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Pancakes Kandu Style! (Vlog #80)

Tags: Pancakes  Kandu  Style!    (Vlog  #80) 

As requested, vegetable pancake awesomeness is here. Hope you enjoy... the abbreviated recipe will be posted on the Kandu Attitude channel. Hope you have as much fun as we did!New Videos Everyday! :)► http://www.kandu.tvSOCIAL NETWORKS►►...

Extremely Cute Baby Clip!

Tags: Extremely  Cute  Baby  Clip! 

Nothing beats sunning my tush and sucking on toes or playing with a lemon :) Baby Love sucking on her toes! (4.5 months)New Videos Everyday! :)► http://www.kandu.tvSOCIAL NETWORKS►►►► Instagrm...

Dad's New Purse

Tags: Dad's  New  Purse 

Everyday as a new parent proves to be an unexpected, exciting adventure. As always, Love shares her joy and fun with us. We hope you enjoy sharing these special moments with us. Thank you for joining us in these heart warming experiences.New Videos Everyday! :)► http://www.kandu.tvSOCIAL...

Island Turtles & Plants (Happy Hangout #65)

Tags: Island  Turtles  &  Plants  (Happy  Hangout  #65) 

Join us as we explore a new beach, discuss health food tactics, smudging, a year of no spending, and island plants!These videos are made available by your love and support!►'S BLOG►...

Parto natural sin epidural

Tags: Parto  natural  sin  epidural 

Se espera que el parto de una mujer ocurra entre las semanas 37 y 42 completas desde la fecha de la última menstruación. El inicio del trabajo de parto varía entre una mujer y otra, siendo las signos más frecuentes, la expulsión del tapón mucoso cervical, la aparición de leves espasmos...

Birthing Simulator PROMPT

Tags: Birthing  Simulator  PROMPT 

This brand new Simulator provides a platform for the teaching and acquisition of many of the practical skills required for the successful management of childbirth. It has been developed for multiple professional training, in conjunction with midwives and obstetricians from Southmead Hospital,...

unassisted birth in the bathroom

Tags: unassisted  birth  in  the  bathroom 

this was a great birth. she handle it alone. only midwife talk to her. she was very strongh women. you see how the belly move during a contraction.

A Breech In The System - trailer

Tags: A  Breech  In  The  System  -  trailer $ 9.95 download of full 45 min docu A unique documentary about a footling Breech Birth naturally against all odds, available for purchase on Watch this inspiring story about a woman on a mission to...


Tags: cane 

troppo spassoso xD

Wild Wives of Africa - Bonobo Love

Tags: Wild  Wives  of  Africa  -  Bonobo  Love 

Wild Wives of Africa: Do or Die : TUE NOV 8 9 et/pt : species seems to have found the perfect method for keeping everyone in a state of total harmony.

Give birth at Assunta Hospital

Tags: Give  birth  at  Assunta  Hospital 

My wife gave birth to little Anna on 7/7/10 at Assunta Hospital. A touching moment when saw the baby's head.

Semental Atila LVI de Yeguada Valle cubriendo a yegua Agueda

Tags: Semental  Atila  LVI  de  Yeguada  Valle  cubriendo  a  yegua  Agueda 

Semental de Yeguada Valle cubriendo a Agueda.

Nascimento de Leitão

Tags: Nascimento  de  Leitão 

Nascimento de Leitão na Granja Querense Em Itú (SP) filamado na visita técnica da disciplina de suínocultura dos alunos de Medicina Veterinária da FMU (2010)

perro vs borracho

Tags: perro  vs  borracho 

jajajajaja esta vola es terrible de chistosa!!

KitKat bevalling

Tags: KitKat  bevalling 

Kitkat commercial gemaakt voor de "Maak je eigen Kitkat commercial op"Met dank aan: Danny, Marc, Jennifer en baby Aiden.

macacos se acasalando

Tags: macacos  se  acasalando 

macacos se acasalando em cima de um carro em movimento

james late for meeting

Tags: james  late    for  meeting 

late for meeting

Camel giving birth.

Tags: Camel  giving  birth. 

One of my roamings in the desert i was able to take part in this crazy scene.Hope you like it...

Dog mating fail

Tags: Dog  mating  fail 

If we switched the sexes it would work okay.... but not this time.Updates: Fritz, the Doberman, died in January due to the von Willebrand syndrome. Have your Dobermans tested, always!

HemAway - How It Works (Animation)

Tags: HemAway  -  How  It  Works  (Animation) 

The HemAway Seat's exclusive seat design naturally shifts your body into a position that causes even the most advanced hemorrhoids to painlessly retract into the rectum, instantly relieving the pain and discomfort of disrupted circulation. The HemAway Seat relieves symptoms by cleverly using...