wesane ethiopian film dc

wesane ethiopian film dc

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wesane    ethiopian  film  dc 

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Bankeru full Ethiopian movie

Tags: Bankeru  full  Ethiopian  movie 

SARA Title1

Tags: SARA  Title1 

Yematbela wef full Ethiopian Movie

Tags: Yematbela  wef  full  Ethiopian  Movie 

a movie that can explain what a love is,,,, in the best way

yadefe mahder part 1

Tags: yadefe  mahder  part  1 

Ethiopian Drama

Yesak Erichit Comedy 3

  • Length: 10:10
  • Author: Nebsua

Tags: Yesak  Erichit  Comedy  3 

Yesak Erichit Comedy VCDNew Ethiopian Comedy VCD 2004/2011

New Ethiopian Amharic Film_MELAK

Tags: New  Ethiopian  Amharic  Film_MELAK 

Melak is a new Amharic Feature Film that has recently been released in cinemas around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is a film that has began to grabaudience attention all over the country because of its original story idea and unique production style. A number of young and renownedartists have taken...

SALNEGRAT New Ethiopian Movie (Offical Trailer)

Tags: SALNEGRAT  New  Ethiopian  Movie  (Offical  Trailer) 

SALNEGRAT New Ethiopian Movie (Offical Trailer)MARATHON FILM : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marathon-Film/671900859590405SALNEGRAT : https://www.facebook.com/pages/SALNEGRAT-Ethiopian-Movie-in-Seattle/555064361235573

ኤልሻዳይ - Elshaday - Part 6 of 10

Tags: ኤልሻዳይ  -  Elshaday  -  Part  6  of  10 

ኤልሻዳይ በፍቅር ፣ በታማኝነት ፣ በፍላጎት ፣ በጥቅም ላይ ተመርኩዞ የተሰራ የአማርኛ የፍቅር ትዕይንት ነው ።ኤልሻዳይ በፍቅር ፣ በታማኝነት ፣ በፍላጎት ፣ በጥቅም ላይ ተመርኩዞ...

Sele Feker

Tags: Sele  Feker 

A love story movie by Miss Ethiopia 2006 Amleset Muchie

Balekelem Hilmoch Part A

Tags: Balekelem  Hilmoch  Part  A 

ኤልሻዳይ - Elshaday - Part 1 of 10

Tags: ኤልሻዳይ  -  Elshaday  -  Part  1  of  10 

ኤልሻዳይ በፍቅር ፣ በታማኝነት ፣ በፍላጎት ፣ በጥቅም ላይ ተመርኩዞ የተሰራ የአማርኛ የፍቅር ትዕይንት ነው ።mekenisa

Addis Cinema Film Festival in Atlanta

Tags: Addis  Cinema  Film  Festival  in  Atlanta 

http://www.addiscinema.com/static/content/atlanta2011http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=181378685252107The 1st Annual Addis Cinema Film Festival July 6 - 7, 2011 Atlanta, GAcheck this link for the detail....

Liya Kebede Is a 'Desert Flower'

Tags: Liya  Kebede  Is  a  'Desert  Flower' 

The Ethiopian model-turned-actress takes on the real-life role of model-turned-activist Waris Dirie in her new film. Dirie was sold in to marriage as a young girl in Somalia where genital mutilation was a common cultural practice. (March 18)



በኢትዮጵያ ታይቶ "እፁብ ድንቅ" የተሰኘው ውሳኔ ፊልም፤ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ አሜሪካ ለውሳኔያችን ውሳኔ ማርች 2011... በአትላንታ ከተማ "ውሳኔ"ን እንመልከት!

Amrot - New Short Ethiopian Drama

  • Length: 9:16
  • Author: 01DTV

Tags: Amrot  -  New  Short  Ethiopian  Drama 

Amrot - New Short Ethiopian Drama


Tags: Enkoklesh 

A ground breaking and critically acclaimed Ethiopian movie by Beza Hailu.

Abay vs Vegas New Trailer

Tags: Abay  vs  Vegas  New  Trailer 

Abay vs Vegas Trailer from the leader of Ethiopian movie and TV shows streaming service provider AddisCinema.com

Ethiopian - አዲስ እንገዳ ­# 1

Tags: Ethiopian  -  አዲስ  እንገዳ  ­#  1 

Official አዲስ እንገዳ ©®New Ethiopian Music 2014 Amharic MusicSubscribe To Get The Newest Ethiopian Movie Comedy Drama.......::Betoch Part 60 - Ethiopia DramaBetoch Part 59 - Ethiopia DramaBetoch Part 58 - Ethiopia DramaDana Part 44 Ethiopian Drama FullDana Part 43 Ethiopian Drama...




Ethiopian Movie Bihones Part 1

Tags: Ethiopian  Movie      Bihones      Part  1 

Hiyaw Fikr full Ethiopian movie

Tags: Hiyaw  Fikr  full  Ethiopian  movie 

A movie that describes every part of life