C-Thru Axis 49 x2 - Fur Elise Main Theme

C-Thru Axis 49 x2 - Fur Elise Main Theme

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This is me playing the main theme of Fur Elise by Beethoven using my dual Axis 49 MIDI controller setup. The hexagonal note layout is known as the harmonic table, in my opinion it makes the relationship between notes a lot clearer than a traditional piano. I'm a big fan of the Axis MIDI controllers, I got my first Axis 49 about 6 months ago, and added the second one 3 months ago. As you will notice, I play the bass parts with my right hand and the treble parts with my left, but you can set these up to whatever makes you comfortable. If you are interested in learning more about the Axis 49, check out c-thru-music.com. The piano samples are from Steinberg Halion One, recorded using Cubase 5.

c-thru  axis  49  x2  -  fur  elise  main  theme 

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Demonstration of 4-Row Janko Keyboard

Tags: Demonstration  of  4-Row  Janko  Keyboard 

This video was recorded in approximately 1986.Program:"Kitten on the Keys" by Zez ConfreyExplanation of the Janko note arrangement, and advantages over a standard keyboardBrief demonstration of musical passages which are difficult or impossible to play on a standard keyboard"C#-Major Prelude"...

AXiS 64 Video Manual Part 1a

Tags: AXiS  64  Video  Manual  Part  1a 

The first of 6 clips showing Jordan Rudess demonstrating and performing on the C-Thru Music AXiS-64 Pro MIDI Controller.

Hexagonizing Synth Controller Demo: c-thru-music Axis 64

Tags: Hexagonizing  Synth  Controller  Demo:  c-thru-music  Axis  64 

More music on umop.com!Taken at Analog Heaven Northeast, May, 2009. The Axis 64 controller running through a gigantic MOTM modular synth. Hexagonal interface offers a whole new way of creating music, possibly more intuitive than regular black and white keys!

AXiS-49 from C-Thru Music. 2 more tunes.

Tags: AXiS-49  from  C-Thru  Music.  2  more  tunes. 

I'm still trying to get some time to learn how to play axis :)Sorry for the picture, I don't know where my tripod is ;))All sounds - Pro Tools Xpand.

Toccata in d (synth version)

Tags: Toccata  in  d  (synth  version) 

Toccata from BWV 565 played on the gadgetina.Synth version.The gadgetina is a homebrew instrument based on the Wicki/Hayden key layout. For more information, visit www.gadgetina.com.

sound making 1

Tags: sound  making  1 

VSTi:HALion One only.link free.

Axis 49 - Blues Scale Practice 1

Tags: Axis  49  -  Blues  Scale  Practice  1 

C-Thru Music Axis 49 Midi Controller. I have had it a little more than a month. Still finding my way around. Just captured some practice.

ICON - The Alternative Music Notation

Tags: ICON  -  The  Alternative  Music  Notation 

Interval and Chord Order Notation (ICON) is an alternative to staff notation based on the Melodic Table layout used in C-Thru-Music's AXiS-64 and -49. This explanation is pretty hurried and a bit messy (like how half the first word is missing from some sentences - that's my camera's fault).Some...

Penta on the AXiS-49

Tags: Penta  on  the  AXiS-49 

This is an improv using mainly the pentatonic scale. The pentatonic scale falls in a tight block in the center of the layout making for some really fun runs and glissandi.I'm using the "Axis Tweaker" application which converts my axis-49 into a jammer...

Georg F - Purple Organ

Tags: Georg  F  -  Purple  Organ 

This is a jam type of song where I'm soloing on guitar, bass and organ (with the AXiS) + some riffage.I tried to make it sound like a certain band that's famous for it's use of the hammond organ... something with "purple"....For anyone who's interested in the gear:Epiphone SG into an Orange Tiny...

