Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

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super  joule  ringer!  part  2 

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Graphene/Graphite Atmospheric Electricity Collectors - Plus Horrific Hexacopter Crash!

Tags: Graphene/Graphite  Atmospheric  Electricity  Collectors  -  Plus  Horrific  Hexacopter  Crash! 

While on family vacation I was able to swing by and check out this atmospheric energy test site. They have some amazing energy harvesting technology and encourage replication. I loved learning about the use of graphene in this system. Since the visit I have had a non-stop stream of new ideas...

How to build the 3D Printed Tesla Torch fast charge flashlight V01

Tags: How  to  build  the  3D  Printed  Tesla  Torch  fast  charge  flashlight  V01 

This light charges super fast, uses no batteries, and should last a very long time. Sorry about the noise in the last part of the video. It is a shared builder space so sometimes it gets pretty noisy.Click here for the 3D files and parts list: ready made...

Joule Ringer CrossOver Update! Very long runtime on capacitor.

Tags: Joule  Ringer  CrossOver  Update!  Very  long  runtime  on  capacitor. 

In this video I also show the dielectric absorption effect that can be very deceiving. Update - I got back from work and the light was still going 12 hours later. Forum Discussion at: schematic coming soon at:

How to build the "Laser Saber" air battery.

Tags: How  to  build  the  "Laser  Saber"  air  battery. 

Plus info on the oil based long life cells.

Lynx Joule Lamp

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp 

Here is the "How to make" video series on this Lynx Joule Lamp. Total cost is about $10 per lamp. It will run on 3-18 volts. It took me about 3 hours to make including camera work. It will run anywhere from very dim on 3 volts to quite bright on 12-18 volts. I don't note any radio...

Making the Super Joule Ringer 2

Tags: Making  the  Super  Joule  Ringer  2 

This is a very simple circuit to power the very efficient LED bulbs from 12 volts. LaserSaber ( designed this circuit. Here I show you how to build one. I had a scrap one in an old grid tie inverter. These can be made to be super power efficient or as I have done here, you can...

Joule Ringers that don't Ring

Tags: Joule  Ringers  that  don't  Ring 

This is a very simple circuit to power the very efficient LED bulbs from 12 volts. LaserSaber ( designed this circuit. I am showing the E-Core and the Air-Core, which is a takeoff on laserSaber's Super Joule Ringer 2.0, but is actually quite different in how its wound and how it...

How to make a Joule Thief Circuit Explained

Tags: How  to  make  a  Joule  Thief  Circuit  Explained 

Please Hit That Like ButtonFaceBook Page: @ZooRated @Zoorated Willzoo123Skype: Willzoo123Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more videos.

Lynx Joule Lamp - How To - Part 1

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp  -  How  To  -  Part  1 

This is a How to video on making the Lynx Joule Lamp designed for running 120 v LED bulbs off solar or solar charged 12 volt batteries.Check out the topic on more information and discussion. Please let me know how your project turns...

Joule Ringer Version 2 - replication

Tags: Joule  Ringer  Version  2  -  replication 

I have been inspired by LaserSaber's, LidMotor's work and others as well. Its not that we can light a bulb with a battery. Its developing circuits that can easily boost lower and safer voltages up to do useful work.I had this E core ferrite core transformer out of a junked inverter. It will...



Generator 230 volts AC dragged by a dynamo of 24 volts DC. The function of this system has no value for purposes of production of electrical energy, it is only a video for the vision and curiosity.

Electric paramotor 03 First flight

Tags: Electric  paramotor  03    First  flight 

Successful test flight !!Flight time:10min remaining battery:39% propeller max rpm : 2500rpm 230A (prop:1250mm)thrust : 50Kg Level flight (prop): 1800rpm :44V /100A (33℃ 70% ) rpm / A2500 2302400 --------2300 2002200 1802100 1502000 1431900...

Super Joule Ringer 3.0 Tips for Success

Tags: Super  Joule  Ringer  3.0  Tips  for  Success 

This video contains some tips and suggestions for those who have had trouble getting a SJR 3.0 circuit up and running.Schematic and links at: discussion:

Joule Thief -- The Secret Technology of the Ancient Pre-Ssorbonites

Tags: Joule  Thief  --  The  Secret  Technology  of  the  Ancient  Pre-Ssorbonites 

The Joule Thief energy scrounger. This little puppy will suck residual energy from depleted batteries and other low grade sources like eSnort - addled Orboite brainiums. Here it's running off a dead AA battery, and has been for 4 days. More or less. Why, I'll bet even a double-nought dimwit could...

free energy demostration, free energy experiment

Tags: free  energy  demostration,  free  energy  experiment 

Эксперимент С двумя конденсаторами и трансформатором, Демонстрации возможности получения свободной энергии.

Important Joule Ringer CrossOver update! Possible Kapanadze like effects

Tags: Important  Joule  Ringer  CrossOver  update!    Possible  Kapanadze  like  effects 

I made some changes and upgrades to the circuit. Forum Discussion at: schematic coming soon at:

Lynx Joule Lamp - Part 3

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp  -  Part  3 

Here is the "How to make" video series Part 3 on the Lynx Joule Lamp. In part 3 we will look at adjustments, amp draw, and comparison to a similar output incandescent lamp. This video demonstrates the effects of moving the primary coil along the secondary and primary spacing. 30 turns seems to...

Joule ringer power.MOV

Tags: Joule  ringer  power.MOV 

Two joule ringers

Joule Thief(Mini Toroid) Powers CFL using 1.3V+

Tags: Joule  Thief(Mini  Toroid)  Powers  CFL  using  1.3V+ 

The circuit shown in this video is a modified version of Lidmotor and Jeannacav's which were uploaded on their Youtube Channels. Many people wanted to make one, but they could not find a large toroid to purchase, or did not want to spend a lot of money buying one. In this video you will see my...

How To Make a "Joule Thief"

Tags: How  To  Make  a  "Joule  Thief" 

I want go to show you how to make a "Joule Thief"the LED's need 3 Volt for light ( 2 Battery )...but the "Joule Thief" can made LED's very bright light with only 1 Battery! (1,5 Volt DC Only)and "Joule Thief" can made LED's light with "dead battery". hmm save money.. it can run in so so long time...

Lynx Joule Lamp Review + Giveaway! Ready Built SJR Device.

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp  Review  +  Giveaway!    Ready  Built  SJR  Device. 

If you want a ready built SJR type device this may be perfect for you. Please write "Enter Me" in your comment to be entered in the giveaway. Cut off for the giveaway is 5/15/2013. The winner will be announced on the 17th in the comments section on this video. I will also contact the winner by...

240 volt joule-thief circuit

Tags: 240  volt    joule-thief  circuit 

Lite a 240 volt cfl from a toroid and 12 volt 800 ma.Cfl is about at 75% brightness.

Super Joule Ringer! Lights my workshop 24/7.

Tags: Super  Joule  Ringer!    Lights  my  workshop  24/7. 

This is my first practicable application of the Joule Ringer design. This has very real world value to me. for more info.Schematic link:

Cheap easy to build Joule Ringer. Runs on 2uA!

Tags: Cheap  easy  to  build  Joule  Ringer.    Runs  on  2uA! 

How to build a super efficient Joule Ringer using off the shelf parts. Check my website for parts list and links: