A Commentary on Birth of Love

A Commentary on Birth of Love

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So many people have asked us questions about our experience of natural birth at home so we decided to make a special edition with commentary from us (the parents)! We discuss the video and our personal thoughts at the moment. We hope you get some insight and possibly some entertainment as well. Cheers!New Kandu Vlogs of baby Love and Family EVERY DAY!► http://www.kandu.tv► https://twitter.com/kandufit► https://www.facebook.com/kandutv► http://www.gplus.to/kandu

a  commentary  on  birth  of  love 

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Peaceful, Painless Birth of Elovie Commentary

Tags: Peaceful,  Painless  Birth  of  Elovie  Commentary 

I hope this video helps you gain a better perspective on how I was able to experience a peaceful, painless, natural labor and birth the second time around. As well as answer some of your questions you had on the video and process.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02gxCpbpFFA Extended Version for...

It takes a TRIBE... (Happy Hangout #60)

Tags: It  takes  a  TRIBE...  (Happy  Hangout  #60) 

These videos are made available by your love and support!►https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=C75UJ9RYHR2ULSOCIAL NETWORKS► https://www.facebook.com/kandutv► http://www.gplus.to/kanduOur Fitness Manual: ► http://www.fiverr.com/fitnesseducator "Stock music...

Rainbow Tripping (Happy Hangout #62)

Tags: Rainbow  Tripping  (Happy  Hangout  #62) 

Some chill events with the Kandu's attempting to weave a frond hat, playing in the rain, talking with Love, and trippin on rainbows ;) Enjoy!These videos are made available by your love and support!►https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=C75UJ9RYHR2ULSOCIAL...

Extremely Cute Baby Clip!

Tags: Extremely  Cute  Baby  Clip! 

Nothing beats sunning my tush and sucking on toes or playing with a lemon :) Baby Love sucking on her toes! (4.5 months)New Videos Everyday! :)► http://www.kandu.tvSOCIAL NETWORKS► https://twitter.com/marin8d► https://www.facebook.com/kandutv► http://www.gplus.to/kandu► Instagrm...

1st Hypno Birth

Tags: 1st  Hypno  Birth 

a calm child birth in hospital

Twins that became Triplets - Part 3 IVF

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This is our journey of going through IVF. At first we were only expecting 1 or 2 babies. We got a huge surprise when we found out about the triplets. Enjoy watching our crazy year in becoming parents to multiples. Today they are three and each has a very unique personality. Subscribe to see...

Erotic Mind Babes Nigeria Nollywood Film

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Erotic Mind Babes 1&2 and End of Erotic Mind Babes 3&4Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/4nollyclips?sub_confirmation=1 New Nigerian Nollywood Movies, Comedy, Nigeria movie, African movie, Nigeria Cinema, African Cinema Nollywood, Ghallywood, 9ja Movies, Watch African Movies, 2013 movies

Birthing Simulator PROMPT

Tags: Birthing  Simulator  PROMPT 

This brand new Simulator provides a platform for the teaching and acquisition of many of the practical skills required for the successful management of childbirth. It has been developed for multiple professional training, in conjunction with midwives and obstetricians from Southmead Hospital,...

One Born Every Minute Season 5 Episode 3

Tags: One  Born  Every  Minute  Season  5  Episode  3 

British Reality TV show about Giving Birth.

Mother Giving Birth to Newborn Baby Vaginal Natural Birth in Hopstial 2

Tags: Mother  Giving  Birth  to  Newborn  Baby  Vaginal  Natural  Birth  in  Hopstial  2 

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

perro vs borracho

Tags: perro  vs  borracho 

jajajajaja esta vola es terrible de chistosa!!

Semental Atila LVI de Yeguada Valle cubriendo a yegua Agueda

Tags: Semental  Atila  LVI  de  Yeguada  Valle  cubriendo  a  yegua  Agueda 

Semental de Yeguada Valle cubriendo a Agueda.

Give birth at Assunta Hospital

Tags: Give  birth  at  Assunta  Hospital 

My wife gave birth to little Anna on 7/7/10 at Assunta Hospital. A touching moment when saw the baby's head.

Animal Sex Mating 2014

Tags: Animal  Sex  Mating  2014 

Best animal sex 2014. animal sex girl mating

Sadie's Natural Home Water Birth

Tags: Sadie's  Natural  Home  Water  Birth 

Labor and delivery story here: http://youtu.be/brPxiwfZRIcBorn at home, in water at 5:42 pm on 3/2/14, in a snow storm :)

Nascimento de Leitão

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Nascimento de Leitão na Granja Querense Em Itú (SP) filamado na visita técnica da disciplina de suínocultura dos alunos de Medicina Veterinária da FMU (2010)

Animal mating - Horse mating

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genza333 has published a large number of animal videos. I will be healed various facial expressions and actions of the baby animal is cute. I have published many such funny videos various animal fight, and animal copulation. Please have a look.like & Subscribe...

Python vs Alligator 01 -- Real Fight -- Python attacks Alligator

Tags: Python  vs  Alligator    01  --  Real  Fight  --  Python  attacks  Alligator 

http://Ojatro.comhttp://Ojatroblog.blogspot.comBurmese pythons have an established permanent breeding population in South Florida and belong to the "new" apex predators of the Everglades today. Top predators like the american crocodiles and american alligators prey regularly on all kinds of...

Snakes Born! Live Birth!!! NOT all snakes come from EGGS.

Tags: Snakes  Born!    Live  Birth!!!    NOT  all  snakes  come  from  EGGS. 

Shot about 17 years ago of a snake giving live birth... an emerald tree boa.

Animal mating

Tags: Animal  mating 

like & Subscribe Please!https://www.youtube.com/user/genza333◆funny animal Pictures◆http://genza3.blogspot.jp【Featured...

Girl and Horse - Great Bond

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Claire with her beautiful horse - the bond between them is amazing.

Horny Dogs Humping Girls - Dog Humps Girl !!

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Dog Humps Girl Horny Dogs Humping GirlsMAN vs DOG : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhUG2yaIyYIFunny cats compilation 2014 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKECZTiosCI10 mins of Epic Fail Compilation :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB-g2M7LHmsCar Crash Compilation 2014 :...

Monkeys mating

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I think these are Mandrill Baboons I'm not sure tho. Maybe someone out there knows