C-Thru Axis 49 x2 - Fur Elise Main Theme

C-Thru Axis 49 x2 - Fur Elise Main Theme

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This is me playing the main theme of Fur Elise by Beethoven using my dual Axis 49 MIDI controller setup. The hexagonal note layout is known as the harmonic table, in my opinion it makes the relationship between notes a lot clearer than a traditional piano. I'm a big fan of the Axis MIDI controllers, I got my first Axis 49 about 6 months ago, and added the second one 3 months ago. As you will notice, I play the bass parts with my right hand and the treble parts with my left, but you can set these up to whatever makes you comfortable. If you are interested in learning more about the Axis 49, check out c-thru-music.com. The piano samples are from Steinberg Halion One, recorded using Cubase 5.

c-thru  axis  49  x2  -  fur  elise  main  theme 

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Axis 64 Midi Controller

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Designer Peter Davies threw out preconceptions of what a music keyboard should be and designed a layout based on the Harmonic Table. According to C-Thru Musiic, the arrangement of notes helps you understand note relationships and create as you never have before.

SynthAxe Demo from the 80's

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SynthAxe Demo with Allan Holdsworth, Lee Ritenour and Neville Martin

Für Elise on glass harp

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Für Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven played on glass harp by Robert TisoグラスハープNew Album "CRYSTAL SOUND" is now available.For info visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/roberttiso2The score was not published until 1867, 40 years after the composer's death. The discoverer of the piece, Ludwig...

AXIS 64 - After one year of learning music and the axis 64

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This is me playing a musical improvisation on my axis 64 midi controller. It uses the harmonic table as its keyboard layout. It's my main instrument that I've been learning music on for the last year. I have only experienced minimal music training from a few piano lessons as a kid. This video...

Demonstration of 4-Row Janko Keyboard

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This video was recorded in approximately 1986.Program:"Kitten on the Keys" by Zez ConfreyExplanation of the Janko note arrangement, and advantages over a standard keyboardBrief demonstration of musical passages which are difficult or impossible to play on a standard keyboard"C#-Major Prelude"...

Haken Continuum

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Demo by Mark Smart at NAMM 2007. Video is taken from Haken Continuum Fingerboard homepage http://www.cerlsoundgroup.org/Continuum/ .

Tsung Tsung Amazing Piano Prodigy Grade5 Piano (5Age) - Flood Time - Air 師承邱世傑

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HI all ,I love Fds call me Tsung Tsung more than Andy Lee ,I come from HKThis link is my original. Hope all like this piano video^^Facebook : tsungtsunghkPiano Keyboard "Flood (Disaster Type)" Cover Oasis Air Playing "Cover Song" Open "Time (Dimension)" Person Recital New Eye Gallagher Guitar...

Fur Elise in Ragtime played by Ethan Uslan

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Fur Elise in Ragtime played by Ethan Uslan in the 2012 Old Time Piano Contest finals.

Axis 49 The Dance Of Eternity "ragtime solo"

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In this video i'm playing the "ragtime keyboard solo" from Dream Theater's "The Dance Of Eternity" using my Axis-49. I recorded right and left hand separately because of the keys limit of the Axis-49. I'm obviously not a keyboard player, this is just an experiment...so please don't kill me with...

Space Invaders (PS1) Expert Difficulty (49:30)

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Author's comments:Welcome to Planet Earth. Aliens are taking over. Get in your tank and shoot them down!Space Invaders Speed Run Rules: * Completed on "Expert" Difficulty * Single Session * No special codes * Suffers DeathsSpace Invaders originally was an arcade game released in the...

Penta on the AXiS-49

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This is an improv using mainly the pentatonic scale. The pentatonic scale falls in a tight block in the center of the layout making for some really fun runs and glissandi.I'm using the "Axis Tweaker" application which converts my axis-49 into a jammer...

Sonome/HT lesson 1: Four Chords

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In this introductory sonome (aka "harmonic table") lesson, I show you how the keyboard is layed out, how to play a few chords, how to play 4-chord songs, and finally some practice tips. It should help you get started playing.

sound making 1

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VSTi:HALion One only.link free.

Für Elise - Beethoven on Guitar ( Now on iTunes )

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http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fur-elise-on-electric-guitar/id539464860MP3 : http://www.laizmusic.com/mp3-download.phpBacking track :http://www.laizmusic.com/Backing-tracks.phpTabs by deaktee : http://www.guitartabmaker.com/2013/11/beethoven-fur-elise-tab-guitar-cover-by.htmlHead over to check...

Beethoven "Fur Elise" (60 Minute Version)

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Recently on Beethoven "Für Elise" YouTube video, the most liked comment went as follow:"Why doesn't YouTube have a INFINITELY REPLAY buttom?? I wanna listen to this song over an over without having to press click every time." - Joarharu

Chet Baker - Best Of Chet Baker

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Best Of Chet Baker (1929 - 1988)Tracklisting : 00:00 -- Summertime http://bit.ly/14iP3ME 04:14 -- Tenderly http://bit.ly/14iP3ME 10:48 - Time After Time http://bit.ly/17wWf5I 14:55 -- Marilyn http://amzn.to/14xVezn 18:23 - Secret Love http://bit.ly/1erOsda 24:00 - All Blues http://bit.ly/1erOsda...

A. Piazzolla 'Las estaciones - Otono porteno' - Wurttembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn

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Astor Piazzolla (an. Paul von Wienhardt)'Las estaciones - Otono porteno' (The Four Seasons - Autumn)Wurttembergisches Kammerorchester HeilbronnViolin. Arabella SteinbacherConductor. Ruben Gazarianweilburger Schlosskonzerte 2007Live recording 14.July 2007A film by Licht Filmproduktion

Zyklus Improvisor harmonic sequencer (prototype in Max/Msp)

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Zyklus Improvisor is a real-time harmonic midi sequencer. Quickly record a pattern in one of the eight slots, move to another slot and record another pattern while the previous is looped. Use chord recognition for modulating to other key scales.

Richard Clayderman - Para Elisa...(Beethoven)

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Para Elisa.


Tags: 2:17am 

Read the FAQ below, and browse my responded comments that go into detail about what's happening in this video. This was something borne out of a quick idea that I threw together at the beach last November. I've gone through a number of controllers over the last couple of years, and I think I've...

The White Keys Axis-49

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An original composition performed on my jammer that continuously rotates through all of the diatonic modes with a never ending 2-5-2-5-2-5... chord progression. It is a GREAT exorcise for getting my fingers around playing every seventh chord as well as playing in every diatonic mode. Funny thing...

Beethoven-Fur Elise

  • Length: 2:58
  • Author: wmd10

Tags: Beethoven-Fur  Elise 

Perhaps one of Beethoven's most popular pieces-"Fur Elise" (translated into For Elise). The picture is one of Beethoven when he was a middle-age man (fairly old, but nowhere close to done as far as musical accomplishments are concerned). Thank you for watching.

Hacking Aftertouch on to the Axis 49

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I'm a big fan of aftertouch. I've been wondering for ages how I could add aftertouch to my axis 49 "harmonic table" keyboard... and then I had one of those silly ideas...


Tags: Jazzyballadprogressions 

Demonstrates 2 handed fingering patterns for arpeggios on a sonome, featuring Opal's 'Gecko' model. The hands switch roles for accessing the nearest keys for each next chord.