BBC News Laos eyes benefits of WTO membership mp4

BBC News Laos eyes benefits of WTO membership mp4

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Laos is set to formally join the World Trade Organisation (WTO) after a 15-year effort to become a part of the group, which has included shaking up its import exports system and introducing a series of wide-ranging new laws.The small, land-locked country is the last of the 10 member Association of Southeast Asian nations to become a WTO member.

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very very informative speech.Must Watch to Know how WTO Agreement Will Collapse Whole Indian economy !VISIT RAJIV DIXIT JI OFFICIAL WEBSITE !

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World tourism organisation declared an increase of 5% in global travel and tourism this year. Countries are taking part in the World Travel Market, held in London every year, to attract more tourists.

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Some footage taken in Vientiane, Laos on my NIkon D3200 DSLR. Edited and graded in Adobe Premiere CCMusic: Laos Heart Of AsiaCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,...



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Each week the BBC is putting the spotlight on young entrepreneurs in Asia.One company making a big splash in Singapore is the women's fashion retailer MDS.First launched by a Singaporean couple through an internet website, it has become so successful that they have become multi-millionaires, all...

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national geographic with doctor Zeb Hogan,Hogan completed a National Science Foundation-sponsored Ph.D. in ecology at the University of California,Hogan now leads a new National Geographic Society project to identify and protect the world's largest freshwater fishes