etnies Presents: Nick Garcia

etnies Presents: Nick Garcia

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etnies Presents Nick Garcia skating the etnies Freeport. See more from Nick & friends in Element's "Future Nature", coming 5/1/12. Check the teaser here: the etnies Nick Garcia Giveaway here:

etnies  presents:  nick  garcia 

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Street League 2014 - Super Crown - Newark, NJ - HD 1080p

Tags: Street  League  2014  -  Super  Crown  -  Newark,  NJ  -  HD  1080p 

The sole purpose of this video is to increase the popularity of this format. All rights go to their respective owners.http://www.streetleague.com Finals start at min 3.Thanks for watching and follow Street League channel for more...

Excess Baggage: Barney Page

Tags: Excess  Baggage:  Barney  Page 

Filmed all over the world, spanning an entire year, this is the excess footage of Barney Page from etnies Presents: AB&A.Watch Barney's full part in AB&A: more of Barney and shop the Summer Skate Collection at...

Nassim Guammaz - Hold It Down

Tags: Nassim  Guammaz  -  Hold  It  Down 

Nassim Guammaz part from Element Europe´s 2013 production Hold It Down

The etnies Highlight by Tyler Bledsoe

Tags: The  etnies  Highlight  by  Tyler  Bledsoe 

Shop the Highlight and see more of Tyler on

Nassim Guammaz - Future Nature Deadline Day

Tags: Nassim  Guammaz  -  Future  Nature  Deadline  Day 

In March 2012 the Element Europe team spent 10 days in Saragossa, Spain to film the riders' last few tricks for their parts in Element's latest AM Video "Future Nature". Here we follow Nassim Guammaz on the last day of filming before the deadline for the project - the pressure's on to get...

Nick Garcia: Future Nature

Tags: Nick  Garcia:  Future  Nature 

A quick re-edit of Nick's Future Nature ender that I made for the Transworld editing contest, but didn't get in by the deadline. Song: Red Fang: WiresI do not own any of the material used in this video. All materials incorporated are the property of their respective owners. I do not seek to use...

Julian Davidson Exclusive Full Part

Tags: Julian  Davidson  Exclusive  Full  Part 

This site's a monster that must be fed content every day. So when we showcase something, we make sure it's worth it. Julian Davidson and Converse present an instant-classic dose of pure skating.

Nyjah Huston vs. Chris Cole - Game of Skate Quarterfinals

Tags: Nyjah  Huston  vs.  Chris  Cole  -  Game  of  Skate  Quarterfinals 

Heavy hitters Nyjah Huston and Chris Cole went hard in the quarterfinals of the inaugural ESPN Game of Skate at the ESPN headquarters on Aug. 1, 2014.

Nick Garcia, Nassim Guammaz & David Reyes! The Game, Pro Status & Chris Cole! Weekend Buzz ep. 41

Tags: Nick  Garcia,  Nassim  Guammaz  &  David  Reyes!  The  Game,  Pro  Status  &  Chris  Cole!  Weekend  Buzz  ep.  41 

-Weekend Buzz: Every Friday on Ride Channel-This week Nick Garcia, Nassim Guammaz & David Reyes explain what it's like tobreak your collarbone and get shots in your ass, get beat up by Germans,burn your own house down, pick up any chick you want by reading a book, haveyour filmer shit themselves,...



It¹s a rare thing these days, in the age of the internet and all, when you can honestly say an amateur skater paid his dues to earn what he¹s got, but for Nick Garcia, there's nothing truer than that. Skating his ass off, and getting noticed the old fashioned way. "The harder you work the...

Etnies Skate Tour : Japan

Tags: Etnies  Skate  Tour  :  Japan 

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit,...

Davis Torgerson

Tags: Davis  Torgerson 


etnies Presents: AB&A

Tags: etnies  Presents:  AB&A 

Featuring the endlessly creative skating of Sweden's Albert Nyberg, all-terrain destruction of England's Barney Page, and super heavy hammer fest of Belgium's Axel Cruysberghs, the etnies European am video is a face melter. Filmed all over the world, spanning an entire year, this is the first...

fourstar - Gang of Fourstar - Parte 1

Tags: fourstar  -  Gang  of  Fourstar  -  Parte  1 

fourstar - Gang of Fourstar - Parte 1

Baker 3 Full Video

Tags: Baker  3  Full  Video 

Baker 3 was the biggest video to drop in 2005. If you haven't seen it 100x, watch it again.Intro 0:00Erik Ellington 2:45Jeff Lenoce 6:38Braydon Szafranski 8:45Antwuan Dixon 11:02Friends 12:50Dustin Dollin 16:00Theotis Beasley 20:08Rammy Issa 20:42Andrew Reynolds 21:08Terry Kennedy 27:10Kevin...

etnies Presents: Blood, Sweat, & Slabs

Tags: etnies  Presents:  Blood,  Sweat,  &  Slabs 

As a destination historically known for its abandonment and desolation, Slab City is now the home of nomads, squatters, snowbirds and the remains of barracks from World War II. On the most recent etnies endeavor, Willow, Nick Garcia and Julian Davidson took their new signature colorways of the...

Quit Looking At Me - etnies BMX in India

Tags: Quit  Looking  At  Me  -  etnies  BMX  in  India BMX goes to India with Nathan Williams, Aaron Ross & Tom Dugan. See what they get into while searching for spots and making their way through Mumbai & Bandra. Take a look at the etnies Brake, designed specifically for BMX:

etnies Sheckler 6: Where You Gonna Go

Tags: etnies  Sheckler  6:  Where  You  Gonna  Go 

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor heckler will ever keep Mr. Ryan Sheckler from the swift completion of his appointed session. Ever. Designed and tested by Ryan, the Sheckler 6 offers full width and ample support for all of your onboard duties. Where you gonna...

AB&A Etnies

Tags: AB&A  Etnies 

Albert Nyberg, Barney Page and Axel Cruysberg

Best Skateboard Fails Compilation 2014 || Uniformedia

Tags: Best  Skateboard  Fails  Compilation  2014  ||  Uniformedia 

Best Skateboard Fails Compilation 2014 || UniformediaMake sure you are watching this video in HD! "COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair...



To celebrate Kenny turning pro, we spent a weekend with him in his hometown of Carlsbad, California.Edit: Colin KennedyCameras: Colin Kennedy, Ryan DearthMotion Design: Ryan MarcusArt Direction: Mike Hiskey

etnies Presents: Healing with Tom Dugan

Tags: etnies  Presents:  Healing  with  Tom  Dugan 

The view and opinions expressed in this video are those of Tom Dugan and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of etnies &/or its affiliates or employees. This video is provided solely for informational purposes. The video does not constitute medical or legal advice, and is...

10 Skate Hacks

Tags: 10  Skate  Hacks 

10 random skate tips to help you with general skateboarding related...stuff. What tip did you find most useful? if any? Follow me on twitter! if you don't hate my channel Spot...

Red Bull Perspective - A Skateboard Film

Tags: Red  Bull  Perspective  -  A  Skateboard  Film 

Skate over to for more action!Get Red Bull Perspective on iTunes: a deeper perspective, click here: more skating action, check out Watch the Skate Edit: Sheckler's...

etnies Presents the Tyler Bledsoe Mid Pro Model, Part 2!

Tags: etnies  Presents  the  Tyler  Bledsoe  Mid  Pro  Model,  Part  2! etnies Presents the Tyler Bledsoe Mid Pro Model!