How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

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An introduction to the basic tools you'll need to get some microtonal playback from your AXiS.Where you can get an AXiS-49: you can download the software described in this video: to get you started on microtonal music: names in the Temperament drop down box are all "Regular Temperaments":

how  to  make  microtonal  music  with  an  axis-49  or  qwerty  keyboard 

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'Temporal Parallax' microtonal composition by Dolores Catherino

Tags: 'Temporal  Parallax'    microtonal  composition  by  Dolores  Catherino 

'Temporal Parallax' ... expanding expressive dimensions in auditory spacetime.TEMPORAL in the sense of auditory phenomena and perception.PARALLAX - a difference in aural 'appearance' depending on the observer's perceptual position (perspective shift). A musical endeavor to present increasingly...

Sevish - Ganymede (22 tone equal temperament)

Tags: Sevish  -  Ganymede  (22  tone  equal  temperament) 

Sexy, spacey music from microtonal world. I heard this 8 note scale of 22-tet used by City of the Asleep and I composed Ganymede in the same scale. If you want to avoid the poor sound quality of youtube, download the album for free at in high quality FLAC format...

The True Story of Cinderella at Bucks County Community College

Tags: The  True  Story  of  Cinderella  at  Bucks  County  Community  College 

Bucks County Community College Department of the Arts presents The True Story of Cinderella for 12 solo voices, chime, narrator, and piano.Words and music by Warren Martin (1916-1982), Professor of Music, Westminster Choir College, 1950-1981.Queen- Jordan D'AlbenzioKing- Tyler ThompsonStepmother-...

ZIA - Space Battle (19-EDO)

Tags: ZIA  -  Space  Battle  (19-EDO) 

From the new Album Drum 'N' Space!! All-Electronic Microtonal Space Pop! Preview & Buy now at:

AXIS for Bohlen-Pierce Scale (Part 9)

Tags: AXIS  for  Bohlen-Pierce  Scale  (Part  9) 

I teach Electronic Music at Scottsdale Community College. Come join the fun!C-Thru Music has lent me this keyboard, called the AXIS, for a few months, and I am rearranging the keys for the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, a macrotuning based on a 3/1 frequency ratio, divided by 13 equal steps. See...

Wyschnegradsky - Twenty-four Preludes in Quarter-tones; No. 3

Tags: Wyschnegradsky  -  Twenty-four  Preludes  in  Quarter-tones;  No.  3 

Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893-1979) is typically acknowledged as a microtonal composer who spent most of his creative life in Paris and Germany developing his theories and "ultrachromatic scales." Before his emigration to Paris in 1920, he studied composition at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and...

Comet II - Microtonal Music - SIxths of a Tone

Tags: Comet  II    -  Microtonal  Music  -  SIxths  of  a  Tone 

This music was composed by Giuseppe Guardiani. The subdivision is Sixths of a Tone.1) Buy this software at for 12 €2) Read the user manual3) Compose microtonal music

Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Difference

Tags: Hiromi's  Sonicbloom  -  Time  Difference 

Hiromi's Sonicbloom (Quest Hall, Harajyuku, Tokyo, Japan 2007.2.20)Hiromi Uehara - PianoDavid Fiuczynski - GuitarTony Grey - BassMartin Valihora - Drums

Kraig Grady Interview - Microtonal Composer on Erv Wilson

Tags: Kraig  Grady  Interview  -  Microtonal  Composer  on  Erv  Wilson 

Follow Surfing the Sonic Sky at: Kraig Grady talks about his long association with Erv Wilson and explains some of his work including Moments of Symmetry, Combination Product Sets, the Scales of Mount Meru and the generalized keyboard. He describes Erv...

Human Astronomy by Sevish - Microtonal with a beat!!

Tags: Human  Astronomy  by  Sevish  -  Microtonal  with  a  beat!! 

Human Astronomy EP is free to download at now!! 5 more dance-influenced tracks demonstrating the powerful harmonies, melodies and moods of microtonality. Released via Split Notes Microtonal Netlabel.This video shows track 1, "Human Astronomy." This is perhaps...