How to Make Microtonal Music with an AXiS-49 or QWERTY Keyboard

Tags: How  to  Make  Microtonal  Music  with  an  AXiS-49  or  QWERTY  Keyboard 

An introduction to the basic tools you'll need to get some microtonal playback from your AXiS.Where you can get an AXiS-49:http://www.c-thru-music.com/Where you can download the software described in this video:http://dynamictonality.com/Link to get you started on microtonal...

the reacTogon - chain reactive performance arpeggiator

Tags: the  reacTogon  -  chain  reactive  performance  arpeggiator 

The reacTogon is a multi-touch sensitive music arpeggiator based on the harmonic table. Copyright 2007 Mark Burton

AXiS Harmonic Table, Pianoteq - Piano Improvisation

Tags: AXiS  Harmonic  Table,  Pianoteq  -  Piano  Improvisation 

AXiS, Harmonic Table, Sonome, Alternative MIDI Keyboard

C-Thru Music Axis 49. 1 minute beat.

Tags: C-Thru  Music  Axis  49.  1  minute  beat. 

2AM.I've made a loop. I decided to show how easy for me to make one....now......with AXiS.

"Fur Elise" on The Big Piano at FAO Schwarz

Tags: "Fur  Elise"  on  The  Big  Piano  at  FAO  Schwarz 

Fur Elise performed on The Big Piano at FAO Shwartz in NYC :D

AXIS keyboard demo for BP Scale (Part 1)

Tags: AXIS  keyboard  demo  for  BP  Scale  (Part  1) 

Listen to a song in the BP Scale here: http://www.ziaspace.com/elaine/BP/BPmusic/LoveSong_BPscale_EW.mp3C-Thru Music has lent me this keyboard, called the AXIS, for a few months, and I am rearranging the keys for the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, a macrotuning based on a 3/1 frequency ratio, divided by 13...

Sonome/HT lesson 1: Four Chords

Tags: Sonome/HT  lesson  1:    Four  Chords 

In this introductory sonome (aka "harmonic table") lesson, I show you how the keyboard is layed out, how to play a few chords, how to play 4-chord songs, and finally some practice tips. It should help you get started playing.

AXIS for Bohlen-Pierce Scale (Part 3)

Tags: AXIS  for  Bohlen-Pierce  Scale  (Part  3) 

Listen to a song in the BP Scale here: http://ziaspace.com/elaine/BPC-Thru Music (c-thru-music.com) has graciously lent me this keyboard, called the AXIS, to do some research. I am rearranging the keys for the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, a macrotuning based on a 3/1 frequency ratio, divided by 13 equal...

Steinberg Halion One VSTI EP Demo

Tags: Steinberg  Halion  One  VSTI  EP  Demo 

This is a short audio demo showcasing some of the electric piano presets that come standard with Steinberg's free Halion One virtual instrument.

DJ Tech Tools - Mad Zach's Ableton Contest - by Rick Fresco

Tags: DJ  Tech  Tools  -  Mad  Zach's  Ableton  Contest  -  by  Rick  Fresco 

Become my patron on: http://www.patreon.com/rickfrescoMy (WINNER) entry for DJTT's Ableton contest...I just used the Novation Launchpad in "user 1" mode to control Ableton Live running Mad Zach's drumrack. I stretched or piched some of the original samples so they could match the track's key,...

2008 Promo: Classical, Blues, C# minor Improvisation

Tags: 2008  Promo:  Classical,  Blues,  C#  minor  Improvisation 

Jim's Zapperesque draft promo for 'Shape Of Music's (then) new 'Opal' range of MIDI controllers. Includes young Kate & Alice playing it for the first time, me playing Beethoven's "Fur Elise" with bass & Melody played with left and then right hand alone, Bessie Smith's blues "Nobody Knows You...

c-thru-music Axis 64 Right out of the Box

Tags: c-thru-music  Axis  64  Right  out  of  the  Box 

I wanted to document what this was like to play for a non-keyboard player. Feeding into my v-synth.

AXiS MIDI Controller

Tags: AXiS  MIDI  Controller 

Dino Soldo talks about the AXiS controller...

Beethoven - Fur Elise

Tags: Beethoven  -  Fur  Elise 

Beethoven's Fur Elise (WoO 59)Software: http://www.PianoFromAbove.comMIDI: http://www.piano-midi.de/beeth.htm

Stampede on the axis-49

Tags: Stampede  on  the  axis-49 

A rough performance of one of my first original pieces written specifically for the axis-49 set to a wicki/hayden layout, aka Jammer, an imitation of the (now defunct) Thummer.*EDIT* If you're not impressed, check out some of my newer videos, I'm improving I think =P