Emma Thompson Gets Star on Hollywood Blvd Walk of Fame Video

Emma Thompson Gets Star on Hollywood Blvd Walk of Fame Video

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Emma Thompson unviels her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd near the Pig & Whislte Bar August 6, 2010 joined by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Laurie at Walk of Fame Ceremony Video by Woody McBreairty

emma  thompson  gets  star  on  hollywood  blvd  walk  of  fame  video 

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Maggie Gyllenhaal at Emma Thompson Hollywood Walk of Fame C

Tags: Maggie  Gyllenhaal  at  Emma  Thompson  Hollywood  Walk  of  Fame    C 

Emma Thompson received her star on Holllywood Walk of Fame Ceremony August 6, 2010 Video by Woody McBreairty

Snow King Goes In On Ratchet Black Chicks At Popeyes On Hollywood Blvd!

Tags: Snow  King  Goes  In  On  Ratchet  Black  Chicks  At  Popeyes  On  Hollywood  Blvd! 

click here to read up on what lead up to these events http://sotomayortv.com/snowkingvsratchetspopeyes/follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/tjstomayor

Must see Emma Thomspon unveils star on the Hollywood Walk o

Tags: Must  see    Emma  Thomspon  unveils  star  on  the  Hollywood  Walk  o 

Emma Thompson Honored with 2,416th Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame for her Motion Picture CareerEmcee Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO Leron GublerGuest speakers: Hugh Laurie and Maggie GyllenhaalAt 6714 Hollywood Boulevard in front of The Pig 'n Whistle British Pub Friday, August...

Hugh Laurie's speech at Emma Thompson's Walk of Fame Event

Tags: Hugh  Laurie's  speech  at  Emma  Thompson's  Walk  of  Fame  Event 

Hugh Laurie gushes (quite rightly) over Emma Thompson in his speech on Hollywood Blvd. Emma has just earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I apologize for the camera's shakiness, but at least you can see (most of) it, right? PLEASE CREDIT @ADIEANGEL if you copy this video. Thank you!

Emma Thompson on The Martha Stewart Show (part1)

Tags: Emma  Thompson  on  The  Martha  Stewart  Show  (part1) 

Emma Thompson on The Martha Stewart Show 2010-05-25Emma is a cook on tele!Part 2 is here!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXT3eFfEGj8

Hollywood walk of fame/ Los Angeles 1/2/2010

Tags: Hollywood  walk  of  fame/  Los  Angeles  1/2/2010 

Raw footages from Hollywood walk of fame/.1/2/2010

"Saving Mr Banks" Press Conference with Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks and Cast at Beverly Hills Hotel

Tags: "Saving  Mr    Banks"  Press  Conference  with  Emma  Thompson,  Tom  Hanks  and  Cast  at  Beverly  Hills  Hotel 

We were invited to the press conference for "Saving Mr. Banks" at the Beverly Hills Hotel (featured in the film). Here is the press conference in it's entirety! Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, B.J. Novak, Colin Farrell, Jason Schwartzman and other actors were part of the conversation.Check out our...

Hollywood Blvd - The Complete Video

Tags: Hollywood  Blvd  -  The  Complete  Video 

A tour of Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. By, George Vreeland Hill

Emma Thompson on The Late Late Show - Hugh Laurie

Tags: Emma  Thompson  on  The  Late  Late  Show  -  Hugh  Laurie 

Emma talks to Craig Ferguson about Hugh Laurie.Enjoy ! Rate and comment...Check out my channel for more! =)I own nothing.

Ellen Surprises Walk of Fame Tourists

Tags: Ellen  Surprises  Walk  of  Fame  Tourists 

These visitors to Ellen's star on the Walk of Fame had no idea they were about to talk with Ellen herself!

Los Angeles: Hollywood Boulevard to the Hollywood Sign

Tags: Los  Angeles:  Hollywood  Boulevard  to  the  Hollywood  Sign 

Los Angeles: Trajet depuis Hollywood Boulevard jusqu'au Hollywood Sign.

Incredible Performances by Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson

Tags: Incredible  Performances  by  Meryl  Streep  and  Emma  Thompson 

Ellen looked back at some spectacular performances on her show by two of the greatest living actors.

Emma Thompson & her son Tindy Agaba discuss family - 1/2

Tags: Emma  Thompson  &  her  son  Tindy  Agaba  discuss  family  -  1/2 

Family is a protective environment, one that that you clearly needed at that time. We all need it, because we all need somewhere we feel safe"Actress Emma Thompson and her adopted son Tindy Agaba, who came to the UK as a refugee from Rwanda, share the beginning of their story as mother and son,...

USA Los Angeles Walk of Fame Hollywood Boulevard des Etoiles des Stars du Show-Biz

Tags: USA  Los  Angeles  Walk  of  Fame  Hollywood  Boulevard  des  Etoiles  des  Stars  du  Show-Biz 

( merci de noter la vidéo ) Le Walk of Fame est un trottoir très célèbre situé sur Hollywood Boulevard entre Gower Street et la Brea Avenue, ainsi que sur Vine Street entre Yucca Street et Sunset Boulevard, dans le quartier d'Hollywood à Los Angeles, en Californie. Sur les quelque 2...



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Emma Thompson - Golden Globes 1996 (Best Speech ever!) .m4v

Tags: Emma  Thompson  -  Golden  Globes  1996  (Best  Speech  ever!)  .m4v 

Emma Thompson's speech at the Gloden Globes 1996.

Emma Thompson Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Tags: Emma  Thompson  Honored  with  a  Star  on  the  Hollywood  Walk  of  Fame 

Coverage of Emma Thompson receiving a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA, on August 6, 2010. Brought to you by CelebrityFootage.com.

Hollywood Blvd Saturday night Aug 6 2011

Tags: Hollywood  Blvd  Saturday  night  Aug  6  2011 

Typical Saturday night walking down Hollywood Blvd. So many tourists from all over the world. And many people in custom ready for pictures.

Last Chance Harvey / Last chance for Love interview of Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson

Tags: Last  Chance  Harvey  /  Last  chance  for  Love  interview  of  Dustin  Hoffman  &  Emma  Thompson 

Last chance for Love interview of Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson (English and French)

Emma Thompson on Surrealism on The Culture Show

Tags: Emma  Thompson  on  Surrealism  on  The  Culture  Show 

Emma Thompson, purveyor of surreal nonsense in the 80s, reveals her Surreal influences.

Hollywood Blvd 1957

Tags: Hollywood  Blvd  1957 

Footage can be licensed from Getty Images at http://www.gettyimages.com/More Vintage Los Angeles at http://www.facebook.com/Vintage-Los-Angeles/121097987946929Radio Recordings at OTR HALLOWEEN HOLIDAZE YouTube's Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/STEPCHILD240

Meet the | Characters of Hollywood Blvd | Jimmy Kimmel

Tags: Meet  the  |  Characters  of  Hollywood  Blvd  |  Jimmy  Kimmel 

This video shows a variety of characters that can be found on Hollywood Boulevard! We ask them why they chose their costumes as well as their opinion of Jimmy Kimmel. Lots of great content, enjoy!Special thanks to all the characters.Music from http://www.purple-planet.comLike and Subscribe!

Emma Thompson Star Laid To Rest in Hollywood

Tags: Emma  Thompson  Star  Laid  To  Rest  in  Hollywood 

Emma Thompson gets her star in Hollywood.

HOLLYWOOD Walk Of Fame Stars - Kid On Vacation Connor

Tags: HOLLYWOOD  Walk  Of  Fame  Stars  -  Kid  On  Vacation  Connor 

Connor's series http://kidonvacation.com Connor's facebook http://www.facebook.com/kidonvacationConnor's twitter https://twitter.com/#!/kidonvacation