Garrys Mod RP server with two Asdfs

Garrys Mod RP server with two Asdfs

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It was supposed to be "just another day".... and then we started kidnapping people.Episode 2: out these social networking abasdaFacebook: Asdfs,BurritoBrian: at the end is "Last Days - Your Birds (Sea)"

garrys  mod  rp  server  with  two  asdfs 

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Garry's Mod RP Server Episode 2 with the Asdfs

Tags: Garry's  Mod  RP  Server  Episode  2  with  the  Asdfs 

In memory of Kael NovexEpisode 1: out these social networking abasdaFacebook: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:

Garry's Mod - Surviving Pony RP Episode 1 "The Documentary"

Tags: Garry's  Mod  -  Surviving  Pony  RP  Episode  1  "The  Documentary" 

I went in to get a story, but what was suppose to be another day on the job.. turned into a fight for my life and the very survival of the human race.Available in 1080p* Twitter: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:...

Dead Space 3 Moments Episode 2 with Two Asdfs

Tags: Dead  Space  3  Moments  Episode  2  with  Two  Asdfs 

(Sorry for the delay, my external hard drive cable ripped) Things just keep getting worse for these two heroes as BreaddyStack (Carver) start's to see hallucinations on the account of being spooked to the brink.Check out these social networking abasdaFacebook:...

Garrys Mod Hilarious Moments Episode 3 with the Asdfs

Tags: Garrys  Mod  Hilarious  Moments  Episode  3  with  the  Asdfs 

Garry's Mod episode 3, filled with demon grenades, helicopter jetpacks, planes, blood, dinosaurs, angry birds, and more. *Available in 1080p* Twitter: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:...

Farcry 3 Moments with BedBanana

Tags: Farcry  3  Moments  with  BedBanana 

You do what you gotta do to survive on this island.Facebook: out these other AsdfsBurritoBrian:

The Gmod Castle Calamity

Tags: The  Gmod  Castle  Calamity 

Mario is back, and once again, he is trying to destroy that damn castle! Will he finally succeed?The Castle Calamity collab is inspired by Jeremy Simms (bigfoot3290). Gmodders, with any skill level, participated in the collab.I would like to give a special thanks to those who participated in the...

Why Engineers Shouldn't Defend (Gmod)

Tags: Why  Engineers  Shouldn't  Defend  (Gmod) 

We've all been in that position when you're left to defend a deserted point. This particular Engineer is based loosely on me playing TF2, ESPECIALLY the packing up bit... Damn Scouts XDMusic used:Neverhood OST - The Weasel ChaseSuper Mario RPG Soundtrack - VictoryVarious extracts from the...

Battlefield 3 Hilarious Moments Episode 3 with the Asdfs

Tags: Battlefield  3  Hilarious  Moments  Episode  3  with  the  Asdfs 

asdfhdfIn remembrance of Catbutts, Dokudoku, Saix (Gabe), Bed Banana, Bkm10 (Brian), Gravy, and Breaddystack. Platoon: Channel: Channel:...

Dead Island Riptide with the Asdfs

Tags: Dead  Island  Riptide  with  the  Asdfs 

The sequel to my first YouTube series, but this time on the island of Palanai.It's up to the Asdfs to get to the bottom of this deep mystery and save the island from the Zambas.Check out these social networking abasdaFacebook:

Survivors with the Asdfs

Tags: Survivors  with  the  Asdfs 

Four miners are pushed to the edge as they quest for coupons and football autographs in a spooky forest while being hunted by John Madden the Werewolf. (4player coop slender pretty much)Attempt one: Sean, Catbutts, BedBananaAttempt 2-4: BreaddyStack, BedBanana, Dokudoku, Catbutts.Dokudoku:...

