with materials that they could get their hands on and were small enough to carry around in a big pocket. You can modify this design if you want to set it up so that it's tuneable too! To see...

Weekend Project: Make a Talking Booby Trap

  • Length: 4:12
  • Author: Make:

Tags: Weekend  Project:  Make  a  Talking  Booby  Trap 

Having trouble with people snatching your stuff? Did someone take your lunch from the company fridge? Here is an inexpensive, sneaky gizmo you can make to keep those sticky fingers away.