japanese Reporter Interrupted by Pigs getting it on!!

japanese Reporter Interrupted by Pigs getting it on!!

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A Japanese reporter is doing a segment at a pig farm what she doesnt expect for is two horny pigs.

japanese  reporter  interrupted  by  pigs  getting  it  on!! 

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priceless pigs somewhere in france

Tags: priceless  pigs  somewhere  in  france 

summer, somewhere in france


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El verraco cogiendo la marrana en la finca de Diego The boar mating in Diego's farm

Mating of Pigs - 交配的豬 - Acasalamento dos Porcos -

Tags: Mating  of  Pigs  -  交配的豬  -  Acasalamento  dos  Porcos  - 

Raimundo Coelho filmando acasalamento dos porcos dos amigos no Valo Velho

Ridiculous Pigs Mating

Tags: Ridiculous  Pigs  Mating 

Pigs breeding 1

Tags: Pigs  breeding  1 

Large Black Hogs Mate.mp4

Tags: Large  Black  Hogs  Mate.mp4 

If you have never seen pigs mate...like I hadn't before this...it is an interesting site. The boar's penis is shaped like a corkscrew, which you can see if the video if you look closely. The female will "stand" (stay stiff) until the boar is done. After the breeding, you can check for a "semen...

Video Aula - Passe de Raiz SA 335 P22 Solda TIG(Root Pass SA 335 P22 TIG Welding).avi

Tags: Video  Aula  -  Passe  de  Raiz  SA  335  P22  Solda  TIG(Root  Pass  SA  335  P22  TIG  Welding).avi 

http://www.brazilweldsdicasparasoldagem.com/passe-de-raiz---solda-tig---posicao-5g---material-sa-335-p22Veja aqui dicas para soldagem de tubulação em material ASTM A335 P22. See here Tips for piping welding in base material ASTM A335 P22

Making Bacon!!

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Gloucester Old Spot pigs mating at Creekwell farm, if this was the moment piglets due 17th May 2010

Japan Reporter story of the night. Big Boobs

Tags: Japan  Reporter  story  of  the  night.  Big  Boobs 

This was from a cool site, unfortunately,they went PG so this is gone.

Natural England - Outdoor pig farming film

Tags: Natural  England  -  Outdoor  pig  farming  film 

In July 2012 Harvest Creative produced this film for Natural England's CSF department.Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) delivers practical solutions and targeted support to enable farmers and land managers to take voluntary action to reduce diffuse water pollution from agriculture to protect...

Mating Season

Tags: Mating  Season 

Big Sur, Elephant Seal Coitus

Pig Farm / Piggery

Tags: Pig  Farm  /  Piggery 

In this episode of "From Farm Gate To Your Plate" we travel to Bangalow Pork and takes a tour of the piggery from conception, to birth to the fattening shed. This is probably the type of factory farming that Animals Australia and the RSPCA are against.

UFC's Quinton Rampage Jackson Humps Japanese Reporter

Tags: UFC's  Quinton  Rampage  Jackson  Humps  Japanese  Reporter 


津波 千葉県山武市蓮沼  ( TSUNAMI in Chiba prefecture )

Tags: 津波 千葉県山武市蓮沼   ( TSUNAMI  in  Chiba  prefecture ) 

東北地方太平洋沖地震  千葉県山武市蓮沼の津波の一部始終です。2分20秒に津波が到達します。2011年3月11日大震災の映像です。The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake TSUNAMI in Chiba prefecture Japan. 11/Mar./2011

horny gorilla

Tags: horny  gorilla 

a gorilla is mating

pigs: one upon the other ;)

Tags: pigs:  one  upon  the  other  ;) 

... (they're possibly scratching each other!)

A shock in the nuts!!

Tags: A  shock  in  the  nuts!! 

Poor young boar - he wasn't the only one turned on - so was the electric fencing!! To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral: contact@viralspiralgroup.com

Mating Gorillas

Tags: Mating  Gorillas 

Gorillas share 98% of our DNA. They are practically family... We visited the mountain gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and what a sight it was. To be only a few feet away from them in their natural habitat, each group we saw, 13 and Hirwa, went on their business as...

Japanese reporter falls from 5 story building!!

Tags: Japanese  reporter  falls  from  5  story  building!! 

So i got kinda bored and dubbed my voice over this news clip to make it more interesting, lol. I did the guy voice AND the girls voice with a lil help from a voice alteration, lol. Hope it makes somebody laugh! :)

animals mating bloopers

Tags: animals  mating  bloopers 

some of the craziest mating done by this crazy animals hehehehehe...