Arma 3 Alpha Moments with the Asdfs

Tags: Arma  3  Alpha  Moments  with  the  Asdfs 

War...war never changesCheck out these social networking abasdaFacebook: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:

Red Dead Redemption - Asdfs Unchained

Tags: Red  Dead  Redemption  -  Asdfs  Unchained 

Spoilers: Everything dies.The D is silent.Other Cowboys:BedBanana: Music: Balmorhea - Settler (Daytrotter version)

Cry of Fear with the Asdfs

Tags: Cry  of  Fear  with  the  Asdfs 

This is one of the best coop mods I've played, if you have 4 buds to play with I highly recommend downloading it.Facebook: song are: Cry of Fear - Main Theme and Cry of fear -...

Left 4 Dead 2 with the Asdfs

Tags: Left  4  Dead  2  with  the  Asdfs 

4 Raptors awake lost in the fog filled ghost town of Silent Hill. As they try to find their way out they soon discover they are not alone as the evil army of Gnomes, Hitler, Osama, Zombies, Koolaid Man, and the infamous Gamer Grandma rise from the darkness.Dokudokus channel:...

Battlefield 3 with the Asdfs

Tags: Battlefield  3  with  the  Asdfs 

And the award for best tank hugger... goes to... *drum roll*... Brian! *Brian walks up to the podium with tears of joy in his eyes "I would just like to thank every one whose lives I sacrificed to get this award." *The crowd gives a standing ovation *Brian quickly walks off stage with a golden...

Flight simulator 2014 with BedBanana

Tags: Flight  simulator  2014  with  BedBanana 

All my practice flying in Garry's mod and Battlefield 4 haven't paid off!!*im going to be uplaoding more, expect a new vid soon!**Twitter:* X planesFacebook: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:...

Garrys Mod - Surviving Pony RP Episode 3 "WAR"

Tags: Garrys  Mod  -  Surviving  Pony  RP  Episode  3  "WAR" 

As the Ponies ramp up their efforts to eradicate the humans. BedBananas leads a brutal assault on the city and its Police station.Available in 1080p*Twitter: 1:...

DayZ with the Asdfs

Tags: DayZ  with  the  Asdfs 

When death is permanent, you begin to appreciate the ATV double front flips, falls off a roof, and helicopter barrel roll back flips a little more.This is a compilation from the past month from on and off playing so if things look a little different from clip to clip its because their was was a...

Saints Row 4 Hilarious Moments with the Asdfs

Tags: Saints  Row  4  Hilarious  Moments  with  the  Asdfs 

Charged with saving the Earth and the Galaxy before its to late.. will they succeed? or will they just trip on a hot wheel and explode.Check out these social networking abasdaFacebook: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:...

Scary GMod: Shadows Chapter 3 with the Asdfs

Tags: Scary  GMod:  Shadows  Chapter  3  with  the  Asdfs 

I'll need to change my pants.Get our addons here! our maps here! my Twitter and Facebook for EXCLUSIVE photos &...

Scary GMod: My Nightmare with the Asdfs

Tags: Scary  GMod:  My  Nightmare  with  the  Asdfs 

going binkiesThanks to Nightscout for making this awesome map!Get it here: me on Twitter and Facebook! to the other...

GTA 5 Hilarious Moments Episode 2 with the Asdfs

Tags: GTA  5  Hilarious  Moments  Episode  2  with  the  Asdfs 

Twitter: Asdfs,BurritoBrian:

DayZ Standalone, a tale of Tragedy

Tags: DayZ  Standalone,  a  tale  of  Tragedy 

A story only comparable to HamletTwitter: Twitch: Youtube: Asdfs!BurritoBrian:...

GMod RP with the Asdfs: Kidnapping Tommy

Tags: GMod  RP  with  the  Asdfs:  Kidnapping  Tommy 

oh we are terribletwitter n facebook: these cool fat...

Engineer Goes Fishing (Gmod)

Tags: Engineer  Goes  Fishing  (Gmod) 

A valuable lesson was learnt here today...Needs More Bacon Spray: requested.Music used:Confused_and_upset - Neverhood SoundtrackPart of the Jersey Devil PS1 Soundtrack Andy Anorak - Spongebob soundtrack