Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

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super  joule  ringer!  part  2 

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How to build the Joule Ringer transformer.

Tags: How  to  build  the  Joule  Ringer  transformer. 

Let's build!

Bright, Cool and Quiet SJR + Mini BoostPack Update

Tags: Bright,  Cool  and  Quiet  SJR  +  Mini  BoostPack  Update 

No more squealing! This stacked toroid design handles heavy loads while running nice and quiet. The transistor stays cool. I am also testing this stacked toroid transformer with the Crossover circuit.Schematic:

How to Build Crystal Power Cells - Long Duration Power

Tags: How  to  Build  Crystal  Power  Cells  -  Long  Duration  Power 

The complete build process for crystal power cells. 15V version coming up next.Parts list and more information listed at: video duration test:

3D Printed AtmoMotor HV Atmospheric Motor - Wireless Energy

Tags: 3D  Printed  AtmoMotor  HV  Atmospheric  Motor  -  Wireless  Energy 

A high torque atmospheric motor. First tests underway. Also features the build process.Link to parts and 3D files at:

Lynx Joule Lamp

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp 

Here is the "How to make" video series on this Lynx Joule Lamp. Total cost is about $10 per lamp. It will run on 3-18 volts. It took me about 3 hours to make including camera work. It will run anywhere from very dim on 3 volts to quite bright on 12-18 volts. I don't note any radio...

free energy demostration, free energy experiment

Tags: free  energy  demostration,  free  energy  experiment 

Эксперимент С двумя конденсаторами и трансформатором, Демонстрации возможности получения свободной энергии.

selffeed toroids

Tags: selffeed  toroids 

just something i was thinking about long ago.. and it kind of looks like the tpu in a way.. if you stage it up some it gets pretty dangerous..but you can do all you need with the 9volt.. but once you apply the first pulse the transformers will feed each other and speed up ..the current setup here...

Joule Ringers that don't Ring

Tags: Joule  Ringers  that  don't  Ring 

This is a very simple circuit to power the very efficient LED bulbs from 12 volts. LaserSaber ( designed this circuit. I am showing the E-Core and the Air-Core, which is a takeoff on laserSaber's Super Joule Ringer 2.0, but is actually quite different in how its wound and how it...

Magnetic Field Generator (free energy)

Tags: Magnetic  Field  Generator  (free  energy)

How a Joule Thief Works

Tags: How  a  Joule  Thief  Works 

Step-by-step run through of how a Joule Thief circuit works. Includes how all the parts, the 1.5 volt AA battery, the resistor, the transistor and the ferrite core with its two coils of wire work together to build up energy in a magnetic field which then collapses to produce enough voltage and...

Super Joule Ringer 3.0 real world power made easy!

Tags: Super  Joule  Ringer  3.0  real  world  power  made  easy! 

Lighting incandescent, halogen, CFL and LED bulbs with the Joule Ringer is now a piece of cake.Updated schematic and links coming soon at:

Joule thief using mosfet

Tags: Joule  thief      using  mosfet 

This video is part of a library that I can reference from other sites. No information about this video will be posted on YouTube,

Electric paramotor 03 First flight

Tags: Electric  paramotor  03    First  flight 

Successful test flight !!Flight time:10min remaining battery:39% propeller max rpm : 2500rpm 230A (prop:1250mm) Level flight: 1800rpm 44V 100A (33℃ 70% ) rpm / A2500 2302400 --------2300 2002200 1802100 1502000 1431900 1201800 1001700...

Indoor solar panel - No Battery- AC lighting idea.

Tags: Indoor  solar  panel  -  No  Battery-  AC  lighting  idea. 

This an experiment showing a small solar panel indoors to power a simple DC to AC LED lighting circuit. The circuit's distant origin is the Super Joule Ringer 2.0 by Lasersaber and the Slayer Exciter by GBluer. Peanutbutter 291 and then Ben (K4zep) added to the developement.

Joule Thief -- The Secret Technology of the Ancient Pre-Ssorbonites

Tags: Joule  Thief  --  The  Secret  Technology  of  the  Ancient  Pre-Ssorbonites 

The Joule Thief energy scrounger. This little puppy will suck residual energy from depleted batteries and other low grade sources like eSnort - addled Orboite brainiums. Here it's running off a dead AA battery, and has been for 4 days. More or less. Why, I'll bet even a double-nought dimwit could...

RomeroUK Muller generator replication part 2

Tags: RomeroUK  Muller  generator  replication  part  2 

Quick update.

Magnet motor NS coil 48 days and still going!

Tags: Magnet  motor  NS  coil  48  days  and  still  going! 

This Stubblefield coil motor has been running for the last 48 days. The coil itself is over 80 days old. I may but a live video stream of it on the web in the future.

Joule Ringer powers 5 CFLs + 80 LEDs!

Tags: Joule  Ringer  powers  5  CFLs  +  80  LEDs! 

Making progress with with the Joule Ringer. The capacitor is 32000uF 20V.

Joule Thief Shorted.10 times more light.

Tags: Joule  Thief  Shorted.10  times  more  light. 

This joule thief works much better when the ferrite core is shorted with a wire - a magnet or a capacitor. I adjust the trim capacitor for the best resonance. The magnet must be adjusted in strength. Here are 9 pieces best. Try it on other jouel thief and they oscillate much better. 10 times more...

Free energy magnet motor 2

  • Length: 13:50
  • Author: JsA4E

Tags: Free  energy  magnet  motor  2 

Free energy is on the way!!!

Simple --Super Joule Ringer 2.0---Boxed

Tags: Simple  --Super  Joule  Ringer  2.0---Boxed 

This is my "boxed" Simple--Super Joule Ringer 2.0. It was specifically designed for use on my 32 ft. sailboat when I'm at sea for 3 to 5 days. It will also come in handy around the house. It will operate on solar energy alone or a battery pack. The battery pack may be charged by a small...

12V BoostPack. Replaces auto battery. Works great!

Tags: 12V  BoostPack.  Replaces  auto  battery.  Works  great! 

For certain applications this capacitor bank makes a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Cost me under fifty bucks to build. More info and links to parts at: Forum:

Physicist Steven E Jones overunity circuit

Tags: Physicist  Steven  E    Jones    overunity  circuit 

this seems very promising, a professor promises ou! I will take me time to work on this circuit, first I'll build another one, the like so that I have something to compare with. but, my wife wish for a well house. Maybe I have time to solder a bit tomorrow. but why did the battery voltage...

3D Printed Wireless Motor - Mini AtmoMotor

Tags: 3D  Printed  Wireless  Motor  -  Mini  AtmoMotor 

This video features build details and experiments with the Mini AtmoMotor..STL file and links to parts here:

Joule ringer power.MOV

Tags: Joule  ringer  power.MOV 

Two joule ringers