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OP Daulat / Sulu Lahad Datu - Sabah Crisis 2013

Tags: OP  Daulat  /  Sulu  Lahad  Datu  -  Sabah  Crisis  2013 

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Madugong bakbakan sa Sabah standoff

Tags: Madugong  bakbakan  sa  Sabah  standoff 

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Punto por Punto: Sabah, mababawi ba?

Tags: Punto  por  Punto:  Sabah,  mababawi  ba? 

MANILA - Punto por Punto host Anthony Taberna discusses the efforts of followers of Sultan Jamalaul Kiram III to reclaim Sabah.

LAHAD DATU Dreams & Reality

Tags: LAHAD  DATU  Dreams  &  Reality 

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has denied the claim that the Malaysian Government had used it to strengthen its claim on Sabah.MILF secretariat head Mohammad Ameen also dismissed claims by former Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) chairman Nur Misuari that Malaysia was responsible...

Lahad Datu Sultanate of Sulu...Watch it!!!

Tags: Lahad  Datu  Sultanate  of  Sulu...Watch  it!!! 

Malaysian Law Enforcement

OP Daulat / Sulu : Lahad Datu, Sabah Standoff

Tags: OP  Daulat  /  Sulu  :  Lahad  Datu,  Sabah  Standoff 

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LAHAD DATU Sulu Army lays claim to Malaysian state

Tags: LAHAD  DATU  Sulu  Army  lays  claim  to  Malaysian  state 

More than 100 people have been left homeless by what has, until now, been a little-known armed Filipino group.The self-proclaimed Royal Sultanate army sailed across the Sulu Sea to lay claim to Malaysia's eastern area of Sabah.The group say they say are descendants of an ancient Sulu sultan who...

Sabah Philippines Story

Tags: Sabah  Philippines  Story 

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Philippine Military Power 2013

Tags: Philippine  Military  Power  2013 

Add/Subscribe me @Facebook Music: BLEACH OST "INVASION"LYRICS:For every man there is a cause which he would gladly die for.Defend the right to have a place to which he can belong to.And every man will fight with his bare hands in desperation.And...

Malaysian rejects CEASEFIRE!!!

Tags: Malaysian  rejects  CEASEFIRE!!! 

Malaysia's prime minister on Thursday rejected a ceasefire call by the self-proclaimed Philippine sultan whose Islamic fighters launched a deadly incursion into Malaysia.Malaysian forces are currently hunting for the Islamic militants in a remote region of Borneo island where they landed last...

Perdebatan Datuk Dr Jeffrey di DUN Sabah: Rahsia bn umno Sabah TERBONGKAR!

Tags: Perdebatan  Datuk  Dr  Jeffrey  di  DUN  Sabah:  Rahsia  bn  umno  Sabah  TERBONGKAR! 

Perdebatan Datuk Dr.Jeffrey di DUN Sabah telah membongkarkan kebenaran yang selama ini telah disembunyikan oleh bn-umno Sabah. Ketika Datuk Dr.Jeffrey sedang menyampaikan mesej beliau, wakil-wakil bn-umno terus menyampuk dan menyerang beliau dengan persoalan-persoalan serta ucapan-ucapan yang...

[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu Sabah

Tags: [Wajib  Tonton]  Suasana  Perang  di  Lahad  Datu  Sabah 

[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu Sabah[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu Sabah[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu Sabah[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu Sabah[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu Sabah[Wajib Tonton] Suasana Perang di Lahad Datu...

The All-Out Religious War That Took Place on an Indonesian Island

Tags: The  All-Out  Religious  War  That  Took  Place  on  an  Indonesian  Island 

Ambon's Religious Bloodbath (1999): A violent religious struggle in IndonesiaFor downloads and more information visit's no wonder inhabitants are risking their lives to leave a place where there is so much death. Rare video...

Sultan Sulu menuntut Sabah dari Malaysia

Tags: Sultan  Sulu  menuntut  Sabah  dari  Malaysia 

The Philippine government has ruled out the possibility involved Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III in negotiations on the issue of Sabah amid rising tensions in Malaysia Lahad Datu"The burden [ease tensions] not to us," said presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda as Malaysia is willing to act to end...

22 killed in Abu Sayyaf-MNLF clashes

Tags: 22  killed  in  Abu  Sayyaf-MNLF  clashes 

Walong miyembro ng MNLF ang patay at tatlo ang sugatan sa bakbakan sa mga miyembro ng Abu Sayyaf sa Patikul, Sulu. Pinugutan at tinaga pa ang isa sa miyembro ng MNLF. Ayon sa militar, patay din sa bakbakan ang labing-apat na miyembro ng Abu Sayyaf.

Lahad Datu: Malaysia rejects self-styled Sulu Sultan's unilateral ceasefire

Tags: Lahad  Datu:  Malaysia  rejects  self-styled  Sulu  Sultan's  unilateral  ceasefire 

Malaysia has rejected the unilateral ceasefire call by self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III. Watch this video at

Air Bombing of Intruders in Lahad Datu by Malaysian Authorities

Tags: Air  Bombing  of  Intruders  in  Lahad  Datu  by  Malaysian  Authorities 

Bombing of terrorist/ intruders by Royal Policeman Malaysia and ATMCheck more and please subscribe.

Sulu sultan's cousin arrested in Sabah

Tags: Sulu  sultan's  cousin  arrested  in  Sabah 

A cousin of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram has reportedly been arrested by Malaysian police in the island of Sabah, Malaysia.

World's Most Best Military Forces - Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) - Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM)

Tags: World's  Most  Best  Military  Forces  -  Malaysian  Armed  Forces  (MAF)  -  Angkatan  Tentera  Malaysia  (ATM) 

World's Best Military Forces - Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF)Malaysian ArmyRoyal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Angkatan Tentera Terbaik Di Dunia - Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM)Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM)Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia...

Lahad Datu Kesultanan Sulu 2013 Datu Ladjamura 2008

Tags: Lahad  Datu  Kesultanan  Sulu  2013    Datu  Ladjamura  2008 

Dalam ucapannya ini.. dia mengaku belum ada yang layak menjadi sultan sulu. Malahan dia mengatakan Gebenor dahulu yang patut di perjuangkan. Kerana sultan hanyalah manusia yang tak dapat memberi makan pengikutnya. Gambar ini di ambil semasa maulidur rasul di Mindanao 10 Tahun yang lalu. Beliau...

Philippines & U.S. conduct war games exercises despite Apr 25 12.

Tags: Philippines  &  U.S.  conduct  war  games  exercises  despite  Apr  25  12. 

Nearly 100 U.S. and Philippine troops took part in a mock assault on a small island in energy-rich waters disputed with China on Wednesday (April 25), a drill Beijing had said would raise the risk of armed conflict.The exercises, part of annual U.S.-Philippine war games exercises on the western...