How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

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An introduction to the basic tools you'll need to get some microtonal playback from your AXiS.Where you can get an AXiS-49: you can download the software described in this video: to get you started on microtonal music: names in the Temperament drop down box are all "Regular Temperaments": you like this video so much that you want to throw internet money at me, any donations are appreciated!DogeCoin:DJd2BA57wRSWhw4PFoebbpe4y3ZULahC6yBitCoin:1CnVt3h1swAUQ1DabZduWKsrobCa5LbqB8

how  to  make  microtonal  music  with  an  axis-49  or  qwerty  keyboard 

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Tuning Theory 3: Moment of Symmetry ("Microtonal" Theory)

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Up until now we've talked about tuning intervals so that they approximate Just Intonation to some degree. But as I hope this video will show, a scale's melodic resources are AT LEAST as important as its harmonic resources.Here are the previous videos in this series:Tuning Theory 0: A...

Tuning Theory 2: Temperament ("Microtonal" Theory)

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Using western music's "meantone temperament" as a guide, I try to cover the basics of the regular temperament paradigm.If you like this video so much that you want to throw internet money at me, any donations are...

Tuning Theory 1: Just Intonation ("Microtonal" Theory)

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In this video I gloss over why Just Intonation is TOTALLY AWESOME and then convince you it SUCKS.Also, please ignore my instinctual figured bass that I added to the last chord in the I vi ii V I, but didn't add to any others...If you like this video so much that you want to throw internet money...

Tuning Theory 0: A Primer ("Microtonal" Theory)

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Some introductory information you'll need for the later videos on tuning theory.If you like this video so much that you want to throw internet money at me, any donations are appreciated!DogeCoin:DJd2BA57wRSWhw4PFoebbpe4y3ZULahC6yBitCoin:1CnVt3h1swAUQ1DabZduWKsrobCa5LbqB8

Xenharmonic Praxis August 2011 Closing Concert

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There were two concerts during the xenharmonic camp at the Gesundheit! Institute in West Virgina . This is the second of the two and happened August 4th 2011. You can view the first concert here: can see the concert program...

The True Story of Cinderella at Bucks County Community College

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Bucks County Community College Department of the Arts presents The True Story of Cinderella for 12 solo voices, chime, narrator, and piano.Words and music by Warren Martin (1916-1982), Professor of Music, Westminster Choir College, 1950-1981.Queen- Jordan D'AlbenzioKing- Tyler ThompsonStepmother-...

AXIS 64 - After one year of learning music and the axis 64

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This is me playing a musical improvisation on my axis 64 midi controller. It uses the harmonic table as its keyboard layout. It's my main instrument that I've been learning music on for the last year. I have only experienced minimal music training from a few piano lessons as a kid. This video...

Penta on the AXiS-49

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This is an improv using mainly the pentatonic scale. The pentatonic scale falls in a tight block in the center of the layout making for some really fun runs and glissandi.I'm using the "Axis Tweaker" application which converts my axis-49 into a jammer...

Jammer's Voyage (QWERTY Isomorphic Keyboard)

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I'm using the "Axis Tweaker" application which, besides converting your axis-49's to jammers (, also remaps your QWERTY keyboard to that same isomorphic note layout. (Isomorphic = same fingering in every key.)I send midi out from the Tweaker to...

Microtonal Piano (Part 2) - 19 on a 12-tone Keyboard

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Composed by Jonathan Glasier is part 2 of a 3 part instructional series on how to play 19 equal on a 12-tone keyboard at the Sonic Arts Gallery.

ZIA - Space Battle (19-EDO)

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From the new Album Drum 'N' Space!! All-Electronic Microtonal Space Pop! Preview & Buy now at:

Kraig Grady Interview - Microtonal Composer on Erv Wilson

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Follow Surfing the Sonic Sky at: Kraig Grady talks about his long association with Erv Wilson and explains some of his work including Moments of Symmetry, Combination Product Sets, the Scales of Mount Meru and the generalized keyboard. He describes Erv...

