Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

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More info + link to schematic @

super  joule  ringer!  part  2 

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Super Joule Ringer 2.0 in overdrive!

Tags: Super  Joule  Ringer  2.0  in  overdrive! 

This is a very different config see the schematic at:

Lynx Joule Lamp

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp 

Lynx Joule Lamp - How To - Part 1

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp  -  How  To  -  Part  1 

Making the Super Joule Ringer 2

Tags: Making  the  Super  Joule  Ringer  2 



Generator 230 volts AC dragged by a dynamo of 24 volts DC. The function of this system has no value for purposes of production of electrical energy, it is only a video for the vision and curiosity.

joules thief 60,000

Tags: joules  thief  60,000 

Joule Ringers that don't Ring

Tags: Joule  Ringers  that  don't  Ring 

Jeanna's Light

Tags: Jeanna's    Light 

This is a modified version of Jeanna's Joule Thief FL driver circuit using a big 31/4" toroid coil. The circuit is running on one AA 1.5 volt battery. A modified 10 watt CFL bulb is being illuminated. The circuit shown in the video has an error in it. There is no connection between the...

selffeed toroids

Tags: selffeed  toroids 

just something i was thinking about long ago.. and it kind of looks like the tpu in a way.. if you stage it up some it gets pretty dangerous..but you can do all you need with the 9volt.. but once you apply the first pulse the transformers will feed each other and speed up ..the current setup here...

How a Joule Thief Works

Tags: How  a  Joule  Thief  Works 

How to build the Joule Ringer transformer.

Tags: How  to  build  the  Joule  Ringer  transformer. 

Let's build!

3D Printed AtmoMotor HV Atmospheric Motor - Wireless Energy

Tags: 3D  Printed  AtmoMotor  HV  Atmospheric  Motor  -  Wireless  Energy 

A high torque atmospheric motor. First tests underway. Also features the build process.Link to parts and 3D files at:

Cheap easy to build Joule Ringer. Runs on 2uA!

Tags: Cheap  easy  to  build  Joule  Ringer.    Runs  on  2uA! 

How to build a super efficient Joule Ringer using off the shelf parts. Check my website for parts list and links:

Super Joule Ringer 2.0----The Amazing Peanutbutter model

Tags: Super  Joule  Ringer  2.0----The  Amazing  Peanutbutter  model 

This is a replication of the "Peanutbutter291" Super Joule Ringer 2.0 "Tuned" LED light. I show it here with my modifications running a 110v 7.5 watt LED lightbulb on 12volts @ about a 1/4 amp. The original idea for this circuit is from Lasersaber. A number of people are working on this...

How to Build Crystal Power Cells - Long Duration Power

Tags: How  to  Build  Crystal  Power  Cells  -  Long  Duration  Power 

The complete build process for crystal power cells. 15V version coming up next.Parts list and more information listed at: video duration test: