Ranting updates!

Ranting updates!

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Hello everyone! Yes, its been a while I updated video without editing. You can see the true me being weird and crazy without editing. And sometime I don't know what to say in front of the camera, which I try to fill in a blank saying ughh... yeahhh. Imperfection is the key to make your heart laugh. I have been busy with school. I'm ALIVE! Youtube was a bit distracting for me so I turn off my youtube email. Yes, I'm obsessed with YOUTUBE! T___T Oh, just to let you guys know, I'm getting my new camcorder :D Hell yeah! Yeeh. Waiting for Black Friday to start in Thanksgiving. Are you guys going to shop on Black Friday. If you guys are What are you guys trying to buy? If you guys think I offend you with the word "bitches" I'm sorrry.. I usually don't cuss alot but I do it for fun. :D Which makes the video more exciting and entertaining to watch. At least what I think. Happy Halloween and I will see you on my next video once I have time for myself. In few weeks, I won't have time to make a video because I have paper due and projects... I'll make up for the lost of not updating video frequently as I said. ;D

ranting  updates! 

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Asian woman M.I.A

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Shit, gurl update you!

Tags: Shit,  gurl  update  you! 

Hello, is very random, but I felt that I should keep you guys updated what I have been doing and working on. I'm working on my narrative project. Is been keeping me busy. Raw footage of me without cut. You can see my weird and akwardness pause :] as I speak. The quality is kind of bad, if you...

Asian moms can be racist

Tags: Asian  moms  can  be  racist 

Hi Everybody. As I promise till this day that I will post a new video... So today is the day... Thank you all for being patient. Enjoy watching my video. Comment below if you guys ever experience your parents are being too annoying or harsh on you... Sometime I hate being lecture for a billion of...


Tags: Delusional 

A girl who starts to become obsessed with a guy after months and months of hooked up.



The film is a recollection of the person's memories. A 22 years old male who has no family, friends, and no place to go. He carries a hidden secret for over 13 years from his family and friends. To erase his hot flashes memory, he meets a old man who change his life.

After Party

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Party it up like it is old school. Just kidding. A new video about a boy who start off his day by drinking beer and playing video game.



Buy Marcel's new book, THE MOST SURPRISED I'VE EVER BEEN:http://www.penguin.com/book/marcel-the-shell-the-most-surprised-ive-ever-been-by-jenny-slate/9781595144560Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp /// Written by Dean Fleischer-Camp + Jenny Slate /// Starring Jenny Slate as Marcel

Sara X Does Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”

Tags: Sara  X  Does  Mozart’s    “Eine  kleine  Nachtmusik” 

This recording of Eine Kleine is from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's 1936 performance. Yay public domain!I'm a tall tattooed weirdo with an offbeat sense of humor. I never take myself seriously if I can help it. Model, freelance blog contributor, and model coordinator for...

Globe and Mail footage captures shooting in Ottawa Parliament building

Tags: Globe  and  Mail  footage  captures  shooting  in  Ottawa  Parliament  building 

For broadcast rights, please contact enterprisesales@globeandmail.com

Beats by Dre Presents: LeBron James in ‬RE-ESTABLISHED 2014 - Powerbeats2 Wireless‬‬‬

Tags: Beats  by  Dre  Presents:  LeBron  James  in  ‬RE-ESTABLISHED  2014  -  Powerbeats2  Wireless‬‬‬ 

The words “Akron Est. 1984” are inked on LeBron James’ body.Moving back to Cleveland in 2014 is the re-establishment of his legacy in Northern Ohio. He now embarks on the next and greatest chapter of his career.This offseason, with Powerbeats2 Wireless, LeBron has re-established his body...

COOLEST SOUND EVER! - [Living in Alaska 43]

Tags: COOLEST  SOUND  EVER!  -  [Living  in  Alaska  43] 

This is the coolest sound I've ever heard! HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED!FACEBOOK ME:http://www.facebook.com/DudeLikeHELLATWEET ME:http://www.twitter.com/SMPFilmsSEE MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS:http://www.YouTube.com/TheMeanKittyhttp://www.YouTube.com/SMPFilmsThank you GCI for the awesome internet!...