Roger Ver vs Akihisa Kaneko Gracie Worlds 2012 BJJ Purple Belt Fight

Roger Ver vs Akihisa Kaneko Gracie Worlds 2012 BJJ Purple Belt Fight

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Roger Ver vs Akihisa Kaneko Gracie Worlds 2012 BJJ 155lb Purple Belt Fight15 Minute round. No points, no decision, submission only.Come train with us in Tokyo!

roger  ver  vs  akihisa  kaneko  gracie  worlds  2012  bjj  purple  belt  fight 

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Gracie Worlds: Richard Flood Absolute Fight

Tags: Gracie  Worlds:  Richard  Flood  Absolute  Fight 

Professor Richard Flood's fight in the absolute division. Gracie Worlds in San Jose,CA at the FitExpo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics 1/4

Tags: Brazilian  Jiu  Jitsu  Basics  1/4 

Volume I -- GuardArmlock 1 & 2Triangle Choke 1 & 2OmoplataKimuraSweep 1, 2 & 3GuillotineArmlock SweepPassing Guard 1, 2, 3 & 4Defending the StackVolume II- Side ControlSide Control Intro (Postitioning)Mounting 1, 2 & 3Setup for Kimura KimuraArmlockNeck CrankTaking the BackEscapes from...

Gibbs-10th Planet San Francisco- Gracie Worlds 2012 R:2.MTS

Tags: Gibbs-10th  Planet  San  Francisco-  Gracie  Worlds  2012  R:2.MTS 

Finished with belly down straight ankle lock

Labitconf 2013 - Why Bitcoin? - Roger Ver

Tags: Labitconf  2013  -    Why  Bitcoin?  -  Roger  Ver 

Watch all 18 presentations at Allí podrá elegir el audio en español o en inglés.Seguinos en las redes:

Fight Quest - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Full)

Tags: Fight  Quest  -  Brazilian  Jiu-Jitsu  (Full) 

I don't own this just sharing it cause I'm bored. YouTube "Experts" comments come at me haha lol. :Dno copyright infringement is intended

gibbs of 10thP S.F. vs Hamblin of 10thP Burbank/New Zealand Gracie worlds 2012 finals.MTS

Tags: gibbs  of  10thP  S.F.  vs  Hamblin  of  10thP  Burbank/New  Zealand  Gracie  worlds  2012  finals.MTS 

Lost in the finals to Joesef Hamblin of 10th planet Burbank/New Zealand, via triangle choke after getting worked for a few minutes.

Second half of Ryron's first match Gracie Worlds 2012

Tags: Second  half  of  Ryron's  first  match  Gracie  Worlds  2012 

I didn't start filming until later in the match. Here is a tast of Ryron's laid back competition style at the Graice Worlds on July 14, 2012

Técnicas de Jiu Jitsu - Aprenda como ser um campeão

Tags: Técnicas  de  Jiu  Jitsu  -  Aprenda  como  ser  um  campeão 

Confira agora algumas técnicas de luta Jiu-Jitsu e conheça mais sobre esse esportePara acompanhar as notícias do mundo do MMA também nossa

Wesley 1st match Gracie Worlds 2012

Tags: Wesley  1st  match  Gracie  Worlds  2012 

Eva's match at the 2012 Gracie Worlds in San Jose, CA

Tags: Eva's  match  at  the  2012  Gracie  Worlds  in  San  Jose,  CA 

Eva (blue belt, Gracie Barra gi) fought a purple belt for the 15 minute, submission-only, match at the 2012 Gracie Worlds in San Jose, CA.

Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida Highlight | Checkmat

Tags: Marcus  "Buchecha"  Almeida  Highlight  |  Checkmat 

Highlight of Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida from Checkmat BJJ.Song: I Can't StopArtist: Flux Pavilion

MMAVM - Ryron Gracie - Unedited 1st Fight - Gracie Worlds 2012

Tags: MMAVM  -  Ryron  Gracie  -  Unedited  1st  Fight  -  Gracie  Worlds  2012 

Ryron Gracie - Unedited 1st Fight - Gracie Worlds 2012 Filmed by: Ajay Bery - MMA Video Magazine - MMAVMhttp://gracietournaments.com - "LIKE"

MMAVM - Ryron Gracie - Gracie Worlds 2012 - PART 1 " Breakfast "

Tags: MMAVM  -  Ryron  Gracie  -  Gracie  Worlds  2012  -  PART  1    "  Breakfast  " 

MMA Video Magazine meets up with Ryron Gracie to see what he eats for breakfast before competing in the Gracie Worlds 2012 !! Silver Back Juice !! Produced by: Ajay Beryhttp://gracietournaments.com - "LIKE"

Ronin @ gracie worlds 2012

Tags: Ronin  @  gracie  worlds  2012 

Ol red beard jumps out of the gate & handles his business like a g.

Gibbs-10th Planet San Francisco, Gracie Worlds 2012 R:1.MTS

Tags: Gibbs-10th  Planet  San  Francisco,  Gracie  Worlds  2012  R:1.MTS 

Finished with a farside arm triangle from Lockdown

Purple, Brown & Black Belt Highlights from Abu Dhabi Pro World Trials

Tags: Purple,  Brown  &  Black  Belt  Highlights  from  Abu  Dhabi  Pro  World  Trials 

Abu Dhabi Pro World Trials 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida. Highlights from some of the purple, brown, & black belt matches.

Tsuyoshi Tamaki in 2012 BJJ Mundials Purple Belt Fight

Tags: Tsuyoshi  Tamaki    in  2012  BJJ  Mundials  Purple  Belt  Fight 

Tsuyoshi Tamaki in 2012 BJJ Mundials Purple Belt Fight 70KGCome train with us in Tokyo!

Roger Ver, Memorydealers [interview] - The European Bitcoin Convention - 2013 Amsterdam

Tags: Roger  Ver,  Memorydealers  [interview]  -  The  European  Bitcoin  Convention  -  2013  Amsterdam 

IamSatoshi talks to Roger Ver - The European Bitcoin Convention - 2013 Amsterdam Recorded By IamSatoshi

Keenan Cornelius @ Rose Gracie Submission BJJ Tournament San Jose, July 2102

Tags: Keenan  Cornelius  @  Rose  Gracie  Submission  BJJ  Tournament  San  Jose,  July  2102 

Keenan fighting to win his division, July 14, 2012

Bitcoin for libertarians: Roger Ver at NH Liberty Forum 2013

Tags: Bitcoin  for  libertarians:  Roger  Ver  at  NH  Liberty  Forum  2013 

Roger Ver, CEO of and video at to get started:1. Get Bitcoin wallet at http://www.coinbase.com2. Buy Bitcoins - EU: - USA: http://www.bitinstant.com3. Accept Bitcoins in your shop:...

The Rise Of Keenan Cornelius - The JiuJitsu Phenom

Tags: The  Rise  Of  Keenan  Cornelius  -  The  JiuJitsu  Phenom 

To donate and help me make more documentaries for the BJJ Community like this, you can do so at the link here out my latest documentary on Keenan Cornelius, its runs 70mins approx and is my longest documentary...

Ryron vs Vanilla Gorilla

Tags: Ryron  vs  Vanilla  Gorilla 

no gi bjj @otm tournie