Roccopura pre-show: Kara Nova pole dance HD

Roccopura pre-show: Kara Nova pole dance HD

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Roccopura pre-show cabaret - Kara Nova's pole dance HD for tickets, etc.Shows in June

roccopura  pre-show:  kara  nova  pole  dance  hd 

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Kara Nova -- Vau de Vire Society in Portland

Tags: Kara  Nova  --  Vau  de  Vire  Society  in  Portland 

Kara Nova, pole acrobat, in Portland with the Vau de Vire Society for the Lagunitas Beer Circus

Burning Man 2014 : Alien Siege Machine head....

Tags: Burning  Man  2014  :  Alien  Siege  Machine  head.... 

Putting the head n the Alien Siege Machine at Burning Man 2014

Burning Man 2014 : The Kraken burns

Tags: Burning  Man  2014  :  The  Kraken  burns 

Burning the Kraken, at Burning Man 2014

Kara Nova at Honk!

Tags: Kara  Nova  at  Honk! 

Kara Nova at Honk!pole dance acrobatics 1080p hd burlesque

Ukraine Got Talent - The world's best pole dancer - Anastasia Sokolova

Tags: Ukraine  Got  Talent  -  The  world's  best  pole  dancer  -  Anastasia  Sokolova 

SUBSCRIBE NOW - NEW CHANNEL: Sokolova- Instagram: dance is a form of performance art, traditionally associated with strip clubs, which...

Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 1 (Group dance)

Tags: Dance  Moms  Season  4  Episode  1  (Group  dance) 

All credits to LifetimeJust go to my playlist and choose the episode you want. Watch from the first video and it looks like a full episode ;)

Mina Mortezaie and Nadia Sharif International Pole Fit Doubles Champions IPC

Tags: Mina  Mortezaie  and  Nadia  Sharif  International  Pole  Fit  Doubles  Champions  IPC 

Storyline: "Immortal Unity. The year is 3013 and nearly all natural resources on earth have been depleted, leaving the human race close to extinction. A select few have resorted to life on other planets, and the few that remain on earth are left to fend for themselves. Mina and Nadia are sisters...

Guys Try Pole Dancing For The First Time

Tags: Guys  Try  Pole  Dancing  For  The  First  Time 

“I’m 250 pounds and I have to move that up and down a pole…”Post to Facebook: BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: to Twitter: / Come UpMusic Licensed Via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Shot at Evolve...

Pole Dance - Nana by Trey Songz

Tags: Pole  Dance  -  Nana  by  Trey  Songz 

Needed a break from training for the next competition. Can´t wait until our new "Flexy & Sexy Classes" at Polemotions start in April and my studio is full of girls in heels! :)


Tags: FELIX  CANE  MISS  POLE  DANCE  WORLD  2010 campeonato realizado em zurich 02/10/2010, Felix 1 lugar

Australia's Got Talent 2011 Matty the Pole Dancer.avi

Tags: Australia's  Got  Talent  2011  Matty  the  Pole  Dancer.avi 

It might not be what the judges expected from a pole dancer but it was entertaining and funny

How to Do a Gabrielle Valliere Routine | Pole Dancing

Tags: How  to  Do  a  Gabrielle  Valliere  Routine  |  Pole  Dancing 

Watch more How to Do Pole Dancing Exercises videos: how to do a Gabrielle Valliere routine in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.In a basic pole routine, it's important to have a nice, balanced...

2012 US Pole Dance Champion - Michelle Stanek

Tags: 2012  US  Pole  Dance  Champion  -  Michelle  Stanek 

2012 US Pole Dance ChampionshipChampion - Michelle Stanek - Optional

Evgeny Greshilov @ World Pole Dance Budapest 2011

Tags: Evgeny  Greshilov  @  World  Pole  Dance  Budapest  2011 

Evgeny's Performance at World Pole Dance Championship in Budapest on October 1st 2011.He placed 1st!!

Kara Nova, pole acrobat: 2011 Demo

Tags: Kara  Nova,  pole  acrobat:  2011  Demo 

A trailer of clips from 2011 starring pole acrobat Kara Nova, Bay area circus artist and performer. She regularly performs with the largest burlesque troupe on the West coast, Hubba Hubba Revue, and the avant-garde circus, The Vau de Vire Society. Kara trains @ the SF Circus Center and also...

Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 - WINNER - Sarah Scott [HQ]

Tags: Miss  Pole  Dance  UK  2012  -  WINNER  -  Sarah  Scott  [HQ] 

The AMAZING (and also one of my absolute favourite polers) - Sarah Scott, well deserving winner of the UK title Miss Pole Dance 2012.. yaaaayyy!! Sarah will be representing the UK in the WORLDs in November in Switzerland!The song is Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (ZEPPY ZEP Remix)

A funny pole battle between Oona Kivela & Grazzy Brugner

Tags: A  funny  pole  battle  between  Oona  Kivela  &  Grazzy  Brugner 


Pierwsze Ogólnopolskie Zawody Pole Dance - Berenika Nienadowska Wrocław - Trzecie miejsce

Tags: Pierwsze  Ogólnopolskie  Zawody  Pole  Dance  -  Berenika  Nienadowska  Wrocław  -  Trzecie  miejsce 

Berenika Nienadowska zajęła trzecie miejsce na Pierwszych Ogólnopolskich Zawodach Pole Dance organizowanych przez Polskie Stowarzyszenie Pole Dance

Felix Cane Winner World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2010

Tags: Felix  Cane  Winner  World  Pole  Sport  &  Fitness  Championships  2010 

World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2010 in Switzerland . Organisers: LOFT1 Pole-Studios & PolepassionDVD Order "World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2010" drectly under this websites:www.worldpoledance.comwww.polepassion.comwww.loft1.chcopyright by World Pole Sport & Fitness...

Vencedora Miss Pole Dance Sudamerica -2009

Tags: Vencedora  Miss  Pole  Dance  Sudamerica  -2009 

Rafaela MontanaroVencedora do Miss Pole Dance América do SulWinner of Miss Polde Dance South America

Alethea Austin's performance LA Pole show 2011

Tags: Alethea  Austin's  performance  LA  Pole  show  2011 

Here is alethea's pefomance from Bespun's LA pole show 2011. Hd video, Enjoy :)

USPDF 2009 Championship Highlights

Tags: USPDF  2009  Championship  Highlights 

Highlights from the US Pole Dance Championship 2009 at Bleecker Theater, NYC March 15th. For more info please visit