19 tone equal temperament

Tags: 19  tone  equal  temperament 

a short explanation of 19 tone equal temperament, using a re-fretted guitar for

AXiS 49 - Harmonic Table Keyboard, Tutorial & Solo

Tags: AXiS  49  -  Harmonic  Table  Keyboard,  Tutorial  &  Solo 

I'm playing the AXiS for more than a month now and since there are hardly any videos of the 49 version on youtube, I thought I'll make one.I'm not a real keyboardist though, so don't overly criticise my solo, hahaThe thing I'm using to do the pitchbending etc. is a Korg nanoPad.You can find more...

Giacinto Scelsi : Streichquartett N° 4 (2/2)

Tags: Giacinto  Scelsi  :  Streichquartett    4  (2/2) 

Giacinto Scelsi : Streichquartett N° 4 (1964)Streichquartett des Klangforum Wien.

My explanation of the H-Pi Instruments Tonal Plexus microtonal keyboard

Tags: My  explanation  of  the  H-Pi  Instruments  Tonal  Plexus  microtonal  keyboard 

I own one of the first Tonal Plexus keyboards made by H-Pi Instruments. This unique MIDI controller opens new possibilities in music. It is far from the first alternative keyboard, but it is one of the first with this degree of pitch capability and flexibility.I have one of the first ones built...

Microtonal Piano (Part 2) - 19 on a 12-tone Keyboard

Tags: Microtonal  Piano  (Part  2)  -  19  on  a  12-tone  Keyboard 

Composed by Jonathan Glasier is part 2 of a 3 part instructional series on how to play 19 equal on a 12-tone keyboard at the Sonic Arts Gallery.

Thummer at Dorkbot Austin

Tags: Thummer  at  Dorkbot  Austin 

short introduction to the Thummer musical controller

Microtonal Guitar (Part 1) - Tolgahan Çoğulu - Maqam Music

Tags: Microtonal  Guitar  (Part  1)  -  Tolgahan  Çoğulu  -  Maqam  Music 

If you want to order a microtonal guitar, please e-mail me: Microtonal guitar is secured by a patent.My CD: Adjustable Microtonal Guitar has been designed by Tolgahan Cogulu in 2008. In Adjustable Microtonal Guitar, all the frets on...

World's first performance of the microtonal Fluid Piano

Tags: World's  first  performance  of  the  microtonal  Fluid  Piano 

Invented by Geoff Smith and performed by Pam Chowhan. 2009. A stunning rendition on a ground breaking new instrument. INFO LINK;

Tuning Theory 1: Just Intonation ("Microtonal" Theory)

Tags: Tuning  Theory  1:  Just  Intonation  ("Microtonal"  Theory) 

In this video I gloss over why Just Intonation is TOTALLY AWESOME and then convince you it SUCKS.Also, please ignore my instinctual figured bass that I added to the last chord in the I vi ii V I, but didn't add to any others...

Música microtonal armónica / Harmonic microtonal music

Tags: Música  microtonal  armónica  /  Harmonic  microtonal  music 

Download: les dejo mi primera composición con una afinación diferente a la convencional, utilice un sonido como de laúd mezclado con una base de caja de ritmos análoga. La música microtonal no tiene por ser disonante, en un...

Tuning Theory 2: Temperament ("Microtonal" Theory)

Tags: Tuning  Theory  2:  Temperament  ("Microtonal"  Theory) 

Using western music's "meantone temperament" as a guide, I try to cover the basics of the regular temperament paradigm.

AXIS 64 - After one year of learning music and the axis 64

Tags: AXIS  64  -  After  one  year  of  learning  music  and  the  axis  64 

This is me playing a musical improvisation on my axis 64 midi controller. It uses the harmonic table as its keyboard layout. It's my main instrument that I've been learning music on for the last year. I have only experienced minimal music training from a few piano lessons as a kid. This video...

Microtonal Guitar Duo

Tags: Microtonal  Guitar  Duo 

Microtonal Guitar Duo was founded by fretless guitarist Sinan Cem Eroğlu and microtonal guitarist Tolgahan Çoğulu in 2011.Contact mail:, sceroglu@hotmail.comWebsites:,,

Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Video #9 - DIfferent Guitar Voices

Tags: Paper  Jamz  Pro  Guitar  Video  #9  -  DIfferent  Guitar  Voices 

Did you know there are 13 Guitar Voices you can choose from on the Paper Jamz Pro Guitar? Brandon, Chris, and Kevin demo all 13 guitar voices with fun song snippets. Checkout for more Paper Jamz Pro tutorials and performances.