Punjabi Saraiki Song - Tahin Laya Patan Tey Dera - Mansoor Malangi

Punjabi Saraiki Song - Tahin Laya Patan Tey Dera - Mansoor Malangi

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Pakistani Saraiki Song - Tahin Laya Patan Tey Dera - Music from Kota,Chaman, Hazara, Bannu and Peshawar area of Pakistan. Singer Mansoor Malangi

punjabi  saraiki  song  -  tahin  laya  patan  tey  dera  -  mansoor  malangi 

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Mansoor Ali Malangi کدن ولسو سوہنڑاں سانولا

Tags: Mansoor  Ali  Malangi    کدن  ولسو  سوہنڑاں  سانولا 

This kafi of Khuwaja Ghulam Freed has been sung by many artists but very few of them had god-gifted charm to deliver it to its perfection.Mansoor Malangi is one of them...the way he articulated this kafi,no one has so far succeeded to that level.Grace to the rendition of this Kafi(in his early...

Bali Jati " New Program " 2014" Punjabi, Seraiki, Cultural, Folk, Song

  • Length: 114:40
  • Author: Rai CD

Tags: Bali  Jati  "    New  Program  "  2014"  Punjabi,  Seraiki,  Cultural,  Folk,  Song 

Bali Jati " New Program 2014 " Punjabi, Seraiki, Cultural, Folk, Song Pakistani, Punjabi, Seraiki, Cultural, Folk, Song. Very Nice And Beautiful Video Song.

Talib Hussain Dard اسی ماڑے سرکار ُتسی چنگے او

Tags: Talib  Hussain  Dard    اسی  ماڑے  سرکار  ُتسی  چنگے  او 

Oh ! Man ! I'm telling ye !This song is really something else !Many years back,upon hearing this original version of the song for the first time, I simly could not hold back my tears for too long.I was just humbled down.The poet has put too much humility and humbleness on lover's part...in such...


Tags: yOUtUBE                    NEW  SONG  MALKOO  10  SARAIKI  SHEHZADA 

patan te sham by mansoor malangi.flv GeoSaraiki

Tags: patan  te  sham  by  mansoor  malangi.flv  GeoSaraiki 

best saraiki song by mansoor malangi

Kise Nal Pyar Pa Ke( tahira)

Tags: Kise  Nal  Pyar  Pa  Ke(  tahira) 

Kise Nal Pyar Pa Ke( tahira) i love this song !! thanks to tahira nice voice !!

mansoor malangi kehri galti (New)

Tags: mansoor    malangi  kehri  galti  (New) 

nice & sad song

Dasa kay taaen hijer day teer. (Mansoor Malangi) sohail72

Tags: Dasa  kay  taaen  hijer  day  teer.  (Mansoor  Malangi)  sohail72 

a very beautiful saraiki song of Mansoor Malangi..

mansoor malangi punjabi song..super hit

Tags: mansoor  malangi  punjabi  song..super  hit 

punjabi sad songs,mansoor malangi

PTC Punjabi Film Awards 2014 I Full Event

Tags: PTC  Punjabi  Film  Awards  2014  I  Full  Event 

PTC Punjabi Film Awards 2014Click to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1gcl6Fd

Ch Ijaz Mian arrange friend marraige party in battle kund bala mansehra

Tags: Ch  Ijaz  Mian    arrange  friend  marraige  party  in  battle    kund  bala  mansehra 

good singer afshan zebi ......chijazmian@hotmail.cim

saraiki jhankar

Tags: saraiki  jhankar 

mang tedi aan kalu khan.flv

Asan Driver Loog Sakon Na Kar Tu Pyar*HD*Shier Dil Protection By Shan King Khan

Tags: Asan  Driver  Loog  Sakon  Na  Kar  Tu  Pyar*HD*Shier  Dil  Protection  By  Shan  King  Khan 

Singer : Ahmed Nawaz Cheen ,,Album : 4,,,,, Ahmed Nawaz Cheena New Album #4 Asan Driver Log Sakun Na Kar tu Pyar Kadi Sakhr han Kadi Bakher Han Sadi Na Kar Intazar ..Ahmed Nawaz Cheena Is most beautiful face with beautiful singing in the pakistan for special seraiki peoples... and Ahmed Nawaz...

MANSOOR MALANGI OLD SONG (آ وس اکھیاں دے کول)

Tags: MANSOOR  MALANGI  OLD  SONG    وس  اکھیاں  دے  کول) 

LEAVE UR COMENTS PLZ THNX 4 WATCHINGSRAIKI MUSHAIRA Punjabi Mushaira Hayat Bhatti HAYAT BHATTI Ghulam Mohamad Dard Haidar Taj Arshad Sail Abad Tamimi Adha Khan ADHA KHAN Javadl Raz Yaseen Basheer Ahmed Chowki Bhagat Atta Ullah Essa Khailwi Look F­an­ka­r Gaun Mahiye Gawan Desi Boliyan Best Of...

Urdu Song - Woh jiss ka naam bhi liya pehaliyon kee oat main - Mansoor Malangi

Tags: Urdu  Song  -  Woh  jiss  ka  naam  bhi  liya  pehaliyon  kee  oat  main  -  Mansoor  Malangi 

Pakistani Urdu Song - Singer -Mansoor Malangi -Woh jiss ka naam bhi liya pehaliyon kee oat main

Kadan walso sohna sanwla.flv ( mansoor ali malangi )

Tags: Kadan  walso  sohna  sanwla.flv  (  mansoor  ali  malangi  ) 

old punjabi folk song

Mansoor Malangi - وہ جس کا نام بھی لیا پہیلوں کی اوٹ میں

Tags: Mansoor    Malangi  -  وہ  جس  کا  نام  بھی  لیا  پہیلوں  کی  اوٹ  میں 

To my very good Friends : لیقء احمد چوھدری , (daddo1976 -زاہد مصطفی ),رانا سہیل ارشد (Pakistan) and to all those who like Mansoor Ali Malangi 's singing.There is another video version of this Ghazal present on youtube ,first that is...

Bedard Dhola by Mansoor Malangi Saraiki

Tags: Bedard  Dhola  by  Mansoor  Malangi  Saraiki 

One of the best songs by Mansoor Malangi. This song is sung by many well known Saraiki artists and everybody has done good job. Thanks again for your time

Janj Te Mede Veeran Di.

Tags: Janj  Te  Mede  Veeran  Di. 

Chanda Siyal & Anmol Siyal, Album-1

Latest Saraiki Song Wajid Ali Baghdadi

Tags: Latest  Saraiki  Song  Wajid  Ali  Baghdadi 

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bay dard dhola

Tags: bay  dard  dhola 

bay dard dhola, Buhay Diyan Kundyan - Mansoor Ali Malangi - Shalimar Vol-3

saraiki song rizwan haider saraiki singer(o piyar krna chaanhda he)

Tags: saraiki  song  rizwan  haider  saraiki  singer(o  piyar  krna  chaanhda  he) 

singer,rizwan haider,eiditing & song writer shani khan damani, cheef of adbi tanzeem(daman saraiki waseb) d i khan

- Saraiki song - Folk song - lok geet

Tags: -  Saraiki  song  -  Folk  song  -  lok  geet 

Folk music of Pakistan includes the traditional forms of Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi, and Sindhi. Pakistani folk songs include "Abeeti" (a love song sung by young women), "Allah Hoo" (a Muslim lullaby) and "Ashoor Jan" (a patriotic love song).Badala (or Sandara) is a historically significant form of...