greek condom

greek condom

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English version here. is a Greek Cypriot Dub. The original clip was in another language. I did this for a laugh, its me doing all the voices and its my music. Its for fun, so if you speak Greek, or Greek Cypriot enjoy. Remember, practise safe sex.

greek  condom 

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BLIND DATE, funniest in the world

  • Length: 0:21
  • Author: dabat

Tags: BLIND  DATE,  funniest  in  the  world 

Man goes out on a blind date and gets more than he bargained for.


  • Length: 17:43
  • Author: dabat


Rising artist Eden Coles debut gig at the Bedford London. A few years ago I brought Jess Glynne here for her debut gig. The rest is history and for Eden its the future. Watch this space.

The girls from my Big FAT Band.

  • Length: 0:56
  • Author: dabat

Tags: The  girls  from  my  Big  FAT  Band. 

Meet the beautiful talented ladies that are members of my Big FAT Band. Here is a quick behind the scene sneak at some secret rehearsal locations. Emily Themis, Katerina Themis, Lulu Philips & Katerina Neo. You wont be able to resist their beauty or their talent. Coming to a venue near you 2013.


  • Length: 4:29
  • Author: dabat

Tags: THE  GREATEST  SEXIEST  SINGER  IN  THE  WORLD  (no  earplugs  included) 

Its an education, and she can dance., this is amazing. be amazed. It dont matter how youre feeling, this will make your day. Nuff sed!

greek funny videos: finish

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The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔

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Just For Laughs August 2012

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*80'S GREEK CULT MOVIES*by SYNTH-S...διμετρο μανουλι η ΧΑΡΟΥΛΑ ΒΕΛΕΝΤΖΑ...απο την ταινια=Ο ΤΡΕΛΟΞΕΝΥΧΤΗΣ(1986).

فيلم عصفور السطح - Child of Terraces (كامل - للكبار - جودة عالية)

Tags: فيلم  عصفور  السطح  -  Child  of  Terraces  (كامل  -  للكبار  -  جودة  عالية) 

عصفور السطح أو الحلفاويين (بالفرنسية: Halfaouine, l'enfant des terrasses‏) فيلم تونسي من إنتاج سنة 1990 وهو أول فيلم روائي طويل للمخرج فريد بوغدير. تدور أحداث الفيلم في حي الحلفاوين...

Best-Just-For-Laughs -Best-Sexy-Pranks 2

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Best-Just-For-Laughs -Best-Sexy-Romantik-Pranks HD -Best-Sexy-Pranks 1

Sex with The Hulk

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25 Things You Say During Sex - Bruce Banner, there's no such thing as safe sex.See more http://www.collegehumor.comFOLLOW us on: us on:


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Messi vs Ronaldinho ● Who Is The Barcelona King? ||HD||

Tags: Messi  vs  Ronaldinho    Who  Is  The  Barcelona  King?  ||HD|| 

Who is the Barcelona's King? Lionel Messi or Ronaldinho? Check the video and give your opinion. If you like my work, become a fan on facebook and follow me on twitter: Army - GRV Music2. Battle of Worlds - GRV MusicIGNORE TAGS:...

How To Use a Female Condom

Tags: How  To  Use  a  Female  Condom 

National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps member demonstrates how to use a female condom

Best Fails of the Week 1 January 2013 || FailArmy

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Gossip Girl - Chuck & Blair - 3.03 The Lost Boy - Part 01/09

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3.03 - The Lost BoyDirected By: Jean de SegonzacWritten By: Robert HullOriginal Airdate: September 28, 2009It's an Upper East Side face-off when Blair and Chuck both set their sights on a particular item up for bid at Sotheby's and the personal stakes are high. Blair needs the painting to be...

How To Put On A Condom

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A condom is the only form of protection which will both help stop the spread of STIs and prevent pregnancy. You should use a condom every time you have sex - this film will show you how to put on a condom.Subscribe! Out Our Channel...

Volvo FH12 520 Reaching For The Stars

Tags: Volvo  FH12  520  Reaching  For  The  Stars 

Crazy Jacob lifting the front wheels from the ground on the Volvo FH 12 520 8x4 truck when pulling up a heavy container with asphalt :)Come and follow us on Facebook...

Funny Commercial

Tags: Funny  Commercial 

Funny Commercial...the driver are trying to flirt with tat gal..but she tries to ignore him by playing the music loudly...then she found tat the crop is gone from the driver's car n shocked to find him sitting behind her car enjoying the music from 'kenwood audio player'....tis advertisment...

Funniest Commercials

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this are some of the funny commercials that we laugh about every day enjoy it subscribe or comment

Nicocalm -- für ungewollte Erektionen

Tags: Nicocalm  --  für  ungewollte  Erektionen 

Ein Nikotinpflaster für Männer. Sehr praktisch für diese "ungewollte Erektion" Momente ;) Perfektes Beispiel für eine Anti-Raucher-Kampagne :P

Daily Fail Compilation #4 (August 26, 2012) | MustSee

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Condom Ads.

Tags: Condom  Ads. 

Still drinking coca cola? Watch this!

Tags: Still  drinking  coca  cola?  Watch  this! 

Drinking coca cola will destroy your teeth and bones, and make you extremely fat and unhealthy. Do not drink cola. Do not drink any type of soda drinks. Diet cola is much worse. Never give any cola or other soda drinks to children. Drink water. Get your children used to drinking water. Water is...