Real transformers

Real transformers

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I got the music from here: you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap - search for "With A Spirit" by 009 Sound System

real  transformers 

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Real Transformer

Tags: Real  Transformer 

One of the transformer shown at the San Diego County Fair 2008

Real Life Transformer Bumblebee Goes To Time Square NYC

Tags: Real  Life  Transformer  Bumblebee  Goes  To  Time  Square  NYC 

See the new transforming bumblebee me on FaceBook me on twitter Halloween Costume EverSee more Pictures and Videos on Our Fan...

Artemis - World's first driving transformer costume.

Tags: Artemis  -  World's  first  driving  transformer  costume. 

Reload of the original video posted in October 2009. This is the first generation of drivable costumes. For more information check out the website at

Video Review of the Costco Exclusive; Battle Ops Bumblebee

Tags: Video  Review  of  the  Costco  Exclusive;  Battle  Ops  Bumblebee 

Video Review of the Costco Exclusive; Battle Ops Bumblebee

Epic Real Life BumbleBee Transformer Costume

Tags: Epic  Real  Life  BumbleBee  Transformer  Costume 

I built a 10 foot tall Epic Real Life BumbleBee Transformer Costume! In this video I show you the basic steps it takes on how to build your own.Check out my pictures and progress on on Twitter

Kelly's Transforming Transformer Costume

Tags: Kelly's  Transforming  Transformer  Costume 

For Halloween 2012, Kelly and his Mom made him an Optimus Prime costume that actually transforms from Transformer to vehicle.

Real Transformer NO C.G. Upgrade Version -Humvee Bioloid-

Tags: Real  Transformer  NO  C.G.  Upgrade  Version  -Humvee  Bioloid- 

This time I'll show you the second real transformer called Humvee Bioloid.It improved on a design and a motion, I think, compared with the first version.Just turn up the volume and enjoy the video.

E128 Final Project - Bumblebee

Tags: E128  Final  Project  -  Bumblebee 

Model and animation created by:Andy HoacAzhar MeyerJamie YoungSrikanth KondraguntaParts modeled in Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0Animated in 3D Studio Max Design 2010Created for E128 at UC Berkeley, Spring 2010


Tags: Devastator 

AWESOME!!!!!!! animation by:Lars MartinsensVisit his website for more info:http://www.larsmartinsen.comSong: transfomer Gnarles Barkly

Real Life Optimus Prime Transformer

Tags: Real  Life  Optimus  Prime  Transformer 

Facebook edited by in Vegas this past Halloween we met up with a fellow costume maker who made this 10 foot tall realistic Optimus Prime Transformer. You can see the different techniques...

The ULTIMATE Real-Life Transformers Costume: Silverbolt

Tags: The  ULTIMATE  Real-Life  Transformers  Costume:  Silverbolt 

Meet the man who built the ultimate real-life transformers costume: Marc Derepentigny. Hit this link for more details:

Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen 2009 (A Really Good Fake Trailer)

Tags: Transformers  2  :  Revenge  of  the  Fallen  2009  (A  Really  Good  Fake  Trailer) 

A Fan Trailer with scenes from various movies wich resemble the look of Transformers The Movie like the F22 from HULK or Mechagodzilla wich looks exactly like Trypticon with his backpack.Movies used:Red planet, Hulk, Returner, Armageddon, Transformers, War of the worlds, Godzilla, The...

Bumblebee Transformers Costume DIY

Tags: Bumblebee  Transformers  Costume  DIY 

Visit for costume build ideas. See our new video here:*** Send an email to: CreativeConstructionGuy@Gmail.comor visit us at www.CreativeConstructionGuy.comHomemade Bumblebee Transformer Costume. Made from foam,...

Transformers stop motion The Mighty Bumblebee 大黃蜂 王者之最

Tags: Transformers  stop  motion  The  Mighty  Bumblebee  大黃蜂  王者之最 

Please read the description.這是我的第11部逐格動畫,使用了大約5000張照片製作,軟體使用會聲會影、live movie maker以及After...

Bumblebee Transformers Costume

Tags: Bumblebee  Transformers  Costume 

Build instructions are available at http://www.CreativeConstructionGuy.comHere is the new version of the Bumblebee Transformer Costume. Built by

Transformers Real Life Cars

Tags: Transformers  Real  Life  Cars 

I went to the Arclight and they had The Robot Vehicles there check it out but turn up your volume low volume music!!!

The Most Amazing Bumblebee Transformer Costume 2012

Tags: The  Most  Amazing  Bumblebee  Transformer  Costume  2012 

Real Transforming Camero Costume produced by Robot Costumes USA, LLC. This costume is not available for purchase do to copyright, however we have over 9 stock costumes on our website. robotcostumesusa . com

Transformers The Game #008 - Fighting Bumblebee

Tags: Transformers  The  Game  #008  -  Fighting  Bumblebee 

Transformers The Game #008 - Fighting BumblebeeBarricade vs. BumblebeeEpischer Kampf durch die gesamte Stadt ;)

Chevy shows off Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Tags: Chevy  shows  off  Transformers:  Revenge  of  the  Fallen 

Exclusive footage edited by Michael Bay for Chevrolet of the new Autobot vehicles from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Super Bowl XLV Chevy Commercial ~ EastwoodClinton Movie News Updates

Tags: Transformers  3  Dark  Of  The  Moon  Super  Bowl  XLV  Chevy  Commercial  ~  EastwoodClinton  Movie  News  Updates 

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Super Bowl XLV Commercial*Note, this is just a commercial, not a teaser trailer for the film. Chevy is running this as its own commercial advertising the chevy camaro parallel to the film's trailer. The 30 second teaser trailer for the super bowl is being done...


Tags: Transformers 


Motorcycle Transformer Costume

Tags: Motorcycle  Transformer  Costume 

This what I'm going to be this year for Halloween. It's a motorcycle -- a sportbike and it transforms! I've never seen anything like it. Share this video if you think it's cool LOL!!! by Rex Hermogino


Tags: Transformer "Robot Party!!" :

Transformers Stop Motion - Bumble Bee VS Barricade 競速與毀滅

Tags: Transformers  Stop  Motion  -  Bumble  Bee  VS  Barricade  競速與毀滅 

Follow me on Facebook : Counter656 video #28 on youtube, I always want to make a car racing stop motion, and here it is, see how Bumble Bee race and fight against Barricade.This video took me around 2 month of production and total around 3500 pictures. Check the behind...

Transformer in Junkyard

Tags: Transformer  in  Junkyard 

This was made by Eric Chu.