Pt.1 Interview with Jinnah's Grandson, Nusli Wadia

Pt.1 Interview with Jinnah's Grandson, Nusli Wadia

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Nusli Wadia has been through tough times but has stuck on to prosper.

pt.1  interview  with  jinnah's  grandson,  nusli  wadia 

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FTF Nusli Wadia 4 3 2000

Tags: FTF  Nusli  Wadia  4  3  2000 

Ruttie - Jinnah

Tags: Ruttie  -  Jinnah 

Mohd Ali Jinnah and Rattanbai Petit (Ruttie).

Aslam Jinnah - Grandson of Mohd Ali Jinnah

Tags: Aslam  Jinnah  -  Grandson  of  Mohd  Ali  Jinnah 

Aslam Jinnah - Grandson of Mohd Ali Jinnah. His life and whats happening to him .. To watch more Please join us at

Aslam Jinnah

Tags: Aslam  Jinnah 

Quaid-e-Azam -- Mohammad Ali Jinnah's Great GrandsonJuly 1, 2009by Ayesha week the news about Jinnah's maternal great grandson Aslam Jinnah surfaced as to how miserable and poor life his family were...

A Short Documentary on Quaid-e-Azam's Life

Tags: A  Short  Documentary  on  Quaid-e-Azam's  Life 

For Speeches, Articles, Quotes, Pictures, Videos, Slideshows and other Research material about Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah - The Founder of Pakistan; Please visit the following link:

Jinnah's grandson shocked by BJP's take

Tags: Jinnah's  grandson  shocked  by  BJP's  take 

Nusli Wadia says the fact that he is proud of his grandfather cannot be taken away.

Sikhs Regrets on Jinnah`s Offer,

Tags: Sikhs  Regrets  on  Jinnah`s  Offer, 

Sikhs Regrets on Jinnah`s Offer,

Christopher Lee on Founder and Father of Pakistan ( Quaid-e-Azam )

Tags: Christopher  Lee  on  Founder  and  Father  of  Pakistan  (  Quaid-e-Azam  ) 

A famous actor, Christopher Lee's opinion of the founding father of Pakistan: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Christopher Lee describes Jinnah as "a man of great vision, incorruptible, great integrity, brilliant man".Check out my many other videos on Quaid-e-Azam:...

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his original grave

Tags: Quaid  e  Azam  Muhammad  Ali  Jinnah  and  his  original  grave 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah aka Quaid e Azam ( The greatest leader) is the founder of Pakistan. This video contains Mr Jinnah's rare photos, life and his original grave, please spare some time to see the life of great muslim leader.

Pt.2 Interview with Jinnah's Grandson, Nusli Wadia

Tags: Pt.2  Interview  with  Jinnah's  Grandson,  Nusli  Wadia 

Nusli Wadia has been through tough times but has stuck on to prosper.

Pakistanis are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS: Richard Clarke

Tags: Pakistanis  are  PATHOLOGICAL  LIARS:  Richard  Clarke 

1. Richard Clarke former NSA and security consultant with ABC News calls Pakistanis pathological liars.2. He says that Osama bin Laden was being supported by former ISI people.3. Pakistan is using American aid to build nuclear bombs.

Muhammed Ali Jinnah - Speech About The Making Of Pakistan.wmv

Tags: Muhammed  Ali  Jinnah  -  Speech  About  The  Making  Of  Pakistan.wmv 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah speech about the making of Pakistan between 1 to 13 December 1946.

Gandhi vs Jinnah - Truth as viewed by world.flv

Tags: Gandhi  vs  Jinnah  -  Truth  as  viewed  by  world.flv 

The truth as veiwed by world about the stature of the great leader of India known as Mahatma Gandhi. Barack obama seeks inspiration in Mahatma Gandhi,calling gandhi his REAL Hero. leader Martin Luther King, Jr. visited India to seek gandhi's path...

Zee News: Muhammad Ali Jinnah- The man who divided India

Tags: Zee  News:  Muhammad  Ali  Jinnah-  The  man  who  divided  India 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah- The man who divided India

real face of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (yahya khan ki baqyaat)

Tags: real  face  of    Zulfikar  Ali  Bhutto    (yahya  khan  ki  baqyaat) 

yahya khan ki baqyaat = Z. A. Bhutooخلیل جبران کی ایک نظم سے اقتباس جو 1934ء میں لکھی تھی۔افسوس اس قوم پر جس کی رہبر لومڑی ہوجس کا فلسفی مداری ہوجس کا فن پیوندکاری اور نقالی...

A life lived such - Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Tags: A  life  lived  such  -  Field  Marshal  Sam  Manekshaw 

The Field Marshal speaks about Indira Gandhi, the Bangladesh Liberation War, and his life in general !P.S.- I do not own the rights to this video. I came across this video accidentally . No copyright infringement intended.



Illuminati in Pakistan

Tags: Illuminati  in  Pakistan 

If someone thinks that we are a free country, then think again. Pakistan is effectively under control Illuminati (Zionist). In this video I will show you some of the people who are agents of Illuminati (Zionist) in Pakistan. Things I am about to show you are only tip of the iceberg