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The Greatest Seed in Minecraft 1.4.7"Minecraft HEROBRINE IN THE CITY Machinima!" "Minecraft NEW SOUNDS! Ender Dragon & Wither in 1.4!" "Minecraft 1.4 PRE RELEASE Out Now !!" "Minecraft: One-Life Achiever - Episode 3" "Extreme Ant Farm Survival - Ep. 9 - Ghasts are Weak!" "Fan Friday - Guns of Icarus" "YogLabs - Welcome to the Facility" "Garrys Mod Pod Racers Part 4 - Pre-flight checks" "Minecraft: Repeater Locks and Anvil Tweaks (Snapshot 12w42a)" "Minecraft: Gloria 2 w/ Mark and Nick Part 2 - Color Combinations" "Quantum Conundrum Ep. 13 - Crazy Jumping! (1080p)" "Battlefield 3 on Alienware X51 w/ TmarTn & Speedy! (HD)" "Minecraft Mod | Episode 700 | LEGEND OF NOTCH | iPodmail | 1.3.2" "Tekkit Part 8 - SOLAR PANEL" "DON'T TRUST ME (Trouble in Terrorist Town)" "HUTCH FANBOYS (Trouble in Terrorist Town)" "Syndicate VS MatoMaster21 *Mystery Box Challenge* (Part 6)" "Minecraft: Einschlag 115 - The City Of The Dead | Episode #3 (Adventure Map)" "Episode 113 | Syndicate's Race To Prestige" "Colin's Recover, Zombie Outbreak, Woody's End""Minecraft HEROBRINE WRATH Battle! Clay Soldiers #129!" "Minecraft CRAZY Dragon vs 500 Skeletons MOD!" "Minecraft: Version 1.4 Pre-Release Overview! (Wither & Ender Dragon Sounds & More" "YogLabs Part 2 - Having a BBQ" ""I'M INNOCENT!" Trouble in Mineville - Round 1 (HD)" "Minecraft Spatial Distortion Ep. 30 w/ Chim & ClashJTM (HD)" "Minecraft Mod | Episode 701 | MOUSTACHES | iPodmail | 1.3.2" "MEDIEVAL TIMES! (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare)" "Syndicate VS MatoMaster21 *Mystery Box Challenge* (Part 7)" "Episode 114 | Syndicate's Race To Prestige" "Day 6 We find land! I (Aquarium and Crater)""Minecraft Animation! Monster Girl Party!" "Minecraft BLAST PROOF HOUSES Mod!" "Minecraft: Inventory Tweaks Mod!" "Garrys Mod Pod Racers Part 5 - Up, Up and Away!" ""Minecraft Style" - A Parody of PSY's Gangnam Style (Music Video)" "Minecraft Spatial Distortion Ep. 31 w/ Chim & ClashJTM (HD)" "Minecraft Mod | Episode 703 | GIGANTIC SWORDS | iPodmail | 1.3.2" "Syndicate VS MatoMaster21 *Mystery Box Challenge* (Part 8)" "Minecraft: Einschlag 115 - The Forsaken Port | Episode #4 (Adventure Map)" "Day 7 Helicopter Tour"

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Minecraft 1.7.8 Seed

Tags: Minecraft  1.7.8  Seed 

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GLGCraft 2.0 (Crazy Craft Mod) - Episode 34 | Be a Plant and Blend in!

Tags: GLGCraft  2.0  (Crazy  Craft  Mod)  -  Episode  34  |  Be  a  Plant  and  Blend  in! 

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Minecraft: Pixelmon Random Box Battle Minigame! The Little Baby Candle!

Tags: Minecraft:  Pixelmon  Random  Box  Battle  Minigame!  The  Little  Baby  Candle! 

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Minecraft 1.7.5-Spawn UNLIMITED Diamonds,Gold,Iron!!

Tags: Minecraft  1.7.5-Spawn  UNLIMITED  Diamonds,Gold,Iron!! 

Minecraft Demo-Quick spawning of diamonds and other resources!Subscribe to support!

Minecraft Mods Showcase: MORE ZOMBIES - Herobrine & Notch Zombies (1.3.2)

Tags: Minecraft  Mods  Showcase:  MORE  ZOMBIES  -  Herobrine  &  Notch  Zombies  (1.3.2) 

SO MANY ZOMBIES! This mod is really awesome to play with, just the crashing sucks! That should be fixed soon, they're updating as quickly as possible. Download below.Follow me on Twitter: my Facebook page:' Zombies...

Minecraft Seeds - "100 Diamonds" (1.7.2 Seed Spotlight)

Tags: Minecraft  Seeds  -  "100  Diamonds"  (1.7.2  Seed  Spotlight) 

►►► Join the #MagneticArmy today by Subscribing! ◄◄◄ Twitter: 100 diamondsRegarding the Black Bars on the sides of the video- I kind of messed up the recording a little bit, but...

Minecraft: You Are Herobrine mod - HUNT STEVES, TAME SPIDERS & MORE!

Tags: Minecraft:  You  Are  Herobrine  mod  -  HUNT  STEVES,  TAME  SPIDERS  &  MORE! 

Check out my website for more awesome mods - Playlist: way to contact me:Twitter: the mod:...

Best Minecraft Mod | Heuristick´s Gun Mod | Snipers, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers & More !

Tags: Best  Minecraft  Mod  |  Heuristick´s  Gun  Mod  |  Snipers,  Shotguns,  Grenade  Launchers  &  More  ! 

Thanks for 3.5 Million+ Views and the Great Support! Download the Mod here: A Nuker, Grenade Spammer and the AA-12 Made by me :D ( Thanks for Over 27000 Downloads! )

Minecraft: Herobrine Spawner In 1.6.1 the proper way.

