Kicking the BRIT Awards' Teeth In - Noisey Talks - Episode 4

Kicking the BRIT Awards' Teeth In - Noisey Talks - Episode 4

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Like This? You Should Subscribe Here Now:'s Alex Miller, Quietus Editor John Doran, the Guardian's Rosie Swash, & Sam Wolfson of NME sink their teeth into this year's BRIT Awards, including Adele's interrupted speech & the value of Blur & George Michael.**Whether we like it or not, music news happens, and that's why we made NOISEY TALKS—the idea is to throw our favorite music writers, musicians, and artists in a room together with VICE's own Alex Miller to hash out everything you need to know from the week in music, from annoying festival fads to deep-running music feuds. Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases:, daily editorial and more: Noisey on Facebook: Noisey on Twitter: our tumblr:

kicking  the  brit  awards'  teeth  in  -  noisey  talks  -  episode  4 

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Surviving Alone in Alaska

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Uncut Adele accepting best album award from George Michael at the 2012 brits

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Adele accepting best album award from George Michael at the 2012 brits uncut.Watch her give the tv people the finger.

Adele's Speech at the Brit Awards!

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Brit Awards 2012 - Adele Official WINNER

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Brit Awards 2012 - Adele Official WINNER, and usher George Michael :))

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Here we see the talented Adele singing Rolling in the Deep at The Brits 2012. Adele won the BRIT for British Female Solo Artist, and was presented with the coveted gong by the super-stylish Kylie Minogue. She also won the award for Mastercard British Album of the Year for her record-breaking 21,...

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video)

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THE POP DIASPORA OF M.I.A.: MIA respond to comments left on this video.Click here to watch:**For the best viewing experience, watch in 1080p (HD).M.I.A. OFFICIAL SITE | MIAUNIVERSE:**Head to...

Charlotte Church Talks American Politics and More - Noisey Talks - Episode 11

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Punk Rock Babes On a Boat - Noisey Party Pics - Episode 4

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Mark E Smith - The British Masters - Christmas Special - Part One

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Graham Coxon "gonzo" interview pt1

Tags: Graham  Coxon  "gonzo"  interview  pt1 

Short tv interview with the wonderful Mr. Graham Coxon.I do not own this material, I just really like this guy!No copyright infringe intended.

Blur - Parklife (Brit Awards 2012)

Tags: Blur  -  Parklife  (Brit  Awards  2012) 

Blur feat. Phil Daniels performing the title track from their 1994 album 'Parklife' live at The Brit Awards 2012. Blur were honoured with a Brit Award for their outstanding contribution to music.

Michael Jackson - Earth Song live

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This is the best performes of Earth Song live.. ( my mind )The 16th Annual Brit Awards 1996London, UKWe love you Michael, allways. r.i.p5:01 - I dont care.

Lo que piensa Willy Toledo sobre El Gran Wyoming de El Intermedio (La Sexta), y los medios

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Lo que piensa Willy Toledo de los medios y El Gran Wyoming de El Intermedio, La Sexta.Antichavismo: El Gran Wyoming y La Sexta, televisora del régimen español

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Jessie J Brit Award Speech

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Check out for more information about Jessie J - follow us on twitter!/JessieJOnline