Mercedes Sosa & Maria Farantouri - Nanourisma - Sunset - 28-01-2012 - 4

Mercedes Sosa & Maria Farantouri - Nanourisma - Sunset - 28-01-2012 - 4

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Ourania - Sunset 16.55Mercedes Sosa - Nanourisma - 13Manos Hadjidakis/Nikos GatsosMaria Farantouri - 17 SongsRecorded 1989/1990 at Studio Sierra, AthensMinos Matsas & Sons, Athens - 1991-Tropical Music28-01-2012 - 4

mercedes  sosa  &  maria  farantouri  -  nanourisma  -  sunset  -  28-01-2012  -  4 

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Maria Farantouri sings Mikis Theodorakis - Live

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  sings  Mikis  Theodorakis  -  Live 

01. Tou Mikrou Voria02. Omorfi Poli - 02:5003. Kouvenda Me Ena Louloudi - 06:5404. Asma Asmaton - 09:5205. Pou Petaxe T' Agori Mou - 14:5106. Dromi Palii - 18:0207. Antonio Torres Heredia I - 22:5308. Kratisa Ti Zoi Mou - 26:2809. Margarita, Margaro - 29:1510. Tis Agapis Emata - 32:4711. Ena To...

Maria Farantouri et l'orchestre des Bouzoukis

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  et  l'orchestre  des  Bouzoukis 

24 mars 1968Le groupe des Bouzoukis de Mikis THEODORAKIS accompagne la chanteuse Maria FARANTOURI pour un morceau de musique traditionnelle grecque. Émissions TV, Archive tv, Archive television, tv replay live, live music, french tv Images d'archive INAInstitut National de...

Maria Farantouri - To Mystiko

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  To  Mystiko 

Maria Farantouri - Sto Perigiali

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  Sto  Perigiali 

Composer - Mikis TheodorakisText - G. SeferisPerformer - Maria Farantouri

Giannis Xaroulis-Nanourisma ( Live )

Tags: Giannis  Xaroulis-Nanourisma  (  Live  ) 

Το υπέροχο ποίημα του Νίκου Γκάτσου, σε ερμηνεία υψηλού επιπέδου από τον Γιάννη...Νανούρισμα (Μάνου Χατζιδάκι - Νίκου Γκάτσου) Νάνι το παιδί μου, νάνι Που δεν ήθελε...

Maria Farantouri - San Elektra - Sunset - 28-01-2012 - 5

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  San  Elektra  -  Sunset  -  28-01-2012  -  5 

Ourania - Sunset - Seagulls 17.00Maria Farantouri - San Elektra - 14Vangelis Papathanassiou/Michalis BourboulisMaria Farantouri - 17 SongsRecorded 1989/1990 at Studio Sierra, AthensMinos Matsas & Sons, Athens - 1991 Tropical Music28-01-2012 - 5

Maria Farantouri: Ο Εφιάλτης της Περσεφόνης - The nightmare of Persephone

Tags: Maria  Farantouri:  Ο  Εφιάλτης  της  Περσεφόνης  -  The  nightmare  of  Persephone 

Elefsina (Greek: Ελευσίνα, Ancient/Ελευσίς Eleusis) is a town and municipality about 30 km NW of Athens.It is best known for having been the site of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the most famous religious center of ancient Greece. The Eleusinian Mysteries (Greek:Eλευσίνια...

Theodorakis Farantouri O Antonis Belgium 1985

Tags: Theodorakis  Farantouri  O  Antonis  Belgium  1985 

In 1985 Theodorakis gave a concert in Belgium with his ensemble. Here are the songs of that concert.O Antonis from the cycle Mauthausen (Kambanellis) sung by Maria Farantouri

Theodorakis-Farantouri Sto Perigiali Sixties

Tags: Theodorakis-Farantouri  Sto  Perigiali  Sixties 

from a german portrait, a rehearsal in Germany before the dictatorship. Fragment of sto Perigiali with Maria Farantouri and the Laiki Orchistra with Didilis and Karnesis. Also images of Theodorakis at his house and in his garden. With german commentary

Farantouri, Theodorakis - O Kaimos (live)

Tags: Farantouri,  Theodorakis  -  O  Kaimos  (live) 

Lyrics: Dimitris Hristodoulou

Maria Farantouri, Mikis Theodorakis (rare old videos)

Tags: Maria  Farantouri,  Mikis  Theodorakis  (rare  old  videos) 

Some precious material here. At the beginning of the video, young Farantouri sings "Asma Asmaton" in a pre-dictatorial (I think) concert. There's also a footage from a concert in Cuba and other interesting stuff.