Tags: Minecraft:  Herobrine  Spawner  In  1.6.1  the  proper  way. 

Me testing the herobrine spawn theroy on minecraft 1.4.7 (with redstone torches this time) :P

Minecraft Herobrine Seed Generator - (no mods) 1.7.5 HEROBRINE WASN'T REMOVED!

Tags: Minecraft  Herobrine  Seed  Generator  -  (no  mods)  1.7.5  HEROBRINE  WASN'T  REMOVED! 

Herobrine is still alive in Minecraft 1.7.5!!Awesome Minecraft Stuff - - Pocket Edition this video I show two different seeds for finding Herobrine in Minecraft 1.0 (and still with 1.7.5). The video is unedited and I use no mods or trickery. I just...

Minecraft: Amazing Diamond Map Seed

Tags: Minecraft:  Amazing  Diamond  Map  Seed - Click to see MARIO GETS TROLLD! D:Get your own Minecraft Server Here - above to watch Episode 10 Teh Ro4ch @ are on...

Minecraft - 33 Diamonds In 1 Cave Seed

Tags: Minecraft  -  33  Diamonds  In  1  Cave  Seed 

Hello everybody, today I am bringing you an amazing seed that spawns you near a cave where 33 diamonds lie!If you like the video, don't forget to leave a like rating below and a favorite.

"IMPOSSIBLE LEVELS" Happy Wheels w/ ChimneySwift11 #56 (HD)

Tags: "IMPOSSIBLE  LEVELS"  Happy  Wheels  w/  ChimneySwift11  #56  (HD) 

Become a Swifter & leave a LIKE to show some love!SUBSCRIBE:►►T-SHIRTS◄◄Official ChimneySwift11 T-Shirt & Apparel Store Wheels:...

Best Seed for Minecraft 1.7.4

Tags: Best  Seed  for  Minecraft  1.7.4 

This seed works for Minecraft 1.7.4, although was recorded in a previous version of Minecraft! This is an awesome seed, a great way to start off a singleplayer world. Filled with resources and awesome exploration grounds! This seed does work for MC 1.6!Seed: TMMMusic in this episode by Klaypex:...

Minecraft: Weird Hybrids mod - CREEPER PIG, ENDER SLIME & MORE!

Tags: Minecraft:  Weird  Hybrids  mod  -  CREEPER  PIG,  ENDER  SLIME  &  MORE! 

Can we get 70 likes? :DFull Playlist: way to contact me:Twitter: the mod:...

Why Herobrine was Removed - Minecraft

Tags: Why  Herobrine  was  Removed  -  Minecraft 

Leave a LIKE rating if you enjoyed! And remember to subscribe if your not! This may or may not be the reason for Herobrines removal from Minecraft...Herobrine is a trollfollow me on twitter: to: Jbot_ & Mikey_Mouse for actingALL Music in this video was by...

MINECRAFT WITCH HUNT - A Closer Look At The Witch (HD)

Tags: MINECRAFT  WITCH  HUNT  -  A  Closer  Look  At  The  Witch  (HD) 

Swifters please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! Thanks!Subscribe & become a Swifter! Facebook:►►T-Shirts◄◄Official ChimneySwift11™ T-Shirt & Apparel...

Minecraft Mod Showcase: Thirst Mod! [1.3.2]

Tags: Minecraft  Mod  Showcase:  Thirst  Mod!  [1.3.2] 

Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.comWanna check out this cool mod? Well here it is! made by: TacoBiteIntro song by: Dfsa90

Minecraft Diamond Generator

Tags: Minecraft  Diamond  Generator 

ONLY WORKS IN 1.7.2 AND 1.7_01!!

Minecraft Seeds: Double Village + Stronghold (HD)

Tags: Minecraft  Seeds:  Double  Village  +  Stronghold  (HD) 

Check out my website for more awesome mods - 2525617506084080286First Village: X: 335 Z: 150Second Village: X: 560 Z: 60Abandoned Mineshaft: X: 605 Z: -25Stronghold: X: 735 Y: 34 Z: -18Almost Village Ception! lol//-contactTwitter:...

Minecraft Mods | Episode 637 | HEROBRINE | iPodmail | 1.3.2

Tags: Minecraft  Mods  |  Episode  637  |  HEROBRINE  |  iPodmail  |  1.3.2 

● CAN WE GET OVER 1000 LIKES ???● SECRET RANDOM VIDEO:● Arena Downloads:● Twitter:● Facebook: Final Fruitloop Score 10/10 ● Download Mod:

Minecraft Epic Seeds 1.5

Tags: Minecraft  Epic  Seeds  1.5 

A video featuring some great seeds that work for 1.4.7. Feel free to post great seeds you've found, below. Below is a detailed description of each of the featured seeds:Seed #1: 129283911637270178(Grassland Island Seed)This island is fairly simplistic. Not so great as a survival seed because of...

Minecraft: Survival Let's Play Ep. 38 - Dragon Sabotage

Tags: Minecraft:  Survival  Let's  Play  Ep.  38  -  Dragon  Sabotage 

Likes/Fav's always much appreciated :)Subscribe to the channel: my Tweets: my Facebook: live stream: T-Shirts and merchandise...

MOBZILLA & TORNADO MOD VS NEW YORK CITY - Minecraft Mods Vs Maps (Bosses, Deadly Weather)

Tags: MOBZILLA  &  TORNADO  MOD  VS  NEW  YORK  CITY  -  Minecraft  Mods  Vs  Maps  (Bosses,  Deadly  Weather) 

Mobzilla & Tornado Mod Vs New York City Map! Let's try to hit 6000 likes!Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! Don't forget to Subscribe!Like my Facebook! My Twitter!