Lecture by Hans-André Stamm on his microtonal music (French with engl./German Subtitles)

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An extract from the lecture by Hans-André Stamm about his microtonal music held in Rennes-les-Bains in South West France on 26th june 2011 in the FESTIVAL DE FILMS by DEBOWSKA PRODUCTION.As the sound examples show an enlarged tone system, a new field of a more refined sonority containing micro...

Comet II - Microtonal Music - SIxths of a Tone

Tags: Comet  II    -  Microtonal  Music  -  SIxths  of  a  Tone 

This music was composed by Giuseppe Guardiani. The subdivision is Sixths of a Tone.1) Buy this software at for 12 €2) Read the user manual3) Compose microtonal music

Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Difference

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Hiromi's Sonicbloom (Quest Hall, Harajyuku, Tokyo, Japan 2007.2.20)Hiromi Uehara - PianoDavid Fiuczynski - GuitarTony Grey - BassMartin Valihora - Drums

the microTone - microtonal polyphonic synthesizer + controller for iPad

Tags: the  microTone  -  microtonal  polyphonic  synthesizer  +  controller  for  iPad 

a little demo of the microTone with iRig MIDI and (free) osynth!http://microtone.ozurkirchen.chi connected an iRig MIDI to my iPad with the microTone running. The MIDI signal goes via audio/MIDI interface into my computer where the data is parsed by osynth.the microTone:- control one octave...

Wyschnegradsky - Twenty-four Preludes in Quarter-tones; No. 3

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Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893-1979) is typically acknowledged as a microtonal composer who spent most of his creative life in Paris and Germany developing his theories and "ultrachromatic scales." Before his emigration to Paris in 1920, he studied composition at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and...

Sevish - Ganymede (22 tone equal temperament)

Tags: Sevish  -  Ganymede  (22  tone  equal  temperament) 

Sexy, spacey music from microtonal world. I heard this 8 note scale of 22-tet used by City of the Asleep and I composed Ganymede in the same scale. If you want to avoid the poor sound quality of youtube, download the album for free at in high quality FLAC format...

Dronal improvisation on Tonal Plexus microtonal keyboard

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A melodic improvisation over a drone using my Tonal Plexus keyboard from H-Pi Instruments.Produced with REAPER software, "Automat" software synth plug-in, some other synth plug-in, along with a Chapman Stick bass part and a simple MIDI drum background.By setting up a sustained drone in one synth...

Multi touch in Bounce Metronome - including on screen microtonal keyboards

Tags: Multi  touch  in  Bounce  Metronome  -  including  on  screen  microtonal  keyboards 

You can get Bounce Metronome at and to follow bounce metronome on facebook: - I will post there when I do the next release with multi touch capabilitiesYou can get Tune Smithy at tunesmithy.comThe netbook I'm using in the video is...

David "Fuze" Fiuczynski Discusses and Demonstrates Microtonal Music

Tags: David  "Fuze"  Fiuczynski  Discusses  and  Demonstrates  Microtonal  Music 

The Guitar Note recently sat down with David "Fuze" Fiuczynski to talk about his music, his guitars, and his life. Check out the interview in the upcoming Issue Three of The Guitar Note (to be released end of January 2013). In this video, David explains and demonstrates the "Microtonal"...

The White Keys Axis-49

Tags: The  White  Keys  Axis-49 

An original composition performed on my jammer that continuously rotates through all of the diatonic modes with a never ending 2-5-2-5-2-5... chord progression. It is a GREAT exorcise for getting my fingers around playing every seventh chord as well as playing in every diatonic mode. Funny thing...

'Temporal Parallax' microtonal composition by Dolores Catherino

Tags: 'Temporal  Parallax'    microtonal  composition  by  Dolores  Catherino 

'Temporal Parallax' ... expanding expressive dimensions in auditory spacetime.TEMPORAL in the sense of auditory phenomena and perception.PARALLAX - a difference in aural 'appearance' depending on the observer's perceptual position (perspective shift). A musical endeavor to present increasingly...

19 tone equal temperament

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a short explanation of 19 tone equal temperament, using a re-fretted guitar for

Thummer at Dorkbot Austin

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short introduction to the Thummer musical controller