SoulSplit - Lost City Quest Guide

SoulSplit - Lost City Quest Guide

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Hello everyone this is the quest lost city hope u enjoy itRequirements:-any axe-Knife-50 woodcutting-31 craftingLike and subscribe for a 100m Give away maybe?

soulsplit  -  lost  city  quest  guide 

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[Soulsplit] [Nobii] [Double korasi rush vid 2] [9b+ downed]

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Downed:Korasi:1Steads:6Claws:4Tassys:4Bcp:6Dfh:1Ags:1Arma staff:1Fero ring (2):1and other stuff.You can play soulsplit at www.soulsplit.comIGNORE: High crater low crater medium crater The Giant Ice Giant armadyl godsword pk bandos defil3d youbleedred saradomin runescape bs bh pking bounty hunter...

200m Agility in 30 Minutes - Spending 625,000 Brimhaven Agility Arena - 400m Agility Exp/hr

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My first 200m SkillThis was done in the beta server.200m Agility Experience in 30 minutes by spending 625,000 Brimhaven Agility Arena Tickets.It averaged to like 400m Agility exp/hr if I did it for a full hour :)I have no plans for any real 200m nor trim completionist.How do I do it?I eat waffles...

C.Vls Prod - Pking Commentary #2 - Runescape Extreme Pure - SypherPK | Partnered!

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300 Likes for Partnership!Twitter: out in the fc: Sypher PK. I do casual give away's in there when I am online.Click to Subscribe:...

Soulsplit Lost City Quest Guide 2013

Tags: Soulsplit  Lost  City  Quest  Guide  2013 

Hope this guide helped you free to add me ingame accounts that i am active on are: i hit u spit and y f g hope you enjoyed!

RSPS SoulSplit PVP Hunting/Wildy Pking Video

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DualCoreBros Productions.We do not own this game or music played in this video.RuneScape is copyright (©) Jagex Ltd 1999-2012. RuneScape and Jagex are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd. is not affiliated with Jagex Ltd. in any way. I do not claim rights over Soulsplit© or...

Sala Pk Video 2 - Maxed Pure High Risk Hybriding

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Subscribe/Like Please! Watch in 720P!Songs:Collie Buddz - Come AroundGym Class Heroes - Ass Back HomeMacklemore - Can't Hold Us#team-np#tryhard#lilguy



This is me and an old friendim opening 33 mystery boxes :)Please like and sub,When im at 10 subs ima do a video when im staking :D

DHAROKING REVS EP. 5 - massive hits.. yaknow

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i h0p3 u guys l1ek dis. you've been asking for it :)

[RSPS] Soulsplit Dragon Claws Rushing vid 9! | F5 Ohh Gf |

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This is RSPS soulsplit and you can play it at is copyright (©) Jagex Ltd 1999-2012. RuneScape and Jagex are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd. Soulsplit is not affiliated with Jagex Ltd in any way and exists solely for educational purposes.I do not own these...

SoulSplit Guide's - Quest Guide - Lost City

Tags: SoulSplit  Guide's  -  Quest  Guide  -  Lost  City 

Quest guide for Lost City by Extreme NickRequirments:50 Woodcutting31 CraftingGood Combat StatsRequired Items:KnifeIron Hatchet-AxeReward:500K CoinsDragon LongSwordAbility To Use Dragon Claws

soulsplit 2013 lost city quest guide

Tags: soulsplit  2013  lost  city  quest  guide 

hope this helped you!

Soulsplit - Road to a maxed pure [EP.3] + [Dragon claws drop?]

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i did manage to get dragon claws from the tormented demon, watch it out here!Link to soulsplit's facebook: to soulsplit's twitter: to soulsplit's channel:

[RSPS] Soulsplit Lost City Guide (to wield Dragon Claws)

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Hey guys, I just officially quit Runescape due to the EOC (Evolution of Combat) release. I am now going to try and record some SoulSplit gameplay which could include guides/tutorials, luring videos (as i lured on RS), PKing videos, and just general update videos. You should also check out my...

How to do Lost City quest - Soulsplit RSPS

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Hey guys, its Gavin101 on soulsplit or "pvm gavin" ingame and I'm showing you how to do the lost city quest in SS so that you can use the dds, d long, and d claws. If you have any questions comment here, comment on the forum thread, or pm me ingame. Enjoy!

Opening 12 mystery boxes on soulsplit (7-18)

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After previously opening 6 mystery boxes i decided to waste all my money again and buy more! But they're a lot more expensive now so i could only get 12 - enjoy watching me looting 7.2b worth of mystery boxes.

[soulsplit rsps] 5 method money making guide for new and adv players

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download the merchanting prices here :

Soulsplit - Pure PK 1 - High Hits - Nice Combos

Tags: Soulsplit  -  Pure  PK  1  -  High  Hits  -  Nice  Combos 

This is not Runescape. It is a RSPS called Soulsplit.

Seeya sir- Soulsplit The Lost City Guide [ Best and fastest ]

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hello to allin this video I'll show you how to do the quest " The Lost City " on the rsps SoulsplitIf it helped you subscribe like and leave a comment :)MusicYogi ft. Ayah Marar - Follow U (Trolley Snatcha Remix)Matchbox20- How fare we've go-=-=-=-=-=-DISCLAIMER-=-=-=-=-=Copyright Disclaimer...

SoulSplit Quest Guide for Rune Mysteries W/ Commentary!

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Hey guys, Basket Ball here, back with another Quest Guide!Today i'll be showing you how to complete the quest Rune Mysteries.Hope you enjoy it and is helpful for you, if so please hit that like button,also don't forget to leave a comment down below telling me how to improve my videos so they are...

undead riot quest guide with commentary + redberry pie l makin a name l

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hope this guide helps you all if it did please leave a like it helps me out alot to, feel free to sub i do alot of pk videos including high risk pk commentaries, thanks for watching :)

[SoulSplit] tormented demons guide with Void Daemon [RSPS]

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Add me in game for chatting, donating or whatever you wanna do :p

Araxxor Beginners Guide - No Armor needed - Runescape EOC Boss Guide

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Text Guide: Gear/Inventory: Full Guide: Requirements: - Ability to count to 5.Recommended: - T80 weapons or higher (chaotics/royalcb is fine)- Warpriest/70+ armor will suffice(will update as I go, what would you like to know?)_________________________________________This is a temporary guide for...

S0ulsplit Quest Guide -The Grim Reaper's Scythe - 720 HD

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Hey this is a guide how to make The Grim Reaper's Scythe quest when it isn't halloweenMade By A1 Jack


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The WildyCraft Mod adds tons of Runescape content to Minecraft! Today we are checking out the Dimension, Bosses, Mobs, Structures, & Biomes!Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends!Like my Facebook!!...