japanese Reporter Interrupted by Pigs getting it on!!

japanese Reporter Interrupted by Pigs getting it on!!

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A Japanese reporter is doing a segment at a pig farm what she doesnt expect for is two horny pigs.

japanese  reporter  interrupted  by  pigs  getting  it  on!! 

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Postive sow in heat

Tags: Postive  sow  in  heat 

priceless pigs somewhere in france

Tags: priceless  pigs  somewhere  in  france 

summer, somewhere in france

Inside a Pig Farm

Tags: Inside    a  Pig  Farm 

A look inside a modern Piggery.

Slow Motion Rat Hunting #17

Tags: Slow  Motion  Rat  Hunting  #17 

The rats are invading! Their numbers have been increasing lately, more and more have been coming to feed on the bird food. They can give birth to 7 youngsters every 21 days and can carry a number of diseases - so they are not welcome in the garden! They could be poisoned, but as there are other...

Ridiculous Pigs Mating

Tags: Ridiculous  Pigs  Mating 

Tiger Attacks Wild Boar - Intense [HD]

Tags: Tiger  Attacks  Wild  Boar  -  Intense  [HD] 

Watch as this young female tiger attacks a wild boar in an intense battle at Jim Corbett National Park, India. The boar narrowly escapes.


Tags: CIMG1895.MOV 

El verraco cogiendo la marrana en la finca de Diego The boar mating in Diego's farm

Sauen Film Jagdszenen

Tags: Sauen  Film  Jagdszenen 

Einige Wildschweinjagdszenen mit Franz-Albrecht Oettingen Spielberg Aus dem Sauen Film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuoX72...Viel Spaß wünscht euch Hunter TV

Natural England - Outdoor pig farming film

Tags: Natural  England  -  Outdoor  pig  farming  film 

In July 2012 Harvest Creative produced this film for Natural England's CSF department.Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) delivers practical solutions and targeted support to enable farmers and land managers to take voluntary action to reduce diffuse water pollution from agriculture to protect...

pigs: one upon the other ;)

Tags: pigs:  one  upon  the  other  ;) 

... (they're possibly scratching each other!)

JAGER PRO™ Hog Trapping (13)- 40/40 Strategy = 100% Success

Tags: JAGER  PRO™  Hog  Trapping  (13)-  40/40  Strategy  =  100%  Success 

This segment will demonstrate the successful methods, strategies and technologies used to remove 40 of 40 feral hogs from a single location over three months. We will discuss each step in detail to reinforce the ability to perform 100% capture results in less than perfect conditions. This was one...

"Cute Mini Pigs Compilation" || CFS

Tags: "Cute  Mini  Pigs  Compilation"  ||  CFS 

Cute Mini Pigs CompilationIt's time for this cute little piggies to take over the internet. Just look how excited and playfull they are! So adorable!Rate, Share & Enjoy The Video!► Subscribe to our official new channel for more funny videos and compilations:...

Wild Boar Hunting,Wildsau Jagd 2013

  • Length: 10:14
  • Author: began

Tags: Wild  Boar  Hunting,Wildsau  Jagd  2013 

Hunting Wild Boars in Serbia"KUCINE"Auf der Jagd nach Wildschweinen Jagdgründe "KUCINE"My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/boarhunterno1

TV reporter gets judo slammed ROFL

Tags: TV  reporter  gets  judo  slammed  ROFL 

gangsterserver.com | I dont think thats what she wanted when she asked the other girl to show her a move lol

Hunting Giant Wild Boar in Hungary

Tags: Hunting  Giant  Wild  Boar  in  Hungary 

Ian Harford is after a big keiler in the forests of North-West Hungary with outfitter Wonderhart Hunting. The forest is a bursting with game. Will he connect? Watch this film to find out...

Pig Farm / Piggery

Tags: Pig  Farm  /  Piggery 

In this episode of "From Farm Gate To Your Plate" we travel to Bangalow Pork and takes a tour of the piggery from conception, to birth to the fattening shed. This is probably the type of factory farming that Animals Australia and the RSPCA are against.

Prasátko Pepina nové příběhy PePpa Pig

Tags: Prasátko  Pepina  nové  příběhy      PePpa  Pig 

Peppa Pig International Day, Peppa Pig 2014 Shadows English Episodes, Peppa Pig 2013 Bedtime Story English Episode, Peppa Pig Spider Web, Peppa Pig The Rainy Day, Peppa pig The Perfume, Peppa Pig Kyle Kangaroo, Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles, Peppa Pig Flying on Holiday, Peppa Pig - Basketball, Peppa...

Cute Baby Boar Piglets!

  • Length: 3:7
  • Author: VICE

Tags: Cute  Baby  Boar  Piglets! 

What's cuter than baby orphan boar piglets? Baby orphan boar piglets being raised by a puppy!When VICE Germany sent us some footage of the Lehnitz animal asylum, we weren't sure how cute it was going to be. Little did we know, boar piglets live there! These little rascals were found in the woods...

Pest Bird Hunting with Edgun Matador PCP Air Rifle

Tags: Pest  Bird  Hunting  with  Edgun  Matador  PCP  Air  Rifle 

This is my first attempt at using a "scope cam". Not bad considering the "McGruber" setup. It may look crude, but it works very well - better, in fact than most other scope cams I've seen on youtube. All birds removed in this video are on the United States nuisance (pest) bird list. They do...

Making Bacon!!

Tags: Making  Bacon!! 

Gloucester Old Spot pigs mating at Creekwell farm, if this was the moment piglets due 17th May 2010

pig mating

Tags: pig  mating 

all about funny animals,such as funny cat,funny dog,etc.

Feral Pigs in Australia documentary - part 1

Tags: Feral  Pigs  in  Australia  documentary  -  part  1 

Disclaimer : I do not own this video , Posted under Fair use , no copyright infringment intended. This video has been posted for not for profit education and research.This is a national geographic documentary on Feral pigs and the destruction they cause in Australia and also documents the...

The pig fights the bull...

Tags: The  pig  fights  the  bull... 

A big boar invades the horse paddock during the drought of '07... the mares go crazy but the bull comes in for the attack. Who will win? The bull or the pig? - Video copyright Leanne Owens, Queensland, Australia

Wild boar hunt 1/2 (Awesome kill Shots)

Tags: Wild  boar  hunt  1/2  (Awesome  kill  Shots) 

Wild boar hunt in Hungary with aim point optics on blaser R93 and sauer 202-300 mag.Mauser 03-375H&HDavid DInis