BBC News Laos eyes benefits of WTO membership mp4

BBC News Laos eyes benefits of WTO membership mp4

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Laos is set to formally join the World Trade Organisation (WTO) after a 15-year effort to become a part of the group, which has included shaking up its import exports system and introducing a series of wide-ranging new laws.The small, land-locked country is the last of the 10 member Association of Southeast Asian nations to become a WTO member.

bbc  news      laos  eyes  benefits  of  wto  membership  mp4 

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very very informative speech.Must Watch to Know how WTO Agreement Will Collapse Whole Indian economy !VISIT RAJIV DIXIT JI OFFICIAL WEBSITE !

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WTO chief addresses the Commission on Sustainable Development

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Tags: WTO  chief  addresses  the  Commission  on  Sustainable  Development 10.05.06Lamy highlights environment dimension of the trade talksDirector-General Pascal Lamy, in his remarks to the Commission on Sustainable Development on 10 May 2006, urged WTO members to pursue more forcefully the environment dimension of the Doha Round. He said that...

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Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw loses listeners, Rihanna on her rekindled relationship with Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan is back in court.

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World tourism organisation declared an increase of 5% in global travel and tourism this year. Countries are taking part in the World Travel Market, held in London every year, to attract more tourists.



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The Australian government is increasing its protection of the Great Barrier Reef in a bid to prevent the United Nations from removing its World Heritage status.However, some green groups have protested in Sydney and Brisbane, demanding that the government do more to protect the area.

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James Reinl reports for VOR London on Russia's entry to the World Trade Organisation, featuring an interview with Michael Hindley. (16 December 2011)

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Find 1500+ education videos available at this video you will learn all about the WTO which stands for World Trade Organisation. You will learn about its role, objective and contribution to this business world. You will also learn about the achievements and...

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The World Trade Organisation's Doha round of trade talks is coming to a head and the future of the world's poor hangs in the balance. But what is the WTO, and how did it get to be so powerful? War on Want's short film exposes the truth behind the WTO and its damaging 'free trade' policiesThis...

A2 Economics: World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 8 mins

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For further info plz visit: In this video I explore the background of the WTO, its roles and responsibilities and potential arguments against it. This video is created and presented by Komilla Chadha.

BBC News Focus on jobless rate after US GDP fall mp4

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The sense of optimism over the US economy after avoiding the so-called 'fiscal cliff' took a knock after poor GDP figures for the final quarter of 2012.The next set of economic indicators are the unemployment rate, which was 7.8% in December.

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