How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

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An introduction to the basic tools you'll need to get some microtonal playback from your AXiS.Where you can get an AXiS-49: you can download the software described in this video: to get you started on microtonal music: names in the Temperament drop down box are all "Regular Temperaments":

how  to  make  microtonal  music  with  an  axis-49  or  qwerty  keyboard 

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Equal Temperament vs Pure Vedic Tuning

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The Guitar Note recently sat down with David "Fuze" Fiuczynski to talk about his music, his guitars, and his life. Check out the interview in the upcoming Issue Three of The Guitar Note (to be released end of January 2013). In this video, David explains and demonstrates the "Microtonal"...

Ivan Wyschnegradsky: 24 Preludes in quarter-tone system (excerpts) (1934/1970)

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Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893-1979): 24 Preludes in quarter-tone system, Op.40 (excerpts) (1934/1970).I. IV. [01:02]V. [02:10]VIII. [06:30]IX. [09:43]XIV. [12:57]XVII. [15:25]XVIII. [16:45]XX. [18:53]XXI. [20:08]XXIII. [22:47]Josef Christof e Steffen Schleiermacher, pianoforti.Cover image: painting...

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Microtonal Guitar: Dave Fuze Fiuczynski - Guitarkadia Sessions

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Arc-en-ciel, for 6 pianos in twelfth tones, Op. 37 (1956)

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Recording from a performance in Prayner Conservatory in Vienna on 17th December 2007. Soloviolin: Valbona Naku, Tablas: Bernhard Hacksteiner, Organ upper part: Hans-André Stamm, in presence of the international renowned japanese composer and pianist Yukie Nishimura, who was the central actress...

Penta on the AXiS-49

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This is an improv using mainly the pentatonic scale. The pentatonic scale falls in a tight block in the center of the layout making for some really fun runs and glissandi.I'm using the "Axis Tweaker" application which converts my axis-49 into a jammer...

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Follow Surfing the Sonic Sky at: Sword, the Microtonal Heavy Metal Guitarist, visits Stephen James Taylor displaying his innovative guitar designs... like interchangeable fretboards each with a different microtonal fret spacing. Ron demonstrates a 16 tone...

Three-part invention | Dreistimmige Invention

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Integral-serial music composed from just-intonation intervals and rhythmic values.The row, and therefore the piece as a whole, comprises an elaboration of the proportions {29 : 31 | 7 : 5 | 23 : 19}.

Wyschnegradsky - Twenty-four Preludes in Quarter-tones; No. 3

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Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893-1979) is typically acknowledged as a microtonal composer who spent most of his creative life in Paris and Germany developing his theories and "ultrachromatic scales." Before his emigration to Paris in 1920, he studied composition at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and...

Microtonal Piano (Part 3) - 19 on a 12-tone keyboard

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Composed by Jonathan Glasier is part 3 of a 3 part instructional series on how to play 19 equal on a 12-tone keyboard at the Sonic Arts Gallery.

Quarter-tone frets on guitar - Turkish/arabic style

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I have added quarter tone frets on my guitar in order to play the same scales/makam as on the saz. See for more info. Music on

Pachelbel's Canon in 3 tunings: Just intonation, Meantone and 12-equal

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See also: - Pachelbel's Canon in D, in three different tunings: Just (with septimal C), Meantone (31 5^(1/4) fifths with C on 15th position) and the usual 12-equal, played at midi organ.Not interested in technical details about tuning? See...

Intonation: Which System to Use When

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Use Pythagorean Intonation most of the time, particularly for all melodies, scales, and arpeggios.Use Just Intonation for double stops and for chords in string quartets.Pianos are tuned in equal temperament. Violinists should only adjust to piano pitches if both instruments are playing the same...

Microtonal Guitar (Part 1) - Tolgahan Çoğulu - Maqam Music

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If you want to order a microtonal guitar, please e-mail me: Microtonal guitar is secured by a patent.My CD: Adjustable Microtonal Guitar has been designed by Tolgahan Cogulu in 2008. In Adjustable Microtonal Guitar, all the frets on...

The Sound Of Just And Equal Temperament Demo

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Ever wondered why traditional/folk music sounds more intimate and gentle than more recent western music forms? A lot of it is down to temperament. I wanted to understand this and demonstrate it in simple terms:Modern western music uses a mathematical tuning system called equal temperament. This...

Microtonal Piano (Part 2) - 19 on a 12-tone Keyboard

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Composed by Jonathan Glasier is part 2 of a 3 part instructional series on how to play 19 equal on a 12-tone keyboard at the Sonic Arts Gallery.

World's first performance of the microtonal Fluid Piano

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Invented by Geoff Smith and performed by Pam Chowhan. 2009. A stunning rendition on a ground breaking new instrument. INFO LINK;

Hacking Aftertouch on to the Axis 49

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I'm a big fan of aftertouch. I've been wondering for ages how I could add aftertouch to my axis 49 "harmonic table" keyboard... and then I had one of those silly ideas...

The True Story of Cinderella at Bucks County Community College

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Bucks County Community College Department of the Arts presents The True Story of Cinderella for 12 solo voices, chime, narrator, and piano.Words and music by Warren Martin (1916-1982), Professor of Music, Westminster Choir College, 1950-1981.Queen- Jordan D'AlbenzioKing- Tyler ThompsonStepmother-...

Human Astronomy by Sevish - Microtonal with a beat!!

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Human Astronomy EP is free to download at now!! 5 more dance-influenced tracks demonstrating the powerful harmonies, melodies and moods of microtonality. Released via Split Notes Microtonal Netlabel.This video shows track 1, "Human Astronomy." This is perhaps...