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Pigs breeding 1

Tags: Pigs  breeding  1 


Tags: CIMG1895.MOV 

El verraco cogiendo la marrana en la finca de Diego The boar mating in Diego's farm

Pig Housing in Australia - a balanced view

Tags: Pig  Housing  in  Australia  -  a  balanced  view 

A balanced view on the sow housing debate in Australia

priceless pigs somewhere in france

Tags: priceless  pigs  somewhere  in  france 

summer, somewhere in france

Postive sow in heat

Tags: Postive  sow  in  heat 

"Cute Mini Pigs Compilation" || CFS

Tags: "Cute  Mini  Pigs  Compilation"  ||  CFS 

Cute Mini Pigs CompilationIt's time for this cute little piggies to take over the internet. Just look how excited and playfull they are! So adorable!Rate, Share & Enjoy The Video!► Subscribe to our official new channel for more funny videos and compilations:...

History of Israel

Tags: History  of  Israel The History of Israel.

Inside a Pig Farm

Tags: Inside    a  Pig  Farm 

A look inside a modern Piggery.

Mating of Pigs - 交配的豬 - Acasalamento dos Porcos -

Tags: Mating  of  Pigs  -  交配的豬  -  Acasalamento  dos  Porcos  - 

Raimundo Coelho filmando acasalamento dos porcos dos amigos no Valo Velho

Large Black Hogs Mate.mp4

Tags: Large  Black  Hogs  Mate.mp4 

If you have never seen pigs I hadn't before is an interesting site. The boar's penis is shaped like a corkscrew, which you can see if the video if you look closely. The female will "stand" (stay stiff) until the boar is done. After the breeding, you can check for a "semen...

Amazing Guinea Pigs Tricks (with Twix and Lilo)

Tags: Amazing  Guinea  Pigs  Tricks  (with  Twix  and  Lilo) 

♥ HD ♥(TRICKS & JUMPING) ► ► ► ► T W I X .........&..........L I L O ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄The first Twix's vidéo (Tricks) : you want to see more : → SUB ! ♥An article about me and my guinea pig :...

A shock in the nuts!!

Tags: A  shock  in  the  nuts!! 

Poor young boar - he wasn't the only one turned on - so was the electric fencing!! To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral:

Video Aula - Passe de Raiz SA 335 P22 Solda TIG(Root Pass SA 335 P22 TIG Welding).avi

Tags: Video  Aula  -  Passe  de  Raiz  SA  335  P22  Solda  TIG(Root  Pass  SA  335  P22  TIG  Welding).avi aqui dicas para soldagem de tubulação em material ASTM A335 P22. See here Tips for piping welding in base material ASTM A335 P22

Live TV Gets Rudely Interrupted

Tags: Live  TV  Gets  Rudely  Interrupted 

Sky News Correspondent Thomas Moore manages to keep his compusure as a joker showers him with leaves in the middle of a live broadcast outside London's High Court.

Best Reporter Animal News Bloopers

Tags: Best  Reporter  Animal  News  Bloopers 

A collection of the best reporter animal news bloopers. SUBSCRIBE!BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012! News Bloopers May 2013 VIDEOBOMBS OF ALL TIME FUNNIEST NEWS INTERVIEWS EVER...

Japan Reporter story of the night. Big Boobs

Tags: Japan  Reporter  story  of  the  night.  Big  Boobs 

This was from a cool site, unfortunately,they went PG so this is gone.

Japanese reporter falls from 5 story building!!

Tags: Japanese  reporter  falls  from  5  story  building!! 

So i got kinda bored and dubbed my voice over this news clip to make it more interesting, lol. I did the guy voice AND the girls voice with a lil help from a voice alteration, lol. Hope it makes somebody laugh! :)

World's Largest Hog : Documentary on Giant Wild Hogs in Georgia

Tags: World's  Largest  Hog    :    Documentary  on  Giant  Wild  Hogs  in  Georgia 

World's Largest Hog : Documentary on Giant Wild Hogs in Georgia . 2013 2014This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here are about important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy...

horny gorilla

Tags: horny  gorilla 

a gorilla is mating



Watch as the reporting news reporter gets interrupted during his live broadcast on a 85 year old woman missing in Orlando, Florida by a gay couple fighting.



A reporter accidently drew a penis on the tele-illustrator while discussing a traffic problem. More at 11.

Making Bacon!!

Tags: Making  Bacon!! 

Gloucester Old Spot pigs mating at Creekwell farm, if this was the moment piglets due 17th May 2010

Ostrich mating, Anil's farm, Bangalore India.

Tags: Ostrich  mating,    Anil's  farm,  Bangalore  India. 

Camera phone

How To Butcher A Pig.(The Ultimate Pig Butchery Video).

Tags: How  To  Butcher  A  Pig.(The  Ultimate  Pig  Butchery  Video). 

This is a video showing how to Butcher A Whole Pig,the whole process from start to finish.A very detailed and close up, film on how to process a fantastic English Pig,to achieve all the Cuts Of Pork, used in a Butchers shop.Many thanks.