Theodorakis Farantouri Asma Asmaton Belgium 1985

Tags: Theodorakis  Farantouri  Asma  Asmaton  Belgium  1985 

In 1985 Theodorakis gave a concert in Belgium with his ensemble. Here are the songs of that concert.Asma Asmaton from the cycle Mauthausen (Kambanellis) sung by Maria Farantouri

Maria Farantouri - O kaixis

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  O  kaixis 

Composer: Apostolos Hatzihristos / Lyrics: Giorgos Fotidas. (Some Turkish words are taken from the popular operetta "Leblebici Horhor Aga" by Dikran Chuhacian.)

05 Mercedes Sosa - Duerme Negrito (5 13)

Tags: 05  Mercedes  Sosa  -  Duerme  Negrito  (5      13) 


Maria Farantouri - Agapi mou

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  Agapi  mou 

Composer: Mikis Theodorakis / Lyrics: Giannis Theodorakis. Pianist: Irina Valentinova

Maria Farantouri - Songs of Freedom - I Pantermi - 20-03-2012 - 4

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  Songs  of  Freedom  -  I  Pantermi  -  20-03-2012  -  4 

Ourania - Clouds 10.43Maria Farantouri - I Pantermi - 7Odysseas Elytis/Mikis Theodorakis Seven Songs of LorcaMaria Farantouri & John Williams - Songs of Freedom - 19701995 Sony Entertainment Inc.20-03-2012 - 4

Joan Baez & Mercedes Sosa "Gracias A La Vida"

Tags: Joan  Baez  &  Mercedes  Sosa  "Gracias  A  La  Vida" 

June 5, 1988 at the Roman Amphitheatre, Xanten, Germany

Maria Farantouri - Agapi mou, Agapi mou - 29-01-2012

Tags: Maria  Farantouri  -  Agapi  mou,  Agapi  mou  -  29-01-2012 

Ourania - Clouds - Sunlight 14.30 Maria Farantouri - Agapi mou, Agapi mou - 9 - (cd 2)Yiannis Theodorakis/Mikis TheodorakisI Maria Farantouri sto Olympia1994 Minos - Emi A.E. - Fabelsound Greece29-01-2012

Mercedes Sosa - Todo cambia

Tags: Mercedes  Sosa  -  Todo  cambia 

La Negra y una bella poesía del chileno Julio Numhauser


Tags: Νανουρίσματα 

01- Ύπνε που παίρνεις τα παιδιά- Σ. Γιαννάτου02- Νανούρισμα- Χαϊνηδες, Μ. Σταυρακάκης03- Νανούρισμα Ι- Μ. Κανά04- Νανούρισμα- Σ. Μπιρμπίλη05- Νανούρισμα- Σ. Βασιλαράκη06-...

Mikis Theodorakis- Maria Farantouri: MARINA - ΜΑΡΙΝΑ

Tags: Mikis  Theodorakis-  Maria  Farantouri:  MARINA  -  ΜΑΡΙΝΑ 

MARINA: A poem by Odysseas ElytisMusic: Mikis Theodorakis- Μίκης ΘεοδωράκηςImages from the film "Iphigenia" directed by Michalis Cacoyiannis, starring Irene Papas as Klytemnestra, Kostas Kazakos as Agamemnon and Tatiana Papamoschou as Iphigenia.Δώσε μου δυόσμο να...

Mikis Theodorakis - Strose to stroma sou & Zorba (live,2005)

Tags: Mikis  Theodorakis  -  Strose  to  stroma  sou  &  Zorba  (live,2005) 

Composer: Mikis Theodorakis / Lyrics: Iakovos Kampanellis. Singing Sonia Theodoridou, Zahos Terzakis, Nena Venetsanou, Dimitris Basis, Lavrentis Maheritsas. (A part of Zorba is missing for technical reasons.) Part of the concert "Songs of love", held in Herodes Atticus Theater on the 80th...