Pt.1 Interview with Jinnah's Grandson, Nusli Wadia

Pt.1 Interview with Jinnah's Grandson, Nusli Wadia

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Nusli Wadia has been through tough times but has stuck on to prosper.

pt.1  interview  with  jinnah's  grandson,  nusli  wadia 

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Ruttie - Jinnah

Tags: Ruttie  -  Jinnah 

Mohd Ali Jinnah and Rattanbai Petit (Ruttie).

Sikhs Regrets on Jinnah`s Offer,

Tags: Sikhs  Regrets  on  Jinnah`s  Offer, 

Sikhs Regrets on Jinnah`s Offer,



FTF Nusli Wadia 4 3 2000

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Nisar & Naji: Pakistan Has No Future

Tags: Nisar  &  Naji:  Pakistan  Has  No  Future 

How Jinnah Fabricated The Lie Of Two Nation Theory - MJ Akbar

Tags: How  Jinnah  Fabricated  The  Lie  Of  Two  Nation  Theory  -  MJ  Akbar 

In 1937, Jinnah fought elections as the president of Muslim League on the plank of "Muslims in Danger". Keep in mind that there were separate electorates then which means Muslims could only vote for Muslim contestants and Hindus only for Hindu contestants. He lost badly. Muslims across the Indian...

Gen Zia ul Haq, Starts his speech with Quran's Verses, 1st time in History of UN

Tags: Gen  Zia  ul  Haq,  Starts  his  speech  with  Quran's  Verses,  1st  time  in  History  of  UN 

General Assembly Adress of Pakistani Gen Zia - ul HaqUploaded bu Mian Muhammad awais Farooq

Shazia Zenab Show REVAMP: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Maryam Jinnah, Dina Wadia. PART I...

Tags: Shazia  Zenab  Show  REVAMP:  Quaid-e-Azam  Muhammad  Ali  Jinnah,  Maryam  Jinnah,  Dina  Wadia.  PART  I... 

In this video, "fan of Shazia Zainab" exposes the lies and disinformation spread by an UNEDUCATED person, "so-called doctor Shazia, from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lagore, batch of 1998. It also exposes her level of knowledge, her low level mentality and calibre.

Mufti Zar Wali Khan - Fiqh Hanafi and Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (2007)

Tags: Mufti  Zar  Wali  Khan  -  Fiqh  Hanafi  and  Qaid  e  Azam  Muhammad  Ali  Jinnah  (2007) 

Download it: ul Hadith wa Tafseer Maulana Mufti Zar Wali Khan laid the foundation of a jamiah in 1398 Hijra (jamiah arabia Ahsan ul Uloom). The objectives and goals of that jamiah is to formulate...

Lady Slapped a Policeman for misbehaving at Lahore Airport

Tags: Lady  Slapped  a  Policeman  for  misbehaving  at  Lahore  Airport Slapped a Policeman for misbehaving at Lahore Airport

Illuminati in Pakistan

Tags: Illuminati  in  Pakistan 

If someone thinks that we are a free country, then think again. Pakistan is effectively under control Illuminati (Zionist). In this video I will show you some of the people who are agents of Illuminati (Zionist) in Pakistan. Things I am about to show you are only tip of the iceberg

A life lived such - Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Tags: A  life  lived  such  -  Field  Marshal  Sam  Manekshaw 

The Field Marshal speaks about Indira Gandhi, the Bangladesh Liberation War, and his life in general !P.S.- I do not own the rights to this video. I came across this video accidentally . No copyright infringement intended.

Why Pakistan didn't buy Jinnah House London?

  • Length: 1:40
  • Author: tv786

Tags: Why  Pakistan  didn't  buy  Jinnah  House  London? 

Tehreek-e-Insaf pti Imran Khan MQM Altaf Hussain Karachi Nawaz Sharif Benazir Lahore punjaab punjaabi punjabi Aaj Geo Ary tv pakistan ppp pmln pml n pmlq anp capital talk Musharraf 12 may bhutto sita white zani Mohajir sindh azizabad nwfp jamaat islami jamiat Hayderabad sarhad Balochistan...

Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia's sudden break-up

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Bollywood is place where a thousand stories are created and destroyed everyday. There's the game of hits and flops, the controversies, the heartbreaks, the romantic link-ups and the 'camps', and then there are the creators of it all - the celebrities! We follow the lives of ten such celebs and...

aslam jinnah (grandson of mohd. ali jinnah)

Tags: aslam  jinnah  (grandson  of  mohd.  ali  jinnah) 

mohd. ali jinaahs grandson living in utter poverty.will start after 20 secs.

Rashid Minhas (Original Voice) 1971

Tags: Rashid  Minhas  (Original  Voice)  1971 

Kindly refrain from posting any comments that are derogatory about Pakistan or Bangladesh, or which contain foul language. Such comments will be removed. This page has been set up to honour the memory of a person who died doing his duty and did not have malice against anyone.Courtesy Rahat...




Imran Khan in India.flv

Tags: Imran  Khan  in  India.flv 

imran khan in indian tv show

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his original grave

Tags: Quaid  e  Azam  Muhammad  Ali  Jinnah  and  his  original  grave 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah aka Quaid e Azam ( The greatest leader) is the founder of Pakistan. This video contains Mr Jinnah's rare photos, life and his original grave, please spare some time to see the life of great muslim leader.

Underworld don threatens Nusli Wadia to stay away from Preity Zinta

Tags: Underworld  don  threatens  Nusli  Wadia  to  stay  away  from  Preity  Zinta 

Gangster Ravi Pujari's gang has reportedly threatened to harm the Wadia Group's interest if the 'harassment' of Preity Zinta was to continue.