Bianca America's Got Talent Audition

Bianca America's Got Talent Audition

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Bianca's first appearance on AGT 2006.

bianca  america's  got  talent  audition 

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Bianca America's Got Talent - Finale Performance

Tags: Bianca  America's  Got  Talent  -  Finale  Performance 

Bianca's final performance on AGT. August 17, 2006.

Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!

Tags: Judges  Lack  Confidence  in  This  Shy  14  Year  Old      Until  She  Starts  Singing! 

watch my other videos =)Shocking Thriller shortfilm - Secret Garden Young Singing TELL ME WHY - SHOCK YOU

America got talent

Tags: America  got  talent 

taylor ware

Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April | HD High Quality

Tags: Susan  Boyle  -  Britains  Got  Talent  2009  Episode  1  -  Saturday  11th  April  |  HD  High  Quality 

Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April

Bianca Ryan - I believe I can fly (LIVE)

Tags: Bianca  Ryan  -  I  believe  I  can  fly  (LIVE) 


America's Got Talent - Bianca Ryan #2

Tags: America's  Got  Talent  -  Bianca  Ryan  #2 

America's Got Talent - Season.1 (2006)Bianca Ryan second audition

America's Got Talent 2012 Episode 10

Tags: America's  Got  Talent  2012  Episode  10 

Thanks for Watching & Hope You Enjoyed ItLike My Facebook Page : Blog : My 2nd Channel

Jackie Evancho first audition Americas Got Talent full with result and comments.wmv

Tags: Jackie  Evancho  first  audition  Americas  Got  Talent  full  with  result  and  comments.wmv 

Get her CD/DVD's here US:, UK: must hear Jackie's development in just one year!!! It's amazing!! Listen to Jackies version of "Dark Waltz" among others. There's a full DVD with her performance live.

Walking on the moon amazed America's Got Talent!!!.flv

Tags: Walking  on  the  moon  amazed  America's  Got  Talent!!!.flv 

Walking on the moon amazed America's Got Talent!!!.flvHe didn't win, but became known and is doing presentations around the country.

America's Got Talent 2008 (Opera singer)

Tags: America's  Got  Talent    2008  (Opera  singer) 

another opera singer ! but he's good and particularly emotional... Neal E. Boyd

Britain's Got Talent - Madonna Decena - Audition.

Tags: Britain's  Got  Talent  -  Madonna  Decena  -  Audition. 

Madonna Decena singing I Will Always Love You on Britain's Got Talent in 2008.Feel free to follow me on Twitter;!

Susan Boyle first audition - Britains Got Talent

Tags: Susan  Boyle  first  audition  -  Britains  Got  Talent 

The singer who shocked the world! I'm not normally into this kind of music, but she has a beautiful voice. Other YouTube vids have been squashed to 4:3, so I have uploaded my own copy.Took out the "best quality" in the video title, as although it actually was the best quality version at the...

Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma

Tags: Paul  Potts  sings  Nessun  Dorma 

Check out Paul's new greatest hits album, just released. on twitter: on twitter: out Paul's blog: Click ..Show more.. for links to buy Paul's...

Goth Andrew De Leon Amazes The Judges With His Voice

  • Length: 7:17
  • Author: Tim W

Tags: Goth  Andrew  De  Leon  Amazes  The  Judges  With  His  Voice 

At First Glance Andrew De Leon, Looks Like Your Average Punk Rocker By Once You Hear His Voice You Will Be Blown Away He Had Folks In The Crowd & At Home On Their Feets & In Tears As He Amazed The Judges With His Rendention Of Aria's O Mio Babbino CaroWatch America's Got Talent On Monday's &...

A beatiful voice by an unknown singer

Tags: A  beatiful  voice  by  an  unknown  singer 

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All of Me - John Legend Cover (Bianca Ryan - America's Got Talent Winner) Official Video

Tags: All  of  Me  -  John  Legend  Cover  (Bianca  Ryan  -  America's  Got  Talent  Winner)  Official  Video 

John Legend "All of Me" John Legend Cover Bianca Ryan (America's Got Talent Winner) performing 'All of Me' by John Legend, published March 3, 2014.Follow Me: to thank my...

The Biggest Surprise Ever

Tags: The  Biggest  Surprise  Ever 

Bianca Wins America's Got Talent

Tags: Bianca  Wins  America's  Got  Talent 

Bianca Wins America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent Victoria Jacoby

Tags: America's  Got  Talent  Victoria  Jacoby 

this girl is really flexible, she is so cool, i really like her act, but she makes my back hurt, and i thought i was flexible, OMG!!!! plz rate and comment :)

melanie amaro singing beyonce's "listen" x-factor usa audition 1 720p

Tags: melanie  amaro  singing  beyonce's  "listen"  x-factor  usa  audition  1  720p 

melanie amaro singing beyonce's "listen" on x-factor.

Susan Boyle great performance in britains got talent (2009)

Tags: Susan  Boyle  great    performance  in  britains  got  talent  (2009) Susan B oyle great performance in britains got talent (2009)break the world now!!!!with her © Guardian News and Media Limited 2009Britain's Got Talent is a trademark of FremantleMedia Ltd & Simco Ltd. Based on the television programme...

Bianca Ryan Auditie American Got Talent..HD "Best Auditions"

Tags: Bianca  Ryan  Auditie  American  Got  Talent..HD  "Best  Auditions" 

Bianca Ryan Auditie American Got Talent..HD "Best Auditions"

Bianca Ryan - The Ellen Degeneres Show

Tags: Bianca  Ryan  -  The  Ellen  Degeneres  Show 

Bianca on the Ellen Degeneres Show. September 24, 2006.