Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmur by Dn. Tewodros Yosef (Dngl Maryam). V. 7

Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmur by Dn. Tewodros Yosef (Dngl Maryam). V. 7

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This is an Ethiopian orthodox mezmur, by dn.Tewodros Yosef, this mezmur about emebetachin kidist dinigil mariya. This mezmur is tells the story when arch angel gebreal first appeared to Maryam and told her the good news..It is really nice mezmur

ethiopian  orthodox  tewahedo  mezmur  by  dn.  tewodros  yosef  (dngl  maryam).  v.  7 

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እጠበኝ ቆሽሻለው Etebegn Qoshishalew

Tags: እጠበኝ  ቆሽሻለው  Etebegn  Qoshishalew 

በዘማሪ ዲ.ን ቴዎድሮስ ዮሴፍ

Ethiopian Orthodox tewahedo mezmur dn Tewodros Yosef GEBREAL

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  tewahedo  mezmur  dn    Tewodros  Yosef    GEBREAL 

This is an Ethiopian orthodox mezmur, by dn. Tewodros Yosef, this mezmur about LIKE MELAEKIT KIDUS GEBREAL. This mezmur is properly made, and about its zema, it is correct yaredawi zema.

በርተሚዮስ - ሊቀ መዘምራን ይልማ ሀይሉ (with Lyrics)

Tags: በርተሚዮስ  -  ሊቀ  መዘምራን  ይልማ  ሀይሉ  (with  Lyrics) 

All rights reserved to the artist and their production company.

Tewodros Yosef Mariam mariam biye

Tags: Tewodros  Yosef  Mariam  mariam  biye 

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Dn. Engdawerk .mp4

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezmur  by  Dn.  Engdawerk  .mp4 

This is an Ethiopian Orthodox tewahedo mezmur by Dn. engidaweork and others. They are singing and praising EMEBETACHIN DINIGIL MARIYAMIN. bemenu beamisale men nasitemasileki... bemin bemin enimesilish.this is really nice mezmur.

Zemari Teodros Yosef "ይላል አንደበቴ"

Tags: Zemari  Teodros  Yosef  "ይላል  አንደበቴ" 

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Mezmur "ይላል አንደበቴ" by Zemari Tedros Yosef.

Tewahedo orthodox mezmur By Tedros

Tags: Tewahedo  orthodox  mezmur  By  Tedros 

Tewahedo orthodox mezmurSt MichealBy Tedros

Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmur by Dn. Tewodros Yosef (Ykineni)

Tags: Ethiopian  orthodox  tewahedo  mezmur  by  Dn.  Tewodros  Yosef  (Ykineni) 

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Mezmur - Dn. Tewodros Yoseph : Yikuneni,church mezmur, Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmur, ethiopian orthodox tewahedo

Ethiopian orthodox mezmur zemari tewodros yosef እግዚአብሄርን ጠራሁት

Tags: Ethiopian  orthodox  mezmur  zemari  tewodros  yosef    እግዚአብሄርን  ጠራሁት 

i like tewodros yosef mezmur's here is one of it መልካም ዝማሬ

Best Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Zemari Mirtnesh Tilahun (Mar Mar alew) ማር ማር አለው

Tags: Best  Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezmur  by  Zemari  Mirtnesh  Tilahun  (Mar  Mar  alew)  ማር  ማር  አለው 

This is a new Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Zemari Mrtnesh. Please listen to it carefully, and do not hesitate to write your comments or to like the video.

Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmure by yilima hayilu (best mezmur of 2012).mpg

Tags: Ethiopian  orthodox  tewahedo  mezmure  by  yilima  hayilu  (best  mezmur  of  2012).mpg 

this is yilima mezmur, ye silasien menber (የሥላሴን መንበር ቅዱሳን ከበውት). this is one of the best mezmurs in Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo church. this is the lyrics for the mezmurየሥላሴን መንበርየሥላሴን መንበር ቅዱሳን...

EOTC "ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ዝም አንልም ግብረ ሰዶማዊነት በኢትዮጵያ የ666 አሰራር" በደረጀ ነጋሸ ዘወይንዬ

Tags: EOTC  "ስለ  ኢትዮጵያ  ዝም  አንልም  ግብረ  ሰዶማዊነት  በኢትዮጵያ  የ666  አሰራር"  በደረጀ  ነጋሸ  ዘወይንዬ 

"ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ዝም አንልም ግብረ ሰዶማዊነት በኢትዮጵያ የ666 አሰራር" "ግብረ ሰዶማዊነት በኢትዮጵያ" በሚል፦ መምህር ደረጄ...

New Mezmur - Zemarit Zerfie Kebede 2013 - Qen Yasgonebesal

Tags: New  Mezmur  -  Zemarit  Zerfie  Kebede  2013  -  Qen  Yasgonebesal 

Qen Yasgonebesal. New Mezmur by Zemarit Zerfie Kebede from her new album Menfes Qedus. . . . . .

New Mezmur by Tewodrose yosef (Gebreal kesemay)

Tags: New  Mezmur  by  Tewodrose  yosef  (Gebreal  kesemay) 

This is a new mezmur by Dn Tewodrose yosef, i hope you like it, please like or comment on the video.

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Dn. Ashenafi G/mariyam - Hawaryaw Menekuse

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezmur  by  Dn.  Ashenafi  G/mariyam  -  Hawaryaw  Menekuse 

This is an Ethiopian Oethodox Tewahedo mezmur by Dn. Ashenafi G/Mariayam from his first album...about St. Teklehayimanot... this mezmur is properly made...

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezemur: Tewodros Yosef -Mariam mariam biye

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezemur:  Tewodros  Yosef  -Mariam  mariam  biye 

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezemur: Tewodros Yosef -Mariam mariam biye. In this video, d/n Tewodros Yosef sings a beauitiful song called Mariam Mariam Biye. It is all about St Marry.

Diakon Tewodros......(የፍቅር እናት)

Tags: Diakon  Tewodros......(የፍቅር  እናት) 

This Mezmure is taken from a ceremony that was in the millinium adarash, the whole plan was to collect donations so that closed ethiopian orthodox church will be opened again, as u can see from the video the spirit was electrifying, Enjoy.

Amazing Artist MESERET MEBRATE Performance on Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur( Yilal Andebete)

Tags: Amazing  Artist  MESERET  MEBRATE  Performance  on  Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezmur(  Yilal  Andebete) 

This is for a monastery abune melketsedek fund raising.plz subscribe to my channel? i will reach u new ethiopian orthodox mezmur as soon as they realesed.

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Kibrom Marse (Maryam Maryam)

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezmur  by  Kibrom  Marse  (Maryam  Maryam) 

This is a new Ethiopian Orthodox mezmur by zemari Kibrom Marse. It is about verging mary, please comment and like the video. Please subscribe to my channel to receive new videos as I upload them.

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur By Tewodros Yosef -- Fekade New

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  Mezmur    By    Tewodros  Yosef  --  Fekade  New 

Bole Park Media

tewodros yosef mezmur Yohannes tseble

Tags: tewodros  yosef  mezmur    Yohannes  tseble 

mezmur by tewodros on the nissiha album talking about someone who was healed from their sickness by going to Tseble or Holy Water baths in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado Mezmur- Tadewos- Emebete Medanite(እመቤቴ መዳኒቴ)

Tags: Ethiopian  Orthodox  Tewhado    Mezmur-  Tadewos-  Emebete  Medanite(እመቤቴ  መዳኒቴ) 

Ethiopian Orthodox Best song. Emebete Medanite by Zemari Tadewos Girma with bible verse about virigin mary.