Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

Super Joule Ringer! Part 2

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super  joule  ringer!  part  2 

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Bright, Cool and Quiet SJR + Mini BoostPack Update

Tags: Bright,  Cool  and  Quiet  SJR  +  Mini  BoostPack  Update 

No more squealing! This stacked toroid design handles heavy loads while running nice and quiet. The transistor stays cool. I am also testing this stacked toroid transformer with the Crossover circuit.Schematic:

Graphene/Graphite Atmospheric Electricity Collectors - Plus Horrific Hexacopter Crash!

Tags: Graphene/Graphite  Atmospheric  Electricity  Collectors  -  Plus  Horrific  Hexacopter  Crash! 

While on family vacation I was able to swing by and check out this atmospheric energy test site. They have some amazing energy harvesting technology and encourage replication. I loved learning about the use of graphene in this system. Since the visit I have had a non-stop stream of new ideas...

3D Printed AtmoMotor HV Atmospheric Motor - Wireless Energy

Tags: 3D  Printed  AtmoMotor  HV  Atmospheric  Motor  -  Wireless  Energy 

A high torque atmospheric motor. First tests underway. Also features the build process.Link to parts and 3D files at:

Crystal Cell Magnet Motor. Running for over two weeks and still going!

Tags: Crystal  Cell  Magnet  Motor.    Running  for  over  two  weeks  and  still  going! 

Crystal Cell was made with: Borax - Epsom Salt -- Alum - Salt Substitute.Live video duration test:

Joule Ringers that don't Ring

Tags: Joule  Ringers  that  don't  Ring 

This is a very simple circuit to power the very efficient LED bulbs from 12 volts. LaserSaber ( designed this circuit. I am showing the E-Core and the Air-Core, which is a takeoff on laserSaber's Super Joule Ringer 2.0, but is actually quite different in how its wound and how it...

Joule Ringer Version 2 - replication

Tags: Joule  Ringer  Version  2  -  replication 

I have been inspired by LaserSaber's, LidMotor's work and others as well. Its not that we can light a bulb with a battery. Its developing circuits that can easily boost lower and safer voltages up to do useful work.I had this E core ferrite core transformer out of a junked inverter. It will...

Jeanna's Light

Tags: Jeanna's    Light 

This is a modified version of Jeanna's Joule Thief FL driver circuit using a big 31/4" toroid coil. The circuit is running on one AA 1.5 volt battery. A modified 10 watt CFL bulb is being illuminated. The circuit shown in the video has an error in it. There is no connection between the...



Generator 230 volts AC dragged by a dynamo of 24 volts DC. The function of this system has no value for purposes of production of electrical energy, it is only a video for the vision and curiosity.

How to make a Joule Thief Circuit Explained

Tags: How  to  make  a  Joule  Thief  Circuit  Explained 

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Joule Ringer! Light keeps going without battery.

Tags: Joule  Ringer!  Light  keeps  going  without  battery. 

This is the first time I have been able to keep a Joule Thief type device running a CFL on just an electrolytic capacitor.

Joule thief with 120 VAC LED bulb - part 3

Tags: Joule  thief  with  120  VAC  LED  bulb  -  part  3 

This video is part of a library that I can reference from other sites. No information about this video will be posted on YouTube,

selffeed toroids

Tags: selffeed  toroids 

just something i was thinking about long ago.. and it kind of looks like the tpu in a way.. if you stage it up some it gets pretty dangerous..but you can do all you need with the 9volt.. but once you apply the first pulse the transformers will feed each other and speed up ..the current setup here...

Physicist Steven E Jones overunity circuit

Tags: Physicist  Steven  E    Jones    overunity  circuit 

this seems very promising, a professor promises ou! I will take me time to work on this circuit, first I'll build another one, the like so that I have something to compare with. but, my wife wish for a well house. Maybe I have time to solder a bit tomorrow. but why did the battery voltage...

Super Joule Ringer 2.0 in overdrive!

Tags: Super  Joule  Ringer  2.0  in  overdrive! 

This is a very different config see the schematic at:

How to build the 3D Printed Tesla Torch fast charge flashlight V01

Tags: How  to  build  the  3D  Printed  Tesla  Torch  fast  charge  flashlight  V01 

This light charges super fast, uses no batteries, and should last a very long time. Sorry about the noise in the last part of the video. It is a shared builder space so sometimes it gets pretty noisy.Click here for the 3D files and parts list: ready made...

Mini Tesla coil with 110v LED bulb

Tags: Mini  Tesla  coil  with  110v  LED  bulb 

This is my Mini Tesla coil with a 110 volt LED blub placed on top of the coil as the top load. The bulb is un-modified. It is running here on a standard 9 volt battery but it will also run on 6 volts. I also show how other bulbs may be lit up at the same time. The amp draw on this is...

Lynx Joule Lamp

Tags: Lynx  Joule  Lamp 

Here is the "How to make" video series on this Lynx Joule Lamp. Total cost is about $10 per lamp. It will run on 3-18 volts. It took me about 3 hours to make including camera work. It will run anywhere from very dim on 3 volts to quite bright on 12-18 volts. I don't note any radio...

How to build the "Laser Saber" air battery.

Tags: How  to  build  the  "Laser  Saber"  air  battery. 

Plus info on the oil based long life cells.

Electric paramotor 03 First flight

Tags: Electric  paramotor  03    First  flight 

Successful test flight !!Flight time:10min remaining battery:39% propeller max rpm : 2500rpm 230A (prop:1250mm)thrust : 50Kg Level flight (prop): 1800rpm :44V /100A (33℃ 70% ) rpm / A2500 2302400 --------2300 2002200 1802100 1502000 1431900...

joules thief 60,000

Tags: joules  thief  60,000 

its a stop motion mock up of what happens inside the circuit

Free energy magnet motor 2

  • Length: 13:50
  • Author: JsA4E

Tags: Free  energy  magnet  motor  2 

Free energy is on the way!!!

Joule Thief EXPLAINED and Hints external signals and LEDs seek.wmv

  • Length: 1:40
  • Author: Kywdo

Tags: Joule  Thief  EXPLAINED  and  Hints  external  signals  and  LEDs  seek.wmv 

My NEW channel is : Kywdo111 [shows first "step" Power Inverter (NEW circuit diagram, very easy)] !!!

Joule thief using mosfet

Tags: Joule  thief      using  mosfet 

This video is part of a library that I can reference from other sites. No information about this video will be posted on YouTube,

Magtap: harvesting electricity from a magnet!

Tags: Magtap:  harvesting  electricity  from  a  magnet! 

A method for tapping electric current directly out of a permanent magnetic field. You well need a super sensitive ammeter to see this effect. The effect was much easier to find using my non-digital galvanometer 500uA.