Real transformers

Real transformers

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I got the music from here: you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap - search for "With A Spirit" by 009 Sound System

real  transformers 

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Real Life Transformer Bumblebee Goes To Time Square NYC

Tags: Real  Life  Transformer  Bumblebee  Goes  To  Time  Square  NYC 

See the new transforming bumblebee me on FaceBook me on twitter Halloween Costume EverSee more Pictures and Videos on Our Fan...

Transformers - Prowl vs Soundwave

Tags: Transformers  -  Prowl  vs  Soundwave 

See the complete video in "Transformers: Generation One" - the one & only true Transformers police car. With new environments, additional scenes, and the addition of voices by the legendary DR.SMOOV, this is the version that lives true to the soul...

How Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Should Have Ended

Tags: How  Transformers:  Revenge  of  the  Fallen  Should  Have  Ended 

There are so many ways Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen should have ended. Here are a handful of possibilities. Get your HISHE shirts now: Compilations now on iTunes

Transformers Costume Police and Bus

Tags: Transformers  Costume  Police  and  Bus 

Come vote for our stuff!!! We could win a car and a trip!Contest Info: to the transformation of a police car and school bus. 2009

Bumblebee vs Bonecrusher

Tags: Bumblebee  vs  Bonecrusher 

Here is my son in his costume I made for him.

TFA: Optimus Prime vs Megatron (My NAME Is Optimus Prime!)

Tags: TFA:  Optimus  Prime  vs  Megatron  (My  NAME  Is  Optimus  Prime!) 

From: Endgame, Part 2Segments from "Endgame, Part 2" depicting the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron.Also includes Star Wars-esque triumphant final scene on Cybertron.

Transformers Stop Motion - Race and Destroy - TGS

Tags: Transformers  Stop  Motion  -  Race  and  Destroy  -  TGS 

Check out the epic battle between Bumblebee and Barricade! Directed by John Huang: more TGS? Find us here:Facebook - - - http://thegamestation.tumblr.comGoogle+ -...

KRE-O Transformers: Take Us Through the Movies

Tags: KRE-O  Transformers:  Take  Us  Through  the  Movies 

Join OPTIMUS PRIME and the KRE-O TRANSFORMERS KREONS as they summarize all of the TRANSFORMERS movies… with attitude!Subscribe to the official Transformers channel to stay updated with the latest YouTube videos from KRE-O Transformers. Official Transformers YouTube Channel:...

Real Transformer

Tags: Real  Transformer 

One of the transformer shown at the San Diego County Fair 2008

Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron Costumes

Tags: Transformers  Optimus  Prime  and  Megatron  Costumes 

-Costumes designed and built by Azrael723 -Both measure 10ft in height -Music by Lazer

Transformers - Pure Action [1080p]

Tags: Transformers  -  Pure  Action  [1080p] 

Michael Bay's wet robotic dream. This covers most of the robot-on-robot action scenes in the Transformers trilogy with minimal dialogue.Admit it. You pay to see these movies only for these scenes and not the human subplots. You want to see robots beat the living crap out of each other.

Transformers Real Life Cars

Tags: Transformers  Real  Life  Cars 

I went to the Arclight and they had The Robot Vehicles there check it out but turn up your volume low volume music!!!

Thomasformers Rangers

Tags: Thomasformers  Rangers 

This blew my mind by combining 2 of my all time fav shows with a little power ranger magic in there.

Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer Transformers Rescue Bots From Hasbro Playskool

Tags: Optimus  Prime  Rescue  Trailer  Transformers  Rescue  Bots  From  Hasbro  Playskool 

Transformers! Now for the little ones =) Optimus Prime serves as a big rig to pull a car transport trailer full of Rescue Bots! Rescue Bots are sold separately. I open up are Bumblebee, Boulder The Construction-Bot, Blades The Copter-Bot, and Optimus Prime to show how they fit on the trailer.Even...

Ultimate Bumblebee stop motion transformation

Tags: Ultimate  Bumblebee  stop  motion  transformation 

Final cut. Better sound sync.

Transformer in Junkyard

Tags: Transformer  in  Junkyard 

This was made by Eric Chu.

Transformers Prime Bumblebee Dies

Tags: Transformers  Prime  Bumblebee  Dies 

This is the saddest scene from the final deadlock and most shocking i cryied at this scene I do not own this content and do not want to make profit from it in anyway

Bumble Bee Hits Back (Al's Chevrolet) - Super Bowl XLV Ad

Tags: Bumble  Bee  Hits  Back  (Al's  Chevrolet)  -  Super  Bowl  XLV  Ad 

Chevrolet will air five 30-second commercials during Super Bowl XLV Sunday on FOX, representing only part of a coordinated TV presence that continues into a special post-game episode of "Glee," the FOX hit musical comedy. The Camaro, Cruze Eco, Silverado HD and Volt will be featured in a...

Transformers-Jazz with a General problem

Tags: Transformers-Jazz  with  a  General  problem 

General Lee always was my favorite car... And Jazz my favorite Autobot... But I'm tired of always seeing the good guys winning!

Transformers 2 ROTF Movie Burger King Kids Meal Toys Review

Tags: Transformers  2  ROTF  Movie  Burger  King  Kids  Meal  Toys  Review 

Buy Your Transformers & More at Check out Your #1 Source For Geek News, Reviews, & More! Everything toys, comics, video games, movies, cartoons, & more is here!Subscribe...

Transformers Robots in Disguise - Bumblebee's Mission

Tags: Transformers  Robots  in  Disguise  -  Bumblebee's  Mission 

Picking up where Transformers Prime left off… A Decepticon prison ship crash lands on Earth and Optimus Prime summons Bumblebee to lead a rag-tag team of Autobots – including a bad-boy rebel type, a by-the-book elite guard cadet, a loud-mouth Dinobot and a hyperactive Mini-con. The mission:...

Real Transformer Robot CHERUBIM

Tags: Real  Transformer  Robot  CHERUBIM 

Real Transformer Robot CHERUBIMNEXT MOVIE!

Angry Birds Transformers - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 - Lockdown Rescue! (iOS)

Tags: Angry  Birds  Transformers  -  Gameplay  Walkthrough  Part  5  -  Lockdown  Rescue!  (iOS) 

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5! Thanks for every Like and Favorite on Angry Birds Transformers! Part 5 features gameplay of characters such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Heatwave, Bludgeon, Ultra Magnus, and Lockdown!Subscribe ►'m...

Real Life Transformers

Tags: Real  Life  Transformers 

Ever wonder what it's be like if real transformers ended up in your back---front yard?"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use...

Transformers 4 - All Transformations HD 1080p

Tags: Transformers  4  -  All  Transformations  HD  1080p 

All Transformations in Transformers 4 Age of Extinction in HD